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SW~I-li HMllUl L 1111:J1-I. U y r (JLLr e .. E ~W~ I~ 1 HMIII?I:. I)" GRADUATION EXERCISES THE SWARTHMOREAN THURSDAY JUNE 12 8.00 P. M. VOL. XIII, No. 23 SWARTHMORE, PA., JUNE 6, 1941 DR. KEISER'S ADDRESS INSPIRES LARGE MEMORIAL DAY GATHERING t----------------------------------- Cites Interesting History of Day' erly have l'xp.ressed) so that whilc the an(I ,1;;0} :1 resses IIM A( I( Ie d SI' g- ~mcrg" c•n ey eXists • the world may clearly " sec 1 he American people arc one nlfi~ance In Presenl people under one leader'; a ncw con- World Upheaval secration of our lives and service to the Gud who is thc giver of e\'ery good "A costly heritage is our heritage," that blesses our land today (and who said Dr. Rov ~. Keisl'r reetOr of the has heen outlawed I,,· Communism, Swarthmore . ~I ethodist Church in his exiled hy Fascism and Kazislll and address last Frida\' before a larger without whom Democracy cannot sur­local Memorial DiI): turnuut than ('\'t'r vive). 'Righteousness exalteth a na­previously witnessed. tion, but sin is a reproach to any "~Iemorial Da\' is obs('rved by the people'. \\,ith a firmness in the right as nation, not that' we may glorify ,,,:ar, God gi\'es us to see the right, let us hut rather that while we arc honorlllg f:tee our problems courageously, not those who gave their full measure of counting the cost, that we may do our devotion, we lIIay also rcmind ourselves part to make a tomorrow for the world again that our heritage has been bought in which all human beings may live with a great price, and that if suc- securely, nobly and happily. That is eeeding generations are to hold us in our task today. \Vhcther America will grateful remembrance we must sec he equal to this task rests with you that this heritage is handed down to and me!" them as pure and secure as it was when Preceding Dr. Keiser's hcart-felt ad­we rcceived it from ollr fathers," he I dress the High School Band had opened continued. the exercises at the Borough Hall SWANN TO HEAD MUSIC CLUB Offi~ers and Chairmen of Grow­ing Organization Are Announced Dr. \V. F. G. Swann was elected to Ill'ad the Swarthmore :Music Club dur­ing its next season at thc annual busi­ness mceting of that organization which hoasts 91 members. !II rs. J. Claude Bedford was elccted first vicc-presidcnt, Edmund Soulc sec­ond \'ice-pn'sident, Mrs. Samuel D. Clyde Illllsic consultant, Mrs. \Villiam Craemer secretary, Mrs. Eliott Richard­son treasurer, Mrs. Roy Delaplaine sec­retary, and Antonica Fairbanks li­brarian. The following chairmcn wcrc ap­pointed by Dr. Swann, each to take charge of one of thc eight programs for the 1941-42 season: Mrs. C. n. Campbell, Mrs. Robert Carels, Lucius Cole, Catherine \Varren Coles, Cyril Gardner, 1frs. Irwin R. MacElwee, Edmund Soule, and Mrs. A. }Ol. Bosshardt. The new publicity chairman appointed was Elimar Mc­Conechy. • I • FOIUIEU I-ASTOR DIES Dr. John Ellery 'fullie who retired his Presbytcrinn pastoraloe here five years ago. $2.50 PER YEAR SUCCUMBS TO HEARl' AILMENT De~ .. h Came Quietly to Dr. Tuttle Belm'cd Pastor Here for Twenty Years The Rn. John lWery Tuttle, fOrllll'r pastor 0.- The Swarthmore Presbyter­ian Chureh (1<))(,-1936) died early Sat­urday lI1orning, May 31 at the home (If his son-in-law and daughter Mr. and Mrs. Paul W. Xorton of \Vellesky Hills, ~lass. He de\'c1oped a serious heart condi­tion last FelJruary but while curtailed in activity was very comfortable up to the last hour of his life. Since leaving Swarthmore he had been pastor of the Congregational Church in Oxford, ~Iass. but retired the first of ~Iay after completing fifty­eight years in the Christian ministry. He also held pastorates in \Vealport, Conn; Jamaica Plain and \Vorcester, 1Iass.; Lincoln, Ncb. and York, Pa. From 189-1-1897 he was college pastor alld Professor of Biblical Literature at Amherst College. Dr. Tuttle was born in Perry, 111.'. "\Var is always thc most costly entcr- 1I10nument by playing "America", and prise in which any nation may engage," Chaplain Thomas A. ~[eryweather of and here Dr. Keiser quoted amazing the Harold Ainsworth Post, American excerpts from the Congressional l{~c- Legio" pronounced the invocation. Af­ord as to what could have been accom- ll'r the address flags werc placed by plished in housing, educational a~ld Doy Scouts and Cubs for eacll dcceased community facilities for e\'ery fanuly veteran hdore the monument with thc in the United Statcs, Canada, Australia, memorial wreaths of the Post, Legion England, Ireland, Scotland, \Vales, Auxiliarv, Company H, and Firc COIll­France, Germany, and Russia -- with !laIlY. i. firing squad of Company H the funds spent in the last \Vorld \Var, men gave a 3-volley salute followed by adding "no Olll~ can measure the irre- 'I\tps and echo by a band member. parable loss the nations havc sustainc~ Swelled hy reorganized Company H in the young life that has bccn sacrl- and an unusually finc representation ficed. \Vhat with sweet singers, poets, frullI the various Borough organiza­inventors and statesmcn." tions, by far the most impressive par- ASKS HELP WITH SUNSHINE CABIN PARENTS TEND BAND MEMBERS DINNER September 7, 1855 and graduated from Amherst College and Yale Divinity School. Hc received thc degree of B.A., M.A., and D.D. froUl Amherst, B.D. from Yale, and Litt.D. from Franklin and ).[ ilrshall. In addition to ).[rs. Xorton he is sur­vived hy a daughter ~largaret Stock­bridgt · Tuttle and a granddaughter Joan Stockhridge Korton, both of \Vel­lesley Hills. }Olrs. Tuttlc died last De­cember. Dr. 'l'uttle and his daughtt·r l\[ argar<.'t went to make their home with Mrs. :-1orton less than a week he­fon' his death. Friendly Circle's Contribution Requires Annual Sustenan~e to Maintain County Camp Benefits "Alld yel there arc some things more ade seen here on a like occasion pro­costly than war. The curtailment of ce('ded to Eastlawn cemetery at thc close 'rhe Fricndly Circle of Swarthmore those unalienable rights of mankind -- of the 9 o'clock exercises at Borough having built a cabin at Camp Sunshinc, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happi- Hall. Entering thc c~mctery to the Delaware County's ~Ialllutrition Camp ness. And these are faced today with Band rendition of a funeral march for Children, at Thornton solicits the the greatest threat that has confronted "Flee as a Bird" incorporating strains support of local citizens to maintain thc the civilized world in a hundrcd ycars. of "!\earer My God to Thee" the par- cabin for the appro:lching camp period. There was a time when Wl: felt secure ade units and IIlIl11erOUS townspeople It costs seven dollars a week per child with ,'l()I){1 ",il.,< ('If 'V'";''' d .. "trhi,,~ 1",- "i ... l.,,,i !V:\U'H'll t:.,- 1; .. ~ ~i ", .. , d •. ann tile calnn aCCllllllJlodate~ eight. In tween America and Europe, a better asst'mbled around the grave of Charlcs order to make ,full lise of the cabin's defense than man could build. But not A. Seymour past commander of the benefits during the cight-week period of so today. \Vith rapid advances in specdy Harold Ainsworth Post. Dr. Kciscr dc- SUllllller encampment it requires $448. transportation and fast co!llInunic~tion livered the collQ(~u.y and after anothcr X cO~1I11ittee has been appointed to the world has been made IIIto ~ smgle salute from the hrmg squad and Taps solicit donations toward this amount ~leigl~borl!ood. What ha~)pens tIllS mortl- the parad~ ~cfonl1ed and left .t~le ~em- which will enable 56 needy children to mg III Eu~ope or ChUla affec~s our etery unttl Its next anuual vIsitation. reccivc the aid of health p-romoting so­whole c,ontlllcllt before the sc~t\1lg of Lcd hy ~and Master John Jenny ~nd journ at thc camp. Any contribution will thc day s s~n .. Let us uot dcccive ~)Ur- Drum ).[aJ<;>r. Deborah Drew thc lugh he gratefully rcceived. If you are not selves. by. thmkmg tha~ w~ c~n cont1l1ue school IllUS1CI;.11l~ 1~.I~yed o.n t!,le cem~- reach cd by a member of this committee to eXist III our way of hfc 111 a world tery route Seltz s Salutatton, Boorn s you may I .... lve a contrihlltion of any On Thursdav evening of last wcek the parents of thc high school band mcmbers honorcd the musicians at a dinner held in thc school cafcteria. After a fine dinncr served by thc fresh­men, sophom*orc, and junior boys thc cvening was takcn over by Dr. R. C. Disque mastcr of ccrcmonics. ••• half slave and half free -- that we can "Queen City," R. B. Hall's "Sib a" and t "tl' '[' H . ,. I' PI'erce contl.l lUc our system 0 f •Iree cnt.erpnse "I>e ~Iolay COlllman(I c ry," an d "0u r a1m09o uPll' \\1t 1 i\ rs. ann. ... , and compete W.i th s Ia vc Ia b or -- or t I1 at Dc1" ense' by S el. tz -- repeatm. g some 0 f 'f rmcef oIn avenue. I . I I . a ruthless, llllconSC.l ona"u1 e, madman these same numbers On t II e return .,, ' . ost 0 I t 1e townI s \\. IIC 1 I<It" C I gtll \'en who recognizes 1\0 will but his own and march. ~a/)~l\s t~ t 1e camp 1~~'~ SUPI:O~t e( ~e~ is armed with the most destructive en- Upon the return of the Fire Com- (I urlllg t 1e ~easolns. fi 110llg I I wor "e gm. ery of war that lIIan ever (Ie \'IS. C( I P<III\' to the center 0 fIt 1Be orougI I lard to rais. e t Ie UlbH' s nIe cessa.r y t 0 will be satisfied by setting up a Ilew .. ~I ~morial" Day turned into "1[emor- erect a f p.en.lIanellt ,c~ m t Ill' l~a~nt~lr order in Europe -- or that we can be- ahk'~ day for local youngsters who were aCI~ce 0 It IS monk' t laIn t le TI nelf1 y h.e \'e any pronn.s e t Il at II e WI'1 1 lila k" e. more gre. ed,' t II an ('\"t'r l. or t I1e'l r year Iy . Ircle c'a nI lInde'rt'l "e a one. leIr e or'1e1 "There is onl" one W'IY to J. udge men oJlportUll.lty' to rl.( Ie 011 t IIe ,e,ng,m,es . II t earnfefsi't y hI opes that townspcoIpI e WII J <.,. )e su clent \' generous to ella) c t 1e that I kllOW of, 'By th('lr lrUlts ye • • • structure to i>oost 56 \,oung Americans shall know thclll'. \yhcre~'er h~ has I Lcgion Auxiliary Notes this Sl1IlImer to the c"rccJit of Swarth-gonc he has left bl'hllld hun frUIts of I more. deceit, treachery, rohhery, pillage, JIlur-1 Legion Auxiliary members arc asked der and death. I to join the Rcd Cross sewing at the ••• "We honor today those who met the \\'oman's Cluh on Tuesdays from 10 FINISH AVIATION TUAINING problems of their day and helped to A. ~1. to -I 1'. ~r. since all l~ed Cross solve them. \Ve will show our resolve sl'wing will be discontinued at thc Le­that these shall not have died in vain, gion room until next season. \Vith so only as we courageously, and firmly mall\' Swarthmoreans going away for meet any threat to our heritagc that the ~u1l111ler, it is urged that those re­is priceless to every mall. \\'Olllan and Imaining help in this work and fill va­child. \Ve do 1I0t want war -- but let cancit's. The co-operation of the aux­us speak in so clear a voice that this iliarv is Ileeded hecallse there is a great madman will know that we arc not too delll~lIId for warm garments to be worn proud to fight, nor too sellish to sacri- ill En/.!Iish shelters. fice. The poppy sale on Decoration Day "~felllorial Day is not merely a holi- was a great success. It is approximately day. It is also a 1101. Y DAY which ten \'ears since nll'mhers have offered SUllllllons us today to ant·\\, apprecia- JlOJlI;ies to the puhlic here for sale. tion of the American way oi life 'That Thn' an' made hy disahled veterans which thy fatht'rs have hequeathed to alld"the hundred disposed of in Swartl1- thee. ear;1 it anl'w, if thou wOllldst keq) more nll'ant much encouragement for it'; ~ new sense of unity among all our tht'm as well as financial aid. ueople (leaving no plac .. · in this land , •• lor the Quislings who under protection Lone Draftee Cnder the leadership of Professor \Villiam H. \Vebb of Cornell avenue co­ordinator at the Pennsylvania Military College, Chester a 1I11111her of local youths ha\'e just finished a 72-hour course in aviation. Twelve weeks ago they began the ground work in which as a class they made a very high grade, standing as onc of the best in the east. In addition most have now taken the flying exami­nations and the rrtllainder '~'ilI take the tests within the next couplc of weeks. \V. Allen Raiman of H:.n'ard a\'enue, August P. Harrington of Ogd~n avenue, Arthur C. Browll of Dickinson a\'cnue, Thomas S. ~[yers of Cornell avenue, John O. Crum of Harvard a"enue, and of our freedom se('k to dt'stroy the John Rohert Hanzlik of Cornell avenue frredom of others); a Ilew loyaity ttl tht' leader of tht' natioll (rt'gardlt'ss 0'­diffcrences in judgmellt we Illay form-Joseph ~r essick, Ill, of Park avenue athrec cSlawsas.r thmoreans who have becn in has ht''-'n calk" by tht' Incal draft board to n'Jlort today for selective service. THE WEEK'S CALENDAR SUNDAY, JUNE 8 11:00 A. M. - MornIng WorshIp ................................. Local Church~ 4 :45 P. M. - High School Baccalaureate ................... PresbyterIan Churc TUESDAY, JUNE 10 10:00 A. M. to 4:00 P. M. - Red Cross SewIng ............. Woman's Club House 12:30 P. M.-Methodlst Woman's SOclety .......... Mrs. Alfred WillIams' Home WEDNESDAY. JUNE 11 10:00 A. M. to 4:00 P. M. - Red Cross Sewing ........ Presbyterian Parish House 10:00 A. M. to 4:00 P. M. - Red Cross SurgIcal Dressings Front & Jackson Sts., Media THURSDAY, JUNE 12 8:00 P. M. - HIgh School Commencement ................... ClothIer Memorial Raiman compkted the ground work then bought himself a small plane an Aeronca C-3 and is receiving instruc­tion in it at Point Breeze. Crum is a second licutenant in thc Reservc and has heen called to active duty with the Air Corps. Myers plans to enter the servicc as a flying cadet. Profcssor \Vebh is trying to arrange a primary and secondary course in flying for ncxt fall, in which 10% of thc mem­bers may he girls. In order to qualify for the COursc free one must be over 18 years and under 26 years of age, have to his credit at least two years of col­lege work, and pass a ph)'sical exami­nation. Dr. Disque gave a bricf history of thc work of the hand aftcr which the group movcd to the auditorium whcrc movies of the band wcre shown by Mr. C. \\'. J..IcD",,,·cl!. l,r ". ).[oDowcll'= 1';" tures showcd thc original hand thrce years ago in its plain whitc uniforms, the hand of last year in new trousers, and the entire activitics of this ycar's band in the splendor of its new and complete regalia. Aftcr thc picturcs wcrc shown Har­old P. \Voodco*ck entertained with magic. The party was c10scd with another movie, an early Mickey Rooney picture. ••• PAYNE TO SPEAI( AT GRADUATION Class of '41 to Hear Presbyterian Board of Education Man Next Thursday At the Commenccment cxercises of the Swarthmore High School 011 Thurs­day evening, June 12, a class of 80 memhers will be graduated. This is one of the largest classes in thc his(Qry of the high school. Thc commencement address will be delivered by Dr. Paul Calvin Payne who will speak on "Meet­ing the Pre5sure of thc Crowd." Members of the local Presbyterian congregation heard Dr. Payne last August when he supplied thc church pulpit ()lie Sunday during the pastor's \·acation. As general secretary of the Presby­terian Board of Christian Education, Dr. Payne is responsible for the admin­istration of a nation-wide work of Christian education among 2,000,000 Presbyterians associated with 9,000 churches. There is said to hc no morc important officc among Presbyterian church agencies than that held by Dr. Payne. Before becoming affiliatcd with the Board in Dccember, 19.19, Dr. Payne had heen for three years pastor of the Prcsbyterian Church, Ithaca, ?\. Y., where 50 per cent of his congregation were students and faculty members of COrllcll University. Prcviously he served I'rcshytaian churches 111 Oklahoma and ~ebraska. \Vestminster College, Fulton, Mo., conferred the degrec of D.D. upon Dr. Payne and from Park College, Park­ville, ~Io., in June, 19,10, he received his LI..D. Interested for many years in Chris­tian education, Dr. Payne has had cx­perience in college evangelism as a speaker on many college campuses dur­ing "spiritual cmphasis week," and on uni\'ersity campuses as a speaker be­fore student groups. At the Gcneral Assembly of the Preshyterian Church in 1939, Dr. Payne was appointed chair­man of the Standing Committee on Christian Education. MRS. SCHEIBLEY PASSES AT INN Wife of StratI! Haven Manager, Resident Since 1907, Had Been III a Number of Years ~lrs. Anna Thomas Scheibley wife of F. M. Scheibley passed away at 8.30 Monday night at the Stratll Haven Inn after a long illness. Raised in Parkershurg, \V. Va., edu­cated in the puhlic schools, Mrs. Van Kirk's Training School in Philadelphia and the School of Industrial Art she also was a graduate of Froelll'l's School, Germany. She taught in the Call1den Friends' School and the Friends' School at 35th and I,aneaster avenues, Philadcll)hia. On October 10, 1905 she was married to ~rr. Scheibley and in 1<)07 camc to Swarthmore with her hushand to take over the Stratll Haven Inn. They have heen here evcr since. Mrs. Scheibley was a memher of the Swarthmore \Voman's Club, the Phil­omllsian Club of Philadelphia, a di­rector of the New Century Guild, Phila­delphia, and a member of the Plastic Club of Philadelphia for years. She was outstanding in kindergarten work 30 years ago, and in Swarthmore was greatly interested in the work of the Needlework Guild and the Health Cent~r. Surviving besides her husband are a sister :\Irs. A. \V. Kreuzburg of \Vash­ington, D. C. and four nephews. Services were held at 2.30 P. ~L yes- :)C:r1~~'.' ;~~III~lrt~J; ~~,sa e~~~~~~)e::II:~n:! crypt at Chelton Hill. • •• Gcls duPont Award John Alden Davison son of Mr. and ).[rs. \Valdo B. Davison of Harvard a\'t'nue has been awarded the du Pont Fellowship in chcmistry at the Uni­versih' oi Pcnnsylvania, amounting h) $750 'tuition. John i" a graduate of DrowlI Uni\'ersity, took his master's degn'e at the University of Pennsyl­\' ania two years ago and since then has twice held the Harrison award in chemistry there working toward his doctorate which he expects to receive next February. '1' Holds Art Award Anne Boninc daughter of ~I r. and ~[rs. J. Harvey Bonine of Lafayette avenue was awarded the prize given to the student who has done the most out­standing work in art during the past year at the Mary Lyon graduation last week.

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SW~I~THMnl~E C(H_LF.(T£ L I IJ I:' ~ I~ Y '\ lRADUAllOI EXERCISES THESWA MOREAN THURSDAY .lUIE 12 8.00 P. M. JL ,', I 0 1941 VOL. XIB, No. 23 SWAB 6, 1941 '2.50 PER YEAll DR. KEISER'S ADDRESS INSPIRES LARGE MEMORIAL DAY GATImRING t Cites Interesting History of Day' erly have exp!essed) so that while the d Sir Its Added Sia. emergency eXists. the world may clearly an • e8ses • -c see 'The Amencan people are one mficanee m Present people under one leader'; a new con- World Upheaval secration of our lives and service to Offieers and Chairmen of Grow­ing Organization Are Announeed the God who is the giver of every good Dr. \V. F. G. Swann was elected to "A costly heritage is our heritage," that blesses our land today (and who head the Swarthmore Music Club dur­said Dr. Roy N. Keiser rector of the has been outlawed by Communism, ing its next season at the annual busi­Swarthmore Methodist Church in his exiled by Fascism and Nazism and ness meeting of that organization which address last Friday before a larger without whom Democracy cannot sur- boasts 91 members. local Memorial Day turnout than ever vive). 'Righteousness exalteth a na- Mrs. J. Claude Bedford was elected previously witnessed. tion, but sin is a reproach to any first vice-president, Edmund Soule sec- "Memorial Day is observed by the people'. With a firmness in the right as ond vice-president, Mrs. Samuel D. nation, not that we may glotify war, God gives us to see the right, let us Clyde music consultant, Mrs. William but rather that while we are honoring face our problems courageously, not Craemer secretary, Mrs. Eliott Richard­those who gave their full measure of counting the cost, that we may do our son treasurer, Mrs. Roy Delaplaine sec­devotion, we may also remind ourselves part to make a tomorrow for the world retary, and Antonica Fairbanks li­again that our heritage has been bought in which all human beings may live brarian. with a great price, and that if suc- securely, nobly and happily. ~hat .is The following chairmen were ap­ceeding generations are to hold us in Our tas~ today .. Whether Amer!ca wdl pointed by Dr. Swann, each to take grateful remembrance we must see be equal to this task rests With you charge of one of the eight programs for that this heritage is handed down to and me I" the 1941-42 season: them as pure and secure as it was when Precedin~ Dr. Keiser's heart-felt ad- Mrs. C. B. Campbell, Mrs. Robert we received it from our fathers," he dress the High School Band had opened Carels Lucius Cole Catherine Warren continued. the exercises at the Borough Hall Coles 'Cyril Gard~er Mrs Irwin R. "War is always the most costly enter- monum.ent by playing "America", and MacElwee, Edmu~d 'Soule,' and Mrs. prise in which any nation may engage," Chaplam Tho!"as A. Meryweathe~ of A. M. Bosshardt. The new publicity and here Dr. Keiser quoted amazing the Harold Amsworth Post, American chairman appointed was Elimar Mc­excerpts from the Congressional Rec- Legion, pronounced the invocation. Af- Conechy. ord as to what could have been accom- ter the address flags were placed by plished in housing, educational and Boy Scouts and Cubs for each deceased community facilities for every family veteran before the monument with the in the United States, Canada, Australia, memorial wreaths of the Post, Legion England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Auxiliary, Company H, and Fire Com­France, Germany, and Russia -with pany. A firing squad of Company H the funds spent in the last World War, men gave a 3-volley salute followed by adding ,"no one can measure the irre- Taps and echo by a band member. parable loss the nations have sustaine.d Swelled by reorganized Company H in the young life that has been saCrl- and an unusually fine representation ficed. What with sweet singers, poets, from the various Borough organiza­inventors and statesmen." tions, by far the most impressive par- ••• ASKS HELP WITH SUNSHINE CABIN Friendly Circle's Contribution Requires Annual Sustenanee to Maintain County Camp Benefits "And yet there are some things more ade seen here on a like occasion pro-costly than war. The curtailment of ceeded to Eastlawn cemetery at the close The Friendly Ci:-c1e of Swarthmore those unalienable rights of mankind - of the 9 o'clock exercises at Borough having built a cabin at Camp Sunshine, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happi- Hall. Entering the cemetery to the Delaware County's Malnutrition Camp ness. And these are faced today with Band rendition of a funeral march for Children, at Thornton solicits the the greatest threat that has confronted "Flee as a Bird" incorporating strains iUPpOrt of local citizens to maintain the the civilized world in a hundred years. of "Nearer My God to Thee" the par- cabin for the approaching camp period. There was a time when we felt secure ade units and numerous townspeople It costs seven dollars a week per child with 3000 miJ!'A.nI .. o;JI"...ftIUL .. ! .. ~..etching...hf!--wlla·'ITad--~l1of'f'cd-·tlu::-nrn.--vi-"JD<Pctr no l11e- caDui' accommodates eight. In tween America and Europe, a better assembled around the grave of Charles order to make full use of the cabin's defense than man could build. But not A. Seymour pallt commandt;:r of the benefits during the eight-week period of so today. With rapid advances in speedy Harold Ainsworth Post. Dr. Keiser de- summer encampment it requires $448. transportation and fast cO~llmunic~tion livered the colloqu.r and after another '1..-committee has been appointedto th~ world has been made mto !l smgle salute from the firmg squad and Taps solicit donations toward this amount ~eJg~borhood. What ha~pens thiS morn- the parad~ ~efoimed and left .t~e ~em- which will enable 56 needy children to 109 In Eu~ope or Chma affec~s our etery until Its next annual VI!!1tatlon. receive the aid of health promoting so­whole c,ontmellt before the se~tlDg of Led by ~and Master John Jenny ~nd journ at the camp. Any contribution will the day s s~n. !--et us not deceive ?ur- Drum MaJt;'r. Deborah Drew the high be gratefully received. If you are not selves. by. th1l1kmg that w~ ca.n contmue school muslcl~ns ~,Iayed o.n t~e cem~- reached by a member of this committee to eXist m our way of bfe 111 a world tery route. Seltz's Saluta~lo?,. B?,orn s you may leave a contribution of any half. slave and half free - that we c::an "Queen City," R. B. Hall ~ Slba .. and amount with Mrs. Harvey R. Pierce, contmue our system of free enterprise "De Molay Commandery,' and Our 109 PrO t n nue and compete with slave labor-or that Defense" by Seitz-repeating some of M mce£ °h ave . h' h h . a ruthless, Unconsc.l ona bl e, madman these same numbers on t h e return b' ost 0 ht e townhs w IC atv ed gtihv en who recognizes no will but his own and march. ca !ns to t e camp ave suppo~ e em is armed with the most destructive en- Upon the return of the Fire Com- ~ur~ng the ~easo~s. tlt~ough It work~d ginery of war that man ever devised pany to the center of the Borough ar to raise t e un. s necessa.ry 0 will be satisfied by setting up a new "Memorial" Day turned into "Memor- erect a ~erf!1anent cabm t~e ~!nte.~­order in Europe - or that we can be- able" day for local youngsters who were ~1!-c~, of It IS :or~ that" t e Th le~o y lieve any promise that he will make. more greedy than ever for their yearly . Irc e canI ~n erta h e a one. ere o~~ "There is only one way to judge men opportunity to ride on the engines. bit earnffies! y lopes t at to\t~nspeobPle Wthl , . f . . e su Clent y generous 0 ena e e that I know of" By their rUits ye • • • structure to boost 56 young Americans shall know them. 'Yhere~er h<; has Lemon Auxiliary Notes this summer to the credit of Swarth-gone he has left bchllld lum frUits of I:t"' deceit, treachery, robbery, pillage, mur­der anll death. "We honor today those who met the problemlj of their day and helped to solve them. We will show our resolv.e that these shall not have died in vain, only as we ,courageously, and firmly meet any threat to our heritage that is priceless to every man, woman and child. We do not want war - but let us speak in so clear a voice that this madman will know that we are not too proud to fight, nor too selfish to sacri­fice. "Memorial Day is not merely a holi­day. It is also a HOLY DAY which summons us today to a new apprecia­tion of the American way of life 'That which thy fathers have bequeathed to thee, earn it anew, if thou wouldst keep it'; a new sense of unity among all our Deople (leaving no place in this land tor the Quislings who under protection of our freedom seek to destroy the freedom of others); a new loyalty to the leader of the nation (regardless of differences in judgment we may form- Legion Auxiliary members are asked to join the Red Cross sewing at the \Voman's Club on Tuesdays from 10 A. M. to 4 P. M. since all Red Cross sewing will be discontinued at the Le­gion rOOm until next season. With so many Swarthmoreans going away for the summer, it is urged that those re­maining help in this work and fill va­cancies. The co-operation of the aux­iliary is needed because there is a great demand for warm garments to be worn in English shelters. The poppy sale on Decoration Day was a great success. It is approximately tcn years since members have offered poppies to the public here for sale. They are made by disabled veterans and the hundred disposed of in Swarth­more meant much encouragement for them as well as financial aid. ••• Lone Draftee Joseph Messick, III, of Park avenue has been called by the local draft board to report today for selective service. THE WEEK'S CALENDAR SUNDAY. JUNE 8 11:00 A.M.-Morning Wol'Bhlp ................................. Local Cburcbe8 4:45 P.M.-Higb School Baccalaureate •••..••••••••.••••• Presbyterlan Church TUEDAY.JUNEIO 10:00 A.M. to 4:00 P. M.-Bed cross Sewing ............. Woman's ClUb, Bouae 12:30 P. M.-Methodlst Woman's Soc1ety .......... Mrs. Alfrecl W1lllama Rome WEDNESDAY. JUNB 11 10:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M.-Bed Cross Sewlng ........ Presbyterlan ParIsh Bouse 10:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M.-Bed Cross Surs1cal Dresslup ...... ft Front & Jadalon 8ta., ___ TBURSDAY, JUNE 12 8:00 P.M.-High School Commencement ................... CIotbJer 1lem0l1al more. .... FINISH AVIATION TRAINING Under the leadership of Professor William H. Webb of ' Cornell avenue co­ordinator at the Pennsykania Military College, Chester a number of local youths have just finished a 72-hour course in aviation. Twelve weeks ago they began the ground work in which as a class they made a very high grade, standing as one of the best in the east. In addition most have now taken the flying exami­nations and the remainder will take the tests within the next couple of weeks. W. Allen Raiman of Harvard avenue, August P.Harrington of Ogden avenue, Arthur C. Brown of Dickinson avenue, Thomas S. Myers of Cornell avenue, John O. Crum of Harvard avenue, and lohn Robert Hanzlik of Cornell avenue are Swarthmoreans who have been in the Class. Raiman completed the ground work then bought himself a small plane an Aeronca C-3 and is receiving instruc­tion in it at Point Breeze. Crum is a second lieutenant in the Reserve and has been called to active duty with the Air Corps. Myers plans to enter the service as a flying cadet. . Professor Webb is trying to arrange a primary .and secondary course in flyin~ for next fall, in which 10% of the mem­bers may be girls. In order to qualify for the course free one must be over 18 years and under 26 years of age~ hav~ to his credit at least two years of col .. I~gework, and pass a phr!!i~l, ~i:' ~------------------------------------______________________ -J ~t~n. ' FORMER PASTOR DIES Dr. John Ellery Tuttle who retired bis Presbyterian pastorate here five years ago. PARENTS TEND BAND MEMBERS DINNER On Thursday evening of last week the parents of the high school band members honored the musicians at a dinner held in the school cafeteria. After a fine dinner served by the fresh­men, sophom*ore, and junior boys the evening was taken over by Dr. R. C. Disque master of ceremonies. , Dr. Disque gave a brief history of the work of the band after which the group moved to the auditorium where movies of the band were shown by Mr. C. \V. MeDon-eli. M ... UqDowcll'o pic­tures showed the original hand three years ago in its plain white uniforms, the band of last year in new trousers, and the entire activities of this year's band in the splendor of its new and complete regalia. After the pictures were shown Har­old P. Woodco*ck entertained with magic. The party was closed with another movie an early Mickey Rooney picture. I ••• PAYNE TO SPEAK SUCCUMBS TO HEART AILMENT Death Came Quietly to Dr. Tuttle Beloved Pastor Here for , Twenty Yean The Rev. John Ellery Tuttle, former pastor of The Swarthmore Presbyter­ian Church (1916-1936) died early Sat­urday. morning, May 31 at the home of his son-in-law and daughter Mr. and Mrs. Paul W. Norton of Wellesley Hills, Mass. He developed a serious heart condi­tion last February but while curtailed in activity was very comfortable up to the last hour of his life. , Since leaving Swarthmore he had been pastor of the Congregational Church in Oxford, Mass. but retired the first of May after completing fifty­eight years in the Christian ministry. He also held pastorates in Wealport, Conn; Jamaica Plain and Worcester, Mass.; Lincoln, Neb. and York, Pa. From 1894-1897 he was college pastor and Professor of Biblical Literature at Amherst College. . Dr. Tuttle' was born in Perry, Me. September 7, 1855 and graduated from Amherst College and Yale Divinity School. He received the degree of B.A., M.A., and D.D. from Amherst, B.D. from Yale, and Litt.D. from Franklin and Marshall. In addition to Mrs. Norton he is sur­vived by a daughter Margaret Stock­bridge Tuttle and a granddaughter Joan Stockbridge Norton, both of Wel­lesley Hills. Mrs. Tuttle died last De­cember. Dr. Tuttle and his daughter Margaret went to make their home with Mrs. Norton less than a week be­fore his death. ••• MRS. SCHEmLEY PASSES AT INN Wife of Straih Haven Manager, Resident Since 1907, Had Been m a Number of Years Mrs. Anna Thomas Scheib ley wife of F. M. Scheibley passed away at 8.30 Monday night at the Strath Haven Inn after a long illness. ' Raised in Parkersburg, W. Va., edu­cated in the public schools, Mrs. Van Kirk's Training School in Philadelphia and the School of Industrial Art she AT GRADUATION also was a graduate of Froebers School, Germany. CI f '41 to Hear Preshyterian She taught in the Camden Friends' ass 0 Ed" M School and the Friends' School at 35th Board of ucation an and Lancaster avenues, Philadelphia. Next Thursday On October 10, 1905 she was married At the Commencement exercises of to Mr. Scheibley and in 1907 came 19 the Swarthmore High School on Thurs- Swarthmore with her husband to take day evening, June 12, a class of 80 over the Strath ~aven Inn. They have members will be graduated. This is one been here ever slOce. of the largest classes in the history of Mrs. Scheibley wa~ a member of t~e the high school. ~he commencement Swar~hmore Woman s. Club, ~he Phl!­address will be dehvered by Dr. Paul omuslan Club of PhIladelphia, a dl:­Calvin Payne who will speak on "Meet- rector of the New Century Guild, Phila­ing the Pressure of the Crowd," delphia, and a member of the Plastic Members of the local Presbyterian Club of Philadelphia for years. congregation heard Dr. Payne. last She was outstanding in kindergarten August when he supplied the church work 30 years ago, and in Swarthmore pulpit one Sunllay during the pastor's was greatly interested in the work of vacation. the Needlework Guild and the Health As general secretary of the Presby- Center. terian Board of Christian Education, Survivirtg besides her husband are a Dr. Paync is responsible for the admin- sister Mrs. A. W. Kreuzburg of Wash­istration of a nation-wide work of ington, D. C. and four nephews. Christian education among 2,000,000 Services were held at 2.30 P. M. yes­Presbyterians associated with 9,000 terday, Thursday, at a Media funeral churches. There is said to be no more parlor. The body was entombed in a, important office among Presbyterian crypt at Chelton Hill. church agencies than that held by Dr. • •• Payne. ' Gets duPont Award Before becoming affiliated with the Board in December, 1939, Dr. Payne had been for three years pastor of the Presbyterian Church, Ithaca, N. Y., where 50 per cent of his congregation were students and faculty members of Cornell University. Previously he served Presbyterian churches in Oklahoma and Nebraska. Westminster College, Fulton, Mo., conferred the degree of D.D. upon Dr. Payne and from Park College, Park­ville, Mo., in June, 1940, he received his LL.D. Interested for many years in Chris­tian education, Dr. Payne has had ex­J) erience in college evangelism as a ;peaker on many college campuses dur­ing "spiritual empltasis week," and on university campuses as a speaker be­fore student groups. At the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in 1939, Dr. Payne was appointed chair­man of the Standing Committee on Christian Education. - ..... .... ~ ." ,- John Alden Davison son of Mr. and Mrs. Waldo B. Davison of Harvard avenue has been awarded the du Pont Fellowship in chemistry at the Uni­versity of Pennsylvania, amounting to $750 tuition. John is a graduate of Brown University, took his master's degree at the University of Pennsyl­vania two years ago and since then has twice held the Harrison award in chemistry there working toward his doctorate which he expects to recei"e next February. ••• Holds Art Award Anne Bonine daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. Harvey Bonine of Lafayette avenue was awarded the prize given to the student who has done the most out­standing work in art during the past year at the Mary Lyon graduation last week.

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2 PERSONALS Dr. and Mrs. David McCahan of James Bacon Douglas of North Chester Strath Haven avenue had as their road has been ordered transferred with guests over Memorial Day Dr. Me- the First Division, U. S. Army, to Cahan's brother-in-law and sister Mr. Porto Rico. and Mrs. F. T. Ransburg and danghters Captain Douglas is attached to the Margaret and Marian of Huntingdon, 26th Regiment of Infantry, DOW sta­Pa. lioned at Ft. Devens, Mass., which is Mary Williams daughter of Mr. expected to embark at Boston early in Frank E. Williams of Amherst avenue June. was graduated on Wednesday after- Mr. and Mrs. Fred Dickson of Fair­noon from the Moore Institute-Phila- field, Conn., Mr. and Mrs. Robert delphia School of Design at its 96th Joyce and daughter of Pittsburgh, and commencement exercises. Mr. George Joyce of Dallas, Pa. were Trevor Roy Roberts, Jr. returned to the guests last week-end of Mrs. Camp Lee Sunday alter spending a Charles D. Joyce of North Chester three-day furlough with his mother road at a family gathering. The occa­Mrs. E. Z. Djmitman of Swarthmore sion marked the first time that Mr. avenue. Robert Joyce had been together with Winston Taylor Roberts arrived Sun- his family since his return from Eng­day front Indiantown Gap to spend a land over a year ago. one~day furlough with his mother. Last Dr. and Mrs. A. F. Jackson of Park week Winston was promoted to the avenue have as their houseguests Mrs. rank of a First Class Private. Jackson's brother and his family Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur L. Perry of and Mrs. Clarence L. Attis and William Rahway, N. J. spent Memorial Day Osgood Atlis of Wooster, O. On Sat­and the week-end as the guests of their urday evening the Jacksons entertained son-in-law and daughter Mr. and Mrs. at. a family dinner before the Players Frederick Anthony of Springfield. Club. Dinner guests included: Mr. and Mrs. William B. Bullock of Mr. and Mrs. Glynndon Priestman of Cedar lane attended the graduation ex- Chestnut Hill, Miss Lenore Allis of ercises of Hampden-Sidney College Drexel. and Mrs. Jackson's cousins Dr. held Tuesday at Hampden-Sidney, Va. and Mrs. Paul Livingston of South William Bullock. Jr. was a member of Orange, N. J. the graduating class. Mr. and Mrs. J. Harvey Bonine of Alice Redgrave of Voasar avenue was Smith -Kennedy Miss Eleanor Kennedy daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Eckerson Ken­nedy of Drexel Hilt and Mr. Alton Parker Smith of Swarthmore son of Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Edgar Smith of Felton, Del were united in marriage on Saturday afternoon, May 31, at 4 o'clock in the First Presbyterian Church, of Lansdowne, by the Rev. G. Malcolm VanDyke. The bride. who was given in mar~ riage by her father. wore a gown of white chiffon embroidered with pearls and carried a cascade of white iris. Student Pianiat8 10 Redial The pupils of Constance WiUiams were presented in their final recital of the year on May 29 at the home of Mrs. Walter Keighton 011 Cedar lane. Of special interest were the original compositions played by Bob Keighton, Laurie Irving and Patty Henry. Others participating were Ann Stod­dard, Penny Morrow, Susan Lawson, Jim B'Ullitt. June Keighton, Corinna Foster, Danny Davies. Ceceil Theis, Vattorie Worth, Joan Pennock, Satty Duttes, Connie Duttes and Gilbert Davies. Mrs. J. Willison Smith, Jr. of Cyn- r--------------~ wyd was matron of honor for her sis- Do You Know te~. She wore a gown of dusty pink The Sure Cure for &II)' Auto Trouble? chiffon and lace and carried shaded pink snap dragons. The bridesmaids, Call 440 Mrs. Charles A. Lincoln, of Philadel- Tires ... , •• to.. Batteries phia, and Mrs. Anthony}. Ricci, of .,... Yeadon, wore powder blue chiffon RUSSELL'S SERVICE gowns and carried pink snapdragons. Dartmouth and Lafarelte ATO. Satty M. Smith, niece of the bride, was the flower girl. She wore a frock "We Don't Sell Car5-we 8erv1ce Them" of blue marquisette and carried an old-I~==============;': fashioned bouquet of pink sweetpeas. II Mr. Virgil Baird of Swarthmore, was best man for Mr. Smith and Messrs. Charles A. Lincoln of Philadelphia, Anthony J. Ricci of Yeadon, Gerald Carr of Cape May, N. J., and Thomas Baird of Swarthmore, were ushers. Mr. Smith and his bride witt reside at 2 Park avenue, Swarthmore, where ' they witt be at home to their friends after JUly 1. Mr. Smith is in charge of the pro~ duce department of a Swarthmore market. I I I CAMP SHOHOLA IN TUB POCONO"I Grade "A." Summer-Camp for Boys ( .... S -18) On Beautllul Lake Greeley Between Milford and Bawler, Pa. DIrectors: Boward M. Galvin, A.B. and CecU T. Rodney, B.s., MA For e1rculars. reservations and local references apply to: MRS. A.. M. B08811ABD'r 410 Park Avenue (AdjoinIng Girls' Camp "Skyland" (Dr. Carl A. Hummel. B.s .• M.s.) have father's Mrs. W. W. Speakman who has been Lafayette avenue had as their house- one of IWO representatives olber daM visiting Mrs. William I. Hull of Wal- guests for the Mary Lyon graduation moeen to attend the Linden HaD nut lane has opened her house at Buck held -Jast week Professor and Mrs. Junior College Ila)" -Queen. Allee will Hill FaJls for the summer. Louis E. Imbert, their daughter Ruth graduate at Ihe Lititz, Pa. college Arthur Meryweather of Haverford and son Louis, Jr. of New York City on June 17. June 21 Set for Nuptial place has been elected vice-president and Mrs. Fernand Baruch of Phila-I-----==,.----:=:------I Mr. and Mrs. Owen Hill Spencer of Watch Repaired for his day-Jone 15 of "Mask and Zany" dramatic club at delphia. On Wednesday evening the MiUer-Wilsou Highland and Moylan avenues, Moylan East Stroudsburg Teachers' College Bonines entertained a large group of have issued invitations for the maTTI'age and has also been made a member of [n' at a dm' ner party be f ore t h e Mrs. Dorothy Buckman Wilson form- of their daughter Jane Van Keuren to .1 ., erly of Fairview road and Cornell ave-the school's a capella choir. He grauuatlon ceremolUes. nne, Swarthmore was quietly married Mr. Gilbert Richard Redgrave son of turned home last week for his summer ~lr. and Mrs. J. Stanley Taylor re- yesterday Thursday, June 5, at the Mt. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur R. O. Redgrave vacation after having completed his turn cd Sunday to Brookhill, Wa11ing- Vernon Congregational Church on of Vassar avenue. The wedding will freshman year. ford after a two-week wedding trip to Beacon street, Boston, Mass. to Mr. take place in the Wallingford Presby- Mr. and Mrs. A. R. O. Redgrave of The Cloister, Sea Island. Ga. Before George Warren Miller of New York tcrian Church at 4 o'clock Saturday Vassar avenue spent last week-end her marriage Mrs. Taylor was Miss and Boston. afternoon, June 21. at Linden HaiL Alice Redgrave Doreen Mitchell of Wallingford. Mr. and Mrs. Donald Douglas of r-;;;;;--;-::;;;;;-:;::--:::::::- chosen to represent the grlad"atinlll Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Prescott of Moy- Belmont, Mass. were in attendance. THE ANTLERS INN class as an attendant to the Queen Ian and Mrs. John Prescott attended Mr. Miller who is assistant manager A Pocono lnD with Personality. Bx-at the annual May Day pageant held the graduation exercises held at West- of a large insurance company in Bos- cellent food. Good times. Active sum-on Saturday. ern Maryland College at Westminster, ton, Mass. graduated from Harvard ~r:rte BPri.r:s. A=~:; ~Tt:d.~: Boyd Stauffer son of Mr. and Mrs. Md. last Monday. Eleanor Prescott was University with the class of 1912. lected clientele. Three hours by car J. K. Stauffer of Dartmouth avenue a member of the graduation class. Upon their return from a trip through ~=t. Swarthmore. Booklet on re-graduated last week from the State Canada Mr. and Mrs. Miller will re- MRS Teachers Coltege at West Chester. Little Carla Wilson daughter of Mr. side at 93 Mt. Vernon street, Bea- • R. C. WEBB Boyd was awarded the degree of Bach- and Mrs. William A. Wilson of Park con Hill, Boston, Mass. Phon~~s:.c:.:e::~ 4521 -elor"-bt' 5clehcc Ill. 111:;;,111.11 £\lu\OAtio..... and Michigan avenues Jeft Monday for ___ 0:--: i;;;;;;;=4r.:.;;;;;;;-1ir::- Or (After 5 P. M. Untn June 15) New York City where she' will viSIt her Bw. :taO...- dress it up with a new Watch Bracelet from 1.00 to 7.50 On Thursday May 22 a tea was given grandparents Mr. and Mrs. Ross Ken­by Mrs. J. Archer Turner of Harvard yon for a few weeks. avenue in honor of her sister Mrs. T • MARY DUNHILL • PRINCE MA TCHABELLI • CHANEL • H. Ingram of The Swarthmore who left Mr. and Mrs. Richard Spalding for­by train that Saturday for San Fran- merly of North Chester road have moved cisco, Cal. and sailed on the 28th aboard from their aparbnent here to Drexel the S. S. Lurline for Honolulu, Hawaii. Hilt. Rene Bosshardt returned to The seventh grade mothers enter- Memorial Day and the week-end with tained the boys and girls of the seventh his parents Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Boss- grade yesterday afternoon at an outing hardt of Park avenue after making his held at Glen Providence. first- trans-Atlantic Hight to Lisbon, Spain as assistant navigator on the Pan American Airways' American Clipper. He left the middle of this week on his second trip to Europe. Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Griest and Miss Frances Hunter of South Chester road motored to Lancaster on Wednes­••• Wheat-Girvin Mr. and Mrs. YarnaU Wheat arc now at home at 313 Shaw road, Ridley Park. Before her marriage on May 24 Mrs. Wheat was Miss Emily Girvin of the day for the commencement exercises at I Cent,,. Franklin and Marshall College. Mrs. staff of the Community Health Griest's son T. Pierce Hunter was a member of the graduating class. He graduated from Friends' Central School and took a year at Mercersburg Acad­emy before entering F. & M. Mrs. Max Hootman of Washingtont Pa. spent last week-end with her son­in- law and daughter Mr. and Mrs. George L. Tone of Waltinglord Hills. She was accompanied home by her smaJ! grandson Tommy who will visit his grandparents for several weeks. HELD OVER ALICE FAYR JACK OAKIB JOHN PAYNE In CBSAR ROMERO "THE GREAT AMERICAN BROADCAST" Mr. John R. Helms of Swarthmore and Princeton ave'nues spent last week­end in Washington, D. C. Mrs. John LeDoux has returned tollJ===============dJl her Walnut lane home after spending the winter in her Coral Gables, Fla. , place. Captain Robert Hulbert Douglas who with Mrs. Douglas and their little daughter Duryea has just spent several days visiting his parents Mr. and Mrs. MANOR Thursday, Friday, Salurday SPENCER TRACY MICKEY ROONEY "Men 01 Boys Town" S1l!1day, Monday DON AMECHE AllCE FAYE CARMEN MIRANDA "That Night in Rio" Tueoday, WedneedaY, Thursday BETTE DAVIS "The Great Lie" MEDIA Last Two Days! Friday-Saturday AllCE FAYE DON AMECHE CARMEN MIRANDA "THAT NIGHT IN RIO" In Technicolor Snnday-Monday and Tuesday SPENCER TRACY MICKEY ROONEY "MEN OF BOY'S TOWN" I CCke 130lUJud A BEAUTY SALON ~~~~~;;~ PerJect grooming in any event STARTS FRIDAY BETI'E DAVIS GEORGE BRENT In "The Great Lie" with MARY A.STOR STARTS TUESDAY INGRID BERGMAN WARNER BAXTER In Adam Had Four SOlI3 Sc:lentUleaUy AIR-CONDlTIO~D STARTS SATURDAY JAMES SrEWABT PAULETTE GODDARD Horace Heldt And HIs Musical Knights In "POT 0' GOLD" TUESDAY &~NESDAY "Man Made Mom,e,." RICHARD DlX PATRICIA MORISON In "THE' ROUNDUP" ~ IS South Chester Road Call Swarthmore 476 • CHARBERT • ROV AE • CHEN YU • CORDAY • EANS In a rich tomato sauce with ft pork-For au old time Sat· ~ cans 25c urday night supper ...... . Soup Is Just the Thing I HEINZ SOUPS Delicious - Most Kinds HEINZ Strained FOODS I FOR BABY 2caas27c 3 for 23c 2 for 27e HEINZ Junior FOODS FOR YOUNGSTERS 3 for 29c Heinz Spaghetti, I cans 25e For a quick eeouomical main dish - Ready to serve ••• Just reach for a can. MARTEL'S COMPLETE FOOD MARKET , JUNE 6, 194.1 THE SWARTHMOREAN THE :SWARTHMOREAM with greed and selfishness satanic pow­ers take control of them, as it was in the days of Noah, and Sodom and Go­PUBLISBED EVERY FRIDAY AT SWARTBMORE, Pol. morrah. THE 8WAllTHMOREAN, INC .. PUBLISHER !OHONE SWAIlTHMORE 900 Man is a freewill agent; he may choose whom he will serve. But he can­not escape the consequences of his wrong decision. PETER E. TOLD, Editor MARJORIB TOLD, Associau Editor ROBALIB P .... OL It would be well to remember that Bullets and Bombs cannot take the place of God in the great scheme of things. Entered .. Second CIau Matter, JRBIW'J' 24, 1929, at tho Pool 0f6ce at Swarthmore, p ... under the Act of JIIarch 3, 1879. FRIDAY, JUNE 6, 1941 Methodist Chureh Notes The official board will hold its monthly meeting tonigot. Friday, J un!! 6, at 8 o·c1oc\c. Children's Day wilt be observed on Sunday. The Chur<h School will con­vene at 9 :45 A. M. as usual and at 10 :30 the Children's Day service witl be held in the sanctuary. Baptism for children will be administered at this time. The Church Board of Education and Workers Conference wilJ meet at the home of the Mjsses Tilomas, 425 Mer­ton- avenue, Rutledge, next Monday evening at 8 o'clock. The W01nau's Society of Christian Service wnt meet on Tuesday at 12 :30 at the home of Mrs. Alfred WiUiams, Providence road, Wallingford. The Methodist Home for the Aged in Fairmount Park will observe its an­niversary on Thursday. Dinner will be served from 12, Noon until 7 P. M. ••• Christian Science Church "God the Only Cause and Creator" js the subject of the Lesson-Sermon in all Churches of Christ, Scientist. on Sunday, June 8. The Golden Text is: "Great and marvellous are thy works, Lord God Almighty j just and true are thy ways, thou King of saints" (Reve-lation 15 :3_-,).:,. ..........~ _ .. . Presbyterian Church Notes Sunday morning at 11 o'clock the Children's Day exercises for the Church and Church School will be observed. The entire service will be conducted by members of the Church School and the junior choirs. The High School Baccalaureate Se";'­ice will be conducted in the Church this Sunday afternoon at 4.45 o'clock. Dr. Roy N. Keiser, _of the Swarthmore Methodist Church wiIJ be the preacher. A cordial invitation is extended to everyone. Th~ Beginnl!rs'-· Department of the Churc,h SCh",101 will Iiold its annual sum .. mer party for children and parents on Saturday, June 7, from J to 5 o'etodc in the Parish House. The Church Committee on Social Education and Action will meet this Friday morning, June 6, at 10 o'clock at the home of Mrs. Frank Reitze1, 512 Harvard avenue. , I I Trinity Parish Notes LETI'ERS TO TIlE" EDITOR 'l'he OPlniODl ~ below .re 'hOle 01 the 1ndIYIdual writers. All le, ... &.0 TblI Swanhmore&ll muea be eIped. PIeu4oa7mI mQ' be need If 'he ldentl1.F of tho wri&er 111 kno .... n &0 U1e Bdltor. Le&ten; wW be vublilhDd onIT at 'he dJea-e&IOD of &he Edi'or. The battle for the supremacy of na­tions has gone far beyond all human control. There is only one Thing that can bring order out of this chaotic con­dition in the world, and that remedy is found in God's Word-ll Chronicles 7 :14. George Washington had a vision of ____= --:-_________ the truth, for he recognized the need for Jlspiritual help to win the war against in .. DeJendll Stand justice, and he fought the battle of free­To the Editor of the Swarthmorean: My friend Clarence Myers found his public letter to me answered at once and in full by the speakers at the America First Rally in Philadelphia last Thurs­day. Thousands of citizens, unintimi­dated by threats and rumors of violence sat in the heat and stood in the rain t~ join the movement for American peace and independence. But just a few more words to Dear Clarence: (I) As the Fuehrer demanded by the Philadelphia Record to lead us into war Wallace, Hull, Stimson or Knox would certainly be worse than the President. Mr. Roosevelt has an eye on the verdict of history, so now shows signs of keep­ing his promises. His Cabinet lacks re­straint. (2) Unlike the Frenchmen of 1939, we'd better have treason trials of our incompetent jingoes before rather than after a disastrous (win or lose) offen .. sive war in Europe, Asia and Africa. dom on his knees. In these crucial times we need a season of national prayer and fasting. The United States of America was founded on prayer, and it has an "inde­pendent destiny". It must uphold the standard of the Lord Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace and the only one that can bring universal peace on earth, if this "land of the free, and home of the brave" is to continue to be :". blessing to other nations of the world. This is not only our privilege but our God ... given duty. ___. .:;J.:,UJ,IA=..:R_ • HAZARD. I I I May 19, 1941 Mr. Peter Told, Editor of The Swarthmorean, My dear Mr. Told: The Temperance Committee of the Swarthmore Friends Meeting has dele­gated mC as subscriber to your paper and a member of the committee, to write and commend you for your pa­per's attitude in refusing all liquor ad­vertising. We. as a committee, appreciate your doing this. especially under present conditions. We sincerely trust that this policy will be continued. Yours truly. MARY H. I'Iau<lNS (Mrs. J os. H. Perkins) S30 Cedar lane, Boro. • I • Old Hymns (3) Your "Panzer Divisions" haven't yet rolled across the 20 mile English Channel. You reveal your inability to threaten us in military terms. But other enemy divisions are already in our midst: British agents, "Fight for An­archy" Committees. "Defend Starva­tion" AUies, and so on through the long list of alien-minded newspapers, and minority pressure-groups that have even attempted to abolish Independence Day with Senate Bill S. 1242. They had a head start, now checked only by the spontaneous rally of the millions who put America first. I love the sacred music of old hynms, (4) By using the words, "Should be 1 trlut tIJeir meQuings mQy abide with impeached", coupled -with "Action Now"; "M:~k~s ~ -have' crooned, ,them, -to their you assume that the President has al· ready broken his pledges and violated sleepy uabes~ his oath of office by a personal declara- Have Jound thNn in a mystic lullaby. tion of war. 1 did not say that he has. They have beell sung around the bed of death, smashed the Constitution yet ... but if I A"d lIwurliNS have been com/Dried And a peaceful change in leadership, to thereby. avert war, does not necessarily mean T' ,._ impeachment. Elections have not yet" "ey nave brought Faith to weory~ doubti;lg sonls, been called off, or controJled in perpet- Courage atJd fighting Imrpose 10 keep uity. As you imply, the Lease-Lend for-eign policy may be the main issue in the D::; toned. riel, orgOJIS lrave sent forth Several members of the Parish have next Congressional elections, with the their peals. s ~ ONE TOUCII significant inroads against the cater- ;:======O=F =NA=T=U=R=E Ip illar population. DoIste dis ttoo oac bcaedp tt hcaivti lCizuactkioono sa sa rteh en oRt odbiisn .. I ha!e recently referred to the process has done. Then we would have a pair in by whIch young tent caterpillars starve every brush, and the tent caterpillar one another out of existence by consum- would become a rare item for insect­in~ the entire available food supply _ collectors. to be cherished for the sake wild cherry leaves in most cases. Are of its Sunday Afternoon effect on visit­there, however, other natural agencies ing entomologists. working against these over.abundant C. BROOKE W01t'rH. pests? If so, they should be welcomed ~-========-----:--= as alJies in our own efforts to reduce A 2 the caterpillar popUlation. 2 In th~ battle of the world against in- P sects, birds are invariably hailed as the A S. most effective aggressors. 'But tent cat-erpillars have armed themselves against G feathered foes by growing a coat of H o R A N. G E' fuzzy hairs. Apparently these downy appendages irritate birds' throats or giz- I zards and make the caterpillars unpalat- A able. hThef next stage in the battle must N i. t ere ore be favorable to birds and the 1~:::C:":I:I:':MB::D:IA=:I4S='===MB=D:I:A=:::; first step has already been 'won by cuckoos. So far as 1 know the Yellow­biUed Cuckoo and B1ack-biUed Cuckoo are the only birds that habitually at­! ack tent caterpillars. Are they. then, unmune to the annoying hairs? . It w,;mld be rash ~o answer this ques- GO WEST THIS SUMMER Independf'nl and Escorted Tol1l'll All Rou .... No SenJice Char ... • Swarthmore Travel Bureau Phone Swa. 179·W Day or NlPt 2 PARK AVENUE tIon WIth an unqualified affirmative for Cuckoos' gizzards are often found t~ be lined with swallowed caterpitlar fur. But at the same time it is a common obser .. vation that Cuckoos attempt to avoid as many hairs as possible. Slitting the cat­erpillars at one end, they withdraw the internal contents, leaving nothing but empty skins hanging from the tent. I ~==============~ This surgery, performed by the beak, II enables Cuckoos to eat tremendous numbers of caterpillars. Duting seasons of heavy infestation these birds feed principally at the tents covering wild cherry trees in open country. Many caterpillar nests may then be observed with large rents in their sheet-like webs. Unfortunately Cuckoos do not enjoy our residential districts, preferring to frequent neglected scrubby hillsides and old abandoned orchards. But since these are the chief sources of each year's SUPR ply of moths and eggs, the Cuckoos aid us by doing work where most needed. The question remains: will other birds eventually learn the Cuckoo's method of extracting juice from these insect-cacti? _ No one can say yes or no to this query. But such additional allies are badly needed hy the horticulturalist, because Cuckoos, though effective individually, are not abundant enough to account for ~~ l(jJ! VVedding~raduation&-­Father's Day As usual 'We are mOBt com­pletely equipped with &ilts for all occasions. What brid.,.t~be, graduate ~r Dad wouldn't be pleased with a remembranee from this out-­slanding array? Come today or come tomorrow but do come- COOLEY LILLEY Edgmonl Ave. at WeI8h. SI. CHESTER LAWN MOWERS HEDGE CLIPPERS • CROQUET SETS BEACH AND DECK CHAIRS N. WALTER SUPLEE underwritten a section of lining for the ~:~;:~~~c;:a tt~:r!~:s;:i:~~t~embership Through the dim arches of Cathedral SW. 105 11 S. CHESTER ROAD walls of the Church. It is the plan of walls. the 'tt . t' f W'II' B (6) You say that the Constitution and Into the f~ag,allce 0/ the SUI'-'- nl.glJI'I~::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::~ B Ilcommhi .ee consls mg 0 1 lam . other fundamental documents are mere ......... u ock c airman, Harry Clay Barr and "l 1 ff'" (. I r" ) Their tones have reached in melody and William L. -Cleaves to secure funds to ",oca a airs! or 10 ega JstlC J"!rgon grace. reline the two walls and the high rear ":el~~ant, mcompetent and Jrnma- III tragic wrecks Oil storm tossed ships wan of the Church with stone from the terlal. I am amaze~ tI~at I should ~ave at sea~ Leiper quarries. The section already to defend t~e Conshtu.tlOn of ~he UOIted Their sillgillg ,has brought order and laid ha§;" -- been most favorabl com- ,States. agam~~ a. Phll~d.eJphla lawyer. cOlltrol. mented upon. y Even 10 an hyste.ncal CTlS~S, fomen~ed by They are the vital csse,Jee 0/ the ChUTCh, The June-meeting of the Vestry will the ~ar-psychosls and Hltlerphobla, ~he The pleas aud prayers 0/ Christianity. be held at Friendship Hill Farm, Paoli, PreSident has Hot d~re~ openly to ~Ick "Lead kindly light amid the encircling on Tuesday evening, June 17. The wives overboard all COllstltut~onal re~tramts., g{oom.u 'otWe-members -will also attend. ~nd fr.o~ now on ~J~ wIll have lDcre~s- I love the sacred "mstc oj old hymns. The annual parish picnic will be at mg. hmhll!lons °lf CItIzens to help hint E. C. W. the Farm on Thursday afternoon and wa4C IS step , . evening, Julte 19. . (7) ... Why don t .you rnentjon neutrals ~ ~ The annual all-day meeting of the like ,:weden,. SWItzerland. and Ireland, IN VILLAGE LIBRARY Guild-Auxiliary will, be held at Friend- not dIrectly 1D the ~ath Of. th~ storm? ship Hill Farm next Tuesday, June 10. Why w?uld you ~pht our ,natIo~al de~ 1_=============== • • • fense Wide apart'1I1 Europc.-Afflca and ., II Host to' Clerical Club Asia, as duplex cyclone-cellars [or Brit- New. non - fiction mcl,:,des The ish Imperialism? BrandYWine" by Henry SeIdel ~anby. The members of the Monday Eve­ning Club a group of clergymen of the Dioces.c. of Pennsylvania will hold their June meeting at Friendship Hill Farm, Paoli, as the guests of the Rev. J. J arden Guenther rector of Trinity Church~ .Swarthmore. (8) America Fjrst is rocking the war- the. newest and ~)lle of t!te most Inter­mongers' boat to prevent our. own ships, ~stm~. of the senes of RIvers of ,~er­three and four thousand miles from lca j Blood. Sweat, and Tears IS a their bases, from being rocked by dive- compilation of W~ston Chu~~hill's bombers and submarines based in their speeches~ many of which are familiar to own territorial waters. Under a different his radio listeners; "I Was Winston type of leadership we need fear no at- Churchill's Private Secretary" by Phyl-tack. lis Moir. an interesting and amusing PLANNING FOR THE FUTURE. PARKER PENS AND PENCILS-ELGIN WATCHES And a myriad of other Gifls for the Graduale and the lune Bride CHURCH SERVICES SWARTHMORE PRBSBYTBB.L\N 0H1JBCB Bev. David Braun. Mlnlster Roy PmAN; LINGI.E. picture of Churchill, the man. I • • uLondon Front," letters from F. B R 0 5 Urges Season oj Prayer Tennyson Jesse and H. M. Harwood .'. WIL TSHIRE 11:00 A. M. - ChUdren's Day servtce. MB'l'HODIST 0IIlIB0B Bo, N. Ko_, D.D •• MInister 9:45 A. M. - Church 8cbool. 10:30 A.M.-Cbtldreo·s Day ServIce. TRINITY CHURCH _ , ~Y.:. J._ JardBD ~=;-. 8.T.M •• Rector ... 8:00 A. JL - Bob Communion. 11:00 A. M. - !lomlng Prayer and Sermon. TRB IIBLIOIOllB SWIB'1 i OP _ . . IlUNDAY 9:0' A. M. - PlrH Da¥ IIcbOoL 11:00 A.II.-_ for Worshlp In .... U::U"l~ 9:30 ... M. '" 3:30 P. K. - BowlDa Uld QUUt1nR In WhlWer House. BoX tunabecm All are COId1alI, IIlvlted. ~ , P.liiBi OIIUBCII OP CBBIBT. 8OIBNTI8T .. OP BWABTlDlOBB , '~ Avenue BelOW Harftrd ,; .11:00 A.1l. - Bundq IIcbOot. " 11:<11! A. M. -BundQ ~-BonIlOD. <~l 8 Wp.. ..m.,.. .R..e, a d0tmftrJ l_in B moeeptelDn tr_ _._-. ~; 8UDdas'a and hofidays 9 a. m. to 12:' p. IlL, ~.t Churctt edUlct. j' _ _ AlL are oardIalJy Innted to Ai, d tile , te"low atld'_" 7 'h •. -.,., to friends in America from beseiged 100 E •. $TATE ST., MEDIA 'PHONE MEDIA 2239 Editor: London. The letters tell of the smalt ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;.~';'; . ..~ ~ There is so much talk about Peace in things of life which continue in spite of these perilous days while the nations war. "Pageant of England. 1840-1940" are madly struggling in the death throes is a new treatment of an old saga by of this 20th century civilization. Arthur Bryant who uses Disraeli as The beautiful works of art and litera- his hero. ture of past centuries is rapidly disap- "'Many a Green Isle" by Glanville pearing in- the whirlpool of hatred and Smith is a different and saperior book strife, with the kings and queens of on the islands of the Caribbean Sea. olden days. Thousands, yes, millions Mr. Smith ignores the obvious and tells and billions of dollars, are spent for de- of human, -relations "against an exotic structive -purposes while hundreds are backgroun'd. "Bushmaster" a new boOk withheld for educational work along by Nicol Smith, author of "Burma spiritual lines that would help our youth Road" telts of the author's adventures to be true to the faith of our fathers. in Dutch Guiana. "}ustAmongFriends" , J. E. LIMEBURNER CO. D"pensing Opticiam Experts in the Making and Fitting of Spectacles and Eye Gla8llell ,>. • 1923 Chestnut Street 6913 Market Street • • • - Philadelp~ U. pper D. arby, P~ JOSEPH E. BAINES· c"","""" 01 ,fie ~ , 0/ Birr r ri Godlessness' is sweeping" over the the Quaker way of life, by William world, as can be seen by llie wave of Wister Comfort, president em~ritus of crime, drunkenness, .m~ling" "and ltaverford. College; and "fares. beastly immorality. . . Please I", an interesting bis!orl" of ur- The cause of it alt is a turning .awa~: ban transportatiiiD trom horse.carS to '. , from Go4. When ~en's}~!~~~~:rll~~ :~~~.:.~~~ M~:~,JI_I_:'.i.i.i i_,ii,ii~ii_.;;._.ii.i i, iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii~-iiiii ~~- ,'- .

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INTENTIONAL SECOND EXPOSURE 2 PERSONALS Dr. amI Mrs. Va\ IU McCahan of S1r llh H.lvell m'cnue had as their guests OVCf ~[el1loTial Day Dr. Mc­Cahan's brother-in-Ia\\ .U1d sister l\lr and ~1r.s. F. T. H .• lllsburg and daughters )'largarct and ~lan.lIl of Huntmgdoll, I>a. ~lary \\ 11h,ltu::; d.lughltr of .Mr. Fr.wk E \VIIII.lIItS of Amherst .l\ellue \\.15 gr.ulu.ltt.:U VII \\"{(lnesday after­noon from the ~I(lore Instltule-Plula­dclplll. 1 ::5Clll1ol (If iJeslgn .It Its ~6th I.:OIllIllt.:l'Cemc..:nt lxerClses. Jalll4.'s B.u:olI Douglas of North Chest~'r ro,1(1 het:1l ordeTl'd transferTll'd with the First DI\'lsion, U S. Army, to Porto Hlco Capt.1111 lJollgI,Ls Is <1ttachetl to the 2fJth Hl'g-IUH.:nt 01 Infantr}, now sta­tlOtlul at Ft De\'clls. ).[ass, willch IS l XI)(:(tt'd to t:mhark at Boston carl" in J 11IH,: - ~I r and ~Irs Fred Dickson oi Falr­hdd. COli II J M rand Mrs RoLert J 0) n .lIId d.1Ughtcr of Pittsburgh. and :\Ir Gc..:orgc Jo~ce of Dallas, Pa. \\4.'r4.' Tn!\or H.o) J{ohcrt~, J r CIlIlI' Lee ~\IIHj.lY after thr4.'c..:-da) furluugh \\Ith ,,\1 rs. 1.. Z DJIllltll1an of returned to till gut:sts l.lSt \\eek-elld of Mrs. spendlllg: ,I L'harlt:s 1> Juyce of 1\orth Chestcr Ius Ulothel rtlul .It .t i.lIll1h gathl'rtllg. 'I'he occa­S\\, lrtlllllUf"C slOI1 lIh1rkcd thc hrst hme that Mr. ,n'CIlUl' \\ lIl::;tOIl '1.1\ lor H_olu.:rts .LrnHd SUIl­da) frum 111lhanto\\ II C.lp to ... pend .1 um-d,L} furlough \\Ith hb mot!1t:r I..lst \\e4.'k \\ 111 ... 1011 \\.1::; promott:d to tilt: r,lIIk of .1 ['Ir ... t Class Pnv.lte, :\lr. and )'lrs Arthur L P..:rr} ul lLtl\\\a,) , :\ J SP4.'llt ~1c..:lllOnal D.l). .llId th..:: \\..:ek-t..lld as the gue::.t::; vi th4.'lr ,,01l-1Il-1.m .1Il<1 u,lughtu ).Ir and )'lr'" I ru.lcnck .\nthon) of SpclIIghcld ~lr .• lIld :\Ir" \\ Illt.tlll B Bullock uf lanc..: dttllHll'l1 thc graduaUf)1l cx­erCbCs oL 11.Impth.:Il-Sldu..:) College held '1 ttc"day .It H.lmpd..: n-Su.ltll \. \ .1 \\ I1ham Hulllll.:k, Jr \\.Is a membt:r 01 J{olJlrt JOHt: had hel'1I together \\1th IllS f.l1l11h sl1lce Ius rcturn from Eng- 1.l1Id OHr .1 ) car ago IJr .lIld ~I rs A F Jackson of Park .IHlIlie iI.He .tS their housl'guests Mrs, J,ll.:kson':oo hrothcr .llld IllS famll} Mr 11\(1 ~Ir ... CI.trellce 1. A1I1::; alld \V .. ham O"good Alhs of \\ oostu, 0 On Sat­unl. l\ (\t:11II1g the Jacksons enterl.lIllcu Lt a f.1I1111) dllIller before the Players Lluh DIIIIIU gUl'sts ltlc1udcd. ~I r and ~lrs. GIYllndon Pnestman of l ht:"tnut lIlli, ~llss Lenore Alhs or Un xd, .1Ild )'lrs. J.tcksou'.s COUStllS Dr .llId \1 r~ p,tU! 1.1\ mgston oi South ()r.lllg~,:\ J, THE SWARTHMOREAN UNDEN HALL MAY ATIENDANT the grauuatlug cla .. s. :\Ir .• t1ld ~Irs J llarvey BoulIle of Alicc ncdgr~l\c of Vassar a"eDne "'as ~lrs \\ \\ Spt:.lkm.lIl \\ho hds IH: llI\t;\tt: a\Cllue had as their hous('- Oil(' of h\O rCl.rcscntuuves of her class \I:-'Itlllg )'lr::; \\ lll1al1l J Hull ot \\ ~d, gUtsts for the ).[.lr) Lyoll graduation chm;t'li 10 atlcml the Linden lIull IIUt 1,1IIe has opclIul hn hou:-.t: ,It lluck h .... ld Ielst neck Professor and Mrs. Junior College 1\la)' Quecn. Alicc "'ill Hill F.dl~ for the !:iUllllIIl r II.(ltll" I. Jmhnt, their daughter Ruth gradu.tlc at the Lititz, 1'0. college .\rthur .:\leQ\\cathcr 01 1I.IHrfonl 111(1 "'lll1 LO~IIS, Jr of New York City on June 17. placc has been elected \ICe-presldcllt ,l1ltl \Ir ... I-crnantl Baruch ot Plula-I------------------ 01 "~lask and Z.lIl}" tlr.ull.ltlc dub at lit Iphl,L 011 \VedneM.lay evening the l\1illcr-Wilson L..lst Stroudsburg 'feather': Colllgt 1:01l1Ill'" tlllt:rlall1l'(} a large group of .lIld b b ~btl been mH(ll .1 1l1l'11lher 01 lilt Iltl" .It .1 dlllller party bcforc the the sdlUor ..... 1 lapella I.:hulr lie rl gr,ulu,H1111l nrctllottlt:s turlild hOlllc 1.1St \\eek ((~r Ius sUllllllU \Ir 11l!1 ~Irs , Stanley Taylor rc­\. lC.ltIOII ,lltlr 113\lIlg I.:umpllh:d IllS tl1nll~1 ~Ulld.l~ to Broukhlll, \Vall11lg­ln~ hlll.lll } lord .tlhr .1 I\\O-\\Ct:k wedding trip to :\lr. and 1\lr:; \ j{ 0 H.cdgra\ c of lilt..' (,illl~tu, Sc..:a Isl.llld, Ga. Bdorl' \ ,I:-.:..Ir .tHlltle spent last wt:ek-cild hu lIl.trfl.lgl.: :\Ir:. T.lvlor was .Mis~ at L1l1dt:1l .I1all Ahcl' H.eugravc was I)onlll \lltlhlll of \Valllllg£ord. Ch0Stil to rcpfl'!Scllt the graduating" cla::;~ as .tIl .Ittentiallt to the ~LL} Queen at the anuual ~l.l\ Oa\ page.lIlt held ull ~aturday. UO}<1 Stauffer son oi :\lr and .Mn \1 r ,l1ld ~I r~ i'. C. Prescott of Mo)­l, tIl .1IIt! ~lrs John Prescott attended thl gT.lllultlOIl cxerClses held at \Vest­l fI1 ~I,ln land Collegc at \V e'itmmstcr, :\1<1. I.lst ~1(ll](I,IY. 1·.1eanor Prescott '\:Ls ]. K Stauller 01 Dartmouth a\enue .1 lIIullh, r ot thl' graduation class. gr.l(lu~ted I.lst \H..:k from the State Te.lchns College at \Vc:;t Chester l~u}d \\a.s aw.lrdc<1 thc dcgree 01 Bach­e/ or ot SllcllLC III IJ..dllh ~Uu. ..... l'u"" 011 'lhllrsd~l} Ma\' 22 a tea \\as gl\C tl 11) .Mrs j. Archer Turnc..:r of llarv.trd .1\CllllC III honor of hcr sl~ter )'lrs. T, II. Ingr .lIn of Thc S\\ .lrthlllOTe \\ ho It: t t h} train that S_ltunl.l)- for ::;,1Il Fran (.;I:>o:CO, C,ll and s.l1lt:d 011 the 28th auo.lrd the S S Lurhne for llonolulu, Ha\\ all H__ enc Bo::>shardt nturned to spend .\lclllort.d D,l), .1Ild the week-end WIth Ill;, llclrl.:nts ~lr and ~lr::;. A. C. Boss­hardt ot P.lrk d\cnue after maktng hl"­ILrst tr.l1Is-Atlantlc flight to LI:-.hull, ~llcll1l .IS assistant navigator on the P.lll American Airways' AmcfJcan Chppcr. I It: Ieit the tmddlc oi thIS week 011 itt:-. :>o:econd tnp to Europe ~lr. and 11rs .Maurlce Gfle~t and :\llss Frances Hunter of South Chcst<:r ro.uimotorcd to Lanc.lster 011 \Vt:dncs­d. l), ior the commel1l.:elllcnt exerCbcs at Fr.mkhll and )'larsh,dl College 11.1 n Gne::;t's :-.on T Plercc Huntcr \\ a::; .1 member of the gradu.ltll1g class lIe gradu,ltcd trol11 l'rH.:nds' Cc..:lltral School .m<l took a ) car at ~lerCl'rsburg Acad­emy before llltt:T1llg F & M, ~frs ~Llx Hootman of \Vashlllgton, Pa SpCllt 1,lst \\ct:k-end \\Ith her sOIl­m- I.m 'l1l<l daugiltl'r Mr. and ),1 n Georgc L Tone of \Val1mgford Hill ... !-1hc "ciS an:ompamed home by her :-.maJl grandson TOIllIll) \\ho wtli \'ISlt Ill~ gr.l1l<ipclrellts for several \\ceks \Ir John R Helms 01 S\\arthmon and Pnl1n tOil .tVl'llues SIH.!lIt last \\ eck­t: lld III \\ .bhl1lgton. D. C. llrs John LeDoux ha~ returned to her \\ alnut lane hOI11l' aftcr spcndlllg the \\l1ltn III hc.'r Coral Gable~. Fla place C.lptalll l{oh4.'rt Iluthert Douglas \\ hn \\Hh ::\lr., DOllgl.1S and their hUIt.: daughtt.:r Dl1f}c.1 has Just "pent several da}s \lsltl1lg- 1u:-. parents :\Ir. and :\In MANOR 1 hur ... tl.t \. I· rid,l', Satllrf'.t) ~J>ENl:ER TRACY 1\IICKEY ROONEY "Men of Boys Town" Sun(I .. " Monda, DON AMECHE ALICE FAYE C \R1\IEN MIRANDA "Tlilit Night in Rio" Tue;.;da"\-, "\Vedncsda" Thllr!lda} BETIE DAVIS "The Great Lie" ).lttlt.: C lrla \\,i1son d.lughter of Mr and :\Ir ... \\ 11111111 A \VJ\SOIl of Park <llId :\IIChlg".lrt ,u'enucs left .\! onday for Xe\\ York llty where she \\JlI \ISlt her ... '\Ir alld :\lrs I~oss Ken \on tllr .t few \\et:ks \1r .1I1d ).(rs RIchard Spaldlllg for­IlIcd) of NUlth Ch('sttr III,HI h.l\e lllo\ed Irom their apalttmnl hCle til ])f('xd Ihll 'rhe Sl Hnth gr.u!l Illl)thcrs entcr­t, nned tht.: ho) s ,11111 /.!Irl~ of the scventh gc.ulc..: }l ... hrd.l\ ath.cHuon .It an outmg Iwld .It Glen I'rO\ ItllHC'.: • • WheaI- Girvin :\Ir .Iud ).Ics \ alll,dl \\ IH.'Ht an' 110\\ at homc at .113 Sh.l\\ road, Rulln Park Bt:fore bt:r 1lI1f11,lgl nn llay 24 11rs \\ \\.IS '\ll~ ... l!nllh GIf\111 of the ntll slllg st.lfl of thl lOIlll1llll1tt} ] I..:alth Cll1tl'r Iu H Most HELD OVER ALICE FAYE JACK OAKIE JOliN PAYNE CESAR ltOMERO In "THE GREAT AMERICAN BROADCAST" MEDIA Last Two Days! Friday-Saturday ALICE FAYE DON Al\1ECHE CARMEN MIRANDA "THAT NIGHT IN RIO" In Techllicolor Sunday-l\lollday and Tuesday SPENCER TRACY MICKEY ROONEY "MEN OF BOY'S TOWN" :\1 p. \)orotl" Buckman 'VIlsOIl forl11- l rl) of F.lIf\ Ie\\' road and Cornell .lve­IlUl. S"arthnltlr4.' was quietly marril'd )lsltnl.1\ Tllur~day. June 5, at the ~lt. \ t r1l4'11 Congr4.'gahonal Church on Bt:.I(oll ... tn .. d, BO:;tOIl, 1\.lass. to Mr. (~lorg-l \\ arrl'1l ~hller of New York .1lld Hustoll ~lr, ,11Id 11rs Donald Douglas oi ih 11110llt, ~ra .. s were 111 attend.lIlce :\1 r ~llller who 1.s assistant manager of .1 Ilrge Illsurance company til Bos­tOil, \I.IS", gra(luated from Harvard Ul1l\lrSlh \\lth the class oi 1912. UPOII liulr rdurn from a trip througl· C.lIIad.1 ~I r ,md 11rs. hillier wilt re­.... l<le cit ~3 ~It Veruon street, Bca- 1.:011 HIli, Bostoll, Mass. STARTS FRIDAY BETTE DAVIS GEORGE BRENT in "TIle Creat Lie" With l\IARY ASTOR STARTS TUESDAY INGRID BERGI\IAN WARNER BAXTER m Atlflm Hutl Four Sons SCientifically AIR-CONDITIONED STARTS SATURDAY JAMES STEWART PAULETTE GODDARD Horace Heidt And UIS l\lusical Kmghts in "POT 0' GOl,D" TUESDAY & WEDNESDAY ultlan "'ade lflOllSter" ... Ih LIONEL ATWILL LON CH,\NEY •• Ir TIlURSDA Y & FRIDAY ROBERT MONTGOMERY INGRID BERGl\I.\N In "Race in Heaven" FRIDAY & SATURDAY RICHARD D1X I'ATRICIA ftlORISON in "THE ROUNDlJP" Smilh - Kennedy Miss Eleanor Kennedy daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Eckerson Ken­nedy of Drexel HIli and Mr. Alton Parker Smith of Swarthmore SOil of Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Edgar SUlltit of Felton, Del were ullIted in marriage on Saturday afternoon, May 31, at 4 o'clock III the Fmit Presbyterian Church, of l.ansdowne, by the H.ev. G 1\1 alculm V illl Dyke. The bride, \\ho \\dS gl\en III­nage by. her father, wore a gO\\1l of \..Jute cllIfTon emhroldered With pearl::; and earned a cascade oC white Ins, ~lrs, J, \\'lllIson SUlIth, Jr of Cyn­w} d was matroll of honor for her SI::;­ter. She \\orc a gown of dusty pmk chiffoll aud lace and carncd shaded plIIk snap dragotls The bridesmaids, ~lrs. Charles 1\. I.mcoln, of Pluladel­IplHa, and Mrs Anthony J RICCI, of Yeadon, \\ore po\\dcr bluc dl1fToll gowlls and carricd plllk snapdragons. Sally M. Smith, mece of the bnde, was the flo\\ cr girl Shc \\ore a frock of blue manlUlsette alld carrkd <111 old­fashioncd uou(!uet of plllk :;\\ eetpeas ~lr. Virgil Baird of S\\arthmorc, was best mall for :!\lr. Smith and Alessr::;'1 eh.lrk'::; A LlIlcoln of Pllliadclpiua, AllthoIl~ J. Ricci of Yeadon, Ger<dd Carr of C.lpC May, N. J, and Thomas Baird of Swarthmore, \,ere ushers ::\lr. Snllth and IllS bride will resulc .tt 2 Park avenue, S\\arthmorc, \\hcre they Will be at home to their frlcnds after July 1. 11 r. Smith IS in charge of thc pro­duce department of :1 S\\arthmorc market I • , June 21 Sel for NUl.lial ~fr. and ~Irs, O\\e11 Hill Spencer of 11tghland and !\Ioylan ,,\eIlUeS, ~[oyl.1I1 ha\ c issued Ill\'itatlolb for the marriage of their daughter J.lIIC Van Keurell to ~l r. Gilbert Richard H.edg-rave son of ~I r 411d Mrs. Arthur R. O. Redgra\ e of Vassar :1vellUl' The \\cddlllg wll1 takc place 111 the \\".tlll1lgford Presby­terian Church at -l o'clock Saturda) afterl100ll, J lIlle 21 THE ANTLERS INN A Pocono Inn with Personality. Ex­cellent lood Good times Active sum­mer sports Attracthe rooms Mod­erate rates Cnpnclty limited Se­lected cUentele Three hours by car from Swarthmore Booklet on re~ quest MRS. R. C. WEBB CRESCO. PA. Phone l\1t. Pocono 4521 Or (After 5 p, 1\1 Until June 15) 6w ~9 J JlJNE 6, 1941 Sludenl Pianisls in Recilal The pupIls of Constance \Villiams \\t'f(.' prc.-'scnh.'d 111 tht'lf fmal J"ccltal of till )".1..- 011 ~1.1) 29 .It the home of :\1 rs \\ .tlter Kt'lg:htuli on Cedar lallc. or ~I)I.:clal IIIh:rcst \\C.'re the original ((llilposltlOlis pl.I)('<I by Bob KelghtoJl. I..ltIrie InUll,{ .. lid Patt) Henry Otlurs partlt:llMtllIg \\cre Anl1 Stod­danl, P(,lIn~ ~I orrO\\, Susan L.IWSOII, hill Bu1l1lt, JUlie KClghton. Cormna Fos1<.-'r. 1).11111) JJ.IVICS. ecce" TheiS, V.lllorl(: \\'orth, Joan Pennock. Sail) Dulles, COIlI11C Dulles and Gilbert Da, It. s Do You Know The Sure CUre for any Auto Trouble? Call 440 Tires 'f'i restone Batteries RUSSELL'S SERVICE Dartmouth and Lufa),etlc Aves. "We Don't Sell Cars- We Service Them" CAMP SHOHOLA IN THE POCONOS! Grade "A" Summer-Camp for Boys (AI:<' 6 - 18) On Beautiful Lake Greeley Between l\liIford and lIawley, Pa Director.::; Hownrd M Gulvlu, A B and Cecil T Rodney, B S, M A For circulars, reser\atlons and local references apply to' l\IRS A 1\1. BOSSHARDT 410 Park Avenue (:\djoining Girls' Camp "Skyland" (Dr Carl A Hummel, B S, MS) have father's Watch Repaired for his day-June 15 dress it up with a new Watch Bracelet from 1.00 to 7.50 • MARY DUNHILL • PRINCE MA TCHABELLI • CHANEL • CCke 130uquet BEAUTY SALON Perfeci groolnillg ill tiny event 13 South Chester Road Call Swarlhmore 476 CHARBERT • ROV AE • CHEN YU • COR DAY • In a rich lomalo sauce with l.ork - For an old time Sal. urday nighl snl'per ! cans !5c SOUl' Is JU81 the Thing! HEINZ SOUPS Delicious - Rt·adY·lo.Serve 1\I0sl Kinds for 17c Re"dy 10 Serv. HEINZ HEINZ Slrained Junior FOODS FOODS FOR BABY fOR YOUNGSTERS 2 cans 27c L3_fo_r _2_3_c --l Heinz Spaghetti, I 3 for 29c cans 25c For a quick economical main dish - Ready to serve ••• Jnsl reach for a can. MARTEL'S COMPLETE FOOD MARKET JllNE 6, 1941 THE ~SWARTHMOREAN PUBLISHED EVERY FRIDAY AT SWARTHMORE, PA. THE SWARTHMOREAN, INC., PUBLISHER PHONE SWARTHMORE 900 PETER E. TOLD, Editor MARJORIE TOLD, Associate Editor ROSALIE PEIRSOL Entered as Second Closs Matter, January 24, 1929, at the Post Office at Swarthmore, Pat under the Act of March 3, 1879, FRIIJA Y, JUNE 6, 19'U Melhodisl Church Noles The official b!)arcl \\11t hold Its monthh meeting tOf1l~:1t, Fnday, JUlie (" .tt 8 o·clock. LETTERS TO THE EDITOR The opinion" exPt"e8800 below Are th088 or the illdividual writers. AU leUers to The S .... Lrlhmorean must. be Bl8"Dod. PeeudoD7m, may be used 11 the Identity of wrUer 18 known to the Editor. Letters 'RUJ be published on)7 at the dllKTCtlon of the Editor, Cll1ldrUl's Day "lilt bc OlherV('U 011 SUtld.l) TlIl' Chun"h School Will :011- \ Ule ,It I) -I-S \ M. 35 u~tI:t1 and at 10'30 thl' Chlldrtll's Dty service \\J1IIL------------------l he hlld III the sanctuary. llaptlslll for De/cluls SUlIul c1l1ldn:n \\111 l)l .ld1lt1l1istere(1 at tillS tlllle Tht: Church Bo,lnl 01 L..:ducatlon and \Vnrk( rs l'onfert'lIc(' \\ III meet at the hOllll 01 the \1J .... ~e~ '."lO}It1<lS, 425 110r­t( lil .1\t.lllle, ]{utlt:dgt.', next l\[ond.IY l nlHllg .It 8 o"clock Thl' \\'Olll.lll'" Sllcll1\ of Chn::;tJaIl Sen'lcl' \\ III lIted 011 Tuesday at 12 30 .It th( homl' Ilt \1 r~ \IIHd \Vllh.t111S, .'ro\I(i..:llce road \\ .llhllgford. Thl ::\h tho<ilst llolll~ for the ,\ged III F,lIrmoullt P.lrk niH observe its an­Ill\ on Thur"d.l\ 1)IIlIIl'r Wilt In Sl rHd irom 12, .:\0011 Ulltll 7 P. 1\l I , • Chrislian Sciencc Church '(;od tilt, Onh c'II1M' .1Ilt! Creator" Is til..: subjcct llf tht' Ll SStlll-Sl rmOn 111 ,dl Churcht.. s 01 Chnst, Snl·nllst, 011 Stlt1d,I). JI11ll' 8 Till (;oldcl1 Tcxt is: 'Cn It .11ld nlolr\dlous .In tin "orks, I.ord (~od \hmght) )11 ... t .11111 tnlt an tlt\ \\.I\S. tll(ltt 1\:111~ or S,lIl1ts" (I~{\e- 1,111011 15 3) ~----~ .... ~.------- PrcshYlerian Chur..II Notes ~tllld.1\ mortling" .It II o'clock the l'Iuldrell's Da\ C:<erclst:s for tl"c lhurth .lI1d Church School \\ III be ohsen ed The (' nhre scr\'icc \\ III he conducted by l1lcmhers of the ClllU ch School .111(1 the junior choirs. To the Elhtor of the ~\\arthllloreall lly fnelld Clart'tln ~I~ers found 11I~ public lettcr to me .tIl~\\ once and III full b) the sp4.'.lkers .tt thc \menca Flfst Kill) III Plnladdphl'l I.I~t Thurs­< I,t,)' Thonsclilds of Cltlzcns, tll1l11tllll1- datt:d b} till l'at.s .IIHI rUI1IOl:-. of \ IOlcnce, lt1 the heat .1Ilt! stood In the ram lo )0111 the movcment for AlIlefican peace and IIldepcndellce But Just a I~\\ moT(.: \\ onls to De<lr Cl.lrence . 0) As the l'uehrer demanded IJ) the Phll.ldclphi,l Record to lead U:. 11110 \\ar, \\ .tll.tee) Hull, ~tllnSOll or Knox would Cl rt.LlIlly he \\orsl' than Ihe President. ),1 r Roose\ cit has an C) c on the \ el dlct oi history, so now sho\\ 5 signs of keep­Illg" hiS prOJlllses lhs Cahllll't lacks re­str. lInt (2) L'nhkc the Frenchmen oi 1939, \\c'd hdtl'r h.l\e treasull lIMh of our 111compctelll jlltgOl'S he tore I.lther than after a ,hs.l::;hou::; (\\1Il or lose) olTcll­SI\' C \\al III Europe, Asia .uHl Aine.1 THE SWARTHMOREAN \\ Ith greed and selfishness sataOlc PO\\­ers take control of thelll, as it \\as in the days of Noah, and Sodom and Go­lIlorrah M.m is a frec\\ III agent; he may choose whoUl he \\ ill 5"::I"\·C. But he can- 1I0t escape the COIlSC(lltCllCeS of 1115 \\ rong decision It \\ou1<1 he \\ell to relllember that Bullets and Bomhs cannot take the pl.lce of God III the gr4.'at scheme of thlllgs The hattlc for the mprentacy of na­tions has gOlll' fal hC'} oml all human control. There IS onh Olle Thing that call hring order out of this chaotic con­( IItmll 111 the world, and that remedy is found III God's \Vord - II Chronicles 7 :14. George \\ .lshlllgtOIl had a \'ision of the truth, for he rl'cognlzed the need for spIritual help to \\ III the \\ ar against 111- Justtce, and he fought the battle of free­dom on IllS knees In thesc crucial times \\ e need .1 sea:::;oll oi natIOnal prayer and fastlllg. The united States of America was founded 011 pra) er, alld it has an "jndc­pendl.:' llt de!StIllY". It must uphold the st.llIdanJ of the Lord Jesus Chnsl, the Pllllce of Peace and the only one that can hrl11g ul11versal peace on earth, Ii thiS "land of the iree, and home of the hr.1 \ e" IS to conhnue to be a blessing to other nations of the world This is not only Ollr priVilege but our God-given <Iut) . JULIA R. HAZARD, ••• May 19, 1941 11r Peler Told, Editor of The Swarthmorean, My dedr AIr. Told. The Temperance Committee of the S\\arthmorc Fricnds Meeting has dele­gated me as suhscnber to your paper .1Iul a mcmber oi the committee, to \\ nte and commend you for your pa­per's attttude in refusing all liquor ad­\ c.: rtislllg. \\'e, as tl comlluttel', dOlllg tillS, especmlly eomhtlons appreciate your under present \Ve stnc('rcly trust that this polley ,,111 he c:ontlllued Yours truly, MARY H. PERKINS (Mrs Jos. H. Perkins) 530 Cedar lane, .I . Boro. OM Hymns The Hlgh School B.lcc.t1am eate St:rv­icc Will h(' cotlducted III the Church this SU1lda\' ahernoon at -1-.45 o'dock, Dr. I~oy N Keiser, of the S\\ arthmore \llth0l.1lst Church \\111 h~ til«: pf('ach~r. \ (01(11,11 1Il\'lt,ltlon Is lxttlHI .... d to (3) Yom "1'.lIIzel D1\1510nS" ha\"cn't ) d rolled across the 20 nuic English Channcl. You rc\ cal ,) OUI mablltt} to thre.ltell us III Imlltary tcrm~ Hut other enemy dl\ ISlOns are alrc.ldy III our midst: Bntl::;h agents, "FIght for .\11- archy" Committees, "Defend Starva­tllll! Allies, and so 011 throt.!gh the long hst of alien-minded newspapcrs, and Ilunonty pressure-groups that ha\c e\en attempted to abolish Independl'llce Day With Sen.lte Bill S. 1242. The} had a head start, no\\ chccked only by the spontaneous r.llly of the Imlhons who P1lt \menca fu st 1 Im'e till' mCYc'ti "IIlSI, 0/ old 11\'IIII1S~ t.\(f\OIlt: (-l) By ttsing the \\ords, "Should ue I flilsf thei,. lJl((lIilllgS lIW" obrde wilh The Blglllllers' I>cp.lrtllllnt (If the Chureh St hool \\ 111 hold Its annual sltm­mel parh for c1l1ldren .11ld 11ol14.'UtS on S.lturday, June 7, from 3 to 5 o'clock III the Parish Honse The Church l\)J]11Iultee 011 SOCial Education ami • \ctlOll \\ 111 t11l'et this Friday lllOfnmg-, June ('. ,It 10 o'clock at the home of ::\lrs. Fr.lI1k Reitzel 512 Hananl avelllle ' . , . Trinity Parish Noh's I led'' , coupled with "Action Now", me. .llothels hmJc cromJCJ them to I/u'" ~ on ,lSsttllle that the Prcsl<lent has al- sleepy babes, fl ad) brokcn his plcdges .1I1l1 violated Ius oath Ol oflicc by a personal declara- lIm,e foml<l lliem III a 1U)ISt', /"llllb)' 1 he}' hmJ£' ball SUllY around tl,e bed 0/ tlon ot \\ar. I dId not say that he h.1S death. smashc(1 the Constttutlon yet.. hut if! dud mom IJcrs hm)c bee" comforted And a petlcciul change in leadcrship, to Ihcrl'lJ\' a\ ert war, does 1I0t ncccssanh mean ' impeachmcnt EkctlOn~ h.n:e ;lOt yct 11/('\' lim I" (nuu!}'" fmllt fo 'U./rary. dOllblll/fJ sOllls, been called off, or conti oiled III perpet-uit~. As ) ou Imply. the Lease-Lcnd for- L oura!" (l1id jlyhJlII!} fmrpusc 10 keep cl~n policy ma\ be thc main issuc III the I )a01p1. /oJit'd, yuh organs have .relit forth ~~, ever.l I I II I' I I next Congl esslOnal elections, \\ ith the 111(;111 lers ot Il' ans 1 lave II ... Ihclr pcals, 11l1( IC r\\ n tl cn.1 sectIOn 0 ( It lllng f or t II e ten-nn IOn AUI lenca 1- Hs t 1l1emberslup l'II I ollgh Ihe dl1n arch"s of Cathedral \\.l II ., ot [I II l ·1 llln.. I1 I t Is tiI l' pIa n 0 f I1l(c'r)e a,srlI lg at t Ie prest:nt, ratc. ~,ua/ls. II It ( \\ II · B 0 1. Ott s.lY that the Constttuttoll and I / /' / / 1 0 • / I~' COllllllI ~'(' COIlSlst11lg" (1 I lam. f U 0 ,I.' 111grdlltC 0 fit! .,I/IJIIJlC.r mUll. I, II k I II CI II d olher lIudament.ti dOCtlllll'llts arc merc 1·/ . / / 1 d I I I .\1 oc c l.Ufln.llI, drr\ .1\ arr an "I I r."" (I I . . It'll OUt fill,,' It'IIC I~' m me Of)' IUle \\ II I CI I f d I oca al1alrs, or III t:g.1 htlC Jargon) I lanl. 4.'a\I:S 0 sccure 1111 so" yn,,('. r tIi.e. II Il' I \\() \\.1 II S .111( I II IC Il lg" II rear IrreIlc"\ ,Iu lt, Itlcollljlelent .1I1d lIuma- I Jl I'tll/It 'h1t'tks (III slOlJJl tosst'd sillps II I II CI I II I II 1 4 term am amazed that I should ha\ e "~, se,', \\a 0 I..:: lUrc I \\ I 1 ~ on .... Irom lC f ' I.C1Pc..: r lJu.lrnt: s Tht: ... ~ I.:tlOl1 .llready I tso de end thc COllSt ItutlOn 1of the U lllted J "ell 'mllJIIlY Ita f b, ought oHla elml I • I I, I f I I tates ag.lll1st a Phllade pilla la\\ ... er ",.,/, 0/ .1 ( .lS )(~Il tllu ... t I\'or,t) \ com- ~ lllellted upon - 1-\cl1 III III b\stellc.d llhlS, fomented h) '1·1., JI... l' mec..: I IIIg 1 II \' I II the \\.Ir PS}Ch(hIS .md IIttlerphobl.l. the ~~ It es ry WI I' I h~ hl ItI .It FnclHbll1p 11111 F.lrlll, Paoh. reSident has not d.lI t:( OPOll\- to kick 011 Tutsd.l) ~'\(,III1lg-. JUlle 17 The Wives merhoarcl all C{)IlstltUtlOll.ll rt'::;tramts. tit t11e 11Ic..:mhtrs \\111 .t1so attl1Hl And £tom no\\ 011 he \\111 h:l\e IIlcreas- I !tn' tile' I"~ 'mlllll.rsel/le 0/ tilt> C/lIIrdt, lIlt' ph ilS and PIII\t"' s t!/ ( III Htiamty "l~c(ld kmd/:y "ylit al/II(/ JfJ~' "IIIIIt/m!! l}loom." The alllln.ll IMn",h IHCllie \\ 111 be at Illig m;l1ll)n~ ~t cltlzell~ to hdp hlln the F.trlll 011 Thurs(\,1\ .afternoon and \\.ltch I~:; sh p , . I III ,,'t' lilt' W'I(c/lIlIlSlt at old 1I\lIl11r I: C \\'. lHnlllg-, JUlie 19 Ik(7) ,\\hl) dOl!t ).lltt I IllC111t101l11cutrals ~ TIH' allllll,l1 .lil-d.l) llIt..lI111g of the I e ~\\e(ell, S"ttzu .1Il( .1Ild lfcl.UH!, IN V L ij Cmhl- \uxlhan \\ ill he held .It Friend- 1I0t dtrc..:ctly III the l).Ith of thc storm ~ lL AGE LIBRARY I ... 1111' 11111 IllXt Tlll'sdcl\, June 10 \\ II)' \\:Htld }Ol1 spht 0111 natJoll.lI de- I_!.;;;;;===============;. ill" fellSt: \\ld~ .tP,tl till] urope- \tnca <Illd Hosl lo Clerieal Clul> ASia, .I~ duplex C\ dOlll..:-n:1I.1r~ fOI Bnt- 1N c W llOIl- Il CtlOI1 mc Iu dc s '''I'lle TIlt' l1Hllllilrs ot thl )"I{md.l\ Eve- 1IIng (luI> .1 group llf dt.. rg\ I1Il11' of the I )lOl.:e~e of PeIlHS) h am,l \\ 111 hold their JUlie tlll'ttmg at Fnell(lslllp ]1111 Farm, p,wh. as the gLH .sts 01 thl Rev. J. J.lnlt'll GU4.'llthcr rlctl,r oi Trinity Chunh. S\\.lrthmoa CHURCH SERVICES SWARTHMORE PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH Rev David Braun. Mtnlster Ish Impen,lilslll ~ BrandY\\I1lC'" by Henry Seidel Canby, (8) Amnu:a First Is rO( klllg the \\ II _ thc newest and one of the most mter- 1l\ong-ers' Ill) It b) \ 1ft' \ Cllt our 0\\ II slups I e::;tl1lg of the senes of Rlvcrs ot Amcr­till cc and foUl' thousand miles from IIC.l, "Blood, Sweat, and Tears" IS a their ba"cs, hom hcmg rocked 1)\ dl\c..: l.:omptiatlOll of \V1I15ton Churclull's bomhers ,mel sl1hlll,lrincs hased III their speeche:;, mally of ,,,hieh are fanuhar to 0\\ n teilitonal \\ .Itcrs Unclel a dlffer~'nt Ills radiO hstencrs; '1 "Vas Wmston t} pc of 1t:,HIt'I ... hlp \\ C m'l Ii feat no at- Chnrclull's Pnvate Secretary" by Phyl-l tack hs Moir, an mtercstlllg and amuslng Ho\ PI fR \!'; Ll:-';(,T.f picture of Churc1ull) the man. I • "London Front," letters from F, Urges Sellson oj Prayer Tennyson Jesse and H. M. Ha.rwood ~ ONETOUCH Y. OF NATURE I ha~'e recently referred to the process by wlHch young tcnt l'alerpHlars ~t,IT\'C ~:me another Ol1t of cXlstence by consulll­ItIg thc entlrc a\'ailable food supply­\\: lid cherry Il'aYl's III most cases Arc there: howev~r, othrr lIatural agencies \\orkmg agalllst thl''''C O\er abundant pests? If so, tht.:\ should he \\('-koltlcd as allies in ollr 0\\ II <..fTorh to redun the caterpillar 1)(1)l1I1.ltl(ll1 III the battle of thl \\orld oIgainst JIl- i ,ects, hirds arc I1I\:1n.lbly hailed H:-. the I most cffecti\'e aggro"ors But tent cat­erpillars ha\'e aTlm'1! thllllsehes ag.t1llst feathered foes b) grO\\ I11g .t CtMt (It j fuzzy hairs .\pp,lfl'nth these tlm\ II\' appcndage" Irntate hlf(l~' throat .. or gIZ'­zards and makc the'fp111.lrs­able. 3 slglllficaltt :Igaillst the cater- 1' POI'UI.ltlOl1 It is too lI.ul that Cuckoos .Irl.:' lIot dls­post:< i to .ll I.:ept tl\ lliz.ttlon ,IS th~' H:ohlll I'd .... dOIl~' Theil \\t' \\otllcl h'l\C.1 p,tlr III t..\t:f\ hrush, .11111 tILL hilt I.:.ltcflullar \\ould hl UlIllt' .L r.lrt lt~'111 for illst:ct­cotJ( ctors, to 111': (hlflshld for the s.lkc of Its Stlllda) \herllolll1 dTt:ct 011 \'ISIt Ilig lllt(lIllOloglStS. l' BROmo.: \VnRfIl. RUGS CLEANED AND REPAIR,.ED 2 2 The next stage 111 the battlc must T. therdore be f:l\'orable to blnls, and the I ~==C:A:L:L=n:':E:D:':,\=H:5:.===:':If::=D:'A==~ .A. A G H I A N first step has alread\ hecll \\on by II cuckoos. So far as I kUO\\ the YeIlO\\­hillcd Cuckoo and ntack-1J1t1ed Cuckoo .are the onl) hif(l~ that h.lbitu.t1I} at­tack tt'llt catt:rpillars Are the)', thell , llHmUlle to the allnoymg hairs? . It \\otdd he rash to answer this ques­tIOn \\ Ith an ullquallfied affirmatl\~' for Cuckoos' glzz.lf<ls arc often found t~ be lined \dth s\\allo\\eu caterpillar fur. But at the same time It is .l COIllOlon obser­vation that Cuckoos attempt to a\'oid as many hairs as pmsiblc- Shttlllg' the cat­erpillars at one end, thl'} \uthdra\\ the internal contents, lea\ ing nothing but cIIIIHy skillS hanglllg' from the tellt Tins surgery, pertormed by the beak, enahles Cuckoos to eat tremendous numbers of caterpillars DUf-1ng seasons of hea\y infestatIOn these birds feed principal1y <tt the t(;ll\s co\crlllg \\dd cherry trees III opell country Many caterpillar n~sts then be observed \\ ith large rents III their sheet-like ... "ebs. L'lIfortullatcly Cuckoos do not enjoy our reSidential districtS, preferring to lrequent neglected scrubby hillsides and old abandoned orchards. But SIllCC these arc the duci sources of cach year's sup­ply of moths and cggs, the Cuckoos aid us by domg work where most needed The questIOn rClllams . \\ ill othcr birds c\,cntually learn thc Cuckoo's method of cxtractmg jUice lrom these msect-cacti? ' No onc can say yes or no to thIS query But such additIOnal alhes are badly needed by the horticulturalist, because Cuckoos, though efTectl\ e individually, arc not abund.ltlt enough to .Iccount for (;0 WEST TillS SUMMER Jndependent and E~corlcd Tours All Route. 1\'0 Sert'ice Charge • S"arlhmorc Travel Bureau Phone S"a. 179-W Day or Night 2 I'ARK AVENUE \V ('dclings-Craduatiolls­FaIhcr'. Day A!'> lI!'Itt.11 \\OC .1lC Ulosl coni· •• Ich·" equip.lcd with gifts for .,1) oe(·a~iolls. ·Whut bride-to-Le, graduate or Dad ",ouldn't be llieascd "ilh a rcmemlJr.mee from this out. standing array? COllie lot/flY Dr come lOlllorrOio bUI tlo come-- COOLEY LILLEY Ed~m .. nl A,e. at Welsh St. CHESTER LAWN MOWERS HEDGE CLIPPERS SW. 105 • CROQUET SETS BEACH AND DECK CHAIRS N. WALTER SUPLEE II S. CHESTER ROAD PLANNING FOR THE FUTURE PARKER PENS AND PENCILS-ELGIN WATCHES And a myriad of o.her Gifts for lit.> Gr.ulu.IIC .md Ihc June Bride WILTSHIRE BROS. 11 00 A M - ChUdreu's Day Servtce too E. STATE ST. • MEDIA 'PHONE MEDIA 2239 METHODIST CHURCH Roy N. Keiser, D D" Minister 9 45 A M. - Church School 10 30 A M - ChUdren's Day Service-to fnends III America from besciged edilor London 'I'he letters teU of the small,;~;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;! There IS so lIlllch talk .lhout PC.1.I.:C III I tlungs of life wInch continue In spite of I tlll'sC p~nl()llS d.n .... \\ lull till n ltJons \\clr, "Pagcant of England) 18-1-0-19-10" Ul 1Il.ldh stru1!!.dlllg III the <lc.1111 throe~ I IS a Hew treatmcnt of an old saga b) of tills 20th ceHtul"} clnhz.ltlon Arthur Bryant who uses Disraeli as TRINITY CHURCH Rev. J Jarden Guenther, S T M. Rector SUNDAY 8 00 A. M - Holy Communion 1 t 00 A M - Morning Pro yer nnd Sermon THE RELIGIOUS SOCIETY OF FlUENDS SUNDAY 9 45 A. M. - Firat Day School. 11.00 A M. - Meeting tor Worship In the Meeting House. WEDNESDAY 930 A M. to 3:30 P M. -Sewing and QUilting tn Whittier House Box luncheon. All are cordially InVited. FIRST CHURCH OF CHRIST SOIENTIST OF SWARTHMORE Park Avenue Below Harvard 11 00 A M. - Sunday School. 11'00 A M -Sunday Lesson-Bermon. Wedne5(!ay evening meetlng eaCh week, 8 p m, Reading room open dany. except SUndays and holidays 9 a m to 12:30 pm .• 'I he h('auttftll \\ ork~ of art and htera- Ius hero. tm c nf past centunl'~ IS r,lImU\' (hsap- "Many a Green Isle" by GlanVille peanllg 1I1 the \\ hirlpool 01 hatrcd and Smith IS a different and superior book stTlle, \\ ith thc kmgs and queens of all the Islands of the Caflbbean Sea olden days, Thousands, \('5, Illillions Mr. Smith ignores the obvious and tells and htllions of doll~rs, arc "pent lor de- of human relations against an exotic structi\ e purpos('s \\ hile hundreds are background. "Bushmaster" a new book \dthhcld for edueatiollal \\ork .dong' I by Nicol Smith, author of "Burma spintuallmes that \\ould Ill'lp our ... outh Road" tells of the author's adventures to be true to the faith of our fathers I in Dutch Guiana. uJustAmong Friends" J. E. UMEBURNER CO. Dispensing Opticians Experls in the l\faking and Filling of Spectacles and Eye Glasses 1923 Chestnut Street 6913 Market Street Philadelphia Upper Darby, Pa. JOSEPH E. HAINES Chairman oj 'he Board 01 Diredors Church edifice All are cordially tnvlted to attend services Bnd use the Reading Booal. Godlessness IS S\\ eepmg over the I the Quaker way of life) by Wilham \\orld, as can be scen h) the \laVe of Wister Comfort, president emeritus of cnme. drullkenness, g-ambhng, and I Haverford College; and "F are 5, heastly Immorallt) ! Please!" an interesting history of ur-The cause of It all IS a turnm~ a\\ay I ban transportation from horse cars to I the I I~. .................................................................... !I from God V·/hcll mcn's mmds are fil1ed I streamhners, by John Anderson Mil erA

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Wiilt;I'II' Chili. PJay.l>ay " ..... Tht( :. Writer"··· Club. bf' Delaware County: held· its annual 1~1ay' Day" on last Tuesday On the' Sun porch of Strath Haven Inn. 'Aller luncheon the retiritlgr ~ president, . M~$ .. · Arthur War­ner, spoke' of the various achievements of th'i;"'me1ilbers in. the past year. S.he also stressed' the unity and good spirit of the club. Introducing special guests: Mrs. W. W. Crawford,· vice~presi~ dent o[ the County Federation; Mrs. James A. ·Weaver, County chairman of fine arts; Mrs. William Godshall, au­thor and critic and Mrs. Ira C~ Pratt of Coatesville, retiri"ng chairman of litera .. ture :for the State Federation, Mrs. Warner turneo the meeting over' to the program chairman,' Miss Mabel Talley. Josephine Nod violinist and Mrs. Earl Wright, pianist of the Drexel 'Hill Music.·Club gave a short program. Mrs. Rober~~L. 'Coates' read a brief humor­ous sketch, "An Alice in Wonderland Dream," using names of members o[ the club in pUll and fun fashion. Then Mrs, Mabel, Heath, psycholo­gist and llandwriting expert, urged each one to put a··short sentence on paper, beginning .with "1". Mrs. Heath wrote a short sentence on the blackboard. de­scribing the position and formation o[ letters -' in connection with character­istics ·.;lIld .qua~itie~ of a person. By this method, the audience was taught to deci~her its own handwriting. Following this interesting talk Mrs. Warner turned the concluding portion of the meeting over to the new presi~ dent,:::l~fs:" M:'rtin Steck, who gave mentioil 'or the officers to work with her the next year: Mrs.) 'Robertson Short, ~ first vice~ pres~dentj Mrs. Oscar Gilcr.eest. second vice'~presldent; Mrs. John Spangler, I blanks may be' bad from Carl H. Schmi,tt. Executive Director, Delaware County Park and Recreation Board, &nirt House, Media, 'Pa. Plans for community recreation equip­ment ·which can he made by the commu .. nity itself are on file at the County office. . New markers have been made for the Nature Trail'at Glen"Providence'hy the Nature Club' of jhe' Media" Schools.' A revised Fishing Directory of Delaware County has beep issued and is now available in attractive form. Arrange­ments have been made to place a large number of fish· in the Glen Providence Lake in preparatiori for the J uDior Fish­ing Project this ',summer. This activity proved>: popular 1~s.t nar .. Children under the age of '16. Jlre permitted' to fish. two, d!lYS~ a ~~ekJ under ~uper-vision. ~ ,:..' " . Archery enthusiasts now have an op­portunity ,t() 'shoot . at .Smedley Park. Straw butts and targets 3re in place for anyone who cares to use them. A list of camps serving Delaware County children is available at the office, giving the cost, location and other de­tails of the camps. The Delawaie 'County Soft Ban As­sociatiDll is eJpa,"ndirig its pr.ogram this year to include gid 'and women's soft ball teams. . . -. . , Approximately 8 dr 10 teams 3re ex­pected to 'participate ~ this a'ctiviiy for the co~ing~s.eason. There will be a play­off at tile end 01. the season for the County Championship Team with a trophy for the winn·er. For further information contact :­Jared Darlington, Secretary Park and Recreation Board. Office, ·eourt House. Media; Radio' Skii BroadCa8t recording ~ecretary;. Mrs. John Moore, "The' Treasure" a .juvenile historical corresponding secretary; and Mrs. T. skit by Margaret Rowland (nom de M. Robinson. treasurer. Mr's. Warner received a leatlier case plume of _Mrs. 9~ca~ J ... Gih::r~est. of Harvard avenue) ~was broadcast under TBE'SWARTBMOREAN first grade at an out-door picnic this afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Edwin J. Faulkner and children Joan and Jeryl of Dickinson avenue spent Friday and Saturday of the Decoration Day week-end with Mr. and Mrs. M. L. Byron of Wallingford at the Medford Lakes, N. J. cabin. The boys of the Presbyterian Sunday School class of Mrs. Edwin J. Faulk­ner enjoyed a picnic supper at her home on Wednesday evening of last week. The members of the third grade of the class who were present were: . Larry Franck, Richard McCray, Don~ aid Fetherolf, Alvin Herr, Edward Medford, Nicky Stuart, Bruce Godfrey, Johnny Rassweiler, and Harold Ogram. .Mrs. Alvin J. Herr and son Alvin of Michigan avenue spent Memorial Day and. the week-end in the POCODOS as guests at the cottage of local friends. Mrs. Ernest O. Heg of North Ches­ter road will leave today for Elmira, N. Y. where she will be joined tomor­row by Mr. Heg for the commencement wcek~cnd festivities and Monday grad­uation of their daughter Constance Biddle Heg at Elmira Conege. Mrs. Wayne H. Randall of River­view road who will attend a 20th re­union of her class also expects to spend the week-end at Elmira. Mrs. John F. Daley formerly of Cedar lane and Elm avenue has re­turned from Charlestown, Ind. for a visit to Mrs. James Hayes of Walling­ford and to accompany her sons Jack and Allen students at Andover School and Taft School to their new home in the west. Mrs. Hayes entertajned at tea in honor of her house guest on Wednesday afternoon. Paul Snyder returned from his former position in Steubenville, Ohio last Friday to be at the home of his aunt Mrs. Paul Freedley of Swarth­more until his marriage to Miss Mar~ garet Graham Whiteman of the Swarthmore Apartments On June 20. Rohert E. Rowand son of Mr. and Mrs. Ellwood M. Rowand, Jr. of Yale avenue has been elected president of the R. W. Hall Pre-Medical Society at Lehigh University. Robert is a Le­high junior in the College of Arts and Science. Cadet W. Henry Linton, Jr. son of Mr. and Mrs. W. Henry Linton of Ben­jamin West avenue was awarded on Tuesday afternoon the cash award given by George W. C. Drexel to the outstanding sophom*ore student in Chemical Engineering at Drexel Insti~ tute, Philadelphia. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Gravel of East Orange, N. J. and Mrs. William Trim of West Pittston, Pa. spent last Friday and Saturday with Mrs. Gravel's and Mrs. Trim's brother and sister-in-law Mr. and Mrs. D. F. Evans of Youl­grave Farm, South Chester road. • I • Rose Garden Open This Week..,nd In connection with the garden-visiting program being sponsored by the Gar~ <len Section of the Woman's Club the rose garden of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. Perkins at the corner of Swarthmore avenue and Cedar Jane will be open to the public Saturday and Sunday of this week-end. ••• Injured in Truck Collision Betty Lou Mitchell of 630 University place was cut in the forehead when her tar going north on Chester road collided with a truck driven by William Becroft, 2002 Wallace street Philadelphia at· tempting to make a left turn at the south end of the underpass at 10 A. M. Wednesday. Betty Lou was rushed by the Rev. J. Jarden Guenther local ,Epi­copal rector to Dr. William Earl Kistler who took seven stitches in the injury. • • Quarantine Active Again in. recogdn ition of her two yCOlrs of ser~ th .' h" r th . . thl D I Vice, an • corsages were presel1teu.1 to \ e spConsotrs 't Gp" 0I S'e Ims" on y e a- U '" k M C h vare oun y Ir cou program at ",r,~ .• :,.t~~ ',' rs, oates· and to t e 6.45 P: M. e lord Th d" J . 5 retl~ldg ·I>rcsldent. . .. 1 s ay. ~rs .. ay, une , This morning with Mrs. Freedley he Days of quarantine ha\'e once more AII'"'mectings of this c'lub were ad- ove~·.St~tlloln WI~. LaI~.-1? th~. ~ays .of jounled until the fourth Tuesda of Queen E z~beth. the sktl fe~tu""es a SeptembeF.. . . y court st~ry IDvolvmg the use of the first TrjEllites' ,vere paid ·the 'first president safety P1l1._...;~,..,...-,-~_ Mrs.···Ehner Melick; the second, Mrs .. B. C. Pollock; and a poem of the late Mrs, Retta Phillips was read by Mrs. Steck as a. deep thought of .apprecia­tion; and an expressive comment was made over the presidency of Mrs. RobT crt Coates, the .. ~ourtl] president. .' ..... County Floral l>i8play in ,Rtitledgli .'..' attended the graduation of his twin befallen a number of Swarthmore boys brother Arthur aboard the USS Prairie and girls. Alfred Grover is confined State fom the United States Naval with measles and Lois Decker. of the Rerserve Midshipman Scbool. Arthur re- College, Delores Cooper and Patricia ceived one of ten gold handled swords Ann Gallagher with German measles. presented among the top ranking 30 of The only child down with whooping the class of 400 members. He and Paul cough at the present time is Dudley graduated from Swarthmore College a Heath. Chicken Pox has taken a year ago. greater hold on the community, there ,., M d 1.1 C U Alb . h f W I being the following four cases still re~ Sw~r!h!l1ore ga'rdens ",,1,' ·n~·· d,O)lbt r. an rs.. .... rig t 0 a - corded by the Health Department: scnd':the.fn.usual· entries. tOAthe anQual lingford 'Hills had as their houseguests Nancy Grier, Billy Franenfelder, SI>rit1g show o. f the ·,DeJaw. are ,Coil.nti' over last week-end Dr. and Mrs. AI- G I C ~. -i 1'0''' ~ •• ~ ...... G ,>- 'Club \ .. - 'C""'" til b 1''''_' ( .. N.Qehre~ of ,Buffalo, N .. Y. who eorge De ancey of the ollege, and ar.,.;u: .. 0 b1:"".)u .. lJl" e.I"Ul ...... e: It d d th d t' f h' '-d' h Jeal1 Walton Brilige'''PiIh ~ell'8 _:" . . > 'Fire"House auditorium·tomotrow and a e~1 e '. -e'gra ua 1011"0 -t tu aug .. ·· Joh'n MacAlpine son.o[ Mr. ani Mrs: :''. . .. .'.. .. . Se ason' 8C. 1Q 8e ~~ . . . . Win~~r~ of' tl1t~ Crum Creek Bridge Sunday,.. f.urie~7"~Qd·J~"'The .. sh·ow.wilt .ter Beatnce Noehren at, Swarthmore John MacAlpine of Lafayette avenue be op~n to" the' pub1i~'{roni 6 !untit 9 :30 .College. is confined to his home with German P. M.--Saturday and from 'j. tjntil 5 Mrs. Benjamin W. Collins and Mrs. measles. I Club 9n _May. 26 \Iere: . NOrth and south-Mrs. Harry Armi~ tage and Mr's. Philip W: Kniskern. first·; ,Mr." A,·. Ludlow, Glayden and -AI ... P. M. Sunday. Harold G. Griffin were co-hostesses to , '. • • the first meeting of the summer bridge ~NEWS· NOTEI:i dub on Tuesday at luncheon and cards at Mrs. Collins· home on North Chester Russell H. Kent, second! and Mrs. Dr. and Mrs. H. Jermain Creighton road. Wallace M. M~Curdy and Mrs. B·. of Elm avenue have left Swarthmore Miss Nettie Alexander of North Bardw~ll. Ljncoln, third. East and west for their summer home at Glen Mar- Chester road and Ogden avenue will -~(r..: ~'i1(I_~M:r~ .. J~QIllL aQwdi:t:c~. Jr., garet, Nova Scotia. Enroute they will leave today for Westminster College, first; "·M;rt,· Franklin S.· Gjllespie and spend a few days with their son.Robert North Wilmington, Pa. where she will Mr~ ... E9!th~. <;:uska~~n, second; and Mr. ,who is taking- post graduate work in attend her class reunion tomorrow, En~ and Mrs. ftarofd J. Berry, third. chemistry at Magill University, . Mon.- route home Miss Alexander will visit June 2 prjzc":winilers were: tre~~ her brother the Rev. James A. Alexan- Nortli'J"an~ ~"'sohth-Willia11.l ~·Cr~emer. M~s. H. W. Fricke o[ North Chester der' and cousins Mr. and Mrs. James an~;!ii¢·:i~y.cJdf~ fi't~t;; Dr.; and:Mrs. r.pad spent a few days this' week as Negleys in Pittsburgh. Jofuut tes;,·second.; ~nd .~rs. '~anace :the:~est o[ her' uncle and aunt Captain Colonel and Mrs. C. A. Bagby and M~Curdy and Mrs: Phthp Kmskern, and ,Mrs. L. R. Sargent at Englewo'od, family, Barbara, Marjory, Bob. and thlnd., .East and west-Mr. and· Mrs. N. J: . . Jimmy 'who formerly lived in Swarth- Palmer SkoglUl.ld, first,' Mr,s . and Mrs. M rs.· Wilh'a m ."A . Jaquette of Elm more are moving to Arlington Canton- Sewell W. Hodge. sec'ond' and Mrs. H '" I'.:l "n' •. :.t avenue is opening her. summer home at ment, Va. in early June. Colonel Bagby a'l't.:wt.:.uerry and Mrs.' it-rank Hen~ Little Deer Island, Me. this week. . will command the 12th United States dricksDn:),third. . -~-'. '. . If' , H h b ASwen Graduation Present DELCO TYPEWRITER CO. 602 Sproul Street CHESTER 'Phone Chester 8381 JUNE 6, IMI Additions 10 Club Chairmen The following additions to the list of chairmen of departments of the Wo­man's Club are announced tbis week by the president, Mrs. J. Paul Brown: Chairman of American Home, J4rs. E. D. Brauns; Education, Mrs. C. Mc­Donald Swan; Girl Scouts, Mrs. H. Lindley Peel; Health, Mrs. F. Stuart Brown; International Relations, Mrs. A. M. Bosshardt; Motion Picture, Mrs. J. C. Moore; Pennsylvania Clubwoman, Mrs. Howard G. Hopson; Press and Publicity, Mrs. Edwin W. Crosby and Mrs. William A. DeCaindry co-chair. ; Program, Mrs. W. F. G. Swann and Mrs. E. C. Prescott co-chairmen; and Welfare, Mrs. Clarence C. Franck. This announcement now makes the Jist of chairmen complete. . , Evening Section C10Bell With Pienic The 1940-1941 season of the Evening Section was brought to a close Tues­day evening, June 3, with a well at­tendcd picnic held at the Smedley Park. About thirty members with their fam­ilies spent an enjoyable evening around the fire making plans for the coming year, looking forward to an eventful year under Mrs. George Davison the new president. o~:;::" ICE CREAM 60c Qt. Chester Candy Kitchen 532 MARKET ST., CBBS'rBB 0..- TUXEDOS TO HIRE i SliMMER FORMALS Recuo"""'" IIaIu CUTAWAY ••• SBIRTS 5.l STERN.S "' __ UI HW.8_st.._ Gruen Watcheo$24.75 up FRED A. FISH Jeweler 7 But State Street MBDIA PETER E. TOLD Insurance 417 Dartmouth A'Ve. lhrartbm.... 1833 Nelt :M'o,n~ay. D!g~t will be the an~ Mrs. Sargent Walter entertained 011 . 11 antr)'". e as een commanding nu;jJ.~:dliiilcr and 'final meeting of the Tuesday at Junche'on in h~'nor of Mrs. the Reserve Officers Training Corps ---------------------------------- I tJ.'~'f fl." ··M . Robert Morgan of:Balb"oa, Panama.and of the University of Iowa at Iowa City. cL uUdol,&;,w~r ,G la'lyISd,e n,~' ~o~f". Rivre"r v~ienwd' r,oMards . w.i(H\:. h er daugi ItMer i ss' Roberta Morgan B ar bar'a B agb y 'II d f WI gra uate rom en~e~l~m..~the 'mem~ers' at their home who have been'visiii"ng the. De Witt the p"niversity of Iowa June 2. bern"' jue .dinner.' . ;". .. Whittlesees of Providence road form- Sue Davison daughter of Mr_ and Mrs. j.:, :. ,,' , . erly. of S~arthmo~e. ' Waldo. B. Davison of Harvard avenue Edith Cramp daughter of Mr. and. has been elected president of the fresh­Mrs. Edmund Cramp 0[' Chester who man class at Wilson College. During are former residt'mts of Swarthmore her first year ~t Wilson College Sue has ,,<~ .... "~ -: ... '" '. ,. ,' .• ~ .... graduates this week from the Phila- been very active in student government T~~P~!.~~qr~,~ou!Ity :p'~r,k a·n.d ;Rec,- delphia School of ,Industrial Arts. work on· the campus, reatlon Board, bas. several .servtces·· to. Mr d M R E Rh d S f Ella' Mae Beagle, daughter of Mr. offer r~sidents o'f Swarthmore Rtld otbftr . ~ .;.~ .ao rs\ ~ '., 0 eSt .r. 0 A B I Co~nty communities. Ju'ne. 9·.to 2i> in'~ Fort ~ .Lauderdale,' FJa:,'. Mr. R.·; E. and Mrs. J. . eag e of Princeton ave- 'Rh9,d~s; :J~" Qf. .New' York _CitY.; am,. nue 'Was elected president of the Wom­elusive DelawA,re ,CQunty's .fpJ.lrtn ~n;- Mr. and Mrs.-J. A. Cushman'of Terra ·.c:n's Day Student Council at West Ches­nua~ Recre~.t.i~n··.Tt:ain,i!l.~ ,ris,tHule will Han.te, Ind: ,arc' gu~>st$ of The' Harvard.' . ter State Teachers College, for the school be ·iivailiible to 'anydne residhig in Deb M .. . .' . 'y' car 1941-42. aware County interested in recreation'M arRgarlelt LVittlLe .dalughter of·Mr. and I _. ... L kiJd rs. apl' . IUe of Park avenue Miss Elizabeth H. Schobinger daugh. e he Tr"a"in"i n.g.. n Iyn~s titu1 te•. -f>o."r, -R<e cre••a• t,i,o~.n' ·left .. Su.n a~y'''f. o~r'Be... ufo·r,f'N. .. t. w h' e" r'e te' r of Mr. and Mrs. George Schob,'nger L ders opens next Monday at Swarth- she. 'Ydl remam for two weeks of dance is ci' candidate. for the Master of Arts m e Co.II ......\ l1!iiSJ;.stitute.'jiif a,e.·~AIri~d .t~'R~I'l o"l- , l' ":.' '; .;",. ,:-; ':. degree of the Graduate School of Arts to prov~l iljl;n 1trainillg '~o'br'''''lcir; !:1\M.t.,P ..... t~1'i R0cI.Je\fe\Urned ·~SuMay a:nd ·Sciente. of New York University ca p counselors, plaYgTound leaders eveml~g fo Charlestown, Ind. after the gradua!io~ o[ w~ich will take plac~ anp other recreational workers in Del~ spendtng last week~end with his par- June II. ~{ISs Schobmger completed the a re County. ellts Mr_ and Mrs. Edmond J. Roche ' ...· ork for her degree last October. he course will run two sessions of Park avenue. Mr. Roche is now . Miss Eleanor of New ea h day, one at 3 :30 P. M. and oi\~it ~~~~ assistant to the construction ~~rk City· left .Monday night after hav~ 8 . M. Instructors and lecturers in- engfneer at the du Pont plant in ing spent Memorial Day and the week­cI e I"cal Lewis K~tJii!ifnAi"gi:.~J. ~~r~\'lwp';tr':l Ie. fj' •• ind, wit.h· Mrs. William S. Evans of re tor of Philadelphia Y. M. C. A., Oh i SUl1d:ty tHe. ""'Roche family Jour- ~eda~, la.n-e .. Mrs. Evans recently re­A ~ur T. Noren recreati~. ",I'f?-"~ .. l\~sh RIVer, Md. where they \brned, ~o h~r home from a trip to or mator of Federal Security Agency 'W~lteit &Y. \md Mrs. T. Fleetwood 9>liforma. G e Udell nature counselor, Cam~ Smith. Mrs. Smith is the daughter of ;-•• it~;;;;!i.;;;;;;;;;;;-­titoh: Julia Williamson story~tener, Mr. and Mrs. Edmond J. Roche. '. ladelphia Free Library; Adam Robert Piper son of Mr. and Mrs. , S ith physical director, Chester Y. M. Henry A. Piper of Yale avenue will t C .. A.; Kathryn E. Reinhold recrea- graduate Monday from Pennsylvania .: ti dirlt"'-;C~fPlfI;;~·Af~~~~I.~ 7';1~n'1~ J"K ,,,. ot ers wlto \v'M "proville the plc)gram. aem.. .. MaJID sO'n of 'Mr. and iirs. l urther information in reference to Patrick Malin of North Princeton ave- \ .', th Traipi""", CQ ... ~"and regislcatioD nue..,will·~entert'ill ['be -£&' .... I:¥ I \ ATTENTION~I • This Spring Colis for YOUR OWN DE.INSE PROGRAM NEXT WINTER'S· COQfandCo~ NOW! There are just a few more weeks in which to save money on your coal for next season. • ,Your heater probably needs cleaning too. . We paint and clean it for $2.50. • VAN AI~EN BROS. RIDLEY PARK JUNE 6, 1941 TBE SWARTBMOREAN CLASSIFIED NEWS NOTES Polly Told daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Peter E. Told of Park avenue and Mrs. A. E. Longwell of Lafayette Arthur Jones son of Mr. and Mr •. -:~~~~;~~ ~5ijii§~~:-~:1 avenue had as her houseguest last Donald P. Jones of Dickinson avenue ~ Tell .. I week.eQd her sister Miss Lillian Rob~ spent Memorial Day with their grand-erson of New Rochelle, N. Y. parents Mr. and Mrs. George H. Turner of Wilmington, Del. Lieutenant and Mrs. William K. Van • I • Zandt have recently moved into the Rates Advertising Laurels Inglis apartment 011 Park avenue. Lieutenant Van Zandt who is stationed Roland G. E. Ullman of Harvard ave­at the Navy Yard has been transferred nue has just returned from Chicago to the Philadelphia area from Houston, I whe,'e he attended a conference of ad~ Tex. agency and marketing execu~ Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Keenen o[ New- tives. presided at several sessions of failing to re-wejgh, lacking slips for separate bins and incorrect weight slips. ' In a 'third case disposed of recently John Cain of Shamokin, Pa. driver for Edward J. Cain trucker of that town paid a fine and costs after pleading guilty to failing to re-weigh and hav· ing incorrect weight slips . ark, received three national awards for O. spent last week-end' as the L .. t>rk HOWAlD> EIRK, guest of their son and daugbter-in-law 11 done by his organization during Administrator, Mr. and Mrs. Frank G. Keenen of the past year. COunty Bu1ldlng, Harvard avenue. foTr hthee 3M.davnehrtaitstianng Rcuabmbpeari gMna npurfeapcatruerd- 1:~~~~~~~~~~~~Miedla~~.!Pe~D~D~. Mrs. Guy A. McCorkle of the jng Division of Raybestos~Manhattan, Swarthmore Apartments will return Inc.. was rated first among industrial I ;~;;;;~~ today from Pomfret, Conn. where she advertising campaigns. I ~ attended the Commencement cere- The judges awarded second place ';f~~~ I monies of the Rectory School. She was UBest Advertising Campaigns ~~~~;~~~~~~~~~~~;, aMcccoCmorpkalnei ewd ho01 1i s hheorm er eftourr nh isb ys umAlmlaenr AMprp. eUalrlimnga n info rG tehnee sraelr ieMs awghaizcihn ersa"n tino vacation. Fortune and other publications for J. E. Tomorrow Mr. and Mrs. McCorkle Sirrine & Company. '1nd Allan will leave for Middletown, Another Ufirst' was for liThe Best In­Del. where they will see Henry Mc- tegrated Advertising and Merchandis­Corkle graduate [rom St. Andrews ing Campaign," a combination of all BBTATB OP WII.JJAV V. Pl8CBBB. de- FOR SALE School. sales promotioll forces applied for the ji~~~~~~~~~~~~~!BeI.!Uj~1 Winifred Prince daughter of Mr. and Philadelphia Carpet Company in the ab-ove BatatLf31o ttohraav e -bteean raJra<ute d OkIl) tUh1ee underBlmed, who requeet an :Per8OD8 bav­ID. g cIafina or dem-ncla aaatnBt "&be BIstate of the decedent to mate mowa the same. and all _ Indebted to the _t Mrs. David Chandler Prince of Guern- development of its highly successful sey road will graduate today [rom the program of "Color Foundations for Shipley School at Bryn Mawr. Harmony Homes." T . h ------•• ~I~.~--.... omorrow cveillng t e members of the ninth grade will be entertained at a spring dance to be held at the Old Continue Fight on Coal Chi81ers Mill in Rose Valley. The hosts and Charging prices that appear to be hostesses of the occasion are: lower than those in effect in established Mardy Jean Crosby. Betty Laws, Sid- yards, but which in reality are much ney Smith, Susan Thatcher, Allison higher due to short weight and poor Carpenter, Judy Koch, Dave Daugherty, quality, bootleg coal truckers have vic­Russell White, Dick Zinn, Greg Heath, timtted many of their customers on a Whitford McDowell, and Jerry Nowell. truly "grand scale" according to a sum­The parents of the hosts and hostesses mary of reports of Sealers of Weights chaperon the party. and Measures in Delaware County. Albert H. Tomlinson formerly of Arthur C. Throne county engineer to make P8JDlent. without ~,.. to CRAIU.1I!B B. PI8CJIBR, BLlZA P. COLBMAN. Boxu_, 200 Tale Avenue. Swarthmore, Pa. or to their attoml1 C. RUSSBLL p8J[,TPS. BIIQ., t500 __ BuDding. P)ltladelphla. 5-2-8t ADVBB'IISRMBNT South Chester road expects to fly by in charge of the weights and measureS clipper {rom Sumatra to La Guardia campaign against racketeering coal Field by way of Australia and Manila truckers, yesterday declared that the ~:~;;;~~~~~;~~~;; taking off on June 7. Mr. Tomlinson, results of the past winter's activities who is a director of the Standard Va- county authorities clearly indicated --;l"Ii:" .. ijwl .... ji~ I cuum Oil Company, is completing his continued need for vigilant efforts '. fourth stay in Palembang. His first to protect the general public. The School D28tr1ct of Swart.bmore wUl receIve bIds at the Bcllool DlItrlct omce, College Avenue BuUdlDg, up to 4 p. m., Da~J1gllt Sa_tns TIme, MoDdill>'. - JUDe ., 1941. and open the bIds at a m.eetIng en: the School Board at the 8cbool Dldrtct omce on June 9, 1941, at 8 .P~ m., or at an adjourned meetlllg Of the 8cbool Board tor coal and fuel oU, Shop supplles, toWel service, school furntture and InItructtcmal equtpmet, and certaln bu1l~ anel matn­tenance materials for alterattons anel B8Il­era} malDtenance, and a smau tl'Uek. Specl­. fJ.cations can be secured between 9 •. In. and 4 p. m. dally except 8a~. Sun .. day. and hollClaya, at the 8¢hool DlItrlct omce. ~e Board. reserves the rf8ht k) re­Ject any or all bids in whole or In part and to award contracts on BD7 Item or 1tema making up any bid. 5-23-3t iiObiiby'Cirr.;;1>;r.;P;iOiiii I trip was made in 1927. Although Air At the same timel it was revealed ~~~~~~~~~~~~~i~~~;1 Mail letters from Palembang reach that one coal trucker had been sen- APT. FOR'RENT 110 PARK AVE.-SPBCUL flO 1st fioor-i bedrms, sleeping porch, 19. l1v. rm.. fireplace, private thermostat. Garage. 3ept.l. WM. S. BITTLE Swarthmore UI-J Notary PubUc-Insurance_Real Estate MRS • ..\.J. QUINBY & SON JOSEPH B. QVlNBY ,FUNERAL DIRECTORS Mrs. -Tomlinson in 12 days, they ar.e all tenced to jail in default of a fine of censored and no international news $100.00 and costs for violating the State through. UTommy~'has been in Solid Fuel Act and two others had had Sitlg,iPt"e several times and should fines assessed against them. In the lat~ have something to say on the ter cases. one truck operator appealed ese situation on his return. his fine o[ $100.00 and costs to the Mrs. A. H. Tomlinson, who has been Delaware County Court. In a pre~~~~~'I~~~~ forced to remain in the states du.rir,g I appeal to the Court from a much =,::;:-..::- her husband's absence. has given up smaller fine for similar offenses, this her plans to meet him. in Hawaii, but operator had been rebuffed and his fine will christen the S. S, Stanvac-Wetling- increased by Court order. ton, the new oil tanker at the Sun Ship "At a time when itinerant coal in Chester on Saturday, June i~ truckers are starting their summer I,:~~== ___ ;~~::~!:~~~~ drive for quantity orders," Throne said I' ~fr. and Mrs. George M. Allen and yesterday. ··some of the facts brought BRElUPP 8ALBS OP B.BAL BSTATB children Jane and George, Jr., of River- light during the past winter will be view road traveled last week-end to Sheriff's OfIlce, Court House., Pa. of intense public interest." Brattleboro, Vt. where they spent the I FrIday, June 27, 1941 Mr:morial Day holiday with Mr. Allen's 'In numerous cases, dirty, poorly father Mr. Alvin A. Allen.' prepared coal furnished by unknown 8:30 A. Y. Eastern Standard Time truckers cost buyers, as much as COD41tlona: $250.00 cash or c:erttft.ed Check $13.00 or $14.00 a ton, based on the at time of sale (unless otherwise stated. in actual weight which they received in ~:aU~~~~t~~~:'e~ ten days. Other Mr. and Mrs. Charles Innis of Provi~ I·d,mce Village and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Black of Rutledge spent last week-end at Ocean City, N. J. Levari Facias No. 304 BBLL PHONE ". MEDIA, PENNA. Mr. and Mrs. A. G. McVay and son ::;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;:;;;;;;;:;::;;;:;::;;;:;::;;;:;::;;;:;::;;;:;::;;;~ I it J ac k drove up from Front Royal, Va. to spend last week-end with Mrs. Mc- IlAMJLTON and ELGIN WA':rCBES Yay's parents Mr. and Mrs. DeWitt A. exchange for their money. This price is not only exorbitant when compared with the charge made by reputable coal dealers for high quality fuel. It is chiseling of the meanest sort-because it takes hard~earned money [rom people least able to afford to throwaway cash. March Term, UMl All those certain lots or pieces of gtOund Situate In Haverford Township, Delaware County, Pennsylvania. d8s1gnated and known as lots Nos. 138. 731. 'l38" 739, 740 741 742 743, '144, 'lU, 746, 747, 748, 749, .,50: 'l51' 752' 766, '1m, 768, 169, '1'10, 771. 772. 7'13. '174' 775' 716. 771. 178, '1!!h'lBO, 781. 783, on a ceitabi plan of lots ed Penftelcl surveyed tor Clifford B, Harmon & Co. by IIes!s Engin­eering Co. which Is duly recorded in Deed. Book L-13 page 824. EDWIN B . KELLEY, Jr . Hills of Elm avenue. Mrs. McVay will Your Jeweler . stay with her parents for a short visit. 25 Eaat 7th St. Chester·, Mr. and Mrs. Frank H. McCowan (Opposite New State Theatre) and children motored last week~end to 'Phone Cheater 3764 Charlottesville, Va. where they visited FOR PROMPT SERVICE BBPBlGBBAfiBS -RADIOS W· ...... ·_aL v ._ the historical sights of that section of the country. They returned home by way of Skyline Drive. At Front Royal, Va. the McCowan's had an unfortunate collision with another car but no one concerned in the accident was injured. Emily h.fcCurdy daughter of Mr. and ~~=~~~~~~~~~~~::! ·a1n\[drs . TWhaaylelarc reo aMds. hMasc Cbueerdny c hoof seOng doenne I of the twenty student marshals at Hol­Picture Framin. - St8.tionery lins College for next session. She has BOO¥N~"".k SuppU .. Greetiq'" . - Hobby Crafl also been elected secretary and treas~ urer of the athletic board. "We have received splendid cooper­ation from local Justices of the Peace, from the Police Departments in vari­ous communities and from other of­ficials and enforcement officers. Dela­ware County again has pointed the way for the rest of the state in its cam~ paign to protect coal buyers from un~ scrupulous racketeers. The Commis­sioners of Delaware County, under whose jurisdiction this movement has been and will continue to be carried 011, have won wide commendation for Improvements consist of two and one~ half story stone and plaster house, 28z3O feet: enclosed. front porch: ba,* porch' stone garage, 12x12 feet: shed, 12x8 teet: wood shed. lule feet: atone barn, 3Ik28 feet. Bold as t!le property of Joseph P. P. Kelley, real owner_ OEARY & RANKIN, Attorneys. their efforts." . Levari Pac1as No. 470 "Despite all our efforts to drive out SePtember Term., 1940 the chiselers," Throne asserted, "our d Situate at the northwest comer of Wor- men still find many short-weight an rUow and Beale Streets. Lower Ohlchester other violations. We intend to keep Township. Delaware County, PenllBJlvanla. . Containing In front on Beale Street 100 s ~11Da thereout __ _ Ill&uate on northeast comer WOJrlloW 8treet and & 12 feet w1d.e alleJ' laid out pa,n.UeJ With aDd al rec\a!lIrUIU _ of 1'''' feet .eet trom _ Street. _DdIDC DOrtheast ~ feet :II: northweet 100.43 feet :II: IOUthWest atm feet x 10eUe feet. ~rovementa oona1st of two and oue­half lito". frame hoUle 3U24 feet: porch front: rear adcUtloD. liiii feet; fnune prace. Sold .. the property of 0ecmIe A. WaDDer and Mary B. Wanner. hia wife, ~ra &lid MarY WaDDer il real owner. with notice to tene tenants. any. OBARY ,& RANKIN. Attorneys. Levari helas No. 509 I18.rch Tenn.. IMI Prop. att. In Upper Darb~ T1n>. Del. Co .• Pa •• on the B. B. of Kent Rd. 10'1.01 ft. 8. of Chestnut Street. in front 35 ft. and 10. clpth. 77.50 ft .• the 8. 1. being al&". mid. of a cert. 10 ft. w. dwy. etc. Known as 111 Kent· Road. u. ,& S. to bldg. rest. and. easem*nt. Tog. with use of dwy. Improvements consist of two story 'con­crete blOCk. stucco and frame houae. 16dQ feet; enc:losed. porch; one story frame addl­tion. 6J:S feet: one story concrete t)loct: garage, 10XI8 feet. Sold as the property of John Donlan, mortgagor and Robert B. !d&OP and Katb­l')' ll O. Al8op, his wlte. real owners. EDWARD P. HITCHco*ck, Attorney. Levari Facias No. 642 March Term. 1941 Prop_ sit. in Upper ~~y Twp., Del. Co •• Fa •• be1ng lots 902 and 903 Llap "Aron­omlnk Section of Drexel BUl ty Com­pany." on the N. E. s. of Drezel Avenue 125 ft. 8. B. of State Road: 1D front 80 ft. and 1D dpth 130.10 ft. known as 743 Drexel Avenue. 17. &: S. to condo and rest. Improvementa consist of two and one­half stol'J" house, 30 z 24 feet; side porch; ODe story frame addition, 8 ::II: 14 feet; gar­age, 18 x 18 feet. Sold as the property of James E. Boyce and Addle K. Boyce. h1s wife. mortgagom and John A. Small and Cecella Small. his wife, 1'2!&1 owners. BOWARD P. HITCHco*ck. Attorney. Levart Facias No. 762 March Term, 1941 Prop. sit. In Twp. of Haverford. Del. Co •• Pa •• lot No. 268 pIan of "South Ardmore,"· on the S. E. S. of Turnbull Ave. SO feet N. B. of Leedom Avenue: 25 feet In front and 125 feet In dpth. Known aa 105 TUrn­bull Ave. Improvements consist of two and one­half story stucco house. 16 x 40 feet: porCh front: rear addltton, 4 :II: 6 feet: stucco gar­age, 10 x 20 feet. Sold. as the property of Walter L. Lobb &: Co., Inc., real owner. EDWARD F. hlICUCOOK. Attorney. Levari Pac:1as No. 763 Marell TerlP • .JIMI Prop. sit. In Twp. of Haverford. Del. Co., Ps.. lot No. 26'l on plaD of "South Ard"­more." on the S. B. 8, of Turnbull Ave. 75 ft. N. B. of Leedom Ave. 25 ft 1D front and 125 ft. In depth. Known as 107 Turnbull Ave. Improvements consist of two and one-' half story 8tUeco house, 18 x 40 feet: tront porch: rear add1tlon, 4 x 8 feet. Bold 88 tbe property of Walter L. Lobb & Co., Inc. real owner. BDW_ P. HITCHco*ck. Attorney. 6-6-3t WILLlA!4 W. McKDI. SherIJr, smgnpp SALES o RBAL ESTATE Sheriff omc:e. Court House, Media, ~a. .FrIday, June 20, 1941 8:30 A. M. Eastern Batndard. TIme. Conditions: f250.00 cash or certUled check at t1me ot sale (unless otherwise stated In advertisem*nt) balance In ten days. other oond.1t1ons on day of sale. ' . Pieri Facias No. 966 ' llarch Term, llKl All that certain lot with buUdJnp thereon erected. Situate on the northeast­erly side of Croydon Rd. at the distance of 148.25 It. from the 8Outhea"teI"ly .. Jlde 01 OuUforct :Rd., In Up~ per Darby TviP" Del. Co.. Po. OontalDtng in front on saId Croydon Rd. 14..2S It. and extdg. of that WlI\\Il In I\epth DortIleaat-· warcfiy between parallel' lines at right angles to said Croydon Bel. 80 ft. to the middle of a ten ft. wide private driveway extdg. northwestwardly Into OuUford Rd .. and southeastwardl,. Into Lamport Rd. Under and subject to buUdlng. reatrtc~ tiona and the payment of a oertan moi't­gage debt in principal sum. of ~.OO. Improvements consist of two story stone, brlek and stucco house. 13 :It ~ feet: en­closed. front porch: one story stucco addi­tion, 9 x 6 feet: basem*nt garage. SOld as the property of Rocco and AnleIlna Vanella_ Van~l1a ;.; '$IMMONDS 71A'''~liI~' ' ': Chester ~;~Cnie' Chester 2-5181 . Miss Helen Evans daughter of Mr. arid Mrs. n> F. Evans of Youlgrave Farm, South Chester road spent last week-end at Denison University, Gran­ville, O. While visitil1g her alma mater Miss Evans gave a guest performance of an' original monodrama on the life of Mary Todd Lincoln. at the job and at the same time we feet x west 1'15.e feet to a 15 feet wide alle,.. hope that continued public resentment Together with rlgbt and use of sa1d auey against these thieving operations will ~u;.r:~:.' ownens of other lan~ 5-29-3t mean added sup port for the We ig h ts I r;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;';;;;;;;, c. WM. KRAPI', JR.. Attorney_ , '. " 'YE ! Village'Wihidow Cleaner A. HAUGER Swarthmore 19 iPIANO TUNING ~~ AND REBUILDING 't. _ , . i" 32 Yean ...... 1 .. 1' Experienee A. L PARKER .......... Media 459-M and Measures Agents." Ii C. W. Trosina of Woodlyn, Pa. will face the Delaware County Court a second time on an appeal from a fine imposed by a Justice o[ the Peace rr==============='illunder action taken at a recent hear~ ing. Trosina was arrested on a warrant WI til THOMAS charged with failing to re-weigh as Formerly of Swarthmore College instructed by Sealers and having incor- Carpenter & Cabinet Maker rect and false weight slips. He was found guilty and ordered to pay a fine US MO~:;?o~A:=: ~ of $100.00 and costs, but posted $2SO,OO i~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~:llb:ia~i1:~pending his appeal. Several week WOOD KOPPERS co*kE SUN FUEL OIL Trosina appealed from a fine of and costs for other violations, the Court decided he was guilty and imposed a fine of $ZS.OO. T~osina, in th~ latest case, wa~ driving a ;.lftlck owne4 by William H: Bonneville of Frahcis J. McCrory a trucker from .Rt,.iling, Pa. was sentenced to ten days when he could not> pay' a fine of il_=~~~:.. ____ .... _ iJIJlOO.'OO and '~cist5lmPosl'd.,o''',·cbarges • IPB.CB., •• C. PRIN'1'ERS PHOTO-LITHOGRAPHERS BOOKBINDERS 8th STREET NEAR SPROUL" CHESisER. PA. •

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, I i ,\ I , ,to , . , . , COMPANYHSEEKS NEW MEMBERS Reorganized Home Guard Unit AI80 Provide8 Fine Pre­liminary Training for Future Draftees A drive for lIew members among the men of Swarthmore and vicinity has been started by Company H. according to Captain J. Kirk McCurdy leader of the I local defense unit who announces th'lt men between the ages of 35 and SI) years arc especially solicited to join. I Men of Selective Service age also arc I most cordially invited to cnter tlv:~ ranks, said Captain McCurdy, who l)Ohlted out that the primary reason for re-cstab­lishment of Company H. lrhich was . first formed in 1917, is to provide ad­" ance training for local young mcn who may be caHed to the colors. Several members of Company H al­ready have joined the nation's armeu forces and report that the initial (rain­ing received here has gil'cn them a flY-I ing start in their military life. A second purpose of Company H is to supply a trained force which c~n ~e c;:a.lled upon for emergency service III the event of civil disturbance or uis­aster in this industrial area. The local unit has no connection with the recently cstabli~hed Pennsylvania Home Defense Corps, although the unit will be available for service, as needeu, nnder County auspices. Membership is entirc1y voluntary amI there arc no dues. A member does not commit himself to active service or otherwise obligate himsel£ by joining; Regular attendance at weekly drills hc1d Thursday evenings at the Swarthmore High School gymnasium is expected. Further information is available from Company H officers - Captain J. Kirk McCurdy, Lieutenant A. C. \\food and Lieutenant F. Norton Landon - or from Elric S. Sproat cashier of the Swarth­more National Bank and Trust Com­pany. COMMENCEMENT SPEAKER Dr. Paul C. Payne Presbytcrian Board of Cbristiun Education ,,·ho "Will address loral high school graduulcs next weeka Announces Classes In Clay Modeling AnIon; 0 Cortiza8 Will In8truct Town8people in Connection Wilh Summer ~ Recrealion Program Clever cartooned drawings may he expected to come home from school today in the hands of an schooi chil­dren and high school stuuents. Mrs. J. Burris West of Dickinson avenue is addrcssing junior and senior high school assemblies today and passing out il­lustrated sheets on the prospective summer schedule of the Swarthmore Recreation Association. %lnrntl.y SIERY Antonio Cortizas gifted teacher of JtI "to \!P .... HOSHOP art and sculpture WI'1 1 b e aval'1 a bl e t 0 Formerly at 7th and Edgmont C Swarthmorcans of all ages 011 the sum- Avenue. H mer program of the Recreation Asso- Now Located at 620 Welsh 8t. E dation. • S Colorful, exotic little figures molded Join Our Free Hosiery Club T by small hands under his direction have • E deeply. impressed observers. Thc innate EtJerythlng tlte same R ability of childhood to catch line. pro-but tile address portion, and spirit of what they see, and ~~~~==~====~:;;~~=~ I reproduce plastically is well illustrated ": by the teaching of Antonio Cortizas. ENJOY A When he grauuated from the Peun- Cool sylvania Academy of Fine Arts, An- Luncheon tonio Cortizas was awarded a Fellow- (l1.~op~M." to ship in Europe and the Stimson Prize. or He is also a graduate of the School of Deliciou8 Industrial Arts at 'trenton, N. J. Among Dinner other ·prizes awarded to Cortizas were (5 to 1.30 P. M.) the Lea Prize in a national competition Durin. Your of linc drawings, the Beaux Arts prize Chester Shopping in New York for architectural sculpture, and the Germantown Art League Sojourn Award. YELLOW BOWL TEA ROOM Cortizas has been Director of the 606 SPROUL STREET Art Department of Ihe Settlement 'Phone Chester 2-2115 Music School for thirteen years. For STEAKS-CHOPS SEAFOOD Our Specialty Completely Air-Conditioned many years he has taught art and sculpture at Roseneath Farm Sanitar­ium. At variotls times he has taught at Germantown Friends Select School, at the Y. \Y". C. A. and was connected with the New Jersey State Museum. where he conducted experimental classes in art for children. I I Judge Nearby Flowers .TBE- SlV AHTBMOHEAN 19 LOCAL GRADS AT COI.J.EGE Rufus Jone8 Gave Class of '41 Seml..,lf in Clothier Mon. day Morning ship, after the crews of the four visit­ing Mariner ships had boarded the vessel. . Margery McCall of Drexel Hill opened the ceremony with a reading of "Sea Fever" by John Masefield, fol­lowed by the thoughtfully worded "pledges" evolved by crews of "M. S. Sinbadd/' "M. S. Dolphin" and "M. S. Welcome." Elizabeth Lee Mariner art­nacle {or final "colors" together, after officers had been piped ashore. Guests were impressed by the earnestness and alertness of blue uniformed boy! and girls before the singing of the Mariner Grace, which closed the launching Cere_ mony and the first year of this new program for high school aged girls in Swarthmore. • • NEWS NOTES At its 69th annual commencement ist of the Swarthmore crew displayed June 2 Swarthmore College graduated her large chart with its imaginatively 144 seniors. oil painted canvass depicting uTrade Frances Faber Noyes daughter of Rufus M. Jones professor emeritus Winds" and the ratings of her crew. Mr. and Mrs. Carlos F. Noyes of Par. of history at Haverford College in an Evolved by the girls themselves, they rish road, and Nancy Armitage daugh. address entitled "What We Need Most" recited in unison their new ship's ter of Dr. and Mrs. George L. Armi­stressed the crying lIeed of "the guid .. pledge: "As a crew member of the tage of South Chester road graduated ance and leadership of a supremely Mariner Ship 'Trade Winds,' I seek to Monday at the Commence~t of great prophet" in this present crisis of hold the helm in calm or storm, to Bradford Junior CollegeJ Bradford, history. The prophet he said should not strive for the highest rating in sea- Mass. be a person to foretell the future but "a manship. and to chart my course for Frances Noyes was a soloist Sunday person who with a profound genius has the port of service." Ethel Hay was evening at the annual June conCert brought himself into parallelism with chosen by the Mariners to act as their which is presented as part of the Com­the deepest currents of his age and can Officer of the Deck for the ceremony. mencement program. see with vision the trend and direction The dub house resounded with sea _-::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::;:::::;:;:- of events and can announCe what must chanties sung by Mariners and Sea .-. ______ ...,_ .... _~ be done to ensure the true destiny of his Scouts and with the staccato tones of people - a gifted statesman who guides the ringing of the ship's bell at 30 min­the ship of state and settles the prob- ute intervals. Colorful patriotic and cms of life not by chance, wind, and nautical emblems included the "CiW weather but by the light of eternal real- Mariner flag and the new American cn­ities and, in the midst of what is, stead- sign presented by the local D. A. R. ily sees what ought to be." through Mrs. William Ward, 3rd, and A Cool. COIn!orttlb,.. 0., PI""" to LURCh ... Df,.. SUBURBAN CAFE He claimed the supreme task in every mounted by C. F. Wolters of the Pilot crisis to be seeing how the world can be Committee. Wee blue Mariner flags Mala CoftCOWWt rebuilt, citing Washington and Lincoln flew irom mounds of ice cream, when P ...... Sub ..... Sta.- and co*ck,.,U Lrnm6e as two of the best prophets of this type crews lay ashore for shore-leave re- Lunch -/rom 45c and regretting that unfortunately our freshments. Diianer-/rom 85c time had not yet produced the supreme A serious moment drew the launch- eoe.,,,,,Hour.J:00106:GOPaAf. type. ing ceremony to a close, as Sea Scouts Penonal Supenldoa of IIafty a. ~ knMowr.n Jaonnde s bwelaosv edp reQseunatkeedr absy aw hboesset ;~n~d~M~a:;;ri~n~e~r~s~m;;::u~st:e~r~ed~a~r:o:u:n:d;;t~h:e~b~in:-J~_;;;-~-~~-~-~~-~-~;-~-~~-~-~;-;l presence the college happily recognized this Quaker institution's second re- LET llS PREPARE YOUR WINTER GARMENTS FOR STORAGE sponse .10 •tim e 0 f s t ress an d war. H e RETURNED TO YOAUll ICNl eSa&net.dL BHDea V)" Clothes MO'l'S.PROOF CEDAR BAGS emphasized the Friends' way of meeting Or you may place cannents for JeUOn III our cold storace .t minimum ebarce crises and recalled to the graduates of the college that with the precious legacy CLENO. HE. NU • IT CO. from the founder they were leaving 614-18 WELSH S'I'REBT. CHBSTER 'Phone Cbester W6 Smweeatr tthhme oirses uuesn roefg itmhee nttiemde sa. nu free to II "=="w=e"c""an"'"a"n"d=De"U,,,,",,r=======================:= Reviewing the spirit ua I genius of ~Q"'mnnu'Dln"'n"m''''''''''n'mrmrnmm'm,un'IIIII''m'''IH'mnUn'''n''''''''UHm''''''UnD,u"n"'nrnunmunnmlO'm"'lUn'm'n""'nlUl""'''nn''~ George Fox in the English reformation = Ch' v h' C 5 and John Woolman's most perfect iIIus- = ester s .. as ron orner ~ tration of Quaker theory in operation - _ _ fighting slavery, sensitive to wrongs and Ei i gently beginning reforms, he told of the z= = work of Quaker groups meeting the dis- ~ :: asters of today-feedL'lg 1,000,000 iii == children a day in a war torn country, == ;; sending hundreds of cows to another, i§ § traction units and medical relief in = ~ other instances. ~ :: In closing Mr. Jones declared "I have """ ~ made this hasty review not to glorify e _ those who have done it nor the Society = = behind it but to interpret a way of life:3 I AIR COOLED /1 C lort ~ and a central faith which seem to me in ~ • or your ,om I this epoch of world darkness essen- ~ ~ tially good and, in the main, prophetic == = of the way to rebuild and reconstruct iii Cute ·Trl·ck ~ the shattered world." § • • • :: Reference was made to the Swarth- ~ more· Haverford football game sched- = C l d P tt 5 uled for fall in which "the best team will e 00 an re y ~ win and an era of good feeling wHi con- == E tin,;~e U:;~~~~-::::~:':f Professor Robert = BROOMSTICK i= Walker Princeton and Harvard edu-cated to rebuilt the Department of Fine ~ ~ Arts next year, was announced. z= iii An Alumni contribution of $15,000 for SKIRTS the purpose of maintaining educational work has been made. A gift by an anonymous donor of money for an out­door auditorium as part of the Arthur Hoyt Scott Foundation may enable next June's commencement to be held in ·the open air. The following were local members of the graduating class: Walter ). Scott. Jr., Edward Han­num, John Anthony Miller, II .. Benson A. Bowditch, John W. Delapla,"c, Lucy Guaranteed Mr. and Mr<. Arthur R. O. Redgrave Adrienne Shere, Caroline Underwood, Cotton caters to your of Vassar avenUe \Viti be among the Frances Shero, Margaret Graham coolness-and here it is Washable O All Ni ht judges of tomorrow's flower show of Whiteman, Philip E. Wood, Jane . fl I I t ~====:p:e~n~~. ~~g~~~~~~t'~le~S~I):r~il~lg~fi~,e~ld~G~a~r~d~e;,n.c~'u~b~.---TII Strode Richardson, John Mark Robin- - in charmmg ora pr n - _ .- son, Richard Owen Smith, Samuel M. ::;; ed broomsick skirt. SKIRTS 1=_= IIIGH SCHOOL AND COLLEGE GRADUATES Raymond, Ellen R. Williams, Hel.en Keystone, located among the trees, offers you a cool, qulet place for study and Tomlinson, Albert G. Thatcher, EdIth = = rreelgauxlaatrl ocno.u rSsems a1lln 0c.l atoss-ewse. ekC Ollege instructors. Register now for speCial and Jane Mciville, amI Miss Gabriele C. = S'· M.. . es 24 to =~ ~, SUM~IEn SCHOOL Derenberg, formerly of Hamburg, Ger- == You don't even have .. M0'iv~~~no~~~J".ll:"1%E.';,~~!·~~~.:.~~~ved. :~;:. and now a, ~:sident of Swarth- =="" 28 ~hi;:~he t~~:t i!:: 1_ ==_ KEYSTONE SECRETARIAL SCHOOL AT BALTIMORE PIKE AND LINCOLN AVENUE, SWARTHMORE M·· H the tub, wind it around . arlners ave ;;; the broomstick and ~ ALWAYS, WHEREVER rOU GO, ON BUSINESS OR PUASURE ... American Express Travelers ("eques protect your travel money. Spendable' everywhere. Re­deemed at fl1l1 value if lost, destroyed or stolen uneaun­tersigned by you. Denomina­tions, .$10, $20, $50 and S 100. Cost, 75 CIS. for each S 1 00 purchased. Highly recommended. Very widely used. AMERICAN EXPRess !'p::1\VELERS CHEQUES are for sale at this bank as a special service to the public. SWARTHMORE NATIONAL. BANK AND TRUST COMPANY Iti~';'ber Federal Depo';t lrnrura...,e Company Birthday Program ;:;; r;e;::~te!::fr~a~:~t.I=_.=~ Sea Scouts and Nearby Mariner cated to hard wear. Ship8 Joined in Cl08e of = ~ F;i~l~ ~:t ~~b~e = §_=I Now 100% "midshipmates," every member of the local Mariner Ship ~ "Trade \Vinds" has made the final e£- § § :~~: ~:i;~~~ ':~~ o! ~:e:les!:'~it~:i~~~ : Broomstick Blouses I ward becoming an "Old Salt." Bos'ns E~ 5~ of Port and Starboard Watches Laura .. 8 8 c ~ Lee Hopkins and Charlotte Maas, pre- i ~ sented little anchor guards to their E ~ crews last evening at the launching ~ s cMeraerminoenr yp, iantst apcrheisnegn ttehde mby toth eth cerire wn eowf ;~ Casual batl.ste blouses to wear with 1_:=- "M. S. Dolphin," of Drexel Hill ~ your broomstick skirts. Sizes 32 to 38. ~ An impressive color guard ceremony ! ~ was performed by Sea Scouts of the II ... >U's Speare's fer BeUel' Spon.wear • ES_- landship of "U. D. Pilot" at the Wo- ii ,,& Greaw SaYID:V: S •• ODtI Floor (. iii. man's Club. Fol1owjng traditional form, Ii __ officers and guests were piped aboard .! " ... FLA. lAY TOIIORROW VOL. xm, No. 24 JUN 13 1941 SW"I~THMIJI~E COl. Lt fi(: \ L Ii>1MAIJ:'lT \";: .. ,./::; :J JF,' --.~.- - - .. _. __ ._ .. SW·,.II.tHM(/I~E I:SA THESWARTHMO SWARTHMORE, PA., JUNE 13, 1941 ,..,.., BW A RTlL'IOIlK co LutGK LIlIltA It Y IISPUY COLORS 12,50 PER YEAR DR. OWEN L SHINN U. OF P. MAN DIES New Parking Don'ts • BOARD ELECTS MRS. ENDERS HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATES 78 . MEMBERS OF CLASS OF 1941 Active Melhodillt Bad Been Heei· dent of Swarthmore Sinee 1919 Residents are warned to read Borough Ordinance No.­Iished in the legal advertising of this issue which makes drastic changes in the parking laws and establishes a penalty for violators. Negotiations for Sale of Yale Aveuue Lot Slowed by Widely Dilfering Appraisal8 Dr. Owen I"ouis Shinn passed away The ordinance becomes effec- Assembled in mellow mood Monday Tuesday. ) une 10, at his home 314 Laf- tive on June 23. night members of the School Board ayette avenue after four days' illness. I...----------------'Igranted the request of mothers who He had contracted a cold on Friday GAY PICNIC AIDS had petitioned the engagement of a sec-and death resulted from brancho-poeu- ond kindergarten teacher to make pos-monia due to a chronic cardiac condi- cm.CLE REIJEF sible morning sessions only. To date no tion. Dr. Shinn was injured in an auto- statistics as to next year's kindergarten mobile accident a number of years ago enrollment are available to Board or and for the past year had been granted Annnal Summer Outdoor Event public. a leave of absence from his professor- Held Tuesday on Lawn Abbie Crandall Enders, wife of Dr. ship of applied chemistry at the Uni- of Seal Home Robert K. Enders of the college faculty. versity of Pennsylvania on account of was· elected to the position. Mrs. Enders ill health. A colorful picnic held at 1 o'clock has been for four years head teacher in Born in Philadelphia on July 30, 1871 Tuesday afternoon with tables shaded the Crestrnont Nursery School in Ab­he was graduated from the University by bright umbrellas. on the lawn of ington and before that was active in of Pennsylvania where he specialized Mrs. Joseph Seal's Cornell avenue kindergarten and pre-kindergarten in chemistry and received his degree of home saw another semi-annual event work in Schenectady, N. Y.; Wooster, doctor of philosophy. of the Friendly Circle successfully raise Ohio' Johns Hopkins University; and He was director of the University of mpney for philanthropic enterprise the Delaware County nursery school Pennsylvania Summer School for· .two within the 14 sq"Uare miles which com- program. She is a graduate of the Col .. years' acting director of the Harrison prise Central Delaware County. lege of Wooster. She has also studied Labo;atory of Chemistry for five years; In the neighborhood of 200 towns_ at the Merrill-Palmer School at Johns and a member of the United States women turned out to aid the 6S mem- Hopkins University, the Michigan State Assay Commission under Presidents bers of the Circle which quietly meets Normal School, and has her Master's Theodore Roosevelt, Taft and Wilson. many st~ange and immediate. needs in Degree in Child Psychology. and • Kin- Dr_ Shinn had also been chairman ~f this territory. The group which began dergarten Work from the University of · the Philadelphia Section of the Arnert- with scarcely a dozen Swarthmore Michigan. 'can Chemical Society, and officer in the w0n:ten recentl~ celebra~ed. the tenth Under the plan outlined by the School University of Pennsylvania Chapter of anniversary of ltS organtza~10n. Board last Monday Margaret Price be-the Soci.~ty 9f Sigma Xi, and national Mrs. Kendall Sadler was In charge of loved kindergarten teacher for the past president of Alpha Cbi Rho. th~ food assisted by. M:s. Harold. G; 17 years in the Swarthmore schools ,,:iI1 ; . Locally he was a member of the Gnffin and ~rs. BenJam1l1. W. Colbns, hold morning session in one school while 'Swarthmore. Methodist Church of Mrs. Geo~ge Troxell, of tIckets; Mrs. Mrs. Enders holds forth at tho same iwhich he was a trustee and had served J?hn Esshnger had the cake table as- time in another. The Board stated Mon- · as chairman of the board of trustees SIS ted by ¥rs. ~rthu.r. Hughes, Mrs. day evening its plan to take care of and as treasurer. He served as a mem- George Smtth, MISS Ldban Boyt; Mrs. th I n existing need for remedial ber of the Swarthmore Sehool Board Arthur .R. O. Redgrave had the flower re:di~g 'i,y having the two highly quali­and was its treasurer for thrce years, table with. Mrs. Harry ~eynolds, Mrs. lied kindergarten instructors assist with and was chairman of the Swarthmore George Zlm~er as ~sslstants; Mrs. remedial reading work in the afternoon. Country Week Picnic Association for Harvey R. Pierce was In charge of the As teacher of Social Studies and En&"­three years. white elephant table and Mrs. Samuel lish in the high school to succeed Paul- Dr. Shinn had retained interest in all M. Dodd had ~harge. of the luncheon ine Meyer McAllister who recen·t1y re­his connections devoting time to many tables and chairs which, were lent by signed the Board elected Henry F. Hof­charities and to the maintenance of his the!,"«: Woman s Club and a mann who has been teaching Social lovely garden until very shortly before number!lf lI).~IVldual~. . , Studies for .st=vera! at the ;Sa1«:::m, Iii. d".th. '. -!. , . ,. Be ....... n Start ~ R~liDa New Jersey High School, where he also ; j Surviving besides his widoli Edith M. Last Sunday the begtn~ers depart- is assisting with the coaching of sports · Shinn are two daughters Eleanor A. ment of t~e Presbyterian Sunday and dramatics. He is a graduate of the 1 ~nd M. Elizabeth teachers in the Up- S h I ontr buted s m t support .P, er Darby and Swedesboro, N. J. High C 00 hC 'ldI ' h a FU ' dl0 C' I' fi ve-year e d uca t1' 0 n preparation course two. c 1 ren 10 t e . fleo y Irc e s of the University of Pennsylvania and Schools respectively. ca~m at Camp Sun~hlne .for a .week has completed many requirements for Dr. Roy N. Keiser will conduct fu~ thiS summer. The Clrele 1S waging a h M t ' D At liege he was oeral services for his parishioner at 2 d' f $448 t k 't b' fill d teas er s egree. co O'clock this afternoon F rl'd a y, at 01I' ver r·JtV he or t h'lod eep IdS. ca In t .t. e Senator,'al Scholarsh,'p student, a mem- Bair"s in Philadelphia. Interment will Wf I thc oun. yh tc I rekn nef e th1 09 Tnhu fI tI On ber o·f the Ed',tor,'al Board of "Punch be In North Cedar Hill cemetery, coamr p'se seealgso n. wee s 0 e orn on B ow I" an d f. or s~vera 1 yea,r,s in thf e ca.s t Frankford. • I of Mask and Wig, as we as ac lve In I I • NEAR GOAL The goal toward which the Thimble Group has been working-the provid­ing of a Rolling Kitchen for Britain­is almost in sight. To date the Sum of $1119.47 has been raised. The amount required is $1500. Treal for Would·be Twirlers "Curly" Ogden, former big league pitcher for the Philadelphia Athletics and the Washington Senators, has promised to give professional advice a couple of times this season to the base­ball division of the Summer Recreation Program. , football and haseball. Mr. George E. Reimer has been elected as teacher of Health and Physj~ cal Education for boys in the upper ele­mentary and junior high school grad-:s, and also to take charge of certam phases of the recreation and sports program after school. Mr. Reimer is (Continued on Page Nine) SPILLER MEETS BOARD Dr. Robert E. Spiller president of the Swarthmore Home and School As­sociation outlined the duties and re­sponsibilities of the various members of the board of directors at a meeting held Tuesday, June 10, at the home of Dr. Paul F. Gemmill. !fhe board of directors is composed of the elected officers, chairmen of the standing committees, two representa­tives of the teaching slaff and a repre­sentative of the board of education. The standing committee chairmen are program, Dr. Paul F. Gemmill, first vice-president; membership, Mrs. Walter Means Reynolds, second vice­president; scholarship, Dr. Horace H. Hopkins; hospitality, Mrs. George L. Armitage; publicity, Mrs. John ¥. Pearson and grade groups, Mrs. EdWin J. Faulkner. The elementary teachers' represen~a­tive is Margaret Price. Hannah Kirk represents the high school teachers. Mrs. Raymond K. Denworth is the rep­resentative appointed by the School Board. I • WCAL GARDENERS WIN Although the premature blooming of this year's gardens depleted the Dela­ware County Garden Clubs' ftov.:er show as far as the planned for pC;>Sles went. local horticulture enthUSiasts managed to produce some later blos­soms and carry off their usual honors at last week~end's Rutledge event. Mrs. Percival Armitage of H~rva~d avenue received honorable mention to class 54 (miniature receptabte of flow­ers not over five inches) and a four~h prize in class 47· (vase of sweet Wil­liams) and first prize in class 43 (for­gei- me~nots). Mrs. Harry L. Reynolds of Have~­ford' avenue was first. prize .. winner In class S2 (arrangement of white flowers in a black container)~ first in dass 61 (arrangement of flowers in one or m~re shades of orange, yellow or gold), third in· class 53 (miniature receptacle of flowers not over three inches), and also received honorable mention in class 54. Mrs. Arthur R. O. Redgrave another regular winner in flower displays won first prize in class 54, second In cla~s 51 (arrangement .of garde? flowers 10 a bowl), fourth m 56 (mlll1a~Ure r~cept­ac1e of flowers disptaye? ":It~ mirror), and fourth in 57 (seml-mnuature re­ceptacle of flowers). • I James Gary son of Mr. and Mrs. Rex I. Gary of Haverfo~d avenue returned home Sunday tor hiS summer vacation from Haverford College. The work for this cause was started by the Thimble Group but from the beginning it was intf'nded to be. a co~­munity project and the mobile umt when presented to Britain will bear the name "The Swarthmore Rolling Kitchen" painted on its side. Without the cooperation and response of the people of the Borough it would h~ve been impossible to send such tangtble evidence of our sympathy to the un­fortunate British people. SWARTHMORE RECREATION ASSOCIATION Summer Day Camp Program The deficit remaining is compara­tively small. Anyone interested in help­ing to eUminate it can do so by send­ing a contribution to Mrs. Thom!!s ~:L Jackson, treasurer. No a~ount IS too small to be gratefully received. I I I RED CROSS SEWERS JOIN The group which has been se\Vil~g for the Red Cross on Wednesdays IU the Presbyterian Parish House will join the Tuesday group at the Woman's Club which wilt" continue throughout the summer. The American Legion Auxiliary has already thrown its forces to the group which meets from 10 A. M. to 4 P. M. and it is hoped that sewers from other churches and local groups will come to­gether at the same place and time so that a central group as 1arge as pos­sible may continue to turn out the fine 'Work which has come to be expected of Swarthmore. Win·8-=H:.-.- v.; ..~ rf"!~-r-d::-:A:-ward Davis S. Binns son of Mr. and Mrs. Fees: Six Week. (Monday, June 23througb Friday, Augu8tl) • Regi8tration, Mouday, June 16 Cafeleria, College avenue School 9:0()"1l:30 A. M. 1:3()"3:00 P. M. Entire program. Any ~ombination of activities. Family with one child $5; with two children S8; with 3 of more - 810. Project Day. Age Level (Approx. ) .. . Teac.h er Nursery S.hool... ..... _. .... _. .... __ Da,. ly .............•. ,........ 2 and 63 years ............ · EVdlrigthlm Taa yNloerw. kirk Weltmer. Kindergarlen._ ................ _ ... _Daily ........................ 4 and years ........... ·· 'Joe Cary Louise Servais, Swimming_ ...... _ ........... ............... Daily ........................ to 20 years .............. Dan Kirk. Tennil!l ................................ ._..... D(Ja~lnlye .23. .L..a.b.o..r .D..a.y..) All ages . .. ....... , .......S tuart Jones. Softball and Other (Through Labor Day) Gamc.8... .... ...... _ ... ...... .... Daily ........................ All ages Ba.sebalL_ .... _ ....... _·· .. ····_ .. _Tues. and Thurs. Evenings ... All ages .................. Luzerne Livingston, Dick Hoot. . ..........•..... . John Pitman, Bob Reed, Earl Taylor. a...f..t..s.. ..... __ ...... . .. ~ ...... _ ...... Daily . 'T'• •..•••••••.••••••.• 6, 8 an d 9 upward .........M rs. Luzern Livingston. (Except ues.) Boys-Gencral ...................... _ d Luzern Livingston. lIan d cra f ts \\' e d'lesda y and FrI day. . . . . . • 6 and Ul)\vard ........... . Luzern Livingston. IIlodel Making ..... _ ._ .. _Monday and Thursday ....••• 7 and uPdwaGr. I·········· .... . Round the World Dancing~ Boys an Ir s .......... 'Ahx Whitaker. hi ' d A bat' Monday ......•..•...••.•. , •• All ages .......... ,....... L L" t TNuamtur em Sstu adny _ _e_.ro_ _lC_8._....T uesday ............•........ All age s . .................. Mr. and Mrs. . Ivmgs 011. MoSdeeaHlpnt.u arnindg _Wednesday.................. AI' age s .............. .. . .FAlnotroennicoe CTorritcizkaesr.. Painlillll ..... : ................. AI! age~h~~i '~~d" ;'id~~·:::.Dave Linton. Square Danoing Frtday EvenlOg .............. HIgh S $900 In Scholarship Award8 Given at La8t Evening Com· mencement Exerci8e8 The forty-seventh annual commence­ment of the Swarthmore High School was held Thursday evening, June ,12, at 8 o'clock in Clothier Memor,.l. Dr. Paul Calvin Payne,. General Sec­retary of the Presbytenan Board of Christian Education, addressed the Class of 1941 which numbered 78. The program proceeded as follows Choral Reading by the class, Psahns VIII and XXIV, soloist Phyllis Simp SOil; Piano Solo, "Liebestraum" by Liszt played by Robert Toole; Sopra!,o Solo, "Joy of the Morning" by Harnet Ware sung by Mary Jane Blythe Piano Solo USonata in C Minor Op 10 No. I'" First Movement UAllegro mo" lto e con brio by Beeth ove"n p Ia ye d by Edith Salomon. The commencement address was fol lowed by presentation:; o~ award~ by Mrs. Frederick W. LuehrIDg pre:,d~nt of the· Home and School ASSOCiatIOn and Frank R. Morey, Supervising Principal of Schools. Barbara Blundin received the Home and School Association Scholarship of $300, Phyllis Simpson the First Swart~ more Symphony Orchestra Scholarsh,p of $250 and Lillian Lingle the Second Swarthmore Symphony Orchestra Scholarship of $200. The Class of 1941 Scholarship of $100 was presented to Elva Glenn and the Blackfriars Scholarship of $50 to Mar­gery Harrison. The Reader's Digest Award to Vale­dictorian went to Virginia Craemer, the Phi Beta Kappa Book Award to E,!,ily Noll the National Honor SocIety Medal for Service to Frank Hankins, the Hermine Meyer Memorial Award in German to Virginia Craemer, the John S. Kline M usieal Prize to Edith Salomon the Albett D. Spaeth Me­morial Award in Science to Richard Delaplaine, the Business ~en's ~so­ciation Award in Mathemattcs to Rich­ard Delaplaine, the Library Association Award in English to Virginia·Craemer, Woman's Club Award in French to Emily Noll, Rotary Club Award. in Latin to Nancy Henry, the Amencan Legion Award in Social Studies to Vir­ginia Craemer, the Award in Secretarial Studies and School Service to Marie Hazlett and The Swarthmorean Award in Jour~a1ism to Doris Lachey. The diplomas were presented to the class by George Schobinger president of the Board of Directors. The program closed with the singing of the class song with words by I?oris La~ke~ and music by Ford Wiggms. BenJamm S. Kneedler was at the console for the organ processional and recessional The officers of the graduating class are: Richard Brown, president; Robert Toole, vice-president; Margaret Shep .. pard, secretary j and Rosamond Jones. treasurer .• __ ...... ... __ _ • • See "Trade Wind8" Launcbed Guests of honor at the launching of the Swarthmore ~Iariner Ship "Trade Winds" which was held last week at the Woman's Club were: Mrs. L. T. Janda and Mrs. Harvey W. Bush of the Drexel Hill Mariner ship "Dolphin," Miss Blanche Robson and Miss Dorothy Buchanan of the Jenkintown Mariner ship "Welcome/' lHss Francis K. Brown of the Lans­downe Mariner ship "Sinbad" and. Cap­tain Ralph A. Pruett. Mr. AI Robmson, Mr. Phil Kotloff, and Mr. David .Gi,cse of the Upper Darby Sea Scout shIp 'U. D. Pilot," and Emelyn Hodge. ... Combine8 BU8ine88, Plea8ure Postmaster and Mrs. Alfred P. Smal­ley of Yale avenue left \Vednesday afternoon for Conneaut Lake Park, Pa . where the state convention of post­masters is in annual session. The Smal­leys plan to return to Swarthmore on I Sunday and then start on the local II postmaster's hvo weeks annual leave (which we'll bet WOll't be spent far from some Fisherman's Paradise) . Last Sunday they attended the an­nual picnic of the Delaware ·County Postmasters' Association held at Ogden in connection with the last meeting of the Association for this season. • • BU8iness Group To Plan 41h Arthur W. Binns of Binnsbrook, Rut­ledge was awarded this week -the Thomas Alberton Newhall Memorial Prize of the Haverford School which is given to "that member of Third Form who has been most distinguished General supplies and equipment furnished-Materials fo r special proj.e cts pal'd f or b y ,·ndiv,·du'"· ls. SwTahreth mJuonree Bduinsinneers s mAesestoinciga tioofn wthilel . for leadership, uprightness, honor, c:ou!1esy, sense of fair play, class SPirit, and loyalty to the school." Please bring this schedule with you when YOU register~ .' . f be held at 6 '.45 P. M .. next Monday, - - t but we can guarantee a salls actory Slight changes in the above pr<?gra~ maYh bdue Ineces:sUa'j; af..t bi'srh:cis~~:e~~n, June 16, at the Strath Haven Inn at and well balanced program. SWlmmmg Ie _~ •. es W1 e, Il~. I·i . which time plans for the annual local L __ .... == ...... _______ ,;;. .............. ==== ..... -;.;.· ........ _ ... ...... _ .. ___ .... __ ~I Fourth of· July celebration will be made,

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INTENTIONAL SECOND EXPOSURE 6 COMJ> ANY H SEEKS I NEW MElUBEUS n.'org .. lll1zt d 1I01l1c' (,U"II d I jllll Ahm Pro\ id.·8 I~IIJ(" P. C'· linunarv I r..aining (or Futurc Br.lf" ,'S \ t1rl\( 1111 l1l\\ IIH1I1ht.I" llIl IIJ..:: lllt ml'll 01 S" Irthm I t I II ,It I IIh 11 .... 1 hlCll qulllll" lOIllPIII\ II III l Iptall1 1 h I k \h l til d\ I I I r I tilt JOl II dl flll ~ III 11 , J I 1111 II til II IIIlII hlhH I till Igt I '"I I I "I) \t Ir 1 I t I It I dh "lIlllltt I JI ~Illl I ...... t II l t 1\ t. Sll \ U ICt tI IIlt)<.;1 C I "111, 111\ Itt I t ~ llh r "l1tLlpllll ~llll1ll\ \\It I mit tl1lt tIl 1'1111111' It hshllll'lIt of l011l\llll\ hr<.;1 fIlII I I JIll I • I C P IHI ... I1( HI of tlu Pr( .... Inh rllll Ho Irll or (hrl .. 111II I (hI( ItlUII "hit ,,,11 HI,lrl .... lUI II III ... h "'( huul I!r HIli II( s 114 xl \\1 (k Announces Classes In Clay Modeling THE SW ARTBMOREAN 19 LOCAL GRADS AT COLLEGE 1C1Ifll~ Jill"'. Ga,c Cia •• of '41 S"II,I·off ill Clothier Mon dav lUorning slUJl tftt!T tilt: crc"s of the four VISit IIIg ~f aT1l1t r Sll1P!O. had boardtd tin \ c sscl ~I Irgl n McCall of Drexel HIli ol)clJcd th(! c<.:n: non} \\lth a readlllg of :Sc I h.!\cr bl John ~llscfidd fol 10\\ed u) the thoughtfully \\ordcd pledges" cvohcd b} CTe\\S of M S SlIlh u.ld ~r S Dolphm J and M S ( \\ dcnuu; I hzahcth I U' MarmcT 1ft \1 Its Ct~th WIlli aI COlIJl1ItlJ(Ullcnt list of the Swarthmore CTf,:W dlsplaHd 11'~I:ll 2 S\\ trthmorl.: l (ll1t.:gc gradllllcd htr Ilrgl dmrt \\llh Its IInaglllatlVch ""f"", "llllt po; 1011 P Hnh'd (' In\ a ... s dcpJctlllg fradt hllfu ... ~J J( illS profc:ssOi llllcntus \\lIId ... Illd the fttlll s of her Crt'" II III tlIT\ II 111\('r(onl (oll1.:g<: 11} III , g 'I I II I \\, \\ N ' " I vohcd I" the guts thclIlo.;;cht till, 1«(ll ..... (lIll( lit C (:C(nOS , rtclted III UllIson their nc\\ slllJl S stn .... ul t, It.,' en IIlg 1H,t'd of the gual "" \ 'f II I 'f It. gc S I CfCU IIlCIIl)Cr 0 Ie I tIIet.. UII C l( l rs lip 0 I suprcllIch Mrs, r, \\' , [ k' gn: It pn phd 111 tins pnsul' CriSIS of I ,',lIl,',r ',"',' ral C , lilt.. sec ,0 JO ( It.' It.' 111 III C I III or storm 0 11I-.tof\ I III proplH.'t III s wi should not stn\ f tl I , III a I'ICI'OIl to fOil tdl the future hut a c) Or I,C t JIK,ltst ratlllg' III s~a I t'fSOIl \\ho \\ltll I profound g(!lIlUS has 11',',.~IlS lo'lr), "fl{ 0 C IlrtE'I"I~ ,C~I[lrsl' or f ... J) 0 SCrVlct.' II.:. a\ \\as lnt ught 11111,,(1 II1to par IlichslIl \\llh chos(1I In the Marmers to let IS tlnlf till ,ltqH.'<;t currents of IllS 19't' and can on c f II D k f I' lC \'Ith \1 .. 1011 the tHud and dlrectlOll ,',c, r 0, ,',t c.:c or d" I (:('rt,IIIlOIl) ( l 11) JOUSt.' n SOUII C( \\ I I !it' a I lHllts lilt! C III 1II110UIICc \\h It must chantlcs Sling' In Marlllers and SC?3 It. III to ('11 ure the true destuH ( f hl:o> S"",I I II I' I I I [ ... 111( \\ I I Il S acc I 0 Ollt: S 0 1 pit. - I gifted ... tat<.slIltll \\ho guult's the nllglllg of tht' sillp s hlll It 10 nlll1 till IIII' 01 st Itt. IIId settle!-i the prob tltt' Ultt.nals Colorful patnotlc and III (f hte not I" chanc<.: \\l1Ift ancl IIlutlca! tcl1lhlt'tlls mchul('d the 11(\\ \\t. 1111t.~r hut 11\ the lrght of I.'ll'rnal reat .'\I .rl •• ".. r II. I II \ ~ lIIl It. lit." I IIl<.:flcan CI1 lia" IIlfl II II e IIlHbt of \\h It IS stead sign presentell bJ the local D \ R Ih "tt.s \\11 It ought to he through Mrs \Vllham \Vard 3rd and Ilc llllllllcl th(. SlIprc:mc task 111 e\en moullted In C F \\oltcrs of the Pilot (n I 10 he st.'ung ho\\ the \\orld can be Comnlltt('e \\ l'l him: Marmer flags nhllllt Cltlllg \\ aslnngton and Ililcoin fle\\ from 1110Ullds of ICC cream \\hell I 1\\0 f the hest prophets of thiS type ('fCus 11\ a!-ihure for shore leavt' re nd ngrdtlllg' th It unfortullaleh our freshmellts tnlll h III not \c.:I producl.'d the SUllremc A senous moment drew the launch \lIhtlllO ('cn lizus ,~ril1 Inslrllc I t\I:Clr 1 I , b, mg n:remOII\ to a close as Sea Scouts .\ Ollls \\as presen e( as a cs lIld ~raTillers mustered around the hm JUNE 6, 1941 Hide for final colors together. afttr OfilCHS h Itl heen piped ashorc Guest \\Cft' unpressed b) the earnestness II 1 alertness of blue.: ulII(ormeu bo}s al I guls hcfon: the Slllgl1lg of the Marlll r ("race \\llIch dosed the laullchmg cer mUll) and the first lear of tl1ls 11(.\\ program for lug-h school aged g'lrls I S\\ Irthmon • I • NEWS NOTES I rancts I-abcr ~oJes d.lUghter ~f r tI1d ~J rs Carl ~s F No) e5 of P 11 nsh road and !\allC\ Arlllltage daugl tt.' r of Dr l1Id Mrs George 1... Arm t tgt of South Chester ro ld graduah I ~follda\ at tht CommencC'IIll;.I1t ( Br ulford ImHor Colle.:gc Bradfelr( M l~S Frallcc~ NOjlS was a solOist Sumll l' \ elllng at the antlual June conCel \\ Illch Is presented as part of the Com nell(CnI<'>lIt program ______ .-. __ .-..-.e=r A Cool. Comfortobk. Ooq P loce to Lunch or Dine SUBURBAN CAFE and co*cktail Loun,. Main Concoune. P R R Suburban StadOl'1 Lunch -from 45c Dinner-from 85c Cod tall Hours 3~ to 6~ P M Personal Supervision of UatT)' R Tu.'" ------------ Illlf\\lse.: )"hg Itl I\i.gullr Ittllld 11 II I fH\ nspcoJilc in COUtU"' lion k1lO\\ II Illd 1".10\ cd Quaker 11\ \~hose '" Ith StJllll1ll"r Uet r, .. IlIon In: (nee the.: eo11i.:ge happJl) recogmzed r;::;;;;;;;;;::;::;;::;;;::;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;:;;;';;;;;;:::;;;;;:::;;;;;==;;:;;:::::::::::::::::;:::;:::;:'::::::;:::;::;;;';:;:::;:==~1 P.ogr .. un tIllS (..)11 Ikl.'f IIIstltutlOn S si.:cond re LET US PIIEPARE YOUR WINTER GARMENTS FOR STORAGE Ihllrdl\ l\tlllllg" I tit: S"lltlllll t l11gl1 Sch ,lg'IlIllI"1111111 tXllllll II \tl (Irtl Ill" drL\\lIIg 1111\ he IlIrll1l'r 111111111111 I I 1\ 1I1t1lt Ir II t:-"I ttll! t ll11l1 ilO1l1l fr 111 schOll l lIIlJlI11\ Ii olhnl ... -llptllll I t It, III tIl( h'lIds of III st.hool clul ~Id..uf(h IIUllUllllt \ l \\ 1 nil II I Illgh ... cl (1 ... tl1lilllb \Ir ... 1 I l111 II lilt I :\ .rtl 11 I 111 I 11- UI I III I I1rn \\ t ... t 01 I>lll1l1son 1\ l'IlU(' IS IIrll S Sproll t.:lsh,t.1 t.1 Ihe S\\ IItl II llld III rlugh sclw 1 "'1 I I l' 111 tllllt: of stress lIld uar He lllli h I Inti the I-rlends' \\a, of meehng cn " I HI rec llleel to the gradu Ites of till (ollq~e th It \\lIh the preelons lcgaq 11 )(11 tht founder they \Hf<.: leavlllg S\\ Irtllllore 1II1rq.~lInented lIul frec to 11\( l t thl' 1<;:-.IIC<; of Ihe tnlles All Cleaned HeavJ Clothes RETURNED TO YOU IN SEALED l\IOTH-PROOF CEDAR BAGS Or you may place garments for season in our cold storage at mInImum charge CLENO-RE-NU·IT CO. We Call and Deliver 614 18 WELSH STREET CHESTER Phone Chester 6416 III rt ~ 111011 tI I Illk ;-jil(l Jlllst It Jl1 md p ISSl1lg 11t II (II tht I rospI.'CII\ e 01 thl S\\ ;-jrtllll1ore I"~ \ le\\ ••• g I he sp.r.' II.' gellllls of ~1111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111""I1I1I11I11",1II11111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111';: P III \ (l( gt I ox 11l thl lnglish rdOr11l1tton == == illfllthy "llfll11U n~~,'~:\ formerl) at 7th and Edgmont ( l Itlz I ,1,pftld tt: Id)(:r (f c I l)llnn \\ III hi 1\ IIllhlc to S\, Irt! 11 It. III II III Ig:t 011 tIll SlIlll III r I r gr 1111 t I til I'l(n ItlO11 Asso- ~:"j:;!:;]!!\ft::;~?:ii:.~'~~is~~~~ I Clw.ter', F~h"'n Cn, •• , I \\( rk If Uu thr groups meetmg the (lis "cnlle II Isters of tod l\ - [ceding 1000000 § § No\\ Lo('ated at 620 \\ elsh SI • dllldrt II a d I) m a \\ Ir tOfn country § § • S T llltll111 ( I rlul txt ~ hull hglln III Ihlul In III III h l1ltl 111((1 r IllS dirt ctlOll It IH hllh 1I1I11n" ltl thstnllS Illl 1I11lltt ,1111 t\ f llllIdl c I tl llhh hue.. pro sendllg hundreds of CO\\ 5 10 1I)other ~ § Ir ICtl I llIlIts and mcillcal rehcf 111 Join Our free Husler) I ; • J 'i.e 1 \tllln!! 1/1£ WIJIIC Club bllt till 1l R I l rtl 11 lIId pint oi \\ h It till J sec and (llht r Ill'" lIu.:es !§ '~. ===========~~===~I 1(\I 't l(( lilht 1 Ihllllsltgl l C II h \n1 \I\IIt ll ()lrintI ZIr Il'"t ed • NJOY \ In cluslllg ~Ir Jones declalCd [ha\e ~ III ule till'" h lSi) re\ le\\ nol to glonf} == tl! ISl \\h( II I\e.: done It nor the SocIety - hdllnd 11 htl to I1lh:rprct I \\a) of hfe == (;001 \\ lit 11 lit gr HIli it I fl III the PI.. lin ") h 11111 \c IIIl lll) of Il11e Arb 1\11- Illd I untr tI f lith \\ Inch sct.'111 to mc 11 ~ tll1.S epoch of "orld darkness essen - tl Iii) good and III the m 1111 prophetiC ~_= of the \\ l\ to rebUIld and reconstruct Lunchcon II I I (.rllz l \\ I \\ Inl II a I elltm tile.: sit \ttuul \\orld § (11 30 A lU to 2 PM) IIII' III I lin pc til 1 tl Stimson Pnz 0' DelICIOUS Dinncr (5 to 7 30 P 1\1) Dlll'lIlg Your Chester ShOltlnng SOjourn YELLOW BOWL TEA ROOM (,0(, St'ROUL S1ltEIl1 'Phone Ch("slt r 22115 STEAKS - CHOPS SEAFOOD Our SpeCialty Open All Night II Is t! II I gr 11111 II< of tht.' School 111«111 tn" \1.... t lit Ilt01l ~ J \mong t lilt r 111/('" 1\\ r I I to Cortlz IS \\t.'fl 1111 I ( 1 I"nzl 111 I llltlOlIal COlllpt I1110n I hilt .Ir 1\\ II g II Pl lUX \rb I fli ~(\\ \ r1 I I r lilt 1I1lr d sl111ptun till til< (n t \\ n \rt Ie IgUl h\ Inl hcle.:rc.:nce \\as made to the S\\arth :­morelIl\ crf01d football galIle sched ullt1 lor fall III \dl1ch thc best II.' tm ulll i \\ 111 mil 111 e.:r t of good f eclmg \\ III con = tlllUl llllllltt:rrulltcd ,~'" 1 he 'PI oltltmcnt of Prof cssor ~ :lher! <. t II I \\ t1kcr Prlllcctoll and H In Inl edu _ 11 cited 10 reh1111t the Department of ll11e III »11 (( tor at the == \rt I hi , S III I \11s next) e.: Ir \\ IS lllllounccd ~ ~111 It '-; I ! ! I t Irtun Har or == til t ,I t H t. t.'lIl,'" I \11 \hllllll1 contnbutlon of $1:lO<X) lor I~ " , , lhl pUI pOSl of mamtal1llllg educattonal == mill\ \ II II tttl!-(:It Irt til( , '" ,.,1, 1 •• 1 I " S \\01 k his heen III l( t: 1\ gilt h} Ul == 1 It I rill lIHt Ir If'" , I . \ JIl k \1 , , I , 1I1011\ 1110lls c10111 r 0 mone) lor III ont == \ II II tmll It la aug \t I '" I I S I I S I , dOOI audll< r111111 as p Irt 01 !l t: \rthur == fit n l c 00 == II l \, , , IltHt SCI tt IOHndatlO1l JIll) cnable == 1111 \\ IS t nllec N I'" ',\\ I "Ill xt June s COmlllCllCellH:nt to he hdd == .'\ l' SI lit .\ 11 t UIlI == 1111 tt Ii t:q r 111\ Ilt 11 111 thc 01ltll lIr § Irt I tll111rt I lhe tolltl\\l1lg \\Cre local lIl('mht'rs ~ I I the gr 1C11I IlIng: c1lss . , . \\ tlttr J Stott Jr I d\\ard lIan = huip;( Nf.u In Ilcn\.: I S I1l1m John \ntlhHl\ )'lll1t.'r 11 Be.:ll:'->on - r " 1 t III I \ 1,1 \\(hll h JI hn \\ Dclljllulle I uC) ~ \Itllill h.. () I'llgrl\l: \llnllllle Sllcro Carohne Undcr\\ood - IH \\111 I { Itllong th I J 1 lllns She.:ro :\largar(Ct Grahllll;;;; thl ~l I g til II \\ t1 \\t I h( \\ t t \\ hilt. 111 III Pluhp I \\ nod J IIIC I § ( II <II lllli SII dl I,H.:h Ird on John ).lark Rolml ~ 1111,11 SIIIOOI A;III) 101'1 I.E I.n \Ut \ IllS :-.011 l~lI.:h Inl 0\\(11 Snuth Samud :\1 ~ l'I\Ill)l1<1 Elkn I< \\11111111'0 IIckll§ KNS(OI{' locatcdnmougth lIces offer ~ounC'ool qutctplne('for!.tui~ md \Illlrt t. Ihatcher 1 (11th ~ r£'i x itt m Small clns,;('~ College lII:,lnlclors ~! I ter I \ 1m Jl Cl I uHI _ regular ('our es 111 l 10 wcek llld ;\lIss (.ahrIek C I ~ SIEUMEH S( lion. IltTlnhlrg fl rmerl) of Hamhurg Ge.:r ~ BEGINNING JUNE 16th " f ~ 1= MOle than the calls for CH' \ {.;r d IIIt(' h i\(> i}('cn rf'CCI I d n",'o"r)e\ IIH 1I1 \\ a nSl( ent 0 .:I\\arth ~=== \Vrite or cnll Swarthmore 1747 lor llir NEW c talo", KI\SIONIl SIIIIEI\1I1\1 SCI100I '0, n\l TI;\[OH.E PIKE ANO IINCOI N \VfNl f S\\ \ltTII:'.I()RI I . H I ~ '--'--:-=='--""====,,-,,--,,=""'-'==~=~~_-LI l\Iar~ners ave I BIrthday Program I ALWAYS, WHEREVER YOU GO, ON BUSINESS OR PIEASURE .. ,American Express Travelers Cbeques protect }our travel monel Spendable c:ver}\\here Re (Ieemed at full value If lost ,Ies(ro}c I or Molen uncoun {erslcneu by lOll Denomma Ions SIO ~'o 550 an I ..., 100 C sr 5 ns (or each s I 00 purchased HI,;hl} rc;commcndcd Very Widely lise I AMERICAN EXPRESS TRAVELERS C}f£'QUES are for sale ar thiS bank as a speCIal servICe to the public SWARTHMORE NATIONAL BANK AND TRUST COMPANY S, a Scouts and Nearhy Marmer I ShillS Jomed in Close of ~ First Year of "Trade ~ Wmds" Last Night .. ~t \\ 100 1111(blnpma.te.:s cnrJ Ii ll1(mhlr tIl IlcaI ~Iarllli.r Ship ~ II adl \\ l1l<ls h 1s Illull the jill t1 cf § It rt to pas ... t leh of the tests to acll1eve ~ til r Itmg \\It! a kLCn ambillon to ~ \\ Ird hCC01ll111g an Old Salt Bos ns ~ of Port and Starboard \Vatchcs I aura ~ I t.'C IIopkllls and Charlotte ).faas pre ~ st 11lt.:d httle anchor guards to thclr 5 uC\\ s eve.:1l1ng at the launchmg = l t rt III 1II) attachmg them to th(,lr ne,\ ;;;;;; \1 Irlner pill!': prc.:!':<,'nt("d hy the cre\\ of == \r S J)(llphm of Drexel HIli E AIR·COOLED for your comfort Cute Trick ... Cool and Pretty BROOMSTICK SI(IRTS = ~ I Cotton catel s to your coolness-and hel e It IS m chal mmg floral print. ed bloomslck skirt, Sizes 24 to 28 Guaranteed Washable SKIRTS i = ~ = = ~ You don't even have '" E to lion them Just,. Wh,Sk the skirt flOm = the tub. wmd It at ound : the blOomstIck and plesto I A pel manent '" Iy pleated sku t Dedi· ~ cated to hald \\eal § ~ i§: = ~ = = Broomstick Blouses § = 88e = C?sual batiste blouses to wear WIth ;' \11 1I11Pn:S51\(' color guard ceremollS = your blOomstIck skirts Sizes 32 to 38 \\ a plI"'forlm d 11\ Sea Scouts of the _ IlIld ... hlp 01 C I) Pilot at the \Vo ~ ~ >Its Speares for Better Sportswear 1_.8IIl. === man ... (Juh Folltm 1I1g tra(iltlonal form ==== at Greater Savinrs-Seeond Floor~ ;~:,::: "ffi" r, .lld gil' I, '" r, pIped ahoard '111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111011111111111111111111111111111Inllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllli 5W"I~ I HMflIH .. ((lIlrl.( . L I nl~,",I?Y f1'NAI"h") «)I I d SW"I~IHM'J1H. P,. THE SWARTHMOR£AN FLAG DAY TOMORROW DISPLAY COLORS VOL. Xln, No, 24 SWARTHMORE, PA" JUNE 13, 1941 $2.50 PER YEAR DR. OWEN L. SHINN U. OF P. MAN DIES Active MethOlhst Bad Been Resi· dent of Swarthmore Since ]919 New Parking Don'ts • Resldcnts arc \\ anled to read Borough Ordmancc No 448 puh hshed III the legal advertlslllg of tflls Issue \\ Ilich In lkes drastiC changes III the parklllg laws and establishes a pcnalty for Violators BOARD ELECTS MRS. ENDERS Negot ... t ... n" for Sale of Yale A.enllc Lot Slo"ed hv Widely n'ffering AI'l,ralsals HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATES 78 MEMBERS OF CLASS OF 1941 SPILLER MEETS BOARD 5900 In Scholarshil' Award. Ghen ut Last Evening Com· Dr I{obl.'rt E Splitt r preSident ot nlcnccnlcnl Excrci5cs Dr O\\en LoUIS 81111111 passed a\\ ly fuesday June 10 at Ius home 314 Laf~ t}ette avenue after four days' Illness lie had contracted a cold on Fnday and death resulted from broncllo pncu mOllla due to a chromc cardiac condl uon Dr Shlllll was lJ1Jured III an auto mobile aCCident a numlJer of years ago IIld for thc past year had been granted AS5l'mhiul III mcllO\\ lIlood ~Iolldav I1Ight me.:mhers of the School Bo Ird '------------------'Ilg:rallted the re.:quc"t 01 1II0the.:IS \\ho GAY PICNIC AIDS had pdltlollt.'d the t.'lIg Igeme.:lIt of I ~ec ond kllldcrgartc.'n teacher to III Ike pos I he ordlllance lJecol1les t: ITec tlve all JUlie 23 the S\\arthmore Home and School As I socIlUOIl outhlll(\ thl' dutle" and rc I he.: forty se\enth annual commence sponsti)llrtles of til(.' \anous mcmbers I ment of the S\\arthmorc High School of the hoard of dlrlctors at a mcet1l1g \\ 15 held Ihursd I} evelll1lg June 12, hcld 1 uesda) June 10 at the home of I at 8 0 clock III Clutluer ':\(cmonal Dr Paul r ( .. ~1l1111J11 Dr P lUI Cah Itt Paync (~llleral Sec CIRCLE RELIEF ~Ihk 1110Tllmg ses ... lons onl) fo «11te no statistics as to next \e 11 s kllldt.'f.!.~ Irten 1 he hoard of dln.:el rs I~ composed ret Iry of the Prcsln tenan Board of of the c1ectt.d oOlcers chaIrmen of the Christian 1 dllcaholl addrcs ed the lea\ c of absence from hiS professor lUll of applied chenllstn at the Um ,e.:rslt} of Pellnsyh allla on account of Annual Summer Outdoor E,ent Held Tuesday on Lawn of Seal Home 111 health A colorful plCI1lC held at 1 0 clock Born 111 PI1IIaddpln3 on July 30 1871 Iuesday aftcrnoon \\Ith tables shaded ! e was graduated from the Umversll\ h) bnght umbrellas on the la\\11 o[ )f Pcnl1sylvama \\ here he speCIalized ~f rs joseph Seat s Cornell avenuc III chemlstrJ and recel\ cd IllS degree of hOl11e saw another Se.:tnl annual c\ent doctor of philosoph} of the Frtendly Circle successfully raIse He \\as director of the UllIverslt,)! of money (or philanthropIc cntt.'rpnsc PellllsylvallJa Summer School for two \\ Ith1l1 the 14 square miles \\ hlch com ,ears, actmg director of the Harnson pnse Central Delaware County I aborator) of Chl'll1lstry for five years In the nelghhorhood of 200 towns lIId a member of the UllIted States women turned out to aid the 65 mem \ssay CommissIon under PreSidents hers of the Circle which qUietly meets 1 heodorc Roosevelt Iaft and Wilson many strangc and IInmedmte needs 111 Dr Shtl1n h Id also been chairman of thiS territory The group \\ Inch lJegan the Pluladelpl11a SectIOn of the Amerl \\ It It scarcely a dozen Swarthmore can Chemical Soclcty and officer 1tl thc \\omen recently celebrated the tenth University of Pcnnsylval1la Chapter o[ lllmversary of ItS orgamzabon the SOCicty of Sigma XI and nahonal Mrs Kcndall Sadler was 111 charge o[ presulent of Alpha Clll Rho thc food assisted by l\frs Harold G Localh he \\ as a memhe r of the Gnffin and Mrs BenJal11111 \V Collms Swarthmorc MethodIst Church of ~l rs Gcorge 'troxcll, of tickets Mrs \\htch he "a~ a trustee and had sened lohn Esshnger had the cake table as as chalrman of the board of trustns I~ted b'\' 1\[rs Arthur Hughes Mrs and as treasurer He scrvcd as a mem G'-.:orge Smith Ahss LillIan Boyt Mrs hef of the S\\ arthmore School Board Arthur R 0 Redgravc had the flowcr and was Its treasurer for three years table \\Ith )'Irs Harry Reynolds ),[rs and nas chairman of the S\\arthmore George Zl1nmer as assistants. Mrs COl1ntr} ,"reek PICIllC Assoc ahon for Han ej. R Pierce was 111 charge of the three ,cars \\Iute elephant table and ~Irs Samuel Dr Shl11n had retamed mterest III all ~r Dodd had charge of the luncheon Ill'. connecttons dc\otlllg tunc to man} tables and cit lIrs uhlch were lent b) l h lTIhe.:s and to the mamic.:nance o[ hiS the'S" arthmorc \Vomall s Club and a 10\ ely gardcn unlil ver~ shorqy before llumber of lIIdlvlduals h {1 Itl.. I Beg.nn~ra Start Ban Rolhng Survlvmg bcsl(ies ius wldO\\ f (htll :\1 last SUllday thc beglllllers depart ShlllTl are 1\\0 daughters Eleanor A mcnt of the PresbJ tcrJaIl Sunday and l\f I hzabeth teachers lilT the Up- School contributed a sum to support per Darby and S\\edesboro N J High h\o children 111 thc Fncndl) Circle s schools.. respcctlVely cahill at C lIUP Sunshme for I \\eek Dr ".0) N I-\.els(r \\111 conduct fn thIS slimmer The Circle IS waglllg a Heral sen Ices for hiS partsllloner at 2 rtr" (' for $-l4S to kee.:p Its cahill filled I dock this) afternoon Fnday lt Ohver \\ Ith counl\ clllldrcll needlllg Ilutntlon nair 5 11l I hlIaddphl1 Intermcnt \\111 lor the.: eight \\nks of the rhornton he III :\urth Cedar Hill cemeter) camp s season I rankf{lrd ___ ............ __ • NEAR GOAL 1 he goal tou ard "Inch the 1 hllnblc roup h LS heen \\orklllg-the provld ng 01 t h,l HllIg h.llchlll for Bntalll­s almosl III "Ig-Ilt I 0 date the sum ot '111947 has heen rabed The amount rcq\1lred b !iiI ~OO 1 reat for Would·h" T"irlers Curl) Ogde.:11 former big league IHtcher for the PIll I Hieiplill AthletiCS and till \\ ashmgton Senators has I rOlll1sed to gl\ e profcs;;)(lIlal ad\ ICC a coupI( of tlllle.: stills t a on to the base ball dl\ ISIOI of till' Suml1ll r Recreation Progr lin e.:nrolhut.'1It arc 1\ ulahlt.' to Po lrd or J)uhhc standlllg COllll111ttee<; h\' rcpresenta Class of 19-11 \\hlch numbcred 78 tl\e.:S o[ the teachlllg stitT md a reprc Ihe pmgrllll proccetie.:d as iollows sClltatl\C of the.: board of ('ducatlOll Choral Rcadlllg by the class Psalms \hhlC (randall I mlus u Ife uf Dr r he .... tllU I mg COlllllllttt.'l' c , lalrmell \ III and XXI\ solOist Pin III'" Sunp l~ohlft K Enders 01 the college f Icult\ arc program Dr P lUI I Gcmmlll I SOli PI wo Solo [Ieht.'straum h} w.s e1ectcd to tht: I)OSltlOll ),1 rs Enders fi rst vice tl1t ntent" 'I laS liP 1\ rs Llszt pla}e.:d In Robtrt It. ole Soprano has I)(.'ctl for four \ ears hcad teachcr 111 \\, '[ I' 'd , H .J a ter .. \ e Ills \.cyno s seC01J( \ Ice Solo Joy of the Mt rlll1lg h) arnct the Crcstmont Nursery Scht 01 III Ab presHllllt sehol trslllp Or lIor Ice H \\ art.' sung b) ~[Ir) Jane Blythe mgton and bdore that \\as lch\c 111 Hopkllls hosIJltaht} :\Irs George I Plano Solo Sonat l 111 C ~111l(lr Op klllderg utell and pre kllldergarten Arlllltagc publtclt) ).Ir John M to No I FIrst ~fovement Allegro \\ork III Schenectady N Y \\ ooster Pt:arson and grade group:; Mrs Ed\\!m 1110lto e COli brIO b} Bcetho en pla}ed OhIO Johns HOI)kms Unlverslt} and J F au 'k ner bv 1 dlth Salomon the Dela\o.:are (ounty nurser) school lhe elementary teachcrs rcpresenta lhe commencement addrcss was fol program She IS a graduate of the Col tae IS Margaret PflCt: Hannah Klrk lo\\ed bJ I)resent ItlOllS of a\\ards bv lege of \\ ooster She has also stu<itcd represents the 11Igh school tcachers ~frs Frederick \\ Luchnng preSident at the Mernll Pailnel School at Johns 1\[rs Raymond K Dell\~orlh tS the rep o[ the Home and School A::.s( (lalton Hopkms UIlt\!erslty the ~ltcll1gan Statc resentaltve apPollltcd In the School and Fr mk R ::\lore\ Super\lslIlg l'Ior ••• al cehoel and has hcr :Master s B , u oar< Prmclpal o[ Schools Dcgree 111 Cll1ld Psychology and Km Barbara Blundlll recc.:lved the.: HOUlC dcrgarten \Vork from the UnJ\ersttv of LOCAL GARDENERS WIN and School ASSOCiatIOn Scho1<1rslup of ~l1c1l1gan $300 Ph)lhs SII111'son the I Irst S"arth Under the plan olltlmed by thc School Although the premature bloommg of more SymphollJ Orchestra Scholarslup Board last 1\Ionda) ~largaret Price be tillS year s gardens depicted the Dela of $250 and Llih In lIngle the Second 10\ed kmdergartcn teacher for the past \\arc Count) Garden Clubs flower S\\!arthmore S}lllphOIl) Orchestra 17 years III the Su arthmorc schools will show as far as the planned for postes ScholarshIp of $200 hold mornmg se.sSIOIl 111 one school willIe uellt local horticulture enthUSiasts The Class II 1941 Scholar5111p of $100 ,:\frs Enders holds forth at the same managed to produce somc later bIos "a3 presentcd to l ha Glenn and the IlIllC III another 1 he Board stated 1\[011 ;;OI11S and carry off their usual honors Blackfrllrs Sdlolarsillp of $50 to ~1ar day evclltllg' Its plan to takc carc of at last week cnd s Rutlt:dge event ger) I-Iarrl!1on the long eXlstll1g nced for remedml ).Irs Percival Armitage 01 I-Iarvard 1 h(: Reader Dlgcst A\\ard to Vale readmg by havlIIg the two Inghly quah LVelllle received honorable mention J1l (hctonan "clll to Vlrglllltl CraetIlCr the fie.:d krnderg Irtcn lIlstructors assist With class 54 (ml1uature rcccptabIe of flow PIli Btta 1\. LPP I I,ook A\\ard to Emrly remedial readmg work 111 the afternoon er ... 110t over five Iflches) and a [ourtl ~01l the ~ tlonal Honor Society As teacher of SOCial Studlcs IIld Eng pnze III class 47 (v ISC of S\\ cet ,"VII ~I cd II for Sen Ice to ] rank II mkms hsh III the lugh school to succeed Paul- hams) lIld first PrIZC III CllSS 43 (for tllc Hlrl11111e )'le)er ~let11orJaI t\\\ard me Me.:\er McAlhster "ho reccnti) rc get me 110tS) 1tI Gcrllllll to Vlrgtllla Craemer the.: Signed the Poard elected Hcnrv F I-iof- M Harrv I Ue)llotds of Ha,cr John S Khne MUSical Prize to EdIt} mann \\ lto has been teachmg SOCial ford rsa H'nne \\as first pnzf" winner 111 S 110m on the Alhert D Spaeth Me StuUIt:" fUi t\ll l'l ~ l tllt.' ~aklil cll:'->S 52 (arrangement of white tlu\\er" mOrlll A\\ Inl 111 SClllIC t. i<lchald Ne\,. Jency High School "herc he also 111 a black contall1cr) first 111 class 61 Ddapla1l1i.: the Busme.:ss ~[Cll sAss IS asslstmg With the coachlllg of sports (arrangement of flo\\ ers 111 olle or more clatlllll \\\ Inl III )'Iathcmatlcs to Rich and dramatics He IS I gradulte of the shadl's of orl1lge )e.:llow or gold) thIrd Inl IldlpIalllc thl' I Ihrary As<;octattoll 11\ e ~ <: Ir education prep ,ratton course III class 53 (mllllature receptacle of \\\ Inl 111 I ngil5h to \ Irgllll 1 Cral' Iller of the UllIverslt} of Pellns)h uua ami flo\\crs not over t" tre.:e m)c les ane\ a' s o \\ omall (tuh \\\ Ird III I rcnch to has completed man, re.:fjlllfl'1l1ents for rcc('l\t.d honora II ' e mention 111 c , ass 54 I l111h ~()ll I,otan Cllll) \\\anl III thl' 1iastcrs Degre.:c At «liege he \\as ~frs \rthl1r R 0 Redgrl,e lllother I ItlU to :\II1C) lIllln the \Ilt:ncan Senatonal Schoiarslull st111enl a llIem I rc.:gular \\t1lller 111 flO\\Cr (hspl.\\s \\011 il'glOIl \\\ Inllll SOCIal Stud l to Vir her of the l: <iltonal Bo Inl of Punch first pnzl 111 class 54 st.:cond III class .:lIt g11lla Cr H mer tht A\\ Ird 111 Secretanal 10\\1 and f01 se\eral \llr 111 the C1St (arrlll,1.{tl1l('llt of gardell fll\\Cr ... 111 a Stmht: and Sch II St:f\ICt: t( ~fant: o[ Mask and \\lg IS \\lll 1 tt..:tl'e.: lit 1>0\\1) f)lIrtll III 56 (mltltatllrc rccept H1Zlctt Iud lhe S\\ IrthlllOrl III \\\anl toothall lIld hlschall cit I tltmtrs dlsp11)e.:d \\Ith mIrror) III J(llr II! III tl 1))lh 1 aeht..'\ ).[r (.eOlge 1 kellner hi heell lIId wurth 111 57 (Slll1l m11111tlln r(' lht dll 1111 \\tft pnst.'l1tl'{1 hi tht: elected as teacher 01 Jlc.:altl! III I Ph}:'->I ct.'ptaclc 01 Oo\\crs) lla In (.tOrgl s\.llOllIl1ger prt~l(lcllt cal EducatlOll for bOJ s III thl' npper de I • • t thl I l mi ot DIn (1< r... 1 III pu gr 1111 ment In and JlIlllor lugh school grades I J IIlle ... son of ).Ir lIut \Ir Rex d l I \\Itll tl IlIgHlg (I tht.' c1as and also to take charge of certamil Gan of 1TaHrlord avenue rc.:turnedl I].; \\Ith \\ )rl In 1))T1 I acke\ and III ase ot the re.:creatlOlI t1 I p)rtslh0111C Suuda, for It .... Sl1llll11t'r \aCalllll llIU IC 11\ I ltd \\lg!-(:1Il I t.:I]allllll I..; program after school ~rr I'lI1lle.:r I'" fr<lIl Ir\~erford College 1h..lltldhl \\ I It tht l II 01 tor thl.: (Continued on Page Nine) { rg III I r r..:l ... ol1al n<1 n II !>lot131 I ht itllt.r ... 01 till gl Itln Illlg cll"s In l'ld Ir I I ro\\ 11 IH I<lt nt l\.ohen I hc \\ork for tIllS cause \\as st Irted hS the 1 hlluhlc Group but frail the begllllll11g It "as IIltended to he a com nUIIll\ proJcct IIld the mobile 1Imt \\ hen pre.: ~ellted to Bnt 1111 \\ III hear tht.' name Thc S\\ Irthmore RoIlmg kitchen palllted on Ib sale \Vuhout the cooperation and response of the 1 eople ot the Borough It "Quid ha\c bct:n IIllpo!>!>thle to scnd such tangible (vidence of our S) Ill!) Ith} to the till lortunate.: Bnttsh Pt.'opti.: SWARTHMORE RECREA110N \SSOClAlION I \ IC J rl'slde II ~f Ir),!; lr t Sht p Jt Inl llft t In and 1,0 11Ill I I IOIle.:~ Tht.' ddlClt rema1ll1l1g IS cOmpara tnel} mall An,olH IIlterested III I elp IIlg to l hlllm Ltl It C III do so In ~end ng a ( llIlnhutlOli to ;\[rs I homa .. :\1 I acksoll In tsllf('r :\) amount s II u III III II h gr,tdulh rccu\ld • I • HEn CHOSS SEWERS JOIN lit gnllil \\I11(h h, ... het:n "'l\\lIlg lor th{ I, d Cro 1I1 \\ c{lne ... d 1\ the.: I flslntt.'rtlll Plrlsh lltu e Jom tht 1 m tid l} group It the \\ I man :; Clul) \\llllh "til continue throughout tht SU11l1llt:r I 1 hl \me.:nlan I q.{1 III AIlXlllar) hIs llnaeh tl r )\\11 It for t.'~ to the group \\lnch Ill{l t... from 10 \ 11 to 4 P :\1 111<1 It IS h IJled tll.t t \\Crs Irom othel t hurch~ s 11Id local groups \\ 111 come to glthtr II till "I1Hl Ilul lIId tllllt !h It Itr d gr lip Ilrgt '" P Ihle III l' l ntmUl t turn nt tht.' illle "ork \\hu..:h hiS C(lllt' he eXlllctul ot S\\ trthmor(' . , Wins Haverford A"ard Da\ 1S S hll111!> son of llr and ~lrs I \rthur \\ RUllIs of ll11lllshrook Rut ledge l\ as a\\ anled tIllS \\ eek the Thomas Alherton :\e\\hall ~(elnonal Pnze of the Ha\crford School wInch IS gIVen to that mcmber of Tlllrd Form who ha ... heen most distinguished for leadership uprightness honor CourtesJ. sense of faIr play class SPlTlt and 10) alty to the school ~ SUlllllICI D .. IY Cain" PI ogr~IJ11 S,x Week. (MOIul •• y, June 2.'l through 1,1"." • \ugust 1) Rcglshahon, 1\1011(]..", Junf 16 C"lfetcrlU, Coli. gc .. 1\. nil( ~~hool 9 :OO.11 '.10 A l\I. 1 ~().l 00 P M. ~--------------------- Ill ... Entire pl'ogralll \11,\ COlubulahon of ueltvlllCs I umh ullh om (luM - S5, lulh t\l,O children _ 88. nllh ~ nf mort - $10 l'roJI"CI NK ullruMlt 1r'f\{ tSr:~~hhl: ~IOI:: O,:I~ ::::::::::::::::.::::::::::.1J>) Illllh) S"'llIIlmll~ I)all\ fell III!! ........................................ ······· (1lml' J)lh ? IIHI 1 \l lr 4 II I (I, Ir I )) , \I 23 through I allor J):n) Softball uul 011 .. r { I hrough J Ilnr Ih)) f. lInc".' .................................. · .•• · ••.•... J) II h B ......3 11 ............................... ·.. ····.·········:1 u~:,-> and 1 hur I \ll1111g lIuult 1'.'['''' (.lrls< ..•.•••........ " ........................... , .... Dalh (I X( pi 1 ues ) Uo, :'->-(.' lit r .. I ......................... . IIl1ltilrtfl... \\ In dl' alld I wlay ~ltHh I !\11klllg ~ I II la) t HI 1 hm :,->day Umulil Ihl " .. rid Dal1clIlg \ Ie IIdaJ Tumbling nnd Acrohatu"!:!! Noture Stud, I lit cla\ ;\Iodchng OIlId Sclll,uurlng ..... , ........................... \\ edlll'sda\ \ II Ig \ II a)..! \11 "' S I I I up\\ lnl lid 1 \ II d I al I III \\ ani I., Ill" <"oIrl::. \ 11 II.! \ II Igl \ II .g Tfuc1lfr Vlrg-1I1Ja ~e\\kllk I (hth 11)I{r It (' C In I OlUSl I) til 1... lrk Stulrt JI He \\ lltmer 1 ll/t:rlll 11\lng' tOil Dtlk 110 It It hn Pitman ] oh l\lul I Irl 1a,lor I till rn I 1\ 11Ig'st 11 111Zlfl 1l\11~"t 1 I llZt fI I l\ IIlg ... t II \ltx \\ hit :\f rand ).1 rs I I 1\ I Igston Pamung I rlda) Square Dan("mg I nda) I \el1mg \11 aJ..::cs II Igh sdw II and older \nt01l10 Cortlza<; I lorence Tricker Davl J~lIlton General supplies and eqUipment fun\lshcd-~latcflals for "penal IlroJub Please hrmg thiS schedule.: ,\ Ith vou when you register Shght changes III the above program Play be necessarJ. atter rcglstratl(lIl and \\el1 halanced program ~nJlnmt11g schedules will b<.> puhhshcd later paul for h} 11ldl\ Iduals but \\C can gllaranlu a satl:-.factof) tftllrll Sc C ~~11 mit Lc.lullrhed I (lit t 01 II ::1::1 ::r:-:,::I--;;I '"l· IlU\I{ I ng ot till s\\ II 1hll1 r ~I Irlm r Ship Irade \\ md \\1 It \, I hdd It~t \\('ck It tht \\ llIlIl lI11h '\l n \lr I IltHll 111<1 ~I r IIlrH'I,: \\ 1111 ! tI iJr XII Hili ~Iarllltr I lUll j) 111 n ~II Bl mh~ 1I1~1 I)rtl, Sll "1\ I \\ II ~I ! 111 ( I (.Il t: I p l \IIJ d P ~m II Illl \\ htsdt h 1 lrk PI I\lltl n I post , , 1111 II II t I I I Ii StH d II t ntllr I I I tin I I \\ II ! 1 s\\ It I lTl ( t rt 1 tl 1 l I \\ t I nnu t1 lcave \, I l h t fa Ir t11 IIll I I hl rmall s P Irad l; I a t ~1lI d~, the\ attendt: (I thl III nual IICIllC ot till Dd luare Cc unt\ Po tma:'->tt.r \ lll:taUnll hlld It Ogdlll III CI Illlt:tltil \\Ith the last ll11ltmg' ot thl \:-':-'OCI;-jtlOll for thIS :'->t.'<tSOI1 • I • Busines. (,rou!' To Plan 4th l ht JUlIl dmlllr Illlctll1g t\1 the S\\ Irthmorc BlIs1lle~s \s~oclatton wl11 he held at 6 45 P ~( next ~ronday j1l11e 16 at the Stratll 11,1'\ en Inn at \\ Inch tl1nt plans for thc annual local Fourth of Jut) celehratlon \\ III be made

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I ",. • TBE S1V ARTBHORI:AN JUNE'I1, 1911 r----------------.--------~--~~ . ,." PERSONALS Burgess and Mrs. John H. Pitman 01 Vassar avenue left Tuesday for a two-week trip to Denver, Colo. where Dr. Pitman will officially represent the local Rotary club. Samuel W. Mitchell son of Mr. and Mrs. Ferris W. Mitchell of Strath Ha­ven avenue graduated On Monday of this week from Haverford School. Samuel will enter Cornell University in the faU. ing at the reception following the ceremony will be Mrs. Richard Prewitt, Mrs: Richard Wilkinson, Mr.. Theo­dore Widing of Rose Valley, Mro. Howard McCone of Swarthmore, Mrs. Raymond Hunt of Westgate Hills, Mrs. George Clapp cf Media, Mrs. Ellis Bishop, Mrs. Robert Bishop and Mrs. David Bishop. After an lI·day cruise the newly­weds will be at home in Detroit. Charleston, S. C. The alhers were Lieutenant Robert W. Shlw, Lieuten­ant Russell Duncan, Lieutenant Wil­liam Pace, Lieutenant Richard M. Day, Lieutenant Richard Quigley, Lieutenant John H. Partridge, all of the Marine Corps, and Robert Humphreys and David Greene of the United States Naval Academy. The mother of the bride wore a white-accented dre.. of DaY)' blue eut in simple line. with white ac:c:esaories. Mrs. Ewing chose a frock of Jl'rencb blue silk-jersey with a matching hat and a corsage of orchids. • I • Birth Mrs. Phil Smith and daughter Peggy a"rrived Tuesday evening to visit Mrs. Smith's brother-in-law and sister Dr. and Mrs. I ... uther M. Dimmitt until the first of next week. They will be joined iater by Mr. Smith who will return with them by motor to their home in Ful .. ton, Mo. Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell entertained Monday evening at a dinner party in Media after the graduation exercises. Thomas Jackson son of Mr. aDd Mrs. '1'. M. Jackson of Park avenue grad­uated from Haverford School this week. He expects to enter Cornell Uni· vcrsity next fall. Mrs. MaxweH has been a member of the faculty of the Germantown Friends'j ii'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''========= .... =========''''=;1 School for eight years and her wide Mr. and Mrs. George L. Tone of Wallingford Hills announce the birth of a son David Anderson Tone on Fri .. day, June 6 in the Bryn Mawr Hospital ;. I Mrs. David McCahan 01 Strath Ha­ve; l avenue left today for Chambers­burg, Pa. where she will participate in the 20th reunion of her graduating . cjass of Wilson College. Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Griest of South Chester road entertained a few friends with a supper party Saturday evening. Mr. and Mrs. C. Irwin Galbreath and daughter Jean of Benjamin West ave­nue will motor this afternoon to Balti­more. Md. to spend the week-end with Mrs. Galbreath's parents Mr. and Mrs, Charles Horner. Jean Wiggins daughter of Mr. and Mrs. B. C. Wiggins of Vassar avenue will leave this week-end for New York where she will be maid of honor for her cousin Miss Marjorie Clare Chinski whose marriage to Mr. Robert Clyde Hargrave 01 Shreveport, La. will take place next Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. Jacob F. Meschter and daughter Kathryn formerly of Dickin­son avenue are now living at 31 Look .. out road, Mountain Lakes, N. J. hav­ing returned last from Illinois. Mr. and Mrs. S. Milton Bryant and family of Dickinson avenue spent Satur .. day at Bucknell Univ,ersitYJ Lewisburg, Pa. attending Mr. Bryant's alumni re­union. Dr. and Mrs. J. Alfred Calhoun who formerly lived at 621 McGill road have moved into the home previously oc­cupied by President and Mrs. John Nason at 530 Walnut lane. • • June Bridal Party travels have made her a well received speaker by many organizations in this section. Mr. Pretz graduated from Pur­due University. :.=::.:.. .........~. -- Shaw - Buchanan l\'liss Norma Buchanan of Philadel­phia became the bride of Mr. George F. Shaw, Jr. son 01 Mr. and Mrs. George F. Shaw of Park avenue for­merly of Norwood at 8 o'clock Friday evening June 6 in the Lutheran Church, 57th and Christian streets, Philadelphia. The young couple will reside ,at 5639 Catherine street, Philadelphia. The bride graduated from Carson College. Mr. Shaw is a graduate of Glen-Nor High Scho-o.l.. ,..-.......- -- Aikeu - Wilmer On Saturday afternoon, June 'I Miss Margaret Ailes Wilmer became the bride of Lieutenant Edwin Clark Aiken, U.S.M.C. son of Mrs. Alexander Ewing of Dartmouth avenue. The ceremony was performed in the lovely garden of the bride's parents Mr. and Mrs. Pere Allison Wilmer of Stone House Farm, CONGRATULATIONS On a Thrilling Step! • RUSSELL'S T'.re$fone SERVICE DARTMOUTH & LAFA'!EI"I'E AVES •• Phone .w.o "We Don't Sell Cc,,·.-We Sel'fJice Them" Dr. Edgar S. Gilcreest of San Fran­cisco, Cal. spent the week-eod with his brother and sister-in-law Mr. and Mrs. Oscar J. Gilcreest of Harvard avenue. Mrs. Joseph Reynolds of Half Acre, Oberlin and Dartmouth avenues, will be matron of honor at the marriage of her sister Miss Elizabeth Irene Michael and Mr. Boyd Weaver Stauffer. The bridesmaids will be Mrs. John K. Stauf­fer of Narberth and Mrs. Charles E. Black of Rutledge. Mr. George A. Stauffer of Swarth· more will be best man for his brother. The ushcrs wiU be Mr. John K. Stauf­fer, Jr. brother of the bridegroom, Mr. Harry C. Bryne, Jr. of Overbrook, Mr. Joseph Reynolds and Mr. John Metz­gar of Hatboro. LeMesrbsu. rAg,i kVean., who was given in mar- ~~~~~~;;;;~~~~~~:;~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ riage by her father, wore a white tulle gown trimmed in lace, with lace falling over her hands from the long tight net sleeves. The finger-tip length veil of tulle was supported by a coronet of orange blossoms and her old-fashioned bouquet was made up of gardenias and garden flowers. Mr. Albert S. Johnson of South Chester road will have as his guest yoyagers aboard his boat this week-end three fellow townsmen: Messrs. Robert Coates, Arthur B. Lawrence and Oscar J. Gilcrees!. Dr. and Mrs. Townsend Scudder, III, and family of Elm avenue have left for their summer home at Yelping Hill, \Vest Cornwall, Conn. The wedding will take place on Fri· day, June 27 at 7 P. M. in the Swarth­more Methodist Church. The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John E. Michael. • • Returns To Wed Here The maid of honor Miss Marguerite Rowell of Falls Church, Va., WOre a bouffant dress of yellow lace, a head dress of yellow daisies and cornflowers, and carried a bouquet of matching flowers. Mrs. Aiken's bridesmaids, Miss Elizabeth Ogilby and Miss Nell Alex- Mrs. A. B. Lawrence of Cornell ave­nue has been spending some time in Boston, Afass. with her sisters Miss ~[ay Sanborn and Mrs. John Rose. Mrs. Thomas Downes of Springfield will.entertain the local duplicate bridge dub at luncheon and cards this after noon at the Strath Haven Inn. The Rev. Alberto Avila of Vassar avenue left for Grants, N. Mex. where he wiII take charge of the Congrega­tional Church of Grants and the sur­rounding territory for the summer months. Mrs. Avila will remain in Swarthmore with her parents Burgess and Mrs. John H. Pitman of Vassar The;; marriage of Mrs. Genevieve ander wore dresses like the one worn Maxwell of Germantown and Mrs. by the maid-of-honor in cornflower Philip Pretz of, Detroit, Mich, will take blue and flowers identical with hers. place at 11 o'clock tomorrow morning, . Mr. Aiken had as his best man En~ Saturday, June 14, in the garden of the. SIgn Edward J. Foote, U.S.N. of home of Mr. and Mrs. J. V. S. Bishop I-~-::--::~---=----~:--­of Harvard avenue where the bride Jived for many years. I a\'enue. The Quaker ceremony will be 'Used with Mrs. Chester Roberts and Mrs. Roland Pennock of Swarthmore. Mr. Christian Pretz and Mr. Richard Pretz of Detroit, among the overseers. The maids of honor will be Miss Margaret Maxwell of IndianapolisJ and Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Black of Jean and Suzanne Peetz. Rutledge entertained last Friday eve­ning with a miscellaneous shower in honor of Miss Betty Michael and Mr. Boyd Stauffer whose marriage will take place June 27. Mr. Richard Prewitt of Lansdowne' READ THE NBWE8T BOOKS. and young Toby Maxwell will be best! FLOWER SPRAYS TO ORDER men. UJi;hers will include Mr. Richard­son Wilkinson of Detroit. Mr. Ellis Bishop of Cranford, N. J., Mr. Robert Bishop of Germantown, Mr. David Bishop of Swarthmore, Mr. Vincent Bush of Moorestown, N. J., and Mr. Henry Parrish of George School Mr. and Mrs. Bishop will receive with the bride and bridegroom. Assist- ~fr. and Mrs. William F. G. Swann (Ii Ogden avenue will entertain the members of the Bartol Research Foun­dation and the Swarthmore Symphony Orchestra tomorrow evening at their annual buffet supper for these two groCuhpasr.l es Swann will return home from III~~~~~~~~~~~ Harvard University for the weelc-end in order to be present at the supper. • I Mrs. E. Grafton Carlisle, Jr. returlled from Montreal on June I with her daughters Diana and Penny Sue to visit her parents Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Baker of Afcrion and attend the mar- Starts Today riage of her sister the former Miss uTOPPER RETURNS" Marie Baker to Mr. A. K. Schoen- JOAN ::NDELL berger of Clarksboro, N. J. on Saturday ROLAND YOUNG last. Diana was train bearer in her BILLIE BtJRKE aunt"s wedding which was held at 2 PATSY KELLY o'clock ill the afternoon at the Zion DENNIS O'KEEFE Evangelical Church in Clarksboro. The ~~;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;~ newlyweds hope some day to build a f home on the lot adjoining the Carlisles' home at M uhlenburg and Amherst a,·enue, Rutledge which was a wedding gift from the bride's father. Captain Carlisle flew down Thursday and ac­companied his family back to Canada by train 011 Sunday. Eva Worst of Cornell and Harvard avenues and Louise Servais of Dick­inson avenue will entertain a small group of their ninth grade classmates with a swimming party this afternoon at the horne of Eva's grandfather Mr. John G. Pew 01 Moylan. MANOR FRI. &. SAT. BOB BOPE BING CROSBY OOROmY LAMOUR "ROAD TO ZANZIBAR" MEDIA Friday - Saturday and Sunday BING CROSBY BOB HOPE DOROTHY LAMOUR "ROAD TO ZANZIBAR" Added: A Pete Smith Specialty Cartoon in Color, and First Run World"s News Monday - Tuesday (No Matinee Monday) BUDABBOTI WUOOSTELLO "ONE NIGHT in the TROPICS" wi .. ALLAN JONES, NANCY KEU Y MARY BOLAND Extra: - Mardo 01 'I'/me STARTS FRIDAY VIVIEN • LAURENCE LEIGH • OLIVIER In "That Hamilton Woman" STARTS TUESDAY MERLE • MELVYN OBERON • DOUGLAS In "THAT UNCERTAIN FEELING" OF Bruce TUESDAY &: WEDNESDAY MERLE OBERON DENNIS MORGAN In "Allecrionalely Your.h TRtJRSDAY &: FRIDAY "SINGAPORE WOMAN" With BRENDA MARSHALL DAVID BRUCE FRlDAV GEORGE MUtlPIlY L1ICILLE BALL In "A GIRL. A GUY AND A. GOB" SATURDAY BOY ROGDII In "'I''''' SIoeri, 01 To"",,"~" FATHER'S DAY JUNE IS!!! lIandsome 17 .. jewel Elgin De Luxe. 137.50 ELGIN DELUXE 17 JIWILS Say 'Pth~nksn to Dad in a way he'll long appreciate-give a bandsome new Elgin De Luxe. Everyone of these rugged, 8tar­timed watches is a thing of beauty ., their accuracy is in­credible. See ant complete stocks now. Prices from laS.OO. Wll..TSHIRE BROS. 100 E. Slate St. Media 'Phone Media 2239 Father's Day • SAI.UTE DAD THE AMERICAN WAY • June lS SUGGESTIONS • Tie., B.lta, Shirt. Hankl ... Jewelry WaDets, Keyea ... Interwoven Bose Palm Beaeh Suits Jantzen and Wikfes Bathing Suits Slacks and Slack Set. BUCHNER'S r-.·-..-----------...--...-----------..--....-.~-..-.-.-..-...--..--, ! I ! I I SUCCESS . ! I I I ! TO THE ! I ! ! CLASS OF 1941 ! !! ! . ! With the sincere wish that all your ! ! ambitions will be fulfilled. ! ! ! ! B. J. HOY ! II I 5 and lOe Store . ! 2 Park Avenue Swarthmore· .. i ,', .. ,; ----.-----_. -.-. - - ----~-- _ ---'. -:, '7 r~~'~;;'. ; .);~.;. , ~J";;.· ;~;TH;;E~S~W~A~R;TH~M~O~R~EA~N~;;;;;;1f~,~~B:',.~. =~ ~~=.:Y... A;= ·TO~·a=·~::~=o~·:t':;:=·::~·~~~~·f.====~iH;;B~"'iBE~I~'S~CAil.~; ..;. ~d;=====ll! PUBLISHBD BVBRY FJlIDAY AT SWARTHMORE, PA. Y THB 8WAIITHIlO.B4N, INC .. PU.USHB. The tent of tent caterpillars func- PII8 Day smm4V, .nIIIII Ia PHONB SW 4.THIlO.B 900 tions as a protective device against the ••.•.............•...••••.•...••.•...••••. PBTB. E. Tow, Editor M.uuOIllB ToLD, Auoci4k EdilDr activities of parasitic ins.ctl. Naked 11.00 A.IL-llornlDe WombI~~~~: •• ~ •• ~~ •.••••••• _ •••. Loca1 Oh_ ROSALIE PEIB80L caterpillars, living fully exposed on the . d I f h· . I MONDAY, ..n;nq: 18 Entered .. Seco.d CWa Mauco., JIDUUJ :H, 1929. at the POOl tWIgS an eaves 0 t eJ< partlcu ar 8.45 P.:II. - Bualn_ A_tton •••••••••••••.•••••.•.••••• Stratl> Baft" Inn 0Bice .1 Sworthmcne, Po., and .. the Act of JoIucb a, 1879. food plants, are targets for several - - - kinds of flies and wasps, the females Tl1B8DAY, .nIIIII 11 FRIDAY JUNE 13 1941 10.00 A.IL 10 • .00 P.IL -1IocI oro. BoWIng .•••••••••••••••••• Woman', Club ., of which lay eggs upon or within th. TBUBIlDAV, .JtINB l' unprotected larvae. The eggs subse- 8.30 P.Il.-PreobJle,rlan VO\JD8 Woman', A88OCIatlo" ••••••• 11D_1JIII hom*o Triuity Pariah Noles The Building Committee reports much interest in the plans for relining the Church. A general Pariah visitation will be made but several members have already made generous contributions. The treasurer of the Building Fund is Sergeant B. Brewster. A "Thermo­meter" designtd and made by Edgar F. Adams, has been hung in the Church and shows the amount subscribed. Ellwood M. Rowand, Jr., has been appointed chairman of a committee to keep in touch with all men of the Par­ish who are serving in the Army and Navy. All Church School students, and their parents, are invited !o the annual Pic­nic at Friendship Hill FarmJ Paoli, on next Thursday afternoon and evening. Parents wiil supply transportation for themselves and children but those who cannot do so may apply to W. E. Het­zel. Jr. who will arrange for space in other cars. All who expect to attend are asked to check in at the Church at 3:30 o'clock. The. Choir awards were made last Sunday. The Putnam Award for the month was given to Roger Marsh. The Weston E. Fuller, Jr. Memorial Award for Attendance was given to William Huey. The Weston E. Fuller, Jr. Me­morial Cross for Meritorious Service was divided between W. Cornell Arch­bold, Jr. and Allen HunL Last. year Cornell Vlon the Attendance Award and he had a perfect record for all services during the winter of 1940-1941. Special awards were given to Jack Chiquoine for faithful service and to R. Heberton Butler for his loyalty to the choir extending over a period of nine and a half years. The Choir also pre­sented Mrs. Allan W. Carpenter with a book, properly inscribed, as an ex­pression of -sincere appreciation of her ,services in the Choir. Thf! rector expressed his appreciation to Frederick A. Knapp, the organist and choir .. master. to all members of the Choir and to the Choir-mothers. ,Mr,~'A. M. ~ryd~n. and Mrs. W: J. G. iF-rankJ ,as. well as to Mrs. Robert A. ShepPard who has assisted them at special services. • • Pr~byterian Chllrch Notes ing awards last Sunday morning: Bibles-Mary Dean Corse, Jeryl Faulk­ner, Bruce Warren Godfrey, Alvin J. Herr, Jr., Lynne A. Leach,. Nancy Boyd McCurdy, Walter Edward Med­ford, Jr., Shirley Smith and Alva Wood Stuart, J r; Books-Polly Randall Har­rison, Richard Smith McCray and D. Richard Terry . The following awards were made to the members of the Junior Choirs: Hymnals-Rosemary Argyle, Pauline Deacon. Harriet Gilbert, Joan Faulk­nerJ Peggy KeenanJ Margaret Jane Minick, Ann Perkins, Alice Putnam, Barbara Ann Schobinger, June Ullman, Ruth Waguer, John Halliwell Reynolds; Crosses-Betty Laws, Janice Wherry, David Morey and George Warren; GOld Medals-Ann Afton Argyle, Mardy Jean Crosby, William CrisweU Moore, Stephen Blunt Smith; Hon­orable Mention-Waldo Fi.her, Charles Andes, Paul Williams. I I Melhodlet Chureh Notes The Church School w\l1 convene at 10 A. M. during the summer months. At the worship service at 11 A. M. the minister will preach on the subject 4'The Romance of Grace." The Epworth League will hold its picnic _ on Tuesday afternoon. Appropriate exercises will be held for the opening day at Camp Innubah, June 21. This is the camp of the Con­ference Board of Education and is lo­cated at Pugbtown, Pa. Various con­lerenees for young people are held here during the entire summer. The camp remains opens until the last of September-. -.................- - ChriBtian Seienee Church 41God the Preserver of Man" is the subject of the Lesson-Sermon in all Churches of Christ, Scientist, on Sun­day, June 15. The Golden Text ;.: "The eternal God is thy refuge, and under­neath are the everlasting arms" (Deu­teronomy 33 ;27). --..;.., ...,. .- -- NEWS NOTES Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Crossen and daughter Barbara Ann moved on Mon .. day from their home at 600 Harvard avenue to the Davies home at 323 Ce­dar lane. 1'he Crossen fonner home has Sunday morning at 11 o'clock the been purchased by Mr. and Mrs, fifth of the sermons on "Questions Men George Plowman of the Swarthmore are asking about Religion Today" will Apartments who plan to move into be 'presented on the subject "Will the th~ir new dwelling sometime in July. Church Survive?" Tomorrow, if the present furloughs All departments of the Church School arc not postponed, Private David Gil­will meet each Sunday morning during creest of the 106 Field Artillery, Bat .. June and July at 10:15, for the Junior tery B at Camp Shelby, Miss. will visit Church worship in the Church. This his parents Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Gil .. Sunday the soervice will be conducted creest of Harvard avenue for a short by the Primary Department. vacation. The Trustees will meet Tuesday eve- Mrs. SeweU W. Hodge of Ogden ning, June 17, at 8 o'clock in the Church avenue and Mrs. George Fox Corse of Study. .. . Yale avenue will be co-hostesses to the Th.e ~ IsslOna.ry,. Com.mlttee of the Summer Bridge Club today at the home Woman s ASSOCiation wJll meet at the, of the former. home of Mrs. George L. Van Alen, 211 M F d' A th I Park avenue, Wednesday morning, ~r. and rs. re eflck n any 0 June 18, at 10 o'clock. All members are Sprll~gfield ~ormer1y of ~warthmore en­urged to be present. terta!ned wJth a sIl!all dmner party last The Young Women's Guild will meet eventng when theIr guests were Mr. for supper and a regular meeting on and Mrs. Robert Dallas of Prospect Thursday, June 19, at 6,30 o'clock at P~rk and Mr. and Mrs. Fred Getz of the home of Dorothy Underhlll, Har- Hlg~land Park. vard avenue and Fairview road. Mr. BIll Gorman son of Mr. and Mrs. A. David Braun will be the guest of the B. Gorman of Princeton avenue re­Guild. turned home last week from Lehigh The Session will meet Friday evening University for his summer vacation. at 8 o'clock, June 20, at the home of Bill left today for Camp Meade, Md. Elder H. L. Smith in Wallingford Hills. where he will spend six weeks at the The Church School made the follow- advanced R.O.T.C. camp. 1\:[rs. Gorman and Ann will leave to­morrow morning for Shenvood Forest on the Severn River in Maryland where SWARTHMORE PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH they have taken a cottage for the sum- Bev. David Braun. :wntster mer. Mr. Gorman will join them on CHURCH SERVICES 10,15 A. M. -Junior Church. week-ends. 11,00 A. M. - Momln!f, Worahlp. Sermon topic: • WUl the Church Sur.. Airs. Roland G. E. Ullman of Har- V!ve?" vard avenue will entertain this after- Ro ~~TD~te noon at a luncheon for Mrs. Frank 10,00 A. ~_ Church 'SchoOl r Perce of Arlington, Mass. Mrs. Perce 11.00 A. M. -Morning Worshtp. Sermon is visiting her son-in-law and daughter ~~~;, "The Romance of I Mr. and Mrs. Harold G. Griffin of Rutgers avenue. 11:00 A,M.- Airs. J. Paul Brown, president of the ~~~~~~r \Voman's Club, called the Board of the ~~~A~'~~~iii~ -Sewtns: and BoX lunCheon. I Ctol uab maenedt inthge i nC hthaierC mleun bhoofu sceo mWem idntteeses-day morning and afternoon. At noon the groups were entertained at a Rev J. luncheon at the Ingleneuk by Mrs. Brown. Mrs. Robert L. Coates was a guest at the afternoon meeting. Miss Doris Orem of Westdale ave­nue has retnrned from Maryland Col­lege for Women, Lutherville, Md. where she attended alumni and com­mencement activities last week. Miss \be Orem was president of the class of 1940 at !he coUege. quently hatch, live at the expense of the caterpillar, and eventually emerge as adults of their own kind. The cater­pillar meanwhile has diedJ a victim of its inability to protect itself against in­sect invasion. Tent caterpillars, therefore, have less to fear than ordinary caterpillars. They have armed themselves against parasites and against all birds except Cuckoos. This has permitted them to become overly abundantJ a proof, one would think. of their success in com­batting ordinary threats to butterfly and moth larvae. Is there, then, no weakness in their organized conquest upon the foliage of wild cherry tree.? Of course there must be--<ltherwise they would Soon become 50 ahundant that there would be room in the world for nothing but tent caterpillars. Since many_ are killed each year, one wonders what the most effective lethal agent can be. In this case it i. a virus-a tiny frag­ment of reactive material smaller than the ordinary microbe. Due to the ex .. istence of such a virus, tent caterplllars suffer epidemics of a fatal disease, these plagues being especially seVere during years of the caterp\l1ars' great­est abundance. Diseased worms simply wilt away in their nests. Entire colonies may often be found in wbicb not· a caterPillar survives, although there are plenty of leaves remaining on the tree and no holes in the tent attest to the visit of a ravaging Cuckoo. These dead cities proclaim the cru­cial weakness of tent caterpillars' miU­tary plan: over-populaiion. But how otherwise is it possible to conquer the world? C. BROOK]\ WOP!tU. 11 • Letters to the Editor Keeps Uti Hello Swarthmore': Arcadia, Cal., June 27, 1941. Yes the Waltons calling and wanting to tell their friends at home tha! we have changed east to west, have had a nice trip, and are now' among the flowers and groves of California. Left Swarthmore Monday, May 19 and drove through the finest farm country in America to Hagerstown, Md. Then over route 40 through the beautiful mountains to Washington, Pa. Tuesday through 'Vest Virginia, Ohio, and part of Indiana to the little college town of Greencastle. Lovely, dark, rich soil in Indiana. Wednl!sday started out with a 75-mile detour and on to Missouri and mally miles through Monday. Left canyon and drove through mountains and 190 miles of desert to California. Picked up man wjth an old auto tire and carried him 60 miles to his car. He had io go that distance to get help. Pretty hot part of the day. Tuesday. Drove through the San WISELY CHOSBN REAL ESTATB 15 TODAY'S SOUNDBST INVBSTMBN~ The proof the pudding 0.£ • • • , ;. • AFCBR LOOKING at everything offered in and near. Swarthmore by the various brokers, Mr. Henry B. Garden, of the Viscose Company, has _A~gded to.J)1liI~L1:!is I..lew home in _ ~WARTH~ MORE HILLS ••• naturally. Construction will begin in a few days--under a grand old oak tree, wb,ere Dogwood Lane turns from Wellesley Road. QUALITY, price,* location, environment, prox­imity of the main schools, elevation, outlook-­supervised- custom-building ••• and future re·sale value • •• are considerations no intelligent home seeker <:an afford to ignore. 1"""lr" at H"adq"arte .. for the be.t real ellale t1aZues in Swarthmore and wcinity. William E. Witham Developer of Swarthmore Crest. Wallingford Hills· Swarthmore Hills SWARTHMORE 1000 ·Prices begin at $10,000 the fat, green Ozarks. Got into terrible _______________________________ _ traffic near a new camp for soldiers. Thursday out of Missouri and on to the new, rich state of Oklahoma, the oil country. Tulsa is a fine modern city also Oklahoma City where we stopped over. Both cities have wide streets and many large, fine buildings. Friday ran into very heavy rains and floods but kept on to Amarillo, Texas, another good town. We ran for miles and miles through rich wheat and grazing country that day, just fields of wheat either side as far as one could see. Saturday. Left the main road and ran up to one of the oldest cities in Amer­ica, Santa Fe. It does not look like an American city either in architecture or character of the people. Plenty of black hair and pretty eyes in this old town. Sunday. Left main road again and drove 'to the Grand Canyon. Saw the sunset shadows change the shades and coloring of this vast indescribable chasm. SALE! of Fine DRESSES and COSTUME SUITS Sharp Reduction GomnSlq, 6 PARK AVE SWARTHMORE WISELY. CHOSBN RBAL BSTATB IS TODAY'S SOUNDBST INVBSTMBNT OUT TO THAT WIDE, WIDE WORLD Iii:. ? elF." Boys and girls who gradu. ate this month will he the future husiness men and women of the community. We Bfe anxious to aid in their development, and belp them with their plans. We offer a well·rounded, modern hanking service, geared to the financial needs of individuals and husi­ness concerns. We will gladly explain these services to you. Our officers stand ready to lend friendly counsel and cooperation in financial matters, and we invite young men and women to make use of our facilities. Swarthmore National Bank and Trust Company M ...... 01 PM .. " DeposIt I ....... " Co.~.r.11on

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. ", .. . ."' , ... " . ' .. . THE' SWARTHMOItEAN" . JUNE 13, IMI SWARTHMORE HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATING CLASS OF 1941 Edward Humphrey Alston Robert Taylor Hair Harry Franklin Brown Richard Edward Brown Gordon Whipple DoulJla. Roland Leonard Eaton Irwin Guido Benken Barbara Jean Blundln Robert Heberton Butler Amold Reinhard Chiquoine John Risoel Em.,. Fran""" Helen Eldredp Mary Jane Blrthe James Pennington Bowditch Virginia Carolyn Craemer Elizabeth Lukens Crothers . . Jeiln &ans Ma_rlte Lare Flounders Grace Almon Brewster Rosalyn Irene Bromley Marian Kenny Crothers Richard Platt Delaplaine Ernest Bevel'll Folks Milton Howard Fu ... U Congrat-ulations Graduates In you America puts her trust. MARTEL'S Better Food for the Table SUPER SERVICE MARKET Chester Road at Rutgers Swarthmore Free Delivery- Swarthmore 2100 Media 900 JUNE 13, IMI SWARTHMORE HIGH Elizabeth Nicholson Garrell Elva Elizabeth Glenn Theodora Elsie Hulme Arthur Snyder Jennin .. Doris Collin. Lad.,. IJllian Unsle Walter Walls Goodwin Samuel Rochelle Green Alfred Johnson Edward Jones lohn Edward Livinpton Mal'lJaret Caldwell MeColl TRESWARTRMOREAN 5 SCHOOL GRADUATING CLASS OF 1941 i " ! I i I , Frank Warren Hankins Margery Ann Harrison Rosamond Jones Kay Kapeloki Winifred Edith McDoweU Bet...,. Lewis MeGee Emma lUaric Ifnzlell Anno Crothers Henry James Lowell Kauffman Jeffery Kirk Hannab Jane Messiek Peter Luken. Miller Our Heartiest Congrat-u1ations to the Class of 1941 • Michael's College Pharmacy "On the Comer"

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INTENTIONAL SECOND EXPOSURE THE SWARTHMOREAN JUNE 13, 1941 SWARTHMORE HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATING CLASS OF 1941 r- I i Ed"'ard lIulUl)hr~~,. Alston Rohert Taylur Oair IInrr,. Franklin Browu Hit'hurd F.dw~lrd Brown C.ordon \l'hil.plc Douglas Roland Leonaro Eaton I .. ,,-in Guido Benkert Barbura Jean Blundin Hobert I1e1U'rIOl1 Butler Arnuld n(~inhurd Chitluoine John Rissel ERin. From"es Helen Eldredge Mary Jone Blythe Juml's .'enninglon Bowditch , " ", , , \ , Virginia Carolyn C.-acme .. Elizaheth I~ukcns Crothers Jean Evans Marguerite Lare Flounders Grace Almon Brewster Rosalyn Irene Bromley ~lnrian Kenny Crolh.~rs Iti"hurd P'latl Dl·I:II.lailu~ Ernesl Devern Folks ~Iillon lIowa", Fussell Congrat-ulations Graduates In you America puts her trust. MARTEL'S Better Food for the Table SUPER SERVICE MARKET I Chester Road at Rutgers I Swarthmore Free DeIivery- Swarthmore 2100 Media 900 ~J(_JN_E_l_3-,-. 1_9_41 ________________~ T=_:H=E S W ARTHl\IOR EAC"-N'-'---___ SWARTHMORE 5 , I I I I ~ .,>. 'J " i tl I P ., . ),•: .'. .. ::.'".; :--""I " : ',f -.- ---eJ Elizabclh Nit'huI!'Oon (;arrl'lI Eh'u Elizabeth (;Iclln -.-~ - --- -. -----~ _ .. _---- _. --, '-',"',.,"~ ., . ':"," '.' Theodora Elsie Hulme Arlhur Snyder Jennings Boris Collins l..ack€'y IJllinn I~inld(> ;'- HIGH "r .. ht'r W:IJ(S (;uUlI""ili SUIlIlIt'I Uuchcllc (;r('f~u Alfred Johnson Edward JOnt~s John Etlwnr.1 Lh.. ingston I\largnrl'l Caldwell McColl SCHOOL GRADUATING CLASS OF 1941 -'., -'"' i. .;. '-~.". .. '-','.;, "l Fr;.ank \Vurrt'n IllIJlkin~ "lnr~I'rJ' Ann Jlarrison Ro!'O.anl0llti Jones Kay Knpe]ski "'iniCrcd Edith l\lcDowell Betsey Lewis !lcGce . .'. . , I" Emll1a "Iarit· lIazldl 1\IIIIC Crothers IIt'llry : ~~,~; JIIIIlCS I.owell Kauffman Jeffery Kirk J1:lIluah Jane Messick PCIl'r Lukens 'Miller Our Heartiest Congrat-ulations to the Class of 1941 • Michael's College Pharmacy "On the Corner"

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, THB .... " ;, .~. . " . '.:~ " SWARTHMOa'BAN' JUNE'13, 1941' SWARTHMORE HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATING CLASS OF 1941 Barbara Nason EmIly Jane Noll Elizabeth Ruton Edith Marla Salomon Alberta Imle,. Speck Anna Loa Taylor Helen Elizabeth Phillip. Doria Mae Plumb John Lockwood Schobinger Esther Wahon Schrader Joan WilIi8 'lbateher John EdwanI Zerbe - Iris Quinlan Martha Elizabeth Raymond John Dolman Seymour Mar.aret IAwrenee Sheppard Robert Rowland Toole N1eholaa Harry 'Waper Robert Stewart Ro("he Robert James RoseneraDl Walter Shirley Ph,.m. Dean Slmpoon ElIzabeth Ann Wellen Doria MIrIam Whlt_r ALL SUCCESS TO THE CLASS OF '4 1 FROM SUPLEE'S Hardware Store to the Class of '41 from The Bouquet BEAUTY SALON !VNE 13, 1941 7 SWARTHMORE HIGH SCHOOL', G-RA'DUATING CLASS OF 1941 F10renee Jean Whitsit Ford Carroll Wiggin. Keystone Graduation Wednesday The graduation exercises of the Key­stone Secretarial School will take place Wednesday, June 18 at 8:15 in the Woman's Club House. The commence­ment speaker will be Lester C. Haw­orth, head of the Philadelphia Y.M.C. A. Diana Brewster will. play 3cveral piano solos. Miss Carolyn Cresson who has beelt a student at' the school has taken a ,·ppsition at the University of Pennsylvania. GRADUATES OF '41 Wishing You Success in Every Enterprise­Thanking yon for the snccess you have hrought to mine A. GOTILIEB • 10 PARK AVENUE • Jane Ann Williams Virginia Ruok Wright Girl Scout News MRS. ZIMMER RETIRES Tomorrow morning at the last meet­ing of the scout year Mrs. George Zimmer of Ogden avenue will resign her position as leader of Swarthmore Girl Scout Troop 16, a position which she has held for the past 14 years. In 1927 hirs. Zimmer, then a mem­ber of the Troop Committee, .was asked to become the fourth leader of Troop 16 since its founding in 1923. Mrs. Zim­mer willingly and enthusiastically ac­cepted the invitation and started to work with determination and zeal for not only her own troop but all girl scouting. Her first milestone in scouting was the attainment of her tenderfoot badge with which she was invested by Miss Leslie Perkins at Temple University. Soon she was awarded her first class badge by M iss Gertrude Gold of the Philadelphia Council a few years later. AIrs. Zimmer's work for Swarthmore scouts is symbolized by the Girl Scout House on Cresson lane which she was instrumental in starting and helping to make a memorable reality to Swarth­more scouts. The work of her troop to supply this house with silver, dishes, flags and other equipment to bl! found there was the result of the inspiration of its leader. At the close of the· Girl Scout House-warming her troop com­mittee awarded Mrs. Zimmer the .---~----- - - ---.-.-..-..-----..--~ ALL HAIL! We congratulate you on the at· tainment of a goal and extend you our heartiest good wishes as you go forth new worlds to conquer. • CELIA SHOE SHOP 102 PARK AVENUE - - _-.--- - - - - - - ______ ._ -.._ u·_"'--"-- Swarthmore Is Proud of You ~ HANNUM & WAITE CHRYSLER YALE AND CHESTER RD. PLYMOUTH Swarthmore 1250 . Linda Irene Young Dorothy Claire Zensen coveted Thanks Badge, which is given only for outstanding merit. SPORTS REVIEW Lacroue Party TrackMeea Members of the Swarthmore High School girls' team accompanied Swa~thmore High School partido by Teachers Virginia AUen, Phyllis pated tn the Suburban Track and Field Hasse and Adeline Strouse enjoyed a Meet at Norristown last Sarurday and supper picnic at Smedley Park on fini.hed second to Media in the Clas. 'Monday. After they had eaten the girls B division. played baseball and then sang around Team scores were: Media 43~; the campfire. Swarthmore 3S~; Ridley Park 30%; ---4.. .'. . .....- - Springfield 26Y.; Eddystone 19; Darby 14; Ridley Township 8; Collingdale 2. Swarthmore point winners were J. Kirk first in the half mile run with Saulnier third. Kirk set a new record for this event breaking his own old mark of 2:03.3 by one and one half seconds to establish his new standard 2 :01.8. Haig finished third in the l00-yard dash with Longwell fifth. Gary won the pole vault by clearing the bar at 10 feet 6 inches and Miller tied for second place. Gary finished fourth in the broad jump. Johnson ·was in a triple tie for s('c­and place in the high jump and Lukens also ended in a triple tie for fifth place in this event. Kirk won the 22O-yard, dash and Haig won the 1l0,yard low I hurdles. To Speak at Lititz Rev. and Mrs. David Braun will leave Sunday afternoon for Lititz. Fa., where Rev. Braun will d.eliver the com­mencement address at Linden Hall on Monday morning. Best Wishes to the Clas$ of 1941 JOSEPH'S BARBER SHOP ALL LUCK TO T.HE CLASS OF '41 a § VICTOR D. SHIRER 13 South Chester Road A number of honors have been be­stowed upon Mrs. Zimmer in the course of her work in scouting. She was secretary of the Out-door Commit­tee of Delaware County until last year. For two years she was a chainnan of the Leader's Association of Delaware County and a member of the District 61:~::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::=::==::=::::::::::~~~ committee. Mrs. Zimmer has also been sent by the district to the national Girl Scout Camp, Camp Edith Macy I for special training. When Mrs. Zimmer retires from ac­tive service tomorrow morning her posi­tion as leader of Troop 16 will be filled by Mrs. Charles Israel. Brownies Fete Mothers All of the mothers of the local Brownie troop were entertained at a tea given by the troop Monday after­noon. lunt 2. After being greeted at the door by the hostesses, they were escorted into the Woman's Club House where they were introduced to the other mothers by the uniformed. Brownies. The regular ceremonies of the troop were performed for the guests after which games and songs learned during the year were demonstrated. The affair was completed by the serving of re" freshments by the Brownie girls undet the chairmanship of }..{rs. Maurice M. Haworth. ele Recreation Demonstration Sat. An exhibition outlining the offerings and activities of the Swarthmore Day Camp Program will be set up in the windows of Martels Bake Shop and in BEST WISHES FOR A HAPPY AND SUCCESSFUL FUTURE TO THE CLASS OF 1941 • CUFFORD M. RUMSEY £DEVROLET Yale and Rutgers Avenues Phone Swarthmore 1390 one of the windows of Suplee's Hard-wmaarine othnr oFurgidhaoyu,t Jtuhnee f1o3l loawnidn gw iwll ereek-. .~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ On Saturday morning, June 1S,9 A. M. to 12:30 P. M. there will be a demon­stration of certain of the offerings in handcraits and a general information center regarding the other activities offered in the program in Suplee's Hardware. • • In Piano Recital Eleanor Schofield Fawcett presented her pupils in a piano recital at her home all South Chester road last Sat­urday afternoon. The program con­I sisted of duets and solos of the works of Bach, Mozart, 1I.icndelssohn, Grieg, Godard, and other composers. Awards were given to Betty Laws, J can Evans, and Nancy Rincliffe. Others playing in the recital were: Peggy Rincliffe, Mardy Jean Cros~y, Barbara Sickel, Nancy Gray, Harriet Ann Turner, Marjorie Black, and Rob­ert Fawcett. &tOOlJ to slTUUt tlTus,lf uppruufb untn ~ull. a UUlrltman tlTat l1l'fllttlT not to hf dlTamtll ri!JlTt­Iy ,"trilling tlTt wnrUl of I tmtlT· WINDY HILL Suburban Day Camp Children 3 to 12 "ea .. Monday through Saturday 9 A. IIf. to 4. P. M. June 30 to August 23 Directors Natalie Irving Stapled Charlotte Adame Stoddanl Baltim.ore Pike at Swarthmore-Springfield Borough Line Circular on request Telephone Swarthmore 1093 Open lor inspection Tuesday afternoons HOSTESS LUNCHEONS Delicious to the taste Delightful to the eye Enhanced by tbe spacious charm for which Strath Haven Inn is famous followed by Bridge on the cool, breezy porches which overlook the gardens STRATH HAVEN INN Harvard and Yale Phone Sw. 680 1 11 limnt"lJ 2:15 PAULSON & CO.. ~----~~--~I~' ____ ~I~~----~~~

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INTENTIONAL SECOND EXPOSURE 6 THE SWARTHMOREAN JUNE 13, 194-1 SWARTHMORE HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATING CLASS OF 1941 Barhara Nason Emily Jane Noll Elizabeth nlll~1U F .. dith Murin Sulomoll Alb.'rla Insle,. Sp(~"k Anna Lou Taylor ! 1 Udell Elizabeth IJhilJips Doris ~Jae Plum1) . '\: " ~, ~.'\'i , John I.nt·kwoorl Schobingcr E!o;lhrr 'Vahun Schrader L._ I~. : , , Jonn WilJis Thatcher John Edward Zerbe r:7:,:.- -:.-: i '_~. ._ ~' Jri:!lo Quinlun :Unrlha Eliznlu,tlt UnYlIlolll1 John Dolman Seymour l\lnrgarl'l I.aWfcncc Sheppnrd Robert Rowland Toole NiehoJas lIarry Wagner Uuht'rt Slcl\'Dfl UOdlC Uulwrt James Rosencrans Waller Shirley Phylli!i Dean Simpson Eli.7.abt'lh Ann Wellen Doris Miriam Whltenr 1------- .~~~~~ ALL SUCCESS TO THE CLASS OF '41 FROM SUPLEE'S Hardware Store to the Class of '41 from The Bouquet BEA UTY SALON JVNE 13, 1941 THE SW ARTHMOREAN 7 SWARTHMORE HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATING CLASS OF 1941 ,,'for('nee Jean ',,"hit!'lil Ford Carroll "ri~gin'" Keystone Graduation Wednesday The graduation l'xerciscs of the Kl'Y­,. tonc Secretarial School will take place \Vednesday, June 18 at 8 :15 in the \\'omau's Cluh HlIUSt'. The COnlll1CllCC­IIll'nt !'>peaker will hI\.' l.l'steI' C. Haw­orth, head of the Philadelphia Y.M.C. :\. Diana Brl'wstcr will play several pi,1I1(l solos. ),1 iss Carolyn Cresson who ha~ heen a stmil'l)t at the school has tak .. ·11 a position at the eni\'crsity of ! )en IIsy1 van iii. GRADUATES OF '41 Y.O It III Wisiling Success Every Enterprise- Thanking you for tht~ sucecss you have brought to ntine A. GOTTLIEB 10 PARK AVENUE Jane All .. Williams Virginia Ru~k 'Wright Girl Scout News l\IRS. ZIMMER RETIRES Tomorrow morning at the last meet­ing of the scout year Mrs. George Ziuullt,'r of Ogdcn annul' will resig"1l her position as leader of Swarthmore Girl Scnllt Troop 16, a position which sh~ has held for the past 1-1 years. In 1927 :\1 rs. Zim11ll'r, thel1 a mem­her of the Troop Comminee, was ash'd to heCOl1ll' the fourth kad .. 'r of Troop 16 sinn- its fOl1ll(iing in 1923. Mrs, Zim­IIIl'r willingly and ('nthusiil~ticall.Y ac­ceph.- d the ill\'ililli(lll and stilrted to work with deh:nnil1ation and zeal for lint only hl·r own troop but all girl scouling. lkr lirst miit-stolH· ill sn1utill!-! was the attaillllle~lt of Iwr tel1dl'ril)l)t badge with whid, sh(' was in\'l'sh:d h\' 1. iss Lt'slic Pcrkins at Tcmple Uni~ersity, SOOl1 ~hl' was awardcd her first c1as~ hadge hr ),1 iss Gertrudc Cold of tIll' Philadelphia Conncil 0\ f('w yl'ars latl'r, )'Irs. ZimllH'r's work for Swarthmore scout:-; is symhll1i7.t.'d hy thl· Girl Scout House 011 Cresson lallt: which $hc was instruIlIental in startin~ and helping to make a 1111'lllorahlc n·ality to Sw;:trth­more scouts. The work ()f her troop to supply thi" hOllse with sil\'cr. dishes, nags and other cquipment to be found thrre was the result (If the inspiration of its leader, At the do~e of the Girl Scout House-warming her troop com­mittee awarded )'Irs. Zimmer Ihe SPORTS REVIEW Track ~Ice. Swarthmorl' High Schuol partici~ paled ill the SulJurh:1Il Track and Field :\l~ct at Kurristown last Saturday and finished sl'colHI to ).lcdia ill the Class H division. Lacrosse Parly ~lcl11lJcrs of the Swarthmore High School gir1s' lacrosse team accompanied by Teachers Virginia Allen, Phyllis Hasse and AdcHne Strouse enjoyed a supper picnic at Smedley Park on ~lolI(.lay. After the)' had caten the girls played uast'i)all and then sang around tilt' campfire. • I I To Sl,eak al Lititz Team scor('~ Wl'rc: ~lcdia 430; Swarthmore 35%: Ridley Park 30~ j Springfield 26y,;; Eddystone 19; Darby 1..,; Ridley Township 8; Collingdale 2. Swarthmort.' point winllcrs werc J.I R(:v. and ~r rs. David Braun will Kirk first in the half mile rUII with leave Sunday afternoon for Lititz. Pa., Saulnier third, Kirk S(,:t a new recoru where Rc\'. Braun will <lclivcr the com­for this e\'cl1t hreaking his own 01<1 l11ellCeml'llt address ilt Linden Hall 011 lIlark of 2 :03,3 hy 01lt.' and olle half ).fonday morning. ~l'COllds to estahlish Iii:; new standard 12 ;OL8. I Haig, finished third ill the tOO-yard da"h With Longwell fifth. Gary won the pole \'ault by clearing thc bar at 10 feet " inches and :\1 iller tied for second ~llacc, Gary fini!>hed fourth ill the broad ! J1Imp. Johnsoll was ill a triple tie for scc- :1 I olld placc in the high jump ilnd Lukens i al~o ended in it triple tic for fifth place t : ill this c,·ellt. Kirk wall the 220-yard· I dash and Haig WOII the llO-yard low hurdles, Best Wishes to the Class of 1941 I.ilula Irene Young Durolhy Claire Zen sen covell'd Thanks Badge. which is given only for out!'tanding merit, A numht'r of honors have been be-I ~towed UpOIl :Mrs. Zimmer in the course of her work ill scouting. She was secretary of the Out-door Commit­t .. ,c of Delaware County until last year, For two years she was a chairman of the Lcad~r's Association of Delaware Count\' and it lJ~l'111her of the District 6 cOlllntittt.·('. 11 rs. Zimmer has also been sent hy thl' district to Ihe national Girl S~Ollt Camp. Camp Edith Macy I for special training. I \Vhl'lI :\1 rs. Zimmcr retires from ac­tin' st'nice tomorrow morning her posi­tion as leadcr ()f Troop 16 wilt be filled hy :\1 r~. (harks Isral'l. Ilrnwnics Fete l\Iothers All of the mothers of the local Brownie trl)op '\"t're entertaincd at i.l tea gin'lI hy thc troop .\[onclay after­noon, JUlle 2. Aftl'r hetug greeted at I the door II)' the hosh'ssl'S, they were escorted into the \\'ol1lall'~ Club House I whl're thcy wcre introducl'd to the olhl·r 1l1t;thers hy the uniformed I Urowuies. The rl'lJ;ular ccrenwnit.·s of the troop wcre.· performed for the guests after which galin's and songs karucd during the year were dClllonstrated. The affair was c(lllllll('te<i hy the serving of rc" freshments Iw thl' Browni .. , girls under the chairlllall-~hip of :\1 rs. ~lauricc ").[. Haworth. • • Recrention DClllonstratioll Sat. JOSEPH'S BARBER SHOP ALL LUCK TO 'rHE CLASS OF '41 ~ ~ VICTOR D. SHIRER 13 South Chester Road BEST WISHES FOR A HAPPY AND SUCCESSFUL FUTURE TO THE CLASS OF 1941 • CLIFFORD M. RUMSEY CHEVROLET Yale and Rutgers A venues • .-....-...____ An l'xhihitioll outlining the offering:> . -A-L~L'-HA-I~L~! --...-.....-..--.--...--..~.--..-..-...·-.....-....-..1 and acti"itics of the Swarthllwrc Day Phoue Swarthmore 1390 I Camp Program will h .. · set up in the wimlows of ),1 artels Bak .. , Shop and in; \Ve congratulate you on the at- 0111.:" oi the wincln\\"s of Supll't.'':-, Hard-laitllncnt of a goal and extend I warc 011 Friday, June 13 and will r~- ~'ou our hcartiest good wishcs Imllill throughout Ih(' folluwing week. as you go forth new worlds to 011 Saturda\' morning-, JUlW 15,9 :\. )'L to 12 :30 P. - ),1. tlll'rl' will be a dellloll-cOIU: IUt~I'. ! stration of ct.'Ctain of tbe offerings in Ij • handcrafts an~1 a g"'I1t.-ral inforn~a,ti,on 1 I c..enter rcgardlllg the nthcr acln' (:ELIA SHOE SHOP llolTl'red in thl' prtlgralll ill Suplee's II H:lrd\\"are. ____ -..._.. _______ ~~~~~~!.~~~~.._...._...._...._.. __ l : ---.......... --- -------. -.. _. - --_ .... _- . -_. -- -.-- - ! In Piano R(~t'ilal Eleanor ~l·hojit.'ld Fawcdt plT~el\ted i hn Jlllpiis ill a piallo rccital at her I home un South Che~tl'r road la,.t Sat- 111.r<lay aiternoon. Tht.' pr(~gram con~ I sl~tl'd of dm'ts and ~(d(l..., l)l the \~·ll.rk:-.' WINDY HILL SrdJllrbnll DIIY Cnllll' Children 3 10 12 ~·cnr~ !\Ionda)" through Saturday 9 A. :\1. to 4· P. ill, June 30 to August 23 l)irn'lur.'i Nntnlie Irving SI31_I('s <.:harlotrc Adams Sioddard Baltimore Pikp at Sw:.rlhmnre-S._ril1gficll) Unrongh Line Circular on request Teh~IJhone Swarthmore 1693 Opeu lor ;lIS/Jf>C';OIl Tu(>st/(IY nltertuums IO' Bach. )'fozart. :\It·n(kb~(lhll, (.rR'g, Godard, and ollH.'r l"n1llpn~ers. :\w. ;lr<is 1-. ..._...__...__.-.-- _-_-_-_-. _.. -.--..--...-...-....-.....--.....--....--..--..--..--...-...-....--...-....---....--... . II ~;;1:~;l5:~t~ \:~~:~~itl~~. \~;;.::r~\~;~,I;;:~lIi:;: 11 HOSTESS LUNCHEONS ! Swarthmore Is Proud of You ~ HANNUM & WAITE CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH YALE AND CHESTER RD. Swarthmore 1250 • I\'gg-y 1~!lIdifTl" .:\Iardy }l·an Cros!?y. l i I.arhara Slckl'l, :\ancy (.ray, Ilarnd l 1 IAnn Turner, :\Iarjoril' Black. :md Rnh- ! l Delicious 10 the I(lste t.'rt FmH"l'tt. I,' 1 11 Delightflll to the l'ye @ltullY to 11~OW tlmnrlf upprourll unto ~oll. a workmun t~at nl'rllet~ tlot to br aU~amrll fi!l~t­Iy lIiuilli1t!l t~l' worlilof I,1i 1 Enhmu'ctl hy lhe SIHU·iolls ('harllt i'or whi("h l I· 1 Strath Haven Inll 1 I ! is famous 1 111 followed hy Bridge on the eool, hreezy Ilorches 1 trut~. i I which overlook the gardens ! 11 aiimotlm ;M5 I! Harvard and y:~RATH HAVEN INN Phone Sw. 680 ! PAULSON & CO. I 1 ......................................................................... t __________________________________ ~1 ---- ~~.--~~~~ ... ~~~~~~~~

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8 Out Into the Wide, Wide, ;·~a·l rid I Thomason H. Littlefield will be grad­uated from Dartmouth College, Hanover, N. H. On June 15. Tom is the class poet and will read bis clas. poem on Class Day, June 14. He is to be graduated cwo laude witb distinction in bis major subject Englisb, and as a member of Phi Beta Kappa, His pareots Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Littlefield and sister Betty of Swarthmore place journeyed New England ward yesterday planning to re­main until Monday attending the com­mencement activities. Susao U. Wolters daughter of Mr. and Mrs, C, Fred Wolters, Jr. of Cedar lane will be a candidate for a degree at the ninety-first commencement exer­cises of the University of Rochester on JuDe 16, Miss Wolters has taken a prominent part in various activities at the Univer­sity, particularly in Theta Eta sorority, Dance Club, Stagers, Biology Club, and Marseins. Father's Day Specials TIES 55e 2 for 'I Westminster Hose 35e 3 for 'I Sport Shirts 'I and '1.65 Ncn'elties ELLIS MEl'S 106 W. State St. SHOP Media Telephone Media 122 lie really SMART •• ~ Ie COMRJRTABLE &,u,; only :KINNEY'. Corner 1th &: Bdgmont Ave. Victor D. S. Troxel~ 800 of Mr. aDd Mrs, George Troxell of Dartmouth aveoue, received the degree of Bach­elor of Arts at tbe .eveoty-fi~st Com­mencement of Ursinu. College Monday morning. Troxell was prominent in Ursinus athletics, playing varsity football and serving as manager of the varsity base .. baU team. He was also president of Alpha Phi Ep.ilon fraternity and a member of the Varsity Club, Interfra­ternity ConncU, Barnard Pre-legal So­ciety, Haines Political Society, Inter­national Relations Club, and the Y.M, C, A. Cabinet. Clara Jean Alston daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George L, Alston of West­dale avenue graduated last Monday from Bucknell University, Lewisburg, Pa. During her college career Miss Al­ston was active in the Girls Glee Club, Who will receive her A.B. degree from the Mixed Glee Club, Cap and Dagger" _Co_o_n_ec_t_i_cu_t_C_o_lI_e.=g_e_o_n_J_u_n_e_1S_. _ and numerous other organizations. She I' is a member of Chi Theta Phi sorority. diplomas at the commencement exer­Janet Anne Hetzel daughter of Mr. cises held Tuesday morning. Miss Shaw and Mrs. William Ernest Hetzel Jr. was president of the Athletic Associa­of Thayer road graduated on Tuesday tion this year and received the Sweet from Penn Hall Junior College where Briar blazer, highest award for out .. she has been taking the Arts course. standing achievements in athletics. Mr, and Mrs. Hetzel and Carol and Constance Heg daughter of Mr. and Dixie went to Chambersburg Saturday Mrs, Ernest C. Hog of North Ches­in time for the graduation play in ter road received her A.B. degree at which Janet participated and stayed the eighty-fifth Commeocement ex­til Tuesday when they brought Janet ercises of Elmira College, Elmira, N. Y. home with them. Monday afternoonJ June 9. Miss Heg who was chosen to play Dorothy Grace Paulson graduated the part of Lady Luca. in the com­from Houghton College with a degree mencement production of "Pride and of Bachelor or Arts, baving majored in PrcJ'udice" has heen active in dramatics Sodal Science, with a concentration in 1 during her four years at college. She SForecniac ho,g y, and minored in English and has belonged to the French Circle and has been on the staff of Iris, the col­During her college career, Miss Paul- lege yearbook. She was president of Son was active in campus organiza.. the freshman c1ass and was chairman tions and was a member of the Chapel publicity for May Day. She has be­Choir for one year. longed to Phi Gamma Mu and has been Elizabeth Bancroft Smith, daughter on the staff of Octagon, the college of Mr. and Mrs. Henry L. Smith of newspapeJ;. During her senior year she Stratford road Wallingford will receive was secretary of the Student Govern­the Bachelor of Arts degree at the ment Association. She has been on the twenty-third commencement of Con-I Senate of the Student Government As­necticut College on June 15. Miss Smith sociation throughout her four years in majo'red in French and will later teach college. She has been listed in uWho's French. She was secretary of the col- Who Among Students in American lege French Club. Miss Smith was on Universities and College$." She has ma­the tennis and swimming teams of her jored in Speech and Economics at EI .. class. She was a member of the Mod- mira College. ern Dance grOUP, serving as its chair- Gwladys Peterson; daughter of Mrs. man last year. She was secretary of Viola G. Peterson The Swarthmore the Outing club. was' graduated Monday morning at the Shirley Shaw daughter of Mr. and forty-eighth commencement exercises Mrs, 'f, Shaw of North Chester road at Hood College receiving the A. B, is a member of the Sweet Briar College degree with a major in 'history. graduating class which received its While at Hood, Miss Peterson was a mcmber of the staff of the college M newspaper The Blue and Grey, a mem .. edia Secretarial School ber of the Dance club and of Marion- AIuunuleIM ettes, the dramatic organization, and SUMMER a.ASSBS served on the board of the Cooperative BBGIIOIING MONDA.Y'. lUNa I. Government Association. DOT end Boenl,.. President Raymond Walters, LL.D" Wrlte for CInndar 01' Call1Ie41Ia 1111 the University of Cincinnati delivered ~:;:;:;:;:;:;:;:;:;:;:;:;:;:;;4!;;;;~;;;;;~~;;;;1 the commencement address. I Robert Esherick, son of Mr. and Mrs. George Esherick of Strath Haven Inn will graduate Sunday June 15 at the one hundred and twentieth annual Com­mencement of New Hampton School for Boys, New Hampton, N. H. He was the Junior Varsity Football Manager, and played on the Junior Varsity bas· ketball, and the Tennis teams. Y. M. C. A. Bldg. Chester There are just a few more weeks in which to save money on your coal for next season. • Your heater probably needs cleaning too. We paint and clean it for $2.50. • VAN ALEN BROS. Enterprilie 10412 RIDLEY PARK A SYMBOL OF LIFE "Water is the hest of all things; water is life itself." So said Pliny, the famous Roman philosopher. Pure, sparkling, delieious,- "SPRINGFIELD WATER" Is a beverage worthy of a philosopher. PHILADELPHIA SUBURBAN WATER CO. Nancy Armitage daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Gl!orge Armitage of South Ches­ter road relurned home last week after graduating from Bradford Junior Col­lege. Nancy was accompanied on her return by a schoolmate Miss Mary Shaw of Kansas City, Mo. On Wed· nesday afternoon Nancy entertained a group of friends at luncheon in honor of Miss Shaw. Mr. and Mrs, David Shaw of North Chester road will leave Sunday morn­ing for Sweet Briar, Va. where on Tuesday they will attend the graduation of their daughter Shirley at Sweet Briar College. After a trip to Bristol, Va. to visit Mrs. Shaw's mother Mrs. Frank Winston they will return to Swarthmore on Saturday, June 14, ac­companied by :Mr. Shaw's sister Miss Caroline Shaw of Boston, Mass. whom they will pick up in Sweet Briar on their way home and who will make a visit here. • I • NEWS NOTES Bobby Terry son of Mr. and ~{rs. Duane R. Terry of Ogden avenue en­tertained at a birthday party last Sat~ urday afternoon. After p1aying many interesting games the guests were served a light supper. Mr, and Mrs, Edward A. Orem of Westdale avenue will have as their guests this week-end Mr. and Mrs. Louis Neuberg of Colonia, N. J. with whom they will attend the races at Delaware Park tomorrow. Mr. and Mrs. A, H, Melville of Park avenue have as their houseguest Mr. Melville'" sister Mrs, A, M, Schroeder of Peotone, lit Mrs, Schroeder arrived .i n. -:. S:",-w, arthmore in time to see her niece -... : .. '. ,Edith ]aoe Melville gradaate from the college. Marjorie Tarner daugbter of Mr. U!d Mr.. J. Victor Turner of HillbomeaYe­nue whOle marriage to Mr. Elmer BIr­ley of J enkintowo will take place on June 21. Bill Black son of Mr. lind Mn. Charle. E. Black of Park avenue bas returned from Trinity CoDege, Hart­ford, Conn. for his summer vacalioD .. Betty Jean Pitman da\lghter of Bur­gess and Mrs. John H. Pitmao of Vas­sar avenue bas retumed home from Mary Wasbington College, Fredericks­burg; Va. for the sammer months. Scott D. Thayer SOD of Mr. aod Mra. Hugh 0, Thayer of Strath Haven ave­nue arrived home from Middlebury College on Wednesday having finisbed his .econd year at the Middlebury, Vt. institution. Silvia Swann daughter of Mr, and Mrs, William F. G, Swann of Ogden a venue will return home on Tuesday for her Summer vacation from Welles­ley College. Silvia will sing with the college chorus at the commencement exercises on Monday. The Rev, Dr. A, S. Van Dyck of Rutgers avenUe will be the guest preacher at the North and South Hampton Reformed Church, Church­ville, Pa, on June 15, This i. the oldest church in Bucks County having been organized by the Holland Dutch, May 20, 1710, Miss Phoebe Taylor of HiUborne avenue entertained last Wednesday evening at a shower in honor of Miss A GROUP OF 6th GRADERS 2 Performan_ at " and 7:30 P. M. of "Cinderella" to aid Swarthmore's Rolling Kitchen in Trinity Church . on Friday, June 13 Admissions 5 and 10 cents - TUXEDOS TO HIRE I SlJMMEII I'OIlIIALS Reuona6le Bela .111 CUTAWAY ••• 8BJJl'IB Sl'J!:8N'S .. ~~::.. I SUB.URBAN CAFE and Ox:lttaU Ltnm,. MalaCoaco-. •• a.R.Sub __ Lunch -from 4$e DInner-from Uc eoe.taII Hour. ':tJll1O 6:GO P.M. PenoDal Su", ..... oa oIl1U'r'7 R. TaIIJ' ------------ Pe~~~ ~tor the • DIst1DoUve TRAYS of Lustrous Hanel wrought Aluminum *2,5(1 to $5.00 THE HOUSE OF GUTS 6 & State St, MBDIA mGH SCHOOL AND GRADUATES Keyatone, located among the trees" o1l'era you a ~_9~et place for studY and relaxatlon. Small nJe'S8es College 1DstruCtors • .negLHUr now for special anel regular COUl"Be8 In a. IO-week . SUMMER SCHOOL DBGINNING JUNB 16th More than Ave calls tor every KnUluate have been received.. I'· • ;' , Wr1te or call Swarthmore 1-'41 for our NEW catalog. Ii 7/' "tlM A See NC.I REYNDUN lor more lun - lor less money -... .... Iud of Plymouth R_ ... Paul Revere, of CUppe:r ~ps and ~ Coa ..--. hoURS. on. your ncatioa tbill1UIlmer_ You'D be p ..... C >our rood old Youobe _ U rau cruise to New En,laJld .". Super-Coach. One--Way Rd.-Trip One-Wq R4.-Trip WUJfam'burg $5.05 ".10 Boston ••• , ••• $4.00 $7.GO Richmond ".'4.00 $'1.28 N. Y. ctty .... ,1.45 ~,18 Wash., D. C ..• ,1.15 $3.15 PJttsbur&~ ...... 80 $9.65 , . We do the planning-you have the fun-when you take a Greyhound-'- EXPENSE-PAID· TOUR SWARTHMORE TRAVEL BUREAU 2 PARK AVBNUB SWARTBMORB In.W ---------------_ .. - This tastier milk gives Tessie her future beauty treatments NOW) PLENTY of tasty, rich Supplee Sealt ... hom*ogenized Vitamin D Milkl DeUcious-and 80 important fo[' a clear skin, good teeth and bones in tater life that no substi­tute has ever been discovered. Supplee Sealtest Milk-richer than before-is carefully hom*oge­nized 80 the cream mixes through­out th. bottle. The on(y Sealtest Milk in this area. Tessie needs a quart; Mom and Po.., (who want to stay beautiful too) each drink a pint a clay. Call Chester 2-S721. How fa lay Ree' Creom nr"tlly By buying in pints, you save over 10% -can dord plenty for cereal and coffee. Kccpa sweet and handy in your rd'ri8;. etate.-. Why not make M"cmc:Iay. Wednea­day, Saturdq your cteam days? Notif;v )"Our milkmen todayl SUPPI.EE . <>~/ • ~.. .~ ,~~~!!!f~.. ~ ? VITAMIN D MILK SUPPtEE .... "' .. the BUDY VIIJJ.EE s: + ~ SHOW ..... rlW, 1'1", d ._ cat 10 P. M.. B. D. T. TUllE DIl ., . _ 13, 1941 Nursery School and Kindergarten bid fair to be the most popular units in the Swarthmore Plays hop this sum­mer. Interested Nursery School par­THB SWAaTBMOBBAN • LolVIPacIu Ro ... - 'lWm._ ProD. 1Ii~. In _ _ !!P:t DoL Oo~~ .. belDl: \oto -1I0hncl .. ,r,~ - __ of Dmo:ol BlU t7 com-pany:' on the N ..... of DreaJ AYlDue W ft, S, & of Btate Road' In front 110 ft, and In dpth 130,10 ft, known .. 7a Druel Avenue. ents have already raised funds for I ~-29-6t COUDt7 or h1e attorney: WALTBa RHOADS WMIB, County Diets,. Medla, Po, 5-29-et U, .so s, to DODd. anel not. suitable equipment for the very small ______________ _ Improvementa CODBlst of two and. one­child, Under Virginia Newkirk Welt­half story houae. 30 z 24 feet; 81<le porch: mer and Edtih Taylor, Swarthmore's youngest citizens will receive initial training for the lives to confront them in the world tomorrow. Virginia Newkirk Weltmer is a !i~~~~i~~i~~~!~~ gwroardkueadt e wiothf Mthoel ly CCorlloeogkes t6owi hoin hthaes I.~:~~::~ SScchhooooll iunn itO ovef rbtrhoeo kF. riAenftdesr' j;~~~~~~~::~~~ Educatigorna duaat teT ewmoprlke Uinn ivEelresmitye,n tsahrye has conducted a successful Nursery School at Whittier House in Swarth­FOB SALE more during the past two years. FOR BALB- Unusual antiques. 1ble ChJna (IIOme Royal Doultonl. Cl1'stal glasawars. be on appomtment. Telephone WORK WANTED WOBK WAN'rBD - SwarthmoreHlghSchool senior deslrea care of chlldren at hottle or away. Telephone Swarthmore 1989-.1. WANTED Edith Taylor, who wilt be in charge of the Kindergarten program is a grad­uate of the Ulman-Carter unit of the School of Education at the University of Pennsylvania.· To Dance For Fun Tumbling, acrobatics, top dancing for boys as well as girls will be included in the varied "Round the World" dance program to be presented to several classes one morning a week by Alix Field Whitaker in the summer re­creation program. Stretchhlg and pos­ture work witt help young bodies grow straight and strong, white folk dancing of different countries will provide ac· tivity and cultural appreciation. Each class will learn the waltz and the Grand Right and Left in the Swarthmore summer playhouse. Mrs. Whitaker is well qualified to conduct this uRound the World" dance program, as she has studied in France, Spain, Mexico, and under American teachers. --------________ 1 one story frame ad.dltlon, 8 z 1 .. teet; pr-age, 18 .z 18 feet. . DOROUGH OP BWARTJD40BII ORDINANCE NO, 448 SHEBIPP 8ALBS OP BBAL BSTATB An OrdInance proh1blt1Dg 1JUkIDa ot Sheriff's omce, Court lIouae, Media. Pa. automobUes upon certain streeta of the Borough ot Swarthmore and preecr1blDl: Friday, June 71. 1941 penalties for the vlola"on tliereof. 8:30 A. IL Eastern Standard TIme SWTHAEB TCBOKUONBCEI LD OOEFS OTHRED ABIONR: OUGH OPII'~ ~~~~~~l~~r~~e~~I:;~~~;~t~~~ heSrEebCyr IdOecNla 1r,e PdA toB KbelN a Gn uPiRsOanHcleB tloT BauDt,r eIrt o.r. III ~ :i~~~~~~~~~• ",• ..,~", ~ permit auy vehicle of any character whatso .. ever to remain or park for a longer period I L4,. .. rt thaD 18 necesaary to permit the loading or unloadlng of pauengera or mercbaDdlIe upon those portions of the streets herem.. ..~ ~~'~o~~~' -&~~~r:, after designated and descr1bed. I ~~~'~!o[: (a) On the Northerly aide of Dartlnouth I c I~·!!D~" Sold as the spem of Jamee B. Sorce and Addle K. ceo ble wHe. m~ and John A. Sma and CeceI18 Small. h..1a wife, real owners. EDWARD po, IDTCBCOCB:. Attomey. Levari Facias No, 762 ~ch Term, IINI Prop. sit. In Tw'P. of Haverford, DeL Co •• PR., lot No. 268 plan of "South Ardmore," on the S. E. s. ot Turnbull Ave. 50 feet N. B. of Leedom Avenue: 25 teet In troDt and 125 feet In dpth. Known as 105 Tum­bull Ave. Avenue commenolng at a polDt 148 feet But of the Easterly aide of Park Avenue, and ex­tendlng thence to Prlnceton Avenue. (b) 00 the SOutherly aide of Lafayette I 'ti~,>;; -\~~'PF'';,;: Improvements cons18t of two anel one­half story stucco house, 18 x 40 teet; porch ;;;~a'~j~@. front; rear add1tion," x 8 feet: stucco gar- ~ age. 10 x 20 teet. Avenue from Ita Intersectton with Dart- I' ..1 :1 mouth Avenue a dJ.stance of apProxlmatel1(to 200 feet aoutheaatwardlJ along the I8DUJ the bend of said avenue). (e) On the Southwesterly aide of Park .e.iclc~n Avenue between ('!beater :a.oad and Bar- I L~O., ' Yard Avenue. (d) 00 the Southerl, aide of Hanard Avenue between Chester Road and Yale ''''''''," Avenue. II K ,:3~;. 88 the property of Joseph P. P. J real owner. (e) On the Northerly aide of Harvard Ave .. , GEARY Due from a point In front of the Presbyter· I' & RANKIN. Attorneys. laD. Church. which polnt is 263 feet more or less Westwardly from ~ester BORd, thence l1.<eva .• ' Facias Westwardly a distance of 100 feet. No. 470 (f) Swarthmore Avenue trom Chester September Term, 1940 Road to Baltimore Pike. northwest corner of Wor- (f.l. Cedar Lane from Swarthmore Avenue Streets, Lower Chichester to ItlmoU-. PIke, Coonu nBtye. aPlee DSntSreJ'elvta n1l0a0. (hi North Chester Road from Swarthmore to a 15 teet w1d.e alley. Avenue to the Peo.nsylvania RaU roa d ~~-~~t owannedr su soef ooft hsearld laanllde.y8 of way. ~ Sold as the property of Walter L. Lobb &: Co., Inc., real owner. . EDWARD P. m1'CHco*ck, Attorney. Levari Facias No. '83 March Term, UKI ProP. sit. In Twp. of Haverford. Del. 00 •• Ps., lot No. 26'l on Plan of "South Ard­more." on tho S. E. 8. of 'l"UmbuU Aft. "15 ft. N. E. of Leedom Ave. 25 It lD Iront and. 125 ft. in depth. Known as lCn TUrnbull Ave. Improvementoil CODSist of two and one­half atory stucco house, 18 z 40 feet: front porch; rear addltlon, 4 x 8 feet • Sold 88 the property of Walter L. Lobb &: Co., Ino. real owner. EDW. P. m1'OBco*ck, Attorney. 6-6-3t WILLIAl4 W, McKIM. BIoerur. (1) South Cheater Road from Rutgers i ... =~~~'l.~~~;::tt ~ SBERtPP SALES of B.BAL B8TATB Avenue to li'alrvlew (L1epervl1J.e) Road. II ;;;~jtOr~;~ SherUf amoc, Court House. MecUa, Penna. (J) The underpass beneath the Pennsyl.. Friday, June 20, 1941 vai:i.1a RaUroad. 8:30 A. M. Eastern Satndard. T1m.e Il~~~~~ar.,~~~~~~~25~~f! . B d El •• M E de atC tOimncel ltotofn ssa: l_e ,(0un0le cssa soh otr h- ~ stat-ed In oar ec"" rs. n rs ,;,.'1!:I'~,ILO,!;''''.enlta ''!Insist of two anel one- aelvertlaementl ba'ance ID ten days. Other ,-: 24X24 feet; porch condlt10ns on day of we. • • (ConUnuul from Pap One) at present teacher of physical educa- I: ~~r~~ tion in the Bensalem Township High School at Cornwells Heights, Pennsyl­vania, where he has been since 1932. He was active in the West Chester County, New York, White Plains Camp for eight years and is this year direc· tor of the Pennsylvania State Camp for Crippled Children in the Poconos. He is a graduate of Franklin and Mar­shall College from which he has his J\~B~ degree and has his ~{aster's' De­gree in Health and Physical Education from Columbia University. feet: frame garage. Sold as the property of George A. Wanner and Mary B. Wanner, his wUe, mortgagotB and Mary Wanner, real owner, w1th Dotloe to terre tenants, U any. Fleri hclas No. MI' MarCh Term, IIMI LOST APT. FOR RENT 110 PARI< AVB. - 8PECIAL $80 1st. floor - 2 bedrma, sleeplng porch, 19. nv. nn., fireplace, pr1vate thermostat. Garage. 3ept. 1. WM. S_ BITTLE Swart.hmore 111 .. J NotaQ' PubUc - lnauranr.e _ Real Estate MRS. A. J. QUINBY & SON JOSEPH B. QUINBY FUNERAL DIRECTORS BELL PHONE • IlAMILTON' and ELGIN WATCHES EDWIN B. KElLEY, Jr. Your leweler 2S East 7th St_ Chester (OppOSite New State Theatre) 'Phone Chester 3764 FOR PROMPT SERVICE RBFBIGBRATOBS - RADI08 WA8BJlBS_ALL MAKBS For the property committee it was reported that the two recently made appraisals of the Yale avenue tract were far apart one listing it at $4000 and the other $10,100. Negotiations have been held up until a decision as to the value of the property has been reached although a bill of sale has been drawn. The two year consideration by the Board of the purchase of additional property reached a new impasse until the possibility of acquiring the south­ern end of the Girls' Athlotic Field of the college is thoroughly investigated. The property committee was also au­thorized to investigate and arrange for an extension to the shop. ZONING NOTICE puTbhlleo Bohaeradr inogf AIdnj usCtmouennetl l "'''~~;:'t~~ Swarthmore Borough Hall at Daynsht Savlng TIme on TUesday, 'U'u,?D:V I 1941 to pass upon the appeal of J:, L. and Helen U. Ventner owners dwelling situated. at 311 Cornell Avenue. Because ot the relative posItions of the dwe1l1ng and detached garage a variance from the terms of the ZonLng Ordlna.n.ce is requested as follows: PEOPLE'S TIRE STORE That construction of a porch be per­' Phone MedIa 20S mlttecl at the .ear of the elwe't ~ theel rebUy m West S_t_a te S_t ree~1IedIa aLsnsgu amnidn gg athraeg ed Jstance between e we- to eleven feet. Open .... el7 .... e Anyone Interested may appear and be ~=-:-=-=='-=-=~:~::-=-=-=:-=-=:~~ heard at the aEfLoLreIOsa'iMd ' hReIaCrHinAgR DSON, p I 6-13-2t Secretar,y. Picture Framing - Stationery Books - Kodak Supplies Gree'ing Cards - Hobhy Craft SIMMONDS 714 Welsh Street Cheller 'Phone Chester 2-5181 0pI0....",.,., DB. II. BLOOIIFIELD Complete Eye Servi ... 612 WELSH STREET CalI etcdtN> 8014 w. J. THOMAS Formerly of Swarthmore College Carpenter & Cabinet Maker us MORTON AVENUE, R1lTLIIDGB 'Phone SwaUl. 2989 WOOD KOPPERS co*kE SUN FUEL OIL. Idlewild Lane, Media A eharmin. brick dwellin. with lot 200 x 500 feet, beautiful shade trees and shrubbery worth hundreds of donars. Price re­duced by $1000. We will .how this bOUAe by appointment at any time. Will 8ell on easy terms with liberal financing. Sweeney & Clyde 29 E. Sth St. CHESTER Chester 6141 ARDMORE WINDOW CLEANING CO. ARDMORE 2320 ~===S=W=A=R=T:::HMO~R~E~I~9===:!! Best Wishes ~1941- HARRIS & CO . GEARY & RANKIN. Attorneys. Levari FaeiILs March T13rDl, 1941 All that certain lot with bulldiDp thereon erected SItuate 0& the n~rtheul­erty stele of croydon Rd. at the dJatanoe of 146.25 ft. BOUtheaatwardly from the No. 509 8OutheB8tert~lde of Oullford Rd.., in Up­per Darby .. Del. ,Co., Pa. ContAln'ng in front on 88 d croydon Bel. 14.25 ft. and . extdg. of that In depth northeaet- SECTION 4, INCONSI8TBIIT ORDINANCE RBPEALBD. Th18 Ordinance supplements Ordinance No. 420 approved Yay 22. 1939. All other OrdInances or parts of OrdInances Inconststent herew1th -are bereby repealed.. , Prop. slt. In upper Darby TwP. Del. Co., ward1y between parallel Unea at right PL, on the E. s. of Kent Rd. lO'f.OI ft. S. of angles to said Croydon :ad. 80 ft. to \he Chestnut Street, in front 35 ft. and In middle of a ten ft. wide private driveway dpth: '17.50 ft., the S. 1. being alg. mid. of a, extdg. DorthwestwarcUr. Into GuUford Bel. eart. 10 ft. w. dwy. etc:!. Known as 111 Kent I and southeastwardly nto LamPOrt Rd. Passed this 4th day of June A. D. IM1. Road. I Under and subject to bUl1dlng' restz1c. . U. & S. to bldg. rest. and easem*nt. tiona and the payment of a certan mort­BOROUGH OP SWARTHMORE gage debt In principal. sum of f25OO.00. Tog. with use of dwY. (SEAL) Improvements constst of two story atone, By: W. R. ARGYLE, President of Councu. Attest: ELLIOTT RICHARDSON, Borough secretary. ,Improvements conal&t of two story con.. brlok and stucco bouse. 13 Z 21 feet: en~ crete block, stucco and frame house, 18:1:40 closed front por~; one story stucco addl­feet; enclosed poroh; one story frame addl· t!on, 9 x 6 feet. basem*nt garage. tlon. 6x6 feet: one story concrete block 'I . Approved. this 6th day of June 1941. garage, lOX18 feet. Sold as the property of Rocco Vanella ! and AngeUna VaneUa. Sold as the property of John Donlan,' JOHN H, PITMAN, mortgagor and Robert lI. Alsop and Kath- I C. WM. KRAFr. JR., Attorney. Burgess. ryn o. Alsop, hJ.a; wUe, real ownen. Sh--' •• 6-13-1t WILLIAM W. MoKIM, ~U& EDWARD F. HITCHco*ck, Attorney. 15.29.3t nils IS A -WEeK Of A WAY TO SPEND SATURDAY AfT£RNOON an Electric Vacuum Cleaner Will Do the Job Better and Quicker ..• , Perhaps you can laugh at this scene • • . consider It entirely antiquated. Don't worry, it still happens In plenty of homes. And jus! as common are the countless cases where the HlUe lady fa struggling with a downright out-of-date, tiIed-out vacuum. U eIther of these picturea fit YOUl' household, take heed. A brand new. Improved 1941 Electric Vacuum will do the cJ...,fng job better. quicker ••• and with 1m .. efbt. Cheap 10 buy and operate, tool PHILADEL~:HIA ELECTRIC COMPANY

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\ INTENTIONAL SECOND EXPOSURE 8 Out Into the Wide, Wide World Thomason H. Littlefield will be grad- Victor D. S. Troxell. son of Mr. and uatcd from Dartmouth College, Hanover, Mrs. George Troxell of Dartmouth N. H. on June 15. Tom is the class poet <l\'CIlUC, received the degree of Bach­and will read his class poem On Class c10r of Arts at the seventy-first Com .. Day, June 14. He is to be graduated j nlcnccmcnt of Ursinus College Monday cum laude with distinction in his major morning. subject English, and as a member of Troxell was prominent in Ursin us Phi Beta Kappa. IIis parents Mr. and athletics. playing varsity football and Mrs. R. ]. Littlefield and sister Betty sen-jug as manager of the varsity base. of Swarthmore place journeyed New ball tealll. He was a]50 president of Englandward yesterday planning to rc- Alpha Phi Epsilon fraternity and a main until Monday attending the COIll- member of the Varsity Club, Intcrfra­IllcnccmC1It activities. tCTllity Council, Barnard Pre~legal So .. Susan U. \Volters daughter of Mr. cid.y, Hain .... s .Political Society, Inter­and }'Irs. C. Flcu \\'uitcrs, Jr. of Cedar 1I:ltlolial l~clatIOn5 Club, and the Y.M. lane will Dc a candidate for a degree at' <.. A. Cabmet. the Ililldy-first commencement exer-! Clara Jean Alston daughter of Mr. cises o( the Unin·rsity of Rochester: awl ~Irs. George L. Alston of West­on June IG. dak aV('lIue graduated last Monday ~Iiss \\'ollt'rs has takt'll a promiuel't I from I1ucknell Unh'crsity, Lewisburg, part in various acti"itil's at the tJniver-, I'a. During her college career Miss AI­sity, particularly ill Theta Eta sorority" "tOil was active in the Girls Glee Club. Dance Club, ~lagers, Biology Club, and I tilt' ~Iixt'd Glee Cluh, Cap and Dagger, ~(arseins. r alld llUlIll'fllUS other organizations. She Father's Day Specials TIES 55c 2 for $1 \Vestmillsler Hose 35c 3 for $1 Sport Shirts $1 and $1.65 NO'\'clties i .. a lIIembt'T oi Chi Theta Phi sorority. Janct Anllc Hetzel daughter of Mr. alld ~[rs. \Villiam ETIlest Hetzel Jr. of ThaYtT road graduated On Tuesday frolll Pt'lltl Hall Junior College where .,he has heell taking the Arts coursc. ~lr. and Mrs. Hetzel and Carol and Dixil' ,vent to Chambersburg Saturday ,ill time for the graduation play in ELLIS MEN'S , which Janet participated and stayed un­I til Tuesday when they brought Janet S HOP 1IIt'IIIC with them. 106 W. State SI. 1\(cdia i Dorothy Grace Paulson graduated I irom Houghton Conege with a degree Telephone :l\Iedio 122 of Bachelor uf Arts, having majored in i!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~ .!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~ I Soc ia I Sc ie 1I cc, wit h a concel1 t ration i It r :; Sociolo!!,)", and minored in English and Be SMART I French. really ,.. • 'I During hcr. coJi<:,gC career, Miss P~ul. COMFORTABLE SOli was actIve III campus orgamza­h , tion, and was a member of the Chapel ~Jld£«:Y Some Styles in Sizes 1 to ]2 AAAA to EEE $5 TO $6 : ChOir (or onc year. Elizabl,th Bancroft Smith, daughter oi .:\r r. and Mrs. Henry L. Smith of Stratford road Wallingford will receive tht, fiaci1elor of Arts degree at the h\'('l1t)'-third commencement of Con­necticut College on June 15. Miss Smith majored in French and will later teach French. She was secretary of the col­lege French Club. l\-liss Smith was 011 I the tellnis and swimming teams of her class. She \\'a5 a member of the Mod­I ('rn Dancc group, serving as its chair. man last year. She was secretary of the Outing club. Shir1t,y Shaw daughter of Mr. and ~frs. T. Shaw of North Chester road is a member of the Sweet Briar College gr:l(luating class which received its THE SWARTHMOREAN ELIZABETH B. SMITH \Vho wiJl receh'c her A.B. degree from Cunnecticut College on June 15. diplomas at the COlllll1CIICcment excr­ci .. t·s held Tuesday llIorning. Miss Shaw was prcsidt'nl of the Athletic Associa­tion this year and received the Sweet Briar hlazer, highc~t award for out­~ tallding achievements in athletics. COll~tal1cc lkg (]aughtcr of Mr. and )'lrs. Ernest C. Heg of North Chcs­h: r road received her A.B. degree at the eighty-fifth Commencement cx­(: reisl's of Elmira College, Elmira, N. Y. ~IOlld.a\" afternoon, June 9. ~liss - Heg who was chosen to play the part of Lady Cucas in the com­mCIICCllwnt production of "Pride and Prdudice" has been active in dramatics during her four years at college. Shc has bcilll1gcd to the French Circle and has been on the staff of Iris, the col· kge ycarbook. She was president of the fn'sluJl31l class and was chairman of pUblicity for ~Iay Day. She has be­longed to Phi Gamma Mu and has been 011 the staff of Octagon, thc college ncw:.papcr. During her senior :rear she was secretary of the Student Govern­ment Association. She has been on the Senate of the Student Government As­sociation throughout her four years in caneRI.'. She has been listed in lI\Vho's \Vha Among Students in American Ulliversitit,s and Colleges." She has rna­jon'd in Specch and Economics at El­mira CollC'gc. Gwladys Petcrson, daughter of Mrs. Vioht G. Prtnson The Swarthmore was graduated Monday morning at the forty-eighth commencement exercises at IIood College receiving the A. B. clt·grec with a major in history. AmerIca"s Smartest Walking Shoes Knockabout in Smart, Washable "HOLLYWOOD SPORTS" £001, colorful, comfortable and only SI \Vhile at Hood, Miss Peterson \\'as a member of the st;tlf of the college newspaper The lllue and Grey, a mem- l\'1edia Secretarial School her uf the Dance club and of ~larioll- AnnOUD~es cUes, the dramatic organization, and SUMMER CLASSES served on the hoard of the Cooperative BEGINNJNG MONDAY. I1JNB II Goyernment Association. Day and Erening President Uaymond "raiters, LL.D., I Write for Circular 01' Call Media 113& of the University of Cincinnati delh'ercd ' '~;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;:J;~;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;:;~ I the co 111111 C 11 CC 111 en tad d rt' 5S. I h~oht'rt Esherick, son of )'Ir. and ~lr .... I Cl'urg-t' Esherick of Stratll Haven Inll: K.INNEY'S CorDer 7th & Edgmont Ave. Y. 1\1. C. A. Bldg. Chester JUNE 13, 1941 Edith Jane Melville graduate from the Marjorie Turner daughter of Mr. and college. Mrs. J. Viclor Turner of Hillborne ave- Bill Black son of Mr. and Mrs. nue whose marriage 10 Mr. Elmer Eg­Charlcs E. Black of Park avenue has ley of J enkintowll will take place on returncd from Trinity College, Hart- J unc 21. ford, COIIIl. for his summer vacation. -===============:-;;;;;; Iletty Jean Pitman daughter of Bur- I r OlD! gess and Mrs. John H. Pitman of Vas- TUXEDOS TO HIRE I sar avenue has returned home from SUMMER FORMALS :Mary \Vashington College, Fredericks- ReaMJnable Rate. burg, Va. for the summer months. C'J CUTAWAY ••• SmRTS '" Scott D. Thayer son of Mr. and Mrs. STERN'S 'Phone _ Sit I IllIgh O. Thayer of Strath Haven ave- H W. State 81 .. _ lIue arrived home frolll !fiddlebury I'=::::::::=::::::::;:::::::::;:::::;:~;;~ ColJege 011 \Vedncsday having finished --. _ ..... ____ ... _ -, __ his second year at the Middlebury, Vt. institution. Silvia Swann daughtcr of Mr. and ~f rs. \VilJiam F. G. Swann of Ogden avenue will return home 011 Tuesday for her summer vacation from Welles. Icy College. Silvia will sillg with the college chorus at the commel1c('ment <"xercises on 1fouday. A Cool. Comfortabk. 0N7 Place to Lunch or Din. SUBURBAN CAFE and co*cktail Loun,. The Rev. Dr. A. S. Van Dyck of Rutgers a\'ellue will be the guest preacher at the North and South Hampton Reformed Church, Church­\' i1le, Pa. on JUlII' IS. This is the oldest church in Bucks Count)· having been organized by tht· Holland Dutch, :\lay 20. 1710. Main Concourse, P.R.R. Suburban StadoD. Lunch -from 4Sc Dinner-from 8Sc co*cktallllour. J:OO to 6:00 P.M. Personal SupervIsIon of liB...,. R. TuUr ------------ Miss ;I"t'ntte l'vl'lIing Pho<.'lJe Taylor of Hillborne entertained last Wednesday at a showcr in honor o( Miss ------_ .. ------ A GROUP OF 6th GRADERS 2 Performances at 4 and 7:30 P • .1\-1. of "Cinderella" • to aid Swarthmore's Rolling Kilchen in Trinily Church on Friday, June 13 Admissions 5 and 10 cents Featuring for the Brlde­DIstlnct1ve TRAYS of Lustrous Hand wrought Aluminum $2.50 to $5.00 THE HOUSE OF GIFTS 6 E. State St. MEDIA HIGH SCHOOL AND COLLEGE GRADUATES Keystone, loc.lted among the trees, Oilers you a cool. quiet place for study and relaxation. Small classes. College Instructors. Rellister now for special and regular courses in a 10.weck ,. SUJlI&IER SCHOOL BEGINNING JUNE 16th More than five calls for every graduate have been received. Write or call Swarthmore 1747 for our NEW catalog. KEYSTONE SECRETARIAL SCHOOL AND A TI"ROMA S~e N:. ' ... - GREYHDUN lor more fun - lor less n:oney Rediscover the land of Plymouth Rock and Paul Revere, or Clipper ships and Cape Cod houses, or:. your vacation thiS summer. You'll be proving your good old Yankee shrewdness if you cruise to New England by Super.Coach. One·Way Rd.·Trip One-Wa7 Rd •• Trip Williamsburg $5.05 $9.10 Boston ...• , .. $4.00 $7.00 Richmond ... St.OO $7.20 N. Y. Ctty .... $1.45 $2.10 Wash., D. C ... $1.75 $3.15 Pittsburgh ... $4.80 $9.65 There are just a few 111 ore weeks in which to save money 011 your coal for next season. will grClduatc Sunday - We do the planllinp,:-you have 1he [un- June 15 at the I 1 wilen you take a Grcyhollnd- Olle hundn'd and twentieth annual COlll- , E X PEN S E _ P A I D T 0 U R • Your healer probably needs cleaning too. We paint anti clean it for $2.50. • VAN ALEN BROS. Enterp,·i.,c 10t1.12 RIDLEY PARK A SYMBOL OF LIFE "Walcl' is Ilw 1",,1 of alllhings; watet' i" Iif" ilsl,If." So ~lIi,1 Pliny, Ihl' fmllolls Itomlln philosophc\" "SPRINGFIELD WATER" J, a h"""'II/o:"l' wut'lhy of a philosoplwr. PHILADELPHIA SUBURBAN WATER CO. I ·1 mellcement of l\cw Hampton School: SW ARTIDIORE TRAVEL BUREAU fnr Boy", ~C\\' Hampton, N. II. lIe was I 2 PARK AVENUE SWARTUl\IORE 17!1-W the Junior V.:.rsity Football Manager, i __ --: __ -== __ ~===-______________________ and played 011 the Junior Varsity bas· ~ ~ mm ~ ~ 1.'la:1t:SE ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ _ Ia9SS! msm weta ~ SSifI13 kdhall, :l1ld the 'fl'nnis t(':1m .... I I Xancy Armitage daughter of Dr. and ~I rs. C','orgt Armitagl' of South Ches.1 ler road n-lllrncd home last week after graduating from Bradford Junior Col· I kgl·. X allc.\ ' wa:. accompanied on her' , rdllrn !Jy a schoolmate Uiss Mary, Shaw uf Kansas City, 1\ro. On \Vcd­Ill.' s<iay afh.:l'lIooll Nancy entertained a ~rolll; of irit'mls 'It luncheon in hOllor Iii XI i,.;s Shaw. .\1 r. and ~(rs. Da\'id Shaw of Xurth l'1lt':.hT r\l~l(1 will h:ave Sunday Iilorn­ing for Sweet Briar, Va. where on 'l'ttt'sd;I\' they \\ ill ath'lld the graduation of tllt'ir daughter ~hirlt·y at SwCd J:riar Collegc. Aftn ;1 trip to Bn:-.tol, \'.t. to ,· :\[r:-.. ~h;1\\ 's 1I10tilel" 1\irs. Frank \\'instoll tht'\' \, ill return to Swarthlllurc.' on Sattl~day, Jlll1l.' l.t, ae­e'llIlll; Jnit'(1 II)' ~Ir. Shaw'!,> si:-.ter :\olis.., C,troliIH' Sha\\' oj BO ... ttlll. ).Iass. wholll tlll'~ \\ill 11il'k up in 5\\ ('t.·t Briar on tllt'll' ".1), IHHllt' and wh" will make ;~ \'I..,it hl·n·. •• NEWS NOTES Boilh\' 'j't.'rrv SOli oi ~rT. Clud :\o[rs. Iluane ·Io!. Ter~y oi (lg<!t.'ll a\'{'lIl1e ell­It ·rtaillt·,1 at a hirthday party last Sat­IInl; I:'-' ;Iih rlllinn .. \itl r playing- mally illkr,· ... tlllg game:-. till' guest:. wcn' "',I'vvd a light supper. This tastier milk gives Tessie her future beauty treatments NOW! PLENTY of tasty, rich Supplee Sealtest hom*ogenized Vitamin D Milk! Delicious-and so important for a clear skin, good tccth and bones in later life that no substi­tute has ever been discovercd. Milk in this area. Tessie needs a quart; Mom and Pop (who want to stay beautiful too) each drink a pint a day. Call (:h('l'"h'r 2.5721. ~I r. ,uHI :\1 r,.;. Edward .\. Orl'1ll oi \\'e"t<1alt' a\,l'llue "iIJ havc as their ;/ gl1l.'~ts this wt'l'k-l'lId :\1 r. and ~I rs. LOllis Xl'uht.·rg of Colonia. X. J. with \\'h01l1 tht·y will aUI'lul the races at Dclawan' Park tomorrow. Supplee Seal test Milk-richer than before-is carefully hom*oge­nized so the cream mixes through­out the bottle. The only Sealtest SUPPI.EE How fo BuV Rea' Cream ThrIftily By buying in "ints. you save ov!.:r 10'70 -can afforo plenty (or cereal and coffee. Keeps sweet and handy in your rerriQ;­erator. Why not make Monday, Wednes­day. Saturday your cream days? Notify your milkman today! ~rr. and lrrs. A. H. Melvine of Park; avenue have as their housegucst Mr. I ~(clvilk's sister :\frs. 1\. M. Schroeder I of Peotonc, Ill. :\Irs. Schroeder arrived I in Swarthmore in til1ll' to scc her niece! • hom*oGENIZED VITAMIN D MILK SUPPLEE brings you Ihe RUDY VALLEES~SHOW ThurBdaye at 10 P. Mo. E. D. T. TUNE INI over EYW. JUNE 13, 1941 FOR RENT FOR BENT - Avalon. N. J. beach front apartment: five rooms and bath. fur· nlshed, Electric refrigerator. Tennls court. Gall swarthmore 1133. FOR RENT - FurniBhed room and bath. third of College campus, Tele- 462-R. THE SW ARTHMOREAN 1 ESTATE OP PRANOBII RALPH WBBB, 40- Ambitious Nurse"'" Pro- ........ Lette", of Mm'n'.tratlonh have • .T been Js&ued to the und.erelSnee4 .. 0 A- gram Pian ned I or Summer:diss aaglla lnp..t" "th,nea e ahtaatvei nogf thc'ea ldmesc edoer ntd teo­make known the same. and all persons in­debted to the decedent to tnake pa)'Dlent Nursery School and Kindergarten without delay to bid fair to be the most popular units ill the Swarthmore Playshop this sum­mer. Interested Nursery School par-. HOWARD KIRK. Administrator, County Bundlnl, Media.. Penna. ellts han! already rais(:d funds for; 5-29-6t suilahlc equipment for the very small I __________________ _ • 118:. 'l!'t::-o~"f~:t~b~~: Levari rac .. s No. ec c, t. a. have been 188ued. to the Wl4en:lgned. March Term. 100\ f~~:t!:a~l~f.e C~~e~~ Prop. sit. 1n Upper Darby TwlJ.. i: .. E!.l. to make known the same aDd all persons Co •• Pa .. being Iota 902 and 903 _PlBJl .lUUU. Indebted to the decedent io make payment omlnk Section ot Drexel HIlI Realty Com-without etela,. to pany." on the N. E. s. ot Drexel Avenue 1I0WARD KIRK 125 ft. S. E. ot State Road; In front eo AdministratOr. I ft. and In dlJlh 130.10 ft. known as 743 County Bldg .. Media. pa'l Drexel Avenue. Or his attorney: U & S to condo Bnd rest. WALTER RHOADS WHITE, I·' County Bldg., Media. Po.. Improvements consl'it ot two and one. child. L"mk,r yir~,inia (\e~vkirk \Ve1~-!1 5-29-6t half story house. 30 x 24 feet; side porch: IIIl'r anti j"dtdl 1 aylor, Swarthmore 5 l~~~~~~~~~;5i~~~~~; "oungest citizens will receh'e initial I BOROUGH OF SWARTHMORE ORDINANCE NO. 448 --------__________ i one story frame addition, 8 x: 14 feet: gar­I age, 18 x 18 feet. SHEan-'F' SALES OF REAL ESTATE ·t raining (ur t II e I· f t tl An Ordinance prohibiting parking of 1\'C5 to COli rOil ICIII automobUes upon certnlll streets of the ill the world tOlllorrow. I Borough of Swarthmore and prescribing ! Friday. June 27, 1941 \ " ... ", 'k' k \" ,I, 'r . a penalties for the violation thereof. I ~~~~~~~~~~~~ rboaotmh., I 'r"dIurgalltlel. 1 of. ,e\th\ e Ir Col1'e\ gct ' lII"e ,ho IS has II THE COUNCIL OF THE BOROUGH OF II 8:30 A. M. Eastern Stntl(lard Time :!~;j~~~;:}~ CllCS- g . ... . . I' 'SWARTHMORE DOES ORDAIN: i Conditions: $250.00 cash or certified chl'ck Sheriff's Office, Court House. Media, Pa. I Sold as the property of James E. Bo),oo and Addle K. Boyce, his wife. mortgagOll) • and John A. Smllll and Cecelia Small. bis ,I wife. real owners. I EDWARD F. HITCHco*ck, Attorney. .!: ~~~~1~' worked ",!th ),1 oIly. Crook:.lon ,11.1 t l~ I 'at time of sale (unh'ss oth{'rwlse statcd Ill' L{,,'arl FucilLo; I Xurserv Seimol Ulltt 01' thc J'flcllds SECTION 1. PARKING PROHIBITED. It Is ("d"crttscmcnt) balnucC' in ten days. Other, Swartll- C"C ~I t r<.l i S• t': l 1001 in 0\'c.rbr,o01 .-... Aftcr 1ph eerrembiyt adnecyl avreehdi ctloe boe[ IaI nnyu cishaanrcnec tteor swuhf[actrs oo-r condltiolls on day of l"alc. I Murch Tl'rm, 1941 No. 762 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 'dolng gr;l(!ualt·, \\ork "! .1·.1cl."entary C\'er to remain or park for a IO,nfter pe~lod Lcmrl Facias No. 304: Prop sit. In Twp. o[ Haverford, Del. Co;: Education at 'j em pie UIl~\'Crsl~Y, she I ~:1~~a~U~ec~~a~~~Il~~~~ltrthinc~~g!~711~ March Term, 1941 i ~:! .. t~: ~.o·E~~. p~~nT~~~~~~~t~v:.r~'l:0::et ha~ cOllducted a succcssiul Nursery I upon those portions of the st.reets hereln- ( IN. E. o[ Leedom A,'cmu.>; 25 feet In front IS 'ho(ll 'It \VhiUier lIou.,e in S",arth-I after deSignated and de'3cr1bcd. I All those ccrtaln lots or pieces of ground and 125 feet In dpth. Known us 105 Turn- .:;;;;~;;;;:",============= ,c • . .• Situate In Haverford Township, Delaware bull Ave. ::: i morc durlllg the past two years. I (0) On the Northerly side of Dartmouth Coullt~.Pcnns,YI\'t~nla.dcsl~lult.cdandkllownl F;;;i1iAiLE=tf.F~O~R~!:S;AL~Ef;;;';;-;t;;;;c;w;;;! F I'tl T· 'Ior who will ht· in ehargt' Avenue commencing at a point 146 feet East I as lots Nos. 736. !..37. '1aS, 739, 740. 741. 742. Improvements consist ot two and onc­' .( 1 1 .1) , of the Easterly side ot Park Avenue. and ex- 743,744,745, 746, .-17. 748,749. 750, 751, 752, hnJ( story stucco house 16 x 40 feet; porCh Unusual nntlques',ftne China I' of the Kindergarten program i~ a grad- I tending thence to Princeton Avenue. 766,767. 768. 769. 770. 771,772.773, 774, 775. front. l..,.ar addition 4 x 6 feet; stucco gar- Doulton,. crysta glassware. f I III Ct· 't f tl • I 1776.777.778,779.780.781.783. on n certain ge io x 20 feet • on appOintment. Telephone I (~ate 0 t 1t·, ~~I~Il- ar er ItII~ .0 .. 11.'. I (b) On the Southerly side of Latayette plan of lots called Penfield surveyed for a • . ~~!~~~~~~i~~~~~~~ Sfc hPoo' l o5 f lvEadnuica.l tlOIl at the Ulllverslt) ii Amvoeuntuhe Afvreonmu e int.s diIsnttaenrcsee cotifo na ppwroitxhi mDataerlty- I eCeIrIIJnfogr dC oB.. wHhaircmh oins &du lCyo .r ebcyo rdHeeds sI nE nDgelend- I CoS ..o lIdn cR .S• trheael porwopneerrt. y of Walter L. Lobb & o t 1111. Y • 1200 feet Southeastwardly along the same (to Book L-13 page 624. nweowo,d lawnidt h To Don('e ."or FUll It he bend ot said ,wenue). 'mprmt'cmcn s cons1 st0 ' two all d one- I EDWARD F. IflTCHco*ck. Attorney. urlous 'I' I 1" T acrobatics tOil dancing (c) On the Southwesterly side of Park half st.ory stone and plaster house, 28x30 763 um) mg, .'.. I Avenue between Chester Road and Bar- feet; enclosed front porch; back porch; Levari Facias No. for boys as well as girls "'Ill be lIIcluded vard Avenue. stone garage. 12x12 feet; shed, 12x8 feet; · tl' "1 "Round the \"orld" dancc wood shed, 14x16 feet; stone barn. 36x28 March Term, 1941 III Ie vant'( (d) On the Southerly side of Harvard feet I program to be presented to several I Av('nue between Chester Road and Yale Prop. sit. in Twp. of Haver[ord, Del. Co .• I ' .. k I . \]"1 A I Sold us the property o[ Joseph P. F. Pa., lot No. 267 on plan ot "South Ard. C as..;l'S one lIIorn~lIg a \\CC }) J IX venue. I Kelley. rcul owner. morc." on the S. E s. of TUrnbull Ave. 75 Fit:ld Whitaker III th(' summer re- (e) On the Northerly side of Harvard Ave- I I ft. N. E_ of Leedom Ave. 25 It In front and · .. t' I)ro'wram. Stretching and pos-, nue from a point In front ot the Presbyter- II GEARY & RANKIN, z\ttorueys. 125 ft. In depth. Known as 107 Turnbull t:n.t Ion t; , . I ian Church which point is 263 feet more or , A,'e ture work w111 help bodtes gr.ow less Westw~rdlY from Chester Road, thence I Lenlr1 Fuclm; No. 470:. _ ~""-,~pi~iOIEP!,uiip~s, straight and strong. willie folk danclllg Westwardly a. distance of 100 feet. I ,1m, provem,ents crinstst l~f t:'t? [:e~~ f':~t ~~~~~~~~~~~t~~'f:i.;'d~~i:~~D~~G~ . ~' . . o( difTerellt countnes WI· 11 . p~oYl· d e, ac- I (t) Swarthmore Avenue from Chester S (" pt.t'meb rTerm, 1940 ,I hpaolr chs;t orreya rs uacdcdoi tioonu.s e4, x 6x feet. , • h~;'t';;:-3( -=;ilo;;: ti"ity ami cultural appreCiation. I~ach Road to Baltimore Pike. SitUate at the northWest corner of Wor- i S Id th p opcrty ot Walter L. Lobb & I '11 I' tl ,It· d the Grand rUow and Beale Streets. Lower Chichester 0 88 e r 30 ts C ass WI t',lrll Ie Wel Z an • (g) Cedar Lane from Swarthmore Avenue Township Delaware County Pennsylvania. Co .. Inc. real owner. WORK WANTED H.ight and Left in the Swarthmore to Baltimore Pike. Contalnln'g In front on Beale Street 100 EDW HITCHco*ck. Attorney. WORK WANTED - Swarthmore High School senior desires care of children at home or away. Telephone SWarthmore 1989-J. sUlllmer pIa y Il OUS{.: : .•. (h) North Chester Road from Swarthmore ITf eoegt ext hwere swt 1it7h5 .6r ifgehett taon nd 1u5s efe eotf wsIadide aallleleyy. 1I . F. ~r rs. \\"hitakcr IS \\'ell quallhed to I Avenue to the Pennsylvania Rallroad right In common with owners of other lands: 6-6-3t WlLLIAJi.f W. McKIM, Shertft'. conduct this "Round the "'orld" dance of way. ,l\buttlng thereon. I I program as. ... he has studl.c d .II I France. I (i) South Chester Rond from Rutgers I Excepting thereout three brick messuages I SHERIFF SALES or REAL ESTATE WANTED S . ~I . ..... '1 under t\1l1l'riCaI1 Avenue to Fairview (L1eperv1lle) Road. sItuate on northeast corner Worrllow Street I Sheriff Office. Court House, Media, PenDa. ... palll, ~, <:X1l:O. atH • and a 12 teet wide alley out parallel teachers. (JI The underpass beneath the PennsyI- with and at rectangular distance o[ 1'78.6: Friday. June 20, 1941 vania. Rnllroad. feet west from Beale Street. Ex!endlng' 8 '30 A. M. Eastern Satndard Time northeast 55 feet x northwest 100.43 feet x . SECTION 2. EXTENT OF PROIDBITION. southwest 54.57 feet x 100.76 feet. Conditions: $250.00 cash or certl1led check ••• Unless otherwise indicated the foregoing I at time of sale (unless otherwise stated In Board Elects Mrs. Ellders prohIbition appl1es to all parts at the said ImprO\'emellts consist of two and one- advertisem*nt) balance In ten days. Other highways and the Intersections thereof trom halt story frame house. 24x24 feet; porch I conditions on day of sale. curb to curb. front: rear addition, 16x8 feet; framegarnge. I (('o,llinued froln Pa.ue One) 'Fieri Facias No. 966 i March Term. 1941 ~~f~t~~!:~::~~::~~ at l)reSl'nt teacher of physical euuca- SECTION 3. VIOLATION. Any person, firm Sold as the property ot George A. Wanner I . I or corporation violating any of the pro· and Mary E. Wanner. h15 wHe, mortgagors tion ill the Bcnsalem To\\'nship Hig 1 visions of this Ordinance shall be subject and Mary Wanner. real owner, wIth notice I . -- ----- School at Cornwells Heights, Penns).'l- to a. fine or Five Dollars ($5.00) for the ftrst to terre tenants, lC any. I All tha.t certain lot wIth buildings L ST - offense Rnd a fine of Ten Dollars ($10.00) fer I thereon erected Situate on the northeast- ~~~~~~~~~O~~~~~~~~~~ I"l Iaen iaw, asw haccnti'\ 'eh e illh atsh eh e\eVn essti ncCe he1s9t3e2r. tbhee csoelcleocntde da nads esaucchh sfuinbesse qauree nbt yo ffleanws ec. otlo- GEARY & RANKIN, Attorneys. ,oerfl y 1s4i6d.2e5 offt .C rsooyudtohne aRstdw. aardtl yt hef rodmis tanthcee lectlble. In addition to the foregoing penal- No 509' southeasterly sIde of GuU[ord Rd., In Up- COllnty. XU\' York. \Vhit .... Plains Camp ties. the Borough ma~' take such other ac- Le\'arl FacIas . per Darby Twp .. Del. Co" Pn. Contnlnlng :~~;~~~~~~i~~~~~~~~ f<.lr ci...u.. ht." car:, and is this )"car direc- atluotnh otroiz eedn fobyrc ela wth. is ordinance as may be March Term. 1941 'eIxnt dfgro. not fo nth snati dw Cidrtohy dIonn dRedp. th14 .n25o rftth.e aasntd-tor of th .... P<.'nHsyh-allia ~tate Camp U D b T Del Co 'wardly between parallel Unes at right for Cril>I)led Children in till' Poconos. SECTION 4. INCONSISTENT ORDINANCE I Prop. sit. in Pf~ ~rR~ to-r01 ft ·S 0'( angll's to said Croydon Rd.. 80 ft. to the I Ht, i!'O REPEALED. This Ordinance supplements ~. • ~n tres~re~t 0 In erront '35 it and' In middle of a ten ft. wide private driveway iI graduate of Franklin and ~la~- Ordinance No, 420 approved May 22. 1939. d th 7750 It the s. 1. being alg. ·mid. o[ a extdg. northwestwardly Into Guilford Rd. Wlllkle. shall Colkgl' from which he has hiS All other Ordinances or parts of Ordinances P t '10 it \v"dwy etc Known as 111 Kt'nt and southeastwardly Into Lamport Rd. 798. A.B. dl'gn'l' and has his ).ta"ter':. De- Inconsistent herewlth nn' hereby repealed. ~ad. . . : Under and sllbJect to building restrlc-grt.' c ill lit'alth and. Ph}.'sical Education I Passed this 4th day ot June A. D. 1941. I U. & S. to bldg. rest. and casem*nt. tlans nnd the payment of e. certan mort- (rom ColuTllbia VllIvcrslty. I BOROUGH OF SWARTHMORE :, Tog. w1th use of dwy. gage debt In principal sum of $2500.00. 110 PARK AVE. - SPECIAL $60 For the property committl't.· it was (SEAL) I Improl'elnents consist of two story stone, APT. f'on RENT 1st tloor-2 bedrms. sleeping porch. 19. Ilv. t I tl t tl t ,·eccntly made By: W. R. ARGYLE, I Improvem:.mts consist of two story con- brick and stucco house. 13 x 27 feet: en~ rm .. fireplace. private th.ermostat. Garage. f('pur c< ta Ie wo : President or CouncU. I crete block, stucco and frame house, 16x40 closed front p"'rch; one story stucco addl. 3ept.1. ,apprai~aJ:.; oi tht, \"alt· :n't'nue tract I Attest: ELLIOTT RICHARDSON, 'feet; enclosed porch; one story frame addl- t'on. 9 x 6 feet; basem*nt garage. \V1\I. S. BITTLE I were f<lr apart olle listing it at $iOOO I Borotlgh secrctary .• tlon, 6x6 feet; one story concrete block Solei as the property of Rocco Vanella I and the ntlll'r $10.100. Negotiations have,I Approved this 6th day garage. 10xiB fe2t. and Angelina Vanella. Swarthmore 111·J Sotnry Public -Insurance _ Renl Estate bt,t'li held UI) until II decision as to the i of June 1911. ! Sold as the property of John Donlun. , I mortgagor ond Robert B. Alsop and Kath- C. WM. KRAFT. JR., Attorney. "IRS. A. J. QUINBY & SON \'alue of the prOpl'rty has heell reached. JOHN H. PITMAN. I rl'n G. AlsOI), his wife, real owners. :dthnugh a hill of sale has heen d rawn. I B urgess. , 5.2'.3t WILLIAM W. McKIM, SherUr. JOSEPH E. QUINBY I '1'he 1\\0 year consid. ... ration uy the i' 6- 1 3 -It j EDWARD F. HITCHco*ck. Attor_ne_y._ _~ _ FUNERAL DIRECTORS Board of the IJl1rchase of additional I --- -- -------- - -- - property reached a new impasse until, the Ilossihility of acquiring the south­I\ mDIA, PENNA. I em end of thc Girls' Athl~tic F~eld of "f;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;::::;;::::;;::::;;::::;;::::;;::::;;::::;;::::;;::::;;::::;;::::;;;;j I the co II c g l' is t horou g h I y 1tl vcs tI ga te d. ~ 1 Thc propcrt).' committee was also au- IIAI\IILTOS and ELGIN lVATCIIEs 1 thorizcd to inn'stigah' and arrange for BELL PHONE 4 EDWIN B. KELLEY, Jr. ,all exlcll,ioll to the shop. YOllr /e1f)eler 11-------------- 25 East 7th St. Chesler ZONING NOTICE (OppOsite New State Theatre) i The Board of Adjustment wtll hold 0. 'I"hone Chester 3764 I public hearing In Council Chamber. Swarthmore Borough Hall at 8:00 P. M. ~::::==============~ , Daylight Saving Time on Tuesday. July 1st. I : 19 ... to pass upon the appeal of Anthony I L and Helen H. Ventner owners of a II dwelling sitUated at 311 Cornell Avenue., Because of the reiatl\'e posItions o[ the ,dwelUng and detached gnrage a variance i FOR PROMPT SERVICE REFRIGERATORS - RADIOS WASHERS-ALL MADS PEOPLE'S TIRE STORE 'Phone Media. 205 211 tvest State Street,~~edta Open Every EveDLn&' _~'--'4' ...... _ .-...-....--•• --.... _ •• _ ..... I, from the terms of the Zoning Ordinance Is reqUested a5 follows: I That construction o( n porch be per­mitted at the rear of the dwelling thereby i I assuming tlie distance bet.ween tIle dwell- i , Ing and garage to ele\'en feet. ! Anyone interested may appear and be, I heard at the afore;;ald hearing ELLIOTT RICHARDSON. -"-'-.. -~---"-.. - .. - .. -"-"-"! I 5-13-2t Secretary. 1 I"il'lure Fl'uming - Stationcry I I-;;;::::;;;;;;::::;;::::;;::::;;::::,;;",..,;,;;::;;::::;;::::;;::::;;::::;;::::;;::::;;::::~ I ~ no!)k~ -.- Koduk SUI)()lics :1 . ~ ·l(·r"C""SI~I~o~~~ Craft I; -: l· .. ,'\' clsh Slre('t Chestcr I: ,.-.,'-I',h-o,n.e- .C. -h.e_ste.r ,2--51"6-1 ,-_. . -,,. O,,'omelri •• DR. M. BLOOMFIELD Complete Eye Servi~e 612 WELSH STREET Call Ch""ter 8014 W. J. THOMAS FOrmerl!' or Swarthmore College Carpenter & Cabinet lUaker 425 MORTON AVENUE, RUTLEDGE 'Phone Swarth. 2989 WOOD KOPPERS co*kE SUN FUEL OIL A charming brick d\\clling "ith lot 200 x 500 '('L'I, heautiful !'ih:ult~ tr"t'S und !i\hruhbl'r~' ,H,rlh hundreds of dollnr!'. Pri("c re· dueed by SlOOO. 'V" "ill show Ihi!; house by uJJlJOilltmcnl al an~' limc. Will sell on en!>,.' h'rlllS "ilh libernl filutu('ing. Sweeney & Clyde 29 E. 5th 5,. CHESTER Telephone Chester 6141 ARDMORE WINDOW CLEANING CO. ARDMORE 2320 SWARTHMORE t9 Best Wishes 1941- HARRIS co. nus IS A -I-I£CI< Of A WAY TO SATURDAY AfTERNOON ~ an Electric Vacuum Cleaner Will Do the Job Better and Quicker_ -. Perhaps you can laugh at this scene • • . consider II entirely antiquated. Don't worry. it still happens in plenty of homes. And just as common are the countless cases where the little lady is struggling with a downright out-of-dale. lired-out vacuum. If either of these pictures fit your household. take heed. A brand new, Improved 1941 Electric Vacuum will do the cleaning job beHer. quicker ••• and with far leu effort. Cheap to buy and operate, tool PHILADELPHIA ELECTRIC COMPANY

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. 1:' I If ~I ~:: .. ---.--------.-----:-.~ .. ---, .-.. ----- -- .-~ ... --"' ...... - .. -. . ;::_:_:-J:,.:.~:.·:;l';·_ .... 'TB. ESWARTRMOREAN ~, ... JUNE 13, IMI SUMMER SCHOOL TO OPEN ON 2300 of the time in academic classes and the remainder in the shop. G. Baker Thompson will have ch.arge of the Summer SchooL Hanna Kirk LE1TERAWARDS MADEATH.S. CLARA sm.1 ER BIRD aod Mrs. E. A. Orem of W.stdale and Harvard avenues attended the JUDe Mrs. Clara Spiller Bird widow of Dr. dances Monday aod Tuesday evening. William Bird of Chester paoled away at Valley Forge Military Academy as in . Taylor Hospital, Ridley Park on the guest. of Cadet Orrin Webber of Elementary Grade Subjeeta to be May 31 having faUeo downstairs and Oftered for the FU'8t 'I1me at Annual C1a_ at High School will supervise the work in the Engli.h Annual Athletie Banquet Held in classes, Adeline Strouse in the language School Cafeteria Friday Night, classes, and J. A. Christian the work in June 6 suffered a broken leg and severe sh,ocl" Rochester, N. Y. mathematics and science. Student ' eight days earlier. Mrs. Bird for the ---------------- The Swarthmore High School Sum­mer Session will open Monday, June 23, with registration from 8:30 tiU 11 :30 a. m. As has been the custom the session will last for six weeks closing Friday, August 1. Classes in all High School subjects (grades 7 to 12) will be offered. Each class will meet for one hour each morning. Some pupils will be taking one subject. others two, and a few will take three. teachers will be furnished by the West Last Friday evening in the school Chester State Teachers College. In the cafeteria, the students of the high past this arrangement with West Ches- school who have been awarded school ter has proved very satisfactory. That letters during the year held their An­school has been able to furnish a num- nual School Letter Banquet. In addi­ber of very capable teachers. Some of tion to a delicious dinner served by the these are its own students, other enter management of the school cafeteria, West Chester from other colleges to there was a program of singing and secure their practice teaching credits. speeches. Among the speakers were past 11 years had made her home with FELICIT' ATIONS her daughter-in-law Mrs. Walter Baird .n-at 310 Dartmouth avenue. Pupils attend the Summer School for different reasons: in some cases to re­move failures, in others the object is to raise the mark secured durjng the regular term. still other pupils wiII en­ter courses they haven't taken before, thus previewing the work they expect to take in the fall term. • As usual a number of students are expected to enter the classes in short­hand and typing. It is frequently imp possible for Swarthmore students to get typing during the regular school year due to the heavy rosters that they carry. Taking typing ill Summer School is the solution to this problem. Marie Bader the regular teacher of commer· cial subjects in the High School will have charge of the commercial classes. Each summer Benjamin Cook who has charge of the shop program has a capacity crowd of students working in wood, metal, and plastics. A number of boys complete work for Scout Merit Badges during the Summer Session. Some pupils spend the entire morning in the shop while others spend part Kodaks Radios Shick Shaver. Fountain Pens An addition to the Summer School School Director James H. Hornaday, Program this year will be the offering Scout Executive Rex I. Gary and Bor­of credits in the elementary school ough CO'Uncilman Wallace M. McCurdy. field. Two regular Swarthmore teach- The final awards of school letters for ers Marion Prosch and Nell Wiseman spring sports and for the year's parti­will have charge of classes in arith- cipation in non-athletic activities were metic, spelling, writing, and remedial made at this time, the presentation be­reading. These classes will be of parti- ing made by the principal of the school, o:ular interest to pupils in grades three G. Baker Thompson, and the coaches to eight inclusive. of the various sports. It is hoped that the Summer School The girl's lacrosse letters were Program will meet the needs of the awarded as follows: children of Swarthmore. A number of pupils from nearby schools will attend Stars to former holders of Varsity the Summer Session thus making it of letters-Grace Brewster, Betsy Croth­sufficient size to offer a complete pro- ers, Libby Garrett, Rosamond Jones, gram. There is every reason to believe Betsy McGee, Barbara Nason, Mar­that the program will be as successful garet Sheppard. Joan Thatcher, Mar-this year as it has been in the past. garet MacMillan. and Ruth Servais. • I • Varsity letters - Virginia eraerner, Hostess to British Women On Monday last Mrs. J. H. G. Mc­Conechy entertained the president, delegates of the State Council, and vice-presidents. Regents, officers and thirteen Chapters in Philadelphia of the Daughters of the British Empire in Pennsylvania. After the meeting which was the last one of the season tea was served. About fifty were pres­ent. • • NEWS NOTES Florence Whits it, Carol FroebeJ, and Alice Putnam. Junior Varsity letters­Theo Hulme. Ann Gorman, Barbara Kent, Shirley Nason, Ann Argyle, Agnes Beneke, Marion Bernard, Kathie Downing. Mary Garrett, Bar­bara Griffith, Laura Lee Hopkins, Eleanor McGee, and Shirley Mac­Millan. Girl's non-athletic awards were pre· sented to: Barbara Blundin (2), Rosalyn Brom­ley, Virginia Craemer, Jean Evans, Nancy Henry, Kay Kapelski, Doris Lackey. Lillian Lingle. Jane Messick, Barbara Nason, Doris Plumb. Mar- Mrs. Frederick J. Bogardus . an.d garet Sheppard, Betty Wetten, Flor­daughter Joyce Ann formerly of Mlchl- cnce Whitsit Jane Ann Williams Amy gan avenue. 'Yho have ~een !Dakin~ an Jane David;on, Elizabeth Fre~gard, extended VISit !o. rel~bves lD IndIana Ann Gorman, Bette Anne Kite, Mar­left ~une 1 to JO.m Lieutenant Bogar-I garet MacMillan, Winifred Park, and dus on Alexandr,a,. Va. Lt. Bogardus Jane Schoff. was recent1y appomted to the Army .. . Engineer Board and is to be located Boy s tenOls awards were presented at ForBt Ie V O'i r, Va. for one year. toS'· t h Id f V ·t I tt ' tars a 0 ers 0 arsl y e ers- Mr. and Mrs. John C. Taylor and Marshall Schmidt and Lewis Beatty. children Joanne and Sally Lou will Varsity letters-Ted Jones. Ford Wig- ~Fr~~~~C~R~BD~IT~~JE~W~EL~ER~~~~~~1 Cmhoevset efrr ormoa dt hoeni r Fhriodmaye , aJtu n4e1 61 3N. oTrhthe gSitnesp. heJna ckH aZye. rbe. James Cleaves, and Taylors will make their new home at Boy's track awards went to: 1232 Morlyn road, Overbrook. Stars to varsity letter holders-Rob- B Headquarters For R The Pi Beta Phi group which sews ert Bair, Jeffery Kirk, Pet~r MiII~r, for the benefit of the friends' Service R?bert Longwe!l, Alfred. Halg, Committee will meet and have luncheon Kirk. and Harrison Robmson. VarsIty as the guests of Mrs. William W. Tur- letters-Alfred Johnson, Robert Roche, ner of Yale avenue today Sam Gary, James Lukens, Henry Saul- ___________. ____. . nier, and John Bair. Junior Varsity let- GOLF 1- ters-Harry Brown, John Livingston, I • TENNIS G • FISHING G TACKLE S • BADMINTON • because you like nice things you and you and you should shop in RODGERS 608 EDGMONT AVE. CHESTER for 7th & Welsh Sts. first fashions CHESTER first SUMMER SCHEDULE AT THE INGLENEUK • Weekday Luncheons 12 to 2 o'clock Dinners 6 to 8 P. M. (Saturday-5 :30 to 8) Sundays _ June 22 through September 14 Dinner 1 until 4 o'clock. MID-SUMMER HOLIDAY - The Tea House will be Closed July 4,5 and 6. Open as usnal July 7. Renovations will ~re suspension of hnsinet!ll Angust 25 throll8h August 31. Open for dinner Labor Day 5 to 8 P_ M. Reservation8 desirable hut not' neeissary- ,.Telephone Swarthmore 69.between 9 A. M. and 8130 P. M •. Arthur Glenn, and Waiter Hannum. Boy·s non-athletic awards-Robert Bair, lames Bowditch, Richard Brown, Heberton But1er, Dick Delaplaine, Gor­don Douglas (2), Ernest Folks, Milton Fussell, Walter Goodwin, Peter Miller, John Schobinger. Ford Wiggins, Louis deMoll, Russell Kneedler, Jack Linton (2). David Nelson, and Douglas Heath. Junior varsity letters for lacrosse were presented to: James Bowditch, Richard Brown, and James Kauffman. •• e Close Year's Work The Hispanic Dance Group held its anllual business meeting on Saturday morning with judging oi scrap books and selection of officers for the coming year as the main items of interest. June Unman appointed Eleanor Wolf to succeed her as President. Elizabeth Pope appointed Mary Frances Dimmitt to :;Llcceed her as secretary, and Mary Jane Servais appointed Virginia Wil­son to succeed her as treasurer. The scrap books were voted on by those present at the meeting. The prize for the best Hispanic book went, to Elizabeth Pope, that for the best ballet book to Margy Conover, and that for the best personal scrap book (press no­tices. pre,ss photos and programs of I' performances in which she had ap­peared) to Eleanor Wolf. All books showed an intense interest On the part of the girls' in their work. Four of the girls from the Advanced class went to the Irvine Auditorium on Tuesday night to dance for the colored movies which were taken by the Cul­tural Olympics and which witl hc shown in the public schools of Philadelphia. Those who helped to make the pictures were: Elizabeth Pope, Eleanor Wolf, June Ullman, and Nena Whitaker. Ann Myers who was to have been one of the group waS unable to be present be­cause of a recent operation. The scrap books made by the groUP may I,>e seen at j any ,time during the coming week by a,nyone interested. They wilt be on display at 104 Elm avenue, the home of Atix Field Whit­aker, COnn'sel"r of the· (Federated) Hispanic Dance Group. Born in Baltimore, Md. On February I, 1860 she was the sister of the late Dr. WiUiam C. Spiller who occupied the chair of neurology at the University of Pennsylvania, and the aunt of Dr. Robert E. Spiller of the College. Surviving are a daughter Mrs. Ken­neth R. Knapp of Cleveland, Ohio, ten grandchildren and three great grand-children. Private services were held on and followed by interment in Ch.est:er 1 Rural cemetery. • • NEWS NOTES Mr. and Mrs. Willard Tomlinson and son Jack of South Chester road will visit Middlebury College in Vermont the week-end of June IS. They expect to attend commencement at Middle­bury where their daughter Marjorie is a junior, majoring in psychology and also holding down first base on the women's baseball team. Miss Joyce Orem daughter of Mr. o~:" ICE CREAM 60c Qt. Chester Candy Kitchen 53% MARKET ST., CDBS'rBB TO THE GRADUATES alice barber, Gifts OLD BANK BUILDING Telephone S ..... 1381 01"","" Wedneoday afternoons beglml1Dg JUDe 18 untu septem'&er y SUGGESTIONS FREEMAN'S MEN'S SHOES OR BEDROOM SLIPPERS BUDGET SHOE X-RAY FITTING 212 W. STATE ST., MEDIA PHONE MEDIA 990 LET US. PREPARE YOUR WINTER GARMENTS FOR STORAGE An Cleaned Bea.". Clothes RBTUBNED TO YOU IN SEALED MOTH-PROOF CEDAR BAGS Or yOb may place garments lor season III OUl' cold storace at mbrlmam. chaJ'l'e CLENO·RE·NU·IT CO. 614 ... 18 WELSH STREET, CBES'I'BR We Call and Dellver 'Phone Chester &118 !!!!mlnlllllmnlllmnllnmllllDllmUlBflllmlllllnUlIlDnllumnnllnllmllll1l1llll1l1nlllmllllllnlll1l11l11lJlllJ1DRIIIIIDWunlllDllDmllllmDIUlDDlllllllllnllDlll!! ~ Chester's fashion Corner = : i '" = ~ .~ : ~ : = ; I AIR·COOLED for your comfort I ~ 'FREE FRIDAY and SATURDAY A REGULAR PACKAGE OF LUX ~ = = ; ~~~i;!::E= ~ = MISS WUISE KENNE ~ = ==_ has a fikne stock ofAhedlpful hints _~= on sloe iog care. n to every - stocking customer who buys hog. - ~ iery priced at more than 59c she ~ == will present a regular-sized box of == : Lux (only one to a customer). :: == == ~ N~"7;; H~; i I $1.00 ~ _= HOSIERY _- And they are fas- ! Ex:~~r:th h~~~e~ttob!~! l:d -=_~ - 79c pr. with proper car e 'hey'll give you end· = =_=§ ~kE~~~:!~~;' =~ Measured Hose are all sizes. = = ~ :~:rin3~1~=:~.~~~ $1.65 Nylons $1.35 ~ ~ ::~~r:d:~rt .:: $2.95 Nylons $1.98 i =2 === = - = E s= E ~ ~ I FOR STOCKINGS i SWAI~THMql~E COt. Lr-~~[ L 1131~A n y , " SWAI~THM()I~E • PU. TO E.. . OY THE SWARTH SWARTIi:>IOItJl: 011.1.1«; ~ LlllRARY EAN THE 4TH .1 SWARTHMORE VOL. xm, No. 25 W. I. L BOARD IN FESTIVE MEET Mn. Malin Assumes Leadenhip as Peace Group Plans New Program The Women's International League held a picnic luncheon and board meet­ing in the garden of Olive Cleaves' home on Ogden avenue on Monday. About 25 members brought their sand­wiches while Miss Cleaves served punch and desserL The officers and chairmen for next year are: Mrs. Patrick Malin, president; Mrs. Roy McCorkel, vice-president; r.irs. Harold M arch, corresponding secretary; Mrs. David Braun, recording secretary; Mrs. Frank, Reynolds, treasurer; Mrs. Philip Jewett, chairman of the Board; Olive Cleav~s, chairman of member­ship; Mrs. March, chairman of legisla­tion: Mrs. Roland Pennock, chairman of refugees; Mrs. J. Howard Smith, chairman of toys; and Mrs. Cameron P. Hall, chairman of cooperativ~s. The re­maining chairmanships will be filled in the fall. Mrs. Samuel Ashelmal1 of the county board reported on the recent meeting. She urged people to attend the Insti­tute of International Relations organ­ized by the Friends Service Committee to be held at Bryn Mawr College June 27-July 6. Among the speakers for the evening meetings, which are open to alt, are Norman Angell, Sen at 0 r Wheeler, Norman Thomas. and Henry Cadbury. It is hoped that a number of members will attend the special W. I. L. day July 2, at which time the speakers wilJ be Harold Bassely, minister from Baltimore; Hans Simon. former lec­turer in Europe; Norman Thomas; and Alberta Morris of the W. I. L. and Friends Interracial Committee. Any one wishing transportation may can Mrs. Roy McCorkel or Miss Olive Cleaves. Mrs. Lucy Kennedy Brown reported on the Anti-War Congress of Writers which she recently attended in New York. Mrs. Margaret Neal. who is in charge of furniture for the Civilian Public Ser­vice Camp for Girls to be held at Glen Mills during the summer, made a plea for old chairs, sofa cushions and floor lamps. Mrs. Jewett will be in charge of the organization during. the summer. • I • Swarthmore Music School Recital Thc' fifth anllual recital by the pupils of Antollica and Camilla Fairbanks heads of the Swarthmore School of Music was given at the Woman's Club House on Friday evening, June 13. Among the composers represented on the program were: hoJozart, Beethoven, Delibes, Bloch, Brahms, Kreisler. Paderewski, Saint. Saens, Schumann, Tschaikowsky, Grieg, Mendelssohn, MacDowell and Schu­bert. Prizes were awarded as follows: for perfect attendance, Chubby Andes, Jack Campbell and Virginia Bower; for highest average in class and at les­sons. Mildred Bernard and Marjorie Lewis tied. For the evening's performance pins were awarded as foHows: in Group I. to Barbara Rol1haus with honorable mention to Polly Told; in Group II, to Carol Van Alen with honorable mention to Chubby Andes and Charlotte Hobbs; in Group Ill, a tie between Mary Ann Hook and Nancy Van Alen with honor­able mention to Dick Hook and Jean Gehring; in the Violin Group, to Milton Hobbs with honorable mention to Alan Hall and Jack Campbell. Others who participated were: Priscilla Rogers. Cary Richmond, Jeanne Richmond, Afarianna Pitman, Donald Fetherolf, Barbara Bower, Steve Smith. Mary Durc, and Maria Hanzlik, all of Swarthmore, and Enid Olmsted of Rose Valley, Florence Kim­mel of Springfield Township, and Laura Kelly of Glenolden. Alison Carpenter and Jimmy Bogardus were ushers. • I • Enrolls Early at Dickinson Milton H. Fussell, III, son of Mr. and Mrs. Milton H. Fussell of Vassar avenue. has enrol1ed at Dickinson Col­lege, Carlisle, Pa,. fQr the academic term h~ginf1ing in September., Fussell who was just graduated from Swarthmore High School has regist­ered for·"~ ;CGUrS8 leading to a bachelor of arts degree. In high school he was a member of the band and orchestra and president of his home room. SWARTHMORE, PA., JUNE 20, 1941 '2.50 PER YEAR Cooperation of AU Boro Organizatwm Needed Notiee • In cooperation wit h the Already in The Swarthmorean~s Swarthmore Recreation Project MANY REGISTER IN SWARTHMORE'S SUMMER RECREATION PROGRAM calendar events sche- all of the local physicians have duled for next October and November agreed to examine any child for RED CROSS CANTEEN TRAINING have been entered. Perhaps that seems swimming at the College pool for to some of us to be rushing things a a fee of $.50 (cash). A Red Cross canteen instruction bit. but those who have had the fore- J. ALBRIGHT JONltS, course will be held at the American sight to send in dates thus far in ad- Borough Health Officer. Red' Cross headquarters, Sl1 North vance will be relieved of much anxiety I'------------------JI Broad street. Philadelphia beginning later. GIVE $23 TO ROLLING next Tuesday, June 24, from 10 A. M. Most organizations of the Borough KITCHEN to I P. M. and every Thursday and have fo'Und it a decided advantage to Tuesday thereafter, finishing about have dates of their functions so recorded July 26. h h Ia . Capacity audiences swelled the Sun-t at ot . er groups p . nnIm g ahead may day School room of Trinity Church Anyone in Swarthmore who ,·s inter- asce·rdta 1t1 f dates prevIOUfls' y set and thus last Friday afternoon and evening to ested in taking the course' and helping avOi un ortunate can letS. with the canteen work may contact T he system which T he Swarthmor.. witness the dramatization of Cinder- Mrs. George L. Armitage, 410 South ean took over t wo years ago h as proven eUa prepared and presented by a grou2p5 Chester road (telephone Swarthmore . . h of local sixth-grade girls. The $23 an assistance III t e success of many profit realized by the entertainers was 148). rummage sales, card parties and other It is hoped that college g,·rls home b ene fi t ~r soct.a Ifa fa'I rs by e II· minating presented to the Swarthmore Rolling for the summer and others who may the divisl.O n in attendance which must Kitchen as the contribution toward not like to aid by sewing but care to h British Relief of these young sympa-occur w en two or more events occur thi.ters. assist in some way will adopt this work simHu ltaneously. of which there is considerable being owever, t h e one or two org. anTlhZe p,e rformance was directed done in Philadelphia, and for wh,·ch the t1. 0ns w h·J ch negI e ct to cooperate in t h is and managed by Patty Patman. The need is increasing as the camps fill and manner have occasional1y set askew the cast included Jennifer McCone as transfer here. conscientious planning of other groups. Cinderella, Rosemary Argyle and Jean ---4... ..... --_ Therefore. The Swarthmore." pub- Blakiston as the step-sisters, Beth LIBRARIANS AT BOSTON lishes this reminder in the hope that Huey as the step-mother, Hilda Den- MEET these organizations will become more worth as the prince, Virginia Hay as aware of the all-around benefit such a the godmother, Jean Brown as the calendar can render if it has complete queen, and Louise Archbold as the participatio:.:n:.. _ ........ ____ king. • I • Refreshments were served by the KEYSTONE SCHOOL IN girls after the performances. INITIAL COMMENCEMENT Last year the same group directed, The first graduating exercises of the Keystone Secretarial School wefe held in the Swarthmore Woman's Club on Wednesday evening of this week. The many friends of the graduates and school fitled the clubhouse to ca­pacity. Lester C. Haworth general secretary of the Y. M. C. A. of Philadelphia de­livered the address of the evening en­titled "The Challenge of the Forties." In his interesting talk, he said: "The decade of the forties may prove to be a landu1ark or a sigllt-'(.r!lot to civHization. Major influences are at wor~ which are likely to deteCT'line the ~ourse of civilization for generation~. Young men and young women during the next dec­ades may either be 'chaUenged or crushed by what is ahead, depending upon their personal philosophies of life. Those who have well-rounded personalities involving physical effici­ency, vocational skill. mental alertness, moral courage, and spiritual insig~t will find themseves in positions of leader­ship and usefulness and are in for ad­ventures which involve enduring happi­ness and satisfying life experiences. Such qualities of personality as those mentioned arc within the reach of the average young man and young woman. it is up to them." Grover C. Greene director of the school stated that 195 students have at­tended the day and evening sessions since its organization last year, repre­senting 47 high schools and 26 academic colleges and universities. He further stated that the popularity of the insti­tution had spread to such an extent that it would be necessary to enlarge its facilities in order to accommodate the student body next year. The graduating class numbered IS. ••• ROLL UP FUND FOR ROLLING KITCHEN The sum of $97.75 has been con­tributed since last week to aid in reach­ing the goal for Swarthmore's Roll­ing Kitchen for Britain bringing the total up to $128922. Slightly over $alO is stiU needed before the required $1500 is reached and can be sent direct to Birmingham, England. Every day the sum stays below that needed is one day more that grateful eyes in England will not be relieved by the sight of "The Swarthmore Roil­ing Kitchen" painted 011 the side of a nourishment dispe.nsi. ng ,motor truck. , Enjoy Group Week-End Ten members of the Swarthmore Presbyterian Parish spent last week­end at Cape ~.fay, N.]. They were Rev. and Mrs. David Braun of Swarthmore;: Mr. and Mrs. Guido G. Savelli, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Spaulding, and Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kraus all of Drexel HiI~ and Mr. and Mrs. George Clarson of Bortondale. ~----4.M'M''-____ Starts Graduate Study John Delaplaine son of Mr. and Mrs. Roy W. Delaplaine of Cornen avenue has left for Ann Arbor, Mich. where he will do graduate work in chemical engineering at the -U,niversity of Mich­igan. costumed, and presented a play in the basem*nt of the Raymond K. Denworth home for the benefit of the Upland Nursery. • I • NASON ACTS TO AID CHINA Declaring that America has a great obligation and a great opportunity as a democratic and Christian nation to support the Chinese people in their fight for freedom, Dr. John W. Nason president of Swarthmore College en .. dorsed the current $5,000,000 United China Relief drive aod joined the Educator's Committee for China. Mobilized by Dr. Henry M. Wriston, president of Brown University at Providence, R. I., the Educator's Com­mittee for China includes 21 of the outstanding college and university presidents in the country. It will be active in raising funds for the support of Chinese schools and colleges which, since the Japanese invasion, have had to move more than a thousand miles into the interior of Free China. Dr. Nason, in his letter of acceptance to the Educator's Committee of Unit~d China Relief, said that American sup­port of China was essential to the best interests of the United States. "The situation in China," he asserted, ","iew­ed from the standpoint of Christianity and democracy presents a great obli­gation and a great opportunity to the American people. We arc in a real sense defending our own denlOcratic way of life if we can keep alive the torch of learning and liberty in that great nation." ---4... ..... -- Christian Falls in Well Joshua A. Christian mathematics teacher at Swarthmore High School may, Hke most of us, have been accused of being "all wet'~ at times. But last Sunday was one time he was admittedly ··dripping." Christian dropped 20 feet into a well at his Elwyn home as a ladder rung, eaten by termites, gave way. He es­caped without any broken bones but was badly bruised and received treat­ment from a local doctor. e •• 3rd Grade Names Mrs. Ogram The l.'hird Grade, College avenue school mothers and fathers enjoyed a picnic on \Vedllesday evening of Jast week. They cooked supper in Smedley Park. Fathers and sons joined in a ball game while mothers appointed the new chairman for next year ~{rs. Harold Ogram of Riverview road. Mrs. Ogram will appoint her department chairmen. • I • Writers' Board Meets The Board and standing officers for the next two years of the Writer's Club of Delaware County met on Tuesday, June lO, at the Ingleneuk Tea Room at a luncheon given by Mrs. Martha Steck, president. A meeting followed at which plans were formulated for the coming season including an interesting program. · I. Bnsinet!ll Assoe. Moved Up The June meeting of the Swarthmore Business Association was postponed from Monday night of this week until Monday, June 30, at 6 :45 at the Strath Haven Inn. Eleanor Wright, librarian of the Swarthmore Public Library left early Wednesday for Boston, Mass. where she will attend the first three days of the session of the American Library Association. She will be present at ~on­ferences on public librarians, chil­dren's work, and library publicity. Dur­ing her absence directors of the Library Board will be in charge of the library desk. Dr. Charles B. Shaw director of the college library left yesterday to attend the conferences on college librarians being held at the convention. , After returning from the conference next week Dr. Shaw will leave for Ann Arbor, Mich. where he will spend his tenth' summer as professor of library science in the University of Michigan graduat,e -·_s.c::h::o::o=L. ..._ . --- JAMES C. LUKENS James C. Lukens president of Yeo and Lukens, Philadelphia' stationers died last Saturday night at the age of 74 years. He had been ill since spring at his home in Prospect Park. Services were held Tuesday afternoon in the Episcopal Church. Prospect Park of which he had been an active member. Mr. Lukens devoted a great deal of time years ago to his hobby the Cen­tury Wheelmcn members of which took hundred-mile bicycle trips. Surviving are two sons Charles W. Lukens of Strath Haven avenue, Swarthmore and James Clarence Lu­kens of Montgomery county formerly of Swarthmore, two daughters Helen Lc.kens of Prospect Park and Mrs. Carlton Linscott of Orr's Island, Me., and two grandchildren Barbara and Ann Lukens of Swarthmore. I I • MRS. H. B. ALLYN Mrs. Rachel Gregory Allyn widow 01 Dr. Herman Bryden Allyn died Wed­nesday morning after a long illness at the home of her son H. Webster Allyn at Harvard avenue and Mt. Holyoke place. Surviving are another son Henry Gregory Allyn of Framington Center, Mass. and a daughter Dr. Emily AUyn of Wilson Col1ege, Chambersburg, Pa. Funeral services and interment will be private .. ____ .... ---__ - • I • Appeal to Parents Owing to heavy registrations and the expectation of more, the nature work which bids fair to be one of the most popular activities of the Summer Recre­ation program presents a problem. Dr. Luzerne Livingston suggests this solution: that a group of parents inter­ested in nature for themselves or their children arrange to walk with him one afternoon a week as a preparation for working as helpers in the next morn­ing's nature classes. Since this activity is scheduled for Tuesday morning, the walks would be of necessity be on Monday afternoon. The planning committee of the Sum­mer Recreation Association feels that the unexpected size of registration nec­essitates this move. Any parents or others interested in helping in this way please call Dr. Livingston at Swarth-more 95-M_.~ _____ _ - • I • To Direct Camp Dramatiea Miss Gretchen Vao De Boe will be in charge of dramatics at a camp in the Poconos during the summer. She wilt return just before Labor Day to begin her second year as director of the Lansdowne Children's Theater. Phi1ip Kniskern of Riverview avenue has been appointed to a 14-man Na­tional Advjsory Council on Real Estate that will assist the Quartermaster Corps in the acquisition of land for the army. His appointment was an­nounced by the War Department. Mr. Kniskern is a wcll-known PhiladeJphia realtor. •• 1 1941-42 School Calendar The calendar for the new school year has been adopted scheduling classes for all grades to begin on Monday, September 8, with a Thanksgiving Va­cation of two days, a Christmas Vaca­tiou extending from December 23 at Noon to January S, and a Spring Va­cation extending from March 30 to April 6. inclusive. Commencement next year will be og June 11, 1942, and classes will close for pupils on June 18. This provides a school year of 190 school day•-.s : :.. _.. .. o - __ Joins Leon Henderson Dr. James F. Bogardus of Cornen avenue has taken a position with the office of the Price Administration and Civilian Supply in Washington, D. C. as Head Consultant and Associate Price Executive in charge of Lumber, Build­ing Supplies and Furniture. At present Dr. Bogardus has charge of mechani­cal building supplies and furniture. • • Bereaved Gilbert R. Redgrave of London, Eng­land, 97-year-old father of Artlrur R. 0. Redgrave of Vassar avenue, died Satur­day at his country home at Abinger Common.

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, PERSONALS dren, attended the wedding and the re­ception wWch foUowed in the garden. . ~ At I o'clock the bridal pair left for an II-day cruise to Nassau aboard the Kungsholm. As she departed the bride wore a Lanz model of blue pique with flower trim at the neck and sleeves, an eyelet pique Dutch bonnet, white shoes and bag. Mr. and Mrs. Pretz will make their home in Detroit. Thursday evening preceding the wed­ding Mr. and Mrs. Richard Prewitt and Mr. and .Mrs. Theodore Widing of Rose Valley entertained the bridal pair at buffet dinner in the Prewitt home in Lansdowne. Among the guests were Mr. and Mrs. George ClapP. Miss Alice Pennock, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Wil­kinson, Mr. Herbert Taylor, Mrs. Ho~- I ard McCone, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bishop. THE SWARTHMOREAN MRS. JOHN ST~Y TAYLOR On Friday evening the bridegroom's IVQltamIlRu-U1Ulu'Wood 6-' UtrdeFirJotH/. parents entertained the wedding party Before her marriage in May Mre. Tay­~ Ild members of the two families and Jor was Miss Doreen Claiborne MilmeU a few intimate friends with a dinner at I ~:;;l~~:i;;,~otr~::Mrs. Charles D. Mitchell the Aronimink Country Club. I, and lbe lale Mr. Miteb­The former lUiss Alice Boumon whose anxiously awaited safe arrival here .&om Rotterdam, Holland preceded her marriage Tuesday to the son of Dr. and Mrs. E. Fullerton Cook of Wallingford. Cook-Bouman Miss Alice Bouman daughter of Mrs. Sjoumenta Bouman-Scholtens of Rot­terdam, Holland and Mr. Bruce Shaffer Cook son of Dr. and Mrs. E. Funcr­ton Cook of Hearthstone, Copples lane, WaHingford were married at noon all Tue,day, June 17. The Rev. David Braun officiated at the ceremony which was performed on the lawn of Hearth­stone on the wedding anniversary of the groom's parents. The bride was attended by Mrs. Earl Stilson, sister of the groom. Mr. Ted Cook served as his brother's best man, having come from South End House, Boston, Mass. for that purpose. lfiss Bouman is a native of Rotter­dam, Holland. Mr. Cook graduated from the Carnegie Institute of Tech­nology and is now teaching at Penn­sylvania Slate College. After a short wedding trip the young couple will reside in State College, Fa. ••• Pretz-MaxweU In a simple Quaker ceremony against a bank of honeysuckle and mock orange in the garden of Mr. and Mrs. j. V. S. Bishop's Harvard avenue home Mrs. Genevieve Maxwell of German­town and ~fr. Philip Pretz of Detroit, Mich. were joined in holy wedlock at 11 o'clock Saturday morning, June 14. Entering the garden through an arbor the bride and bridegroom were fol­lowed hy Miss Margaret Maxwell of ludianapolis as maid of honor, two bridesmaids Jean and Susanna Pretz, and Mr. Richard Prewitt of Lansdowne and Tobe Maxwell as groomsmen. Mr. Prewitt was a classmate of the groom at Purdue. Tobe is the ten-year-old son of the bride. The bridal gown was of grey mar­quisette with a pink panel from neck­line to hem, and long full bishop sleeves. The bride wore pink baby roses in her hair. The maid of honor wore a copy of the bridal dress in gentian blue with panel of pink. She also wore roses in her hair. The two little bridesmaids wore short puff-sleeved dresses of gentian blue marquisette. The groomsmen and ushers were at­tired in white linen suits. Ushers in­cluded Mr. Richardson WHkinson of Detroit, Mr. Ellis Bishop of Cranford, N. J., Mr. Robert Bishop of German­town, Mr. David Bishop of Swarthmore, Mr. Vincent Bush of Moorestown, N. J., and Mr. Henry Parrish of George School Head overseers were Mrs. Chester Roberts and MIlS. Roland Pennock of Swarthmore, Mr. Christian Pretz, of Detroit, Mr. Richard Pretz of Wash­ington, D. C., Mr. Herbert Taylor of Elkins Park, and Mrs. Jacqueline Evans of GermantowIL Colonel John McNellis father of the bride read the marriage certificate. About 100 guests, many of them chil- MANOR FRIDAY - SATURDAY CIIARUE CHAPLIN "THE GREA.T DIeT A.TOR" PAtlLBTTB GODDARD .lACK OAKIB TUBSDAY-WBDNBSDAY JEAN ARTHUR "The DevU. and Miss ]OlW8" Robed Cmmn ..... I • Jone8-Purdy Miss Adalyn Frances Purdy daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Alexander Converse Purdy of Hartford, Conn. and Edmund Jones son of Mr. and Mrs Henry Wai­ter Jones of Haverford avenue Swarth­more were united in marriage on Sat­urd: ty, June 14, at 3 o~c1ock in the chapel of the Hartford Seminary Foundation. About 200 guests witnessed the Quaker ceremony with Paul W. Butterworth as clerk. The traditional wedding marches were played by Dr. Paul Schubert and the Rev. Elden H. Mills of the West Hartford Congre­gational Church rendered tiThe Lord's Prayer." The chapel was decorated in the con­ventional green and white with gladioli, canterbury bells and peonies. The bridal gown was of white frosted chiffonesc, made with bishop sleeves, fitted midriff and a sweetheart neckline edged with seed pearls. A Dutch crown of seed pearls and lace held the finger tip illusion veil in place and the white bridal bouquet was of roses and step­hanotis with an orchid center. Miss Lois Mildred Wens of Hartford, maid of honor, wore a rose frosted chiffon­ese gown with a soft round neckline, fitted midriff and a full skirL Her bon­net and face veil matchcd and she car­ried a Colonial bouquet. The brides­maids were the Misses Mary Lois Broomell of Cincinnati, Ohio, Dorothy June Cupitt of Westfield, N. J., class­rna tes at Swarthmore College of the bride, Constance Ada Laird and Mar­jorie Van De3n Willgoos, both of West ·Hartford, and classmates of the bride at the Oxford School. They wore the same gowns and bonnets as the hon­ored attendant only in aqua and also carried Colonial bouquets. Theodore F. Cook of Boston, alum­nus of Ohio Wesleyan, was best man. Ushers incl~ded the bride's brothers, Thomas E1hson Purdy, Donald Alex­ander Purdy, students at Swarthmore and Haverford colleges, respectively; Charles Albert Eberle, Jr. of Philadel­phia and Samuel Lukens Cresson of • I Starts Friday TYRONE POWER LINDA DARNELL RITA HAYWORTH In "BLOOD AND SAND" in Technlcolor with JOHN CARRADINB MEDIA FRIDAY - SATURDAY Edward G. Robinson Ida Lupino John Garfield in "THE SEA WOLF" SUNDAY - MONDAY - TUESDAY Charles Ch~plin in "THE GREAT DICTATOR" with PAULE1TE GODDARD JACK OAKIE ell well known illu8trator. Swarthmore, Pa., both graduates of Swarthmore College. About 75 guests were at the recep­tion, which followed in the garden at the Purdy home. Mrs. Purdy's gown was of powder blue silk jersey with a hat to match and Mrs. Jones chose a cinnamon brown lace jacket gown and hat When the couple left for a wedding trip, AIrs. Jones was wearing a blue and white printed chiffon suit with a small white straw hat. After September 15 they will make their home in Over­brook, Pa. Dr. and Mrs. Walter K. Baer of Lancaster were the over-night guests of Mrs. Baer's brother-in-law and sis­ter, Mr. and Mrs. Jones, before and after accompanying them to Hartford for their son's wedding. • I • HU8hebeck - Stericker The marriage of Miss Mary Chris­tine Stericker daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Stericker of Rivervjew road and Mr. Henry Robert Hushebeck of Newark, Del. was performed at 4:15 Saturday afternoon, June 14, in the chapel at Valley Forge. Members of STI\RTS FRIDAY STARTS FRIDAY IRENE DUNNE CARY GRANT In "Penny Serenade" with Beulah Bondi STARTS SATURDAY BASIL RATHBONE HUGH HERBERT BELA. LUGOSI In "THE BLACK CAT" TUESDAY &: WEDNESDAY MERLE OIlBRON DENNIS MORGAN in "AFFECTIONATELY YOURS" THURSDAY & FRIDAY . GEORGE BRENT MARTHA SCOTT in "THEY DARE NOT ,LOVE" PlUDAY .lORN WAYNB III "M~n Betrayed" 8ATUBDAY BILL BLLIII'rr In "North From ,he . Lone stm-" the immediate famUies of the bride and bridegroom were in, attendance. After a brief wedding trip Mr. and Mrs. Hushebeck will retorn to the home of the bride's parents. Mr. Hushebeck is a graduate of the University of Delaware and is now do­ing graduate work in agronomy at the University of Maryland. • I I Smith - Branca The marriage of Miss Florence Branca of Woodhaven, N. Y. and Mr. Irwin S. Smith, Jr. son of Mr. and Mrs. Irwin Smith of Michigan avenue was performed at 3:30 Sarurday after­noon, June 14. in the Church of lhe Holy Child, Jesus at Woodhaven. The bride was given in marriage by her uncle and wore a white starched / JUNE 20, IMI chiffon gown made along princess Unes with short puffed sleeves. Her bridal bouquet was of white orchids 'and liUes of the valley. As her sister's only attendant Mi.s Victoria Branca wore a pink model of the same style and material as the dress of the bride. Mr. Sanford Smith of Swarthmore was best man for his brother. A reception at the home Qf the bride's mother followed the ceremony. After a week's sojourn on the Jersey shore the young couple will make their home in Coatesville. In addition to the parents of the bridegroom Mrs. Alvin J. Herr and Mr. Richard· Sadler of Swarthmore and a number of friends from Chester at­tended the wedding. COME in today! Equip your car with the famous Sa,fti.-Sulred Firestone DeLuxe Champion It 'm'LV be your last chl.m,o: to get them at these low prices and such exceptional trade-in aUowances. This remarkable new tire is Sa,fti-Sured against blowoulII by a patented Safety-Lock Gum-Dipped cord boc!y - Sa/ti-Sured against skidding by the atna%ing Gear­Grip tread - and Safti-Sured for longer mileage by the exclusive new wear.resisting Vitamic rubber compound; They are the only tires made that are safety.proved on the speedway for your protection on the highway. FIRESTONE CONVOY TIRES FiTH choice of millions of motorists for longnon .. skid mileage and extra protection .gai .... blowouts. With lhe big trade-in .Uowanee you can equip with • complete let ·at amarlngly low cost. LIBERAl AllOWANCE FOR YOUR OLD TIRES EVERY FIRESTONE TIRE CARRIES A LIFETIME GUARANTEE • RUSSELL'S Vfret'one SERVICE DARTMOUTH .I: LAFA'VBl"lB AVES. .... 1 ceo "WI! DON'T SBLL CARS-WI! SERVlCI! TIlJ!M" I >:.'':';:: .. _ ;·;11 .Jm.'E'"20,-l9ti-._.. THE SWARTHMOREAN ~~~;'~'~;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;~IJ~~~ON.E;;~TO~~~~;;------~Annual Cnun ~k Awanh .j THE SWARTHMOREAN .;' OF NATURE Last week's winners at the final meet- ··PUBL·ISHBD BVBRY FRIDAY AT SWARTHMORE, Pol. ing of the season of Crnm Creek TBE SW AIlTBHOBEAJI, INC .. PUBLISBER A few days ago I coUected a card- Bridge Club were: PHONE SW ABTBIIOBE 900 board carton fuU of owl peUels an!! East and west-Mrs. Wallace Mc- P E. T Ed· M T.· E~"- shipped them by express to a biologist Curdy and Mrs. Richard Carvell, first; .. E:rEB . OLD, UOrABJOBIE OLD, n.uoctale.....,r Leh· h U· . Mr. and Mrs. Fred Wilson, second,· ROSALIE PStaSOL at iii Diversity. The above is a simple statement of and Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Griest, E...n.t.e r-ed t aSs S-e_cLon_d- CIauP Malledr , Jatnhu aAryc :tu , f 19U29_, Lat tah. e1 P8O79ll fact. But many people miaht want to third. North and south-Mr. and Mrs. """'" a wannwure. ., un or eo......... • know: why did I collect - the pellet.? Palmer Skoglund, first ,. Mr. and Mrs. FRIDAY, JUNE 20, 1941 What does the biologist at Lehigh do H. J. Berry, second; and Mr. and Mrs. • Wayne Randall, third. wllh them? And what, indeed are owl Winners of the prizes for the eve-n...-~ b - Ch· __ L N .. '11 b pellets? .&""rat ~ . u.n:.u otes orgamzatlon Wl e sponsored on mng were: Thursday, November 6, undlCr the co- When an owl catches a mouse, it tears Mrs. Sewell Hodge, Bayard Morri- ·Suliday mornirig at 11 o'clock the chairmanship of Mrs. Guy A. McCorkle the victim into medium-sized pieces and son, W. W. Moss, B. A. Senit, Mr. sixth of the sermons on "Questions and Mrs. William M. Harvey. swallows the chunks entire. Thus it and Mrs. William Soden, Mr. and Mrs. Men arc asking about" Religion Today" • I • finally has the whole mouse in its giz- Wayne Randall, Mrs. H. B. Lincoln, will be presented on' the subject "What Methodist Church Notes .. rd, including lIesb, viscera, bones and and Mrs. A. L. Clayden. is·~tfi"cr·Use of Prayer?" fur. The prizes given for scores for the All departments of the Church At morning worship Sunday at 11 After digestion of the soft tissues is year were presented as follows: School will meet. each Sunday morn- o'clock the minister will preach on the complete, the owl regurgitates a com- Mrs. Philip Kniskern, the annual ing during Jun .• ;md July at· 10:15, for subject "The Balance Sheet of God." pressed mass of fnr and bones: tWo is cup; Richard Carvell, the annual tray; the Junior 'Cliurch worship in the The Church School precedes morning the pellet or, as it is sometimes called, and Mrs. Richard Carvell, the third Church. ~ii: ~n.4ay ~he service wilt worship, at 10 o'clock. the casting. prize. Attendance prizes were awaraed be con,ducte4. By 1he.·Senior Depart- . The Young Woman's Association Since the skeletal remains are very to Mrs. H. B. Lincoln and Mrs. J. K. ment. ... .:c. .. -, .. :, .~; .. monthly meeting will be held on Mon- durable, it is possible to collect owl pel- McDonald. Th~ sessiOn; ~:wi1l meet Friday eve- day evening. lets weeks or months after they have ning~..i:iQ i:gQJia(.S..:o~clock, at· the home The annual picnic for the church and been deposited below the bird's roost. Mrs. J. Harvey Bonine and daughter of :~ . TH. L. Smith, Wallingford c h urc h sch 00i ·IS t a be h e Id S aturd ay, The n, b y soa kin g th em I•n wat er an d Anne of Lafayette avenue left last Hills,· ~a: June 28, at Chester Park. Transporta- gathering the bones that sink to the week to spend the rest of the summer • I • I Reeent Swarthmore Winners June 4 winners of the Swarthmore Bridge Club were: First-William Craemer and· ·A. F. Robinson, second-B. Morrison and E . C. Lappe, and third-So F. Buetler and E. Linnard. The winners on June 11 were: First-W. Craemer and W. Galey, second-R. Randall and E. Linnard, and a tie for third between Mrs;· M. Grumbles and ·Mrs. M. Marsh an'\t S. C. Wisdom and A. F. Robinson. ••• Mr. and Mrs. N. Walter Supl~esi>el1t Tuesday in Ocean City,. N. J .. in 'cele, bration of their twenty-sixth wedding anniversary. GO WEST THIS SUMMER Independenl and EOC:Orled Tours All Ro,,"" No Senice Cluutle ., • Swarthmore Travel Burean Pbone Swa. 179-W Day or NlPl Tb. .' 1ir,t of .tbe ,ummet porch meet- t·I on WI·1 1 b e prOV1· d e d f or memh ers 0 f b ottom 0 f t h e paD. one may d etect w h at at Brant Beach, N. J. 2 PARK AVENUE ings or the Woman's Association will the Church School. All are requested each owl habitually eats for its mid-I ~~;;;;~~~~~~~=====~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ be heM Friday, June Zl, from 10 to·12 to meet at the church at I P. M. night luncheon. SkuUs, particularly, arell o'clock~in ~e morning, at Strath Ha- , I • easily distinguished from one another, ven Inn. The woralJip service will ,be Chri8tian Science Church and the exact species of mouse or bird in charge of Mr!5L'C~iMacDonald Swan, can be determined merely by noting the the topic~ for di!leUS;sion: wilt be "Med- U . I I bony anatomy of the I'aws or beaks in ical Minmtry" u~t::' th.e leadership of "Is the DIverse, nc uding Man, each pellet. M A .... V n:- ·1_ .... · Evolved by Atomic Force?" is the sub-Trsh. e .d ei>lle. g.aatens" ,wlIh''o'';.· will attend the j('ct of t h e L esson-S ermon in all M y fr·Ie ll d a tLeh I·gh ha s as ked me t 0 Blair I Conie.rencc;~".'".!3.1airstown, N. J. Churches of Christ, Scientist, on Sun- ship him the accumulation of pellets from June %3 to June: 30 are Carol day, June 22. The Golden Text is: ''The beneath this particular roost every Brown, Charies BroWn; ': Duncan Chi- Lgrd is a great God, and a great King month. Thus he will acquire data on the quoine, ~fl&.::Jean.~':~.3ean ab~ye all gods. In his band are the deep shift in diet of a single owl in accord­Fischer, lI";' ~1f.ates Gilcreesf, Laura places' of! ·the earth: the strength of ance with seasonal variations in the Lee Hopkjn:.,~..B';tsy Hornail:iy, Jeffery the hills is his .;'Iso" (Psalms 95:3, 4). abundance and availability ofsmallprey. Kirk, Marion Kirk:· Fredericle :1~lorey. ' I I Through the contribution of pellets Winifrt@ l'~l:li, Nailcy Peel, Joy Price NEW'S NOTES by many ornithologists in eastern Penn-and John, .Scpobinger. sylvania, he will eventually be able to The committees of the Board of Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Smith ~f Yale make a full re~ort on the distribution Tru~tees, have b!:'1L.'!I!..P. '. . (~ed :by .. t!te avenue attended the wedding of Mrs. and economic value of owls. Butt oddly presld~:."!.nnance: comnut- Smith's sister Mrs. Elinor Woodward enough, he will also make a quite orig­tee- Gc:,Pl~ 1W:~cKear)- chairman,4.W. Crain· of. Washington, D. C. to Mr. inal addition to our knowledge of ro­~ enry ~~m..~n:,. ~.rl~ F:;..-Noy~~: Will: ~.elvin C. Osborn of Monticello, N. Y. dents and shrews. There is perhaps no 1a mH. _="!",:~:i"l rd ; .'1"'r a perh,.Ji .'.C OIglD. lt ..I..o.." t:e- on.' Wednesday afternoon· of last week easier way to discover the range and ON SA·LE NOW With Picture Stories You'll Want to See! SWARTHMOREANS PRODUCE "MISTER ANTONIO" MRS. R. L. COA~ GETS SOROPTIMlST AWARD ELLIS COLLEGE FOR FATHERLESS GIRLS SQUAD-WAGON TO THE RESCUE How Franklin F"u:e Co:s F"JrSI Aid BoyS Do It FASIfiONS OF GRANDMOTHER'S DAY Aronlmlnk Women Parade in Old Styles And Other Picture Stories of Inleresl 10 Delaware Countlcms Thomasf.1ifE:Jacli:SOif;·:-:', ·T.- E. in River raa'.! Presbyterian Church, relative commonness of small mammals Hes!enb~-4<iOO"KS~~!1.cer. :AU·,~c Washington .. Their daughter little than by tabulating the frequency with Sub.cribe NoUl $1.00 by the Year (121_J ~~:~eon:ir~~~~~t!ts b:h:~·~: ~:~~rn::;:~y ~~s ~~e~~ai::d g,;~~s~~; ;~i~~l1~~:~I~a~~it~:;~h~P::~so ~~u~wi~ THE DEL AWA RE CO UN T Y AD V 0 C A T E conducted11?l ~~~~ mem~ers·)hrough· evening at the Shoreham Hotel roost. J • . .. .• the proper _coDJmlft~e ,cl)amnan;· . E;unice Eaton· daughter of Mr. and IIP;,;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;~C~.;B~ROO~K1!;~W~OR't~H~.;;;~~~~~~~~~S~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~ _. .~"',t·"·~· '., ·Mrs. Roland L. Eaton of Rutgers ave- ,; Tr,6jtV-Parl8h Notes IIU. will leave SlInday for Washington, "~l".IIl:n., ~",~.t ·U.U.l·" "".1 '0."& H ...., .::n.l'. . D·. ..... G~H9p. ¥~,!.1~ay. ~~r~~n~. sh.~ will . - ,tart workmg m Ihe office of -Senator Tl1&·::r.egUJar ;.choir "ended ·its winter James Davis where she will be em­work" last Suhday but there will be a played until September 1. E'Unice is a choiiJ'of- mcu!QJid: boys who have vol- major in ·the department of political unteered~Jo::.sing .. during the summer. science at Bucknell University. Mr. Mag~ines aQ~· books are needed for Roland L. Eaton drove his daughter to the YQ~ng men., of, .this .Parish in the W h· Camp$ ..•. l'lJe ... Cburch. Periodical Club as mgton. will appreciate the cooperation of the Mrs. Roland G. E. Ullman of Har- Parish. vard avenue is recuperating nicely at D~~~;~·N··~·tb~~.:~~i~~;~n Coiifer .. ~t~y T:~~':~d~~t::;l ~rl~~ ~t~ ~~d~~= ence,",,1ll~~iMol1y;· .. Tfujmas arid Betty . Ann ~l#6;. r~·p.tesenting: the Y. P. F. wen~ Sunday. evening. Thomas:~Lwilbitfend.the YoUng- Little Julie Lange daughter of Mr. pe.o.Pi ..... ~~n.fer .. nce a! ,:,aUey Forge and Mrs. Gordon Lange of Sproul road Mlht~~~my beglnmng June 29. is recovering splendidly from the ap' .• -..... , -.-~ .......... - --~ . ~ . pendicitis operation which she under- Phiilt'~:~lng,lI!ade .. ~o lake the went at 2 A. M. Sunday morning at memb-ers:;:":"tif· ... ·'the" :boys' class, which Taylor Hospital. shared the -, winning. record for the ~hurc\.s:.S. ~. q.. l;,; ~t~~,_. a~oli;!. The. trip Miss Lida M. Perrine of Orange, IS sch~lfd lOr 'Monday •. _ . N. J. Was a guest on Monday ~f Mr. T _ .... - ~'. .~...... . and Mr.s .. J. Passmore Cheyney of Rut-he~ donor to the fund for'lining gers avenue. the original aimualall-day Fa.rrri~ . Paoli it was 4ecided sale hf Trinity the- chureh on .. 8~ and· Mrs. J. Grant Hebble, Jr. and daugh-ter Dorothy, Mrs. J. Grant Hebble, 111, and Dr. and Mrs. Richard H. Hebble all of Newport News, Va. have been the guest, of Mr; and Mrs. Joseph H. Perkins:of.Cedar lane for-the.past ten days. .. . Charles Brogan son of Mr. and Mrs. C. t. Brogan of Guernsey and Thayer roads has returned to Swarthmore from Bucknell UniverSity for the sUmmer months. Four· Swarthmoreans were among those graduating from George School last week. They were: Ann Robinson daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur S. Robinson of Ogden avenue, Richard Shaw son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Shaw of Whittier place, Page Bullock son of Mr. and Mrs. \Villiam B. Bullock of Cedar lane, and Elliott Richardson, Jr. son of Mr. and Mrs. Elliott Richardson of Lafay­ette avenue. Mr. ana Mrs. Charles Israel have as their house guests Mr. Israel's son~in-law and daughter Mr. and Mrs. Albert Erickson of Evanston, 111. On Sunday afternoon, June 9, Mr. and Mrs. Erick-sou were the guests-of-honor at a fam­ily dinner at the Israel home in honor of their £O'Urteenth wedding anniver­sary. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Dieck of 1~~i1.;~;:::-~-": I Ithan, Pa. were also guests at the din- !! ner party. Bill Spencer son of Mr. and Mrs . R. Chester Spencer of Swarthmore avenue has returned home from the Carnegie Institute of Technology for his summer vacation. 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INTENTIONAL SECOND EXPOSURE 2 PERSONALS MRS. BRUCES-:- C(jOK~- ~~"\l: _ ,'.. 1- ~ I l " , ' drell, attended thc wedding and the re­eq, tion which followed in the gardell. At 1 o'clock the bridal pair left for all 11-(lay cruise to Nassau aboard the KUlIgsholm. As shc departed thc hride won' a LillIZ model of blue piquc with t1owl'r trim at the neck and slecves, an l'ydc:t piquc Dutch hount'l, whitc ~h{)cs and bag, ~I r. ami .:\1 r.!O. Pretz will make their IWlIlc in Detroit. Thursday l'\'cning preceding the wco­I (ling Mr. and ~I rs. Richard Prewitt I anti .M r. and )1 rs. Theodore Widing of I h~(I~e \'atley cnh:rtaillcd tin' hridal p.air <It hulTl'l dinner ill the Prewitt home ill Lall:-dowllt'. Alllong the gue:-ts were :\Ir, ;tIId ~Ir:-.. Ct.'lIrge Clapp, ~liss Alice I'I'nllot:k, :\1 r. ~11l(1 U rs, Richard \Vil­kill: o.tlll, ,\11'. lIl'f"hl'rt Taylor, 1\1rs. How­ani ,\1 cCOlIl', .\[ r. and Mrs. Hobert I Bi"ht1p, I' \ i Oil Friday I.'\'cuing the bridl'grool11':­i parellts l·tltt-rtailll'li the \\'t'dding- party : ,lIld lIlt'mhl'r~ ()f the t\\'o families and : a kw intill101tt- frienus with a dill ncr 'It j th~' :\rollimink Country Club. ••• Jones --l· The f.,rlawr :lliss Alit'c 80UIIIUli WhOSl' : ullxiuu!'!I,' awnitc·d ~;:.rc arrh'.;.1 lu'rc: iront ICottcrdam, Hull';lIul prel'cd.,cI J ... r marriugl" TUt·s.hl~· 10 II ... lOon of ))r. aUfI Mrs. E. "'"lIerIOlI t:unk of "'';llliugford. ~I i~s :\lIal)'1I Franccs Pu.-dy daughter of !Jr. and :\1 rs. Alt'xall(kr Conn;rse , Purd .... of llartford, CUlln. anu Edmund i )(l'W~ SOli (Ii :\Ir. and :\(rs Henry \Val- Conk - Bouluan 11'1' .!ltlil'S Ilf lla\,lTford avenue ~warth­Miss Alice BOllman daughter oi :\1 r~. lHon' Wl'rC tlllitl'd in marriage 011 Sat­Sjoum(' nta jllrday. JUlle 14, at 3 o~c1ock in the BUl1l1lan-SdHlltt'lIS ~If i{lll- tcnlam, lluJlalld and 1'.lr. l:ruCl' Sha(Tl'r ,dlal'd oi thl' Hartford Seminary. Cook , I']' II ~ F~'llIulatioll. About 200 guests witnessed SOil of Dr. ;lIId .,Irs. ' .. 'U ('r- I () I tOil Cook of Ikarth~ttllll'. Cuppil':- lalll.·, l1l' ... I1;1;:lT ClTl'l1lony with Paul \V. \\'alling-furd wcre marrinl at noon 1!lIttt.-nn.rth as clcik. Tht: traditional 011 I 'fm'sday, June 17. The H.e\', Ua\,id \\,l'It<i1l1}.{ m .. rdll'!' were played by Dr. Braun utliciatl'U at thc Ct'rl'II1OIlY which i Paul SdlUhl'rt alld the Hcv, Elden H. W;IS Pl'rfOl'llled 011 the lawlI or ilt'arth- I :\1 ill:-. (If the \\'l'st Hartford Congrc­stuUt' UII the wl.,tlding <Jlllli\'t·,\ uf I gallonai Church n'lldcn'd "The Lord's thl' groom's parents. l'raYl'r." The hride was attclI(kd by ;\[r~, Earl 1 The l'hapl'l ",;as (}.:corated in the COIl- Stiboll, sish'r of tilt.' groolll. \'I'litillllal gTlTIl and white with gladioli, '\lr. Ted Cook $erHd as his brother':- ('<llltnhury hells and peonies. Ill'st mall, having COIllC from South End Thl' hridal gowll was of white frosted Iiousl', Bo:-tOIl, Mass. for that purpose. dtilTolll· ... I·. made with bishop sleeve!'>, ~lis ..; Bouman is a native of Rotter· tittt.-d midriff and a sweetheart neckline dam, HoJland. l\Ir. Cook graduated ('dgt'd with ~l'l'd Jlearl.s. A Dutch crOWll frolll the Carnegie Institute of Tech- (Ii sl·c·d }ll·arls and la~e ht'ld the finger no logy anu is 11L1\\' teaching at llcnn- tip il1u:-i(lll n .. il in place and thc white sylvania State College. hridal IJOuqul'l wa!; of roscs and step· After a short wedding: trip the young hanoti:- with an orchid ccnter. 1\1 iss ~ouplc will residl' in State College, Pa. I.~lis '\liidn,d \Vells of Hartford, maid • • 01 honor. \\'orC a rllSl' frostcd chiffon- Prclz-l\Iaxwcll Il'sl' gown with it soft round. neckline, titled lIlidriff and a full skirt. He.- bon- Jo a simple Uuaker cefl'lllony agaiwit i lid and face n'il matcht,tl OlIHl she car~ a uank of honeysuckle and mock ril'd a Colonial houqu('\. The IJrid<.·s­orallge ill tltl' garden oi ),1 r. and )'1rs. lIIaie\:-; werl' thl' :\1 iSM's :Mary Lois J, V. S. LJi!>hop's Han'aru a\'l:lIut.' hOIlll' Hrollllldl of Cincinnati, Ohio, Dorothy 1o.[r!>, GUlc\'ie\'C .\[axwell oi German- \ J lillI' CUllitt of \Ve~tfiel<l. N, J .. class­to: VIl and 11: .. Phili~) Pn:tz of Dctroit, I Hl,j~h'!'> ;!t Swarthmore College of the 1hch, '\\'t.'re JUlIlt.'ll III holy wedlock at IIruk, lon~tanc~' Ada Laird and ~Iar- 11 o'clock Saturday morning, June 14. jtJril' \·an Dl'an \\'illgpo", both of \V(:'st Entering till' gardl'n through an arbor ) lartford. and d~l:-':-'IlIi1tl':-' (Ii the hri(lc the bride and britlcgroolll werc fol- at tlw Oxford SChl'lll. Tlll'Y wore the lowed by "\liss ..\fargaret }'1axwell of :-<lI11l' gowns and h~'lllll't.s as the hOIl~ In~ianap?lis a!> maid ,-!i honor, two I {lrt'(l. ath:ndal~t Oldy ill :tlllta and also bndesmaHls J can and Susanlla Pret.-:, t'Ouned ( ollml:!1 !Joutjl1l'1s, anu 1'r1 r. l\.ichard PI rewitt of Lansdow'[n e I Thl·tHltlrt: F . ('""k (,f ~1' 0'"- ' un, a ] Iltll- and obe ),[axwe I as groomslIlen . .1.\ r·I IIIIS of Ohio \\'t.'·\"lll "I' I ' I,' I ' I .' ,\\ as )e~ In~lll. , rewJ) llt was a c assmate ol t Ie groom I' l Tsh('rs indllCh·c! Ih 1'1' I II ,I , '1'1., '. I, " 1~1 .:. , .. l' )rlCes )ro le.-s, ,tt uruue. oue 1S tIe tUI-}Car-o U J hOlln-.. l'lh:-,oll 1'1 r I I) II \1 .' , ,... I (y, ona ( r ("x-son at the bnde. l,uHler I'llr(I,' 'I I I I 0 I ", • • ., :-. II! t'n :- a ...1 \\'art 1111(lrl' ~hc hrl~al go\\1l was 01 .grey mar- ~Ind IJa,'eriord l',)lIegcs, Tl'spectively' (I,U l::.ette With a }>lIIk pant.:! l' rom n, cck- Il''1l·'lri·l's· ·\ II,,'rl l'I,,'rl J I' PI'I I I' 4 I', r. 0 \I :1< (' - Ime to "hem,. an d 10llg lu,ll bIshop IIlld''l '"1'l(1 'S"' l lllll'l I k C f slecv('s, I he bnde wure plllk baby .11 ells r{'ssnn 0 roses in her hair, The maid of honor wore a copy of the bridal dre:-!; in gentian blue with ]Janel of pink. She abo wore roses in her hair. The two little bri(ksmaids wore short putT-slecved dn':.::.cs of gentian blue mar(luisdtc, The groolH~mUl aBd ushers were at­tired in white linl'n suits. Ushers i11- cluded 1Ir. Richard~on \Vilkil1son of Ildroit, ),{ r, Ellis Bishop of Cranford, ;\, J., "\Ir. Rohert Bishop of German­town, :"Ir. David Bishop of Swarthmorc, '\Ir. Yinct'nt l:u:-.h oj :Moorestown, N. J., ancl ~lr, Henry Parrish of Georgt' School. Hcad overseer!> wcre :\[ rs. Chcs({'r l~oberts and 1[!f.'i. Holand Pennock of Swarthmore, llr. L'hri:-.tian Pretz, of Ddroit, Mr, }\.ichard Pietz of \Vash­iugtoll, D, C, ,\1 r. Hl'rhert Taylor of Elkins Park, and '\Ir~. Jacquelinc Evans of G~'rlllantown, Colollel John ~[cXellis fathl·r (lj the hride [('ad thc marriage l''. Ahout 100 guests, many of thelll chil- MANOR FRlDAY -S,\TURDAY UIAItLiE UIAPLIN "THE CREAT DICTATOR" PAULETTE GODDARD JACK OAKIE TUESDA \' - WEDNESDAY JEAN ARTHUR "Tire Devil and Miss Jones" Robert C'lmmings • I Starts Friday TynONI'; POWEll I.IN[),\ n,\RNELL RITA II.\YWOUTII ;n "BLOOD AND SAND" in Technil'olor with JOliN CAlt.RADINE MEDIA "'RIDAY - SATURDAY Edward Ida John G. Robinson Lupino Garfield on "THE SEA WOLP' SUl"mA \' -l\IONDA Y - TUESDAY Charles Chaplin in "THE GREAT DICTATOR" wilh I'AUI,ETrE GODDARD JACK OAKIE THE SWARTHMOREAN MRS. JOHN STANLEY TAYWR JUNE 20, 1941 the imlllediate families of the bride c.."hitTolJ gO\\'1l made alung l)rincess Jines and bridl'gruom were in attendance. with slwrt puffed sleeves. Her bridal After a brief wedding trip Mr. and houqucl was of whitc orchids and lilies ~t r!'. Hushcbcck will return to thc of the valley. home of the bride's parents. As her sister's 0111\' attendant Miss hiT. Hushcbcck is a graduate of thc Victoria Branca worc.· a pink model University of Delaware and is now do· of the same style and mate.-ial as the . illg. gra(~lIatc work ill agronomy at the I dress of the bride. UllIvcrslty of Maryland. ~Ir. Sanford Smith of Swarthmore 1I',lrI,lm,I/.:",.·{'".I,rn.. "",{ l~' IJmin"'Q<,'I'I' n.·fur(! lH'r IIUlrriagt! in 1\10,. l\lrs. Tay­lur wus J\Ij!iS Vorl'('" Cluiborne 1\lilchell I dllughler of l\lrtol. Charles D. fttilehcllr of Wulliugfnr.1 and the lule l\tr. l\litch- 1 ell 'H'II kllc",n illuslralor. _____________________ 1 Swarthmore, Pa., hoth graduates of I :-;\\,;1 rt IHunre r(JIIl'gt,. I .\hout 7:-' guests were at the reccp-I tinll. which f(lllo\\'cd in the garden at tlH' Purdy hOllll'. ).frs. Purdy's gown' \\i\:o. oi )lowder hlue silk jnsey with a hat to match and :.\[rs, jOlJ('s chose a rillnaTl1()1I brown lace jacket gown and hat. \\'In'lI thl' couple Idt for a wedding trip. )'Ir .. , jom.'s was wearing a blue I and \\ hit(- printl-d chiffon suit with a' "mall while ~traw hat. Aftt'r Sl'ptembcr I t~ thcy will make their home in Ovcr- Ifn 10k. Pa. I Ilr. alld :\Irs, \\'alter K. Bacr of'" .. kr wert' tht., over-llight gUCSb! IIi ),1 r .... B,ler':- hrotht'r-in-Iaw and sis· Il r, ),1 r. alld 1f rs. Joncs, hefore and ;,itIT :!l'l'OlHpanying thell1 to Hartford inr their "on's wcdding, ••• lIusheheck - Stericker Th~' lIIarria~e of Miss .:\Iary Chris­tinl' Stl'ricker daughtcr of ~[r. and ~I r:o.. \\'illiam ~tcricker of Riverview TlIad and ~I r. Henry Robert lIushebeck ui ;\l'wark, Dd. was performed at 4 :15 Saturday afternoon, June I", in the rhapd ;It Valley Forge. 11cmbers of STARTS FRIDAY STARTS FRIDAY IRENE DUNNE CAR\' GRANT In "Penny Serenade" with B,'Olah BOIuli STARTS SATURDAY BASIL RATIIBONE HUGH HERBERT BELA LUGOSI in "THE BLACK CAT" TUESDAY & WEDNESDAY MERLE OBERON DENNIS MORGAN in "AFFECTIONATELY YOURS" TIIURSDAY & FRID,\Y GEQIlGE BRENT J\lARTUA SCOTT in "THEY DARE NOT LOVE" FRIDAY JOliN WAYNE In .. 'itl,,,. Belrflyed" SATURDAY BILL ELLIOTT in "North From the SInr" Smith ~Branca \\'<,1,\5 bcst man for his hrother. rt"t.:l'ptioll at the home of the The m.uriagc of 1\1 iss Florellce IIri<ll.:'s 1I1(lthc..'r followed the ceremony. B.-anca of \Voodha\'cl1, ~, y, and ~fr, Ah("r a wl'l'k's sojourn 011 the jersey Irwill S. Smith, Jr. SOil of Mr. and shorl' thl' youllg couple will make their ~{rs. Invin Smith of Michigan avenue htlllll' in Coates\·iI1e. was pl'rformcd at 3 :30 Saturday aft('r- In addition to the parents of the lIoon, June H, in ~he Church of the hricit'grooll1 ~Irs. Alvin j. Herr and Mr. Holy Child, JI.'S11S at \\'oudhavcn. I~icllilrd Sadlt'r of Swarthmore and a The hride was given in marriage by Iltll1lhn of fril'nds from Cill'ster 3t­IH.' r unclc and wore a whitl' starched I tt:mlecl the wedding. / COME in today! Equip your car with the famous Sa/ti-Sured Firestone DeLuxe Champion Tires. It may be your last chance to get them at these low prices and with such exceptional trade-in allowances. This remarkable new tire is Sa/ti-Sured against blowouts by a patented Safety-Lock Gum-Dipped cord body - Sa/ti-Sured against skidding by the amazing Gear­Grip tread - and Sa/ti-Sured for longer mileage by the exclusive new wear-resisting Vitamic rubber compound. They are the only tires made that are safety-proved on the speedway for your protection on the highway. FIRESTONE CONVOY TIRES Don't miss this opportunity to equip your car with Firestone ConvoyTires. You'll jtetthousands of miles of dependable service and extra safety (rom them. You may never again have the opportunity to buy at such low prices. First choice of millions of motorist!> for long non .. skid mileage and extrOl protection against blowouts. With the big trade .. in allowance you can equip with a complete set at amazingly low cost. LIBERAL ALLOWANCE FOR YOUR OLD TIRES EVERY FIRESTONE TIRE CARRIES A LIFETIME GUARANTEE • RUSSELL'S V.restone SERVICE DARTMOUTH & LAFAYETrE AVES •• Phone 440 "WE DON'T SELL CARS-WE SERVICE THEM"' I JUNE 20, 1941 THE SWARTHMOREAN s ;;;;;;;~;;;;;;;;;;;;;;~~~~~~~~;;;;;;;;;;;~;;r-~~~-;,O ;'N.~'E~TO~u>~c.;'H-;-~-~1 Annnal erllln Creek Awards THE SWARTHMOREAN _:=====O=>F=N.=~=T:U='RE=, ' _ . Last week s wttllters at the lillalmcet- I HrJiUcllglll'' C~ luwll inwneerrls' : of t;le Swar'h",ore PUBLISHED EVERY FRIDAY AT SWARTHMORE, PA. 1II,I~"ofCllhl' season of CrulIl Creek! Fir~t-\Villia11l Cral'lIIt'r and A. F. Itcccnt Swarthmore Winners THE SWARTHMOREAN, INC., PUBLISHER A few days ago I collccted a card- ,rtlge ub were: I 1~~Ihill~tll1. :ooec(lud-B. 11orri:-'lll1 and E. PHONE SWARTHMORE 900 buard cartoll full of owl pellcts and , ',ast and wl.'.;t--:Mrs. 'yallace .Mc-I C LapPl', .alld thircl-~. F. Bnetkr 3ml PETER E. TOLD, Editor MARJORIE TOLD, Associale Editor shipped them by exprcss to a biologist Curdy and )'lr:-. !{lcharu, Carvell, hrst; IE. Cillllard . ROSALIE PEIRSOL at Lehigh Univcrsity. .\Jr. <llId .\Irs. I'rcd \\'llso~I, scculld; Thc willnl'rs 011 JUlie 11 were: J The above js a simple statel!le!!t of illt,d ~I~, <lIlU ~lrs. ).Iauflce Griest.j First-\V. Craelller alld \\'. Galc)', Entered .. Second Class Matter, anuary 24, 1929, al Ihe POBt II 1:\ t1 I I II l[' Office at Swarthmore, Pa.! under the Act of March 3 .. 1819. fact. But many people might want to J~ln,,' o~r, I :1II( S(~ut l~. r. and • r~., sl·contl-J\.. Handall ano E. Linllanl. know: why did I collect the pellets? I .Ilinc.:r Sko~lund, hr:-.t, )'lr, and Mr!:i'j.and a tit, fllr third between )'Irs, ),1. FHIDAY, JUNE 20, 1941 \\That does the biologist at Lehigh do 11: J, ill'rry, st.'~'olld,; alill ~Ir, and .Mrs. Crumh!t-;; imd )'Ir:-.. :\L ~£ar:-h ilnd S. \\ il\'lIe l\andall, third I ' \" I I \ I' I{ I' Presbyterian Church Notes Sunday morning at 11 o'clock the sixth of the sermons on "Questions Men are asking about Religion Today" will be prescnted on the subject "\Vhat is the Usc of Prayer?" All departmcnts of the Church School will meet each Sunday morn­ing during JUlle and july at 10:15, for thc Junior Church worship in the Church. This Sunday the servicc will be cOlldu~tcd by the Senior Depart­ment. 'rhe Session will meet Friday evc­lIing, june 20, at 8 o'clock, at the home of Elder H, I" Smith, Wallill!:ford Hills, Pa. 'rhe first of the summer porch mcet­ings of thc \Voman's Association will he held Friday, June 27, from 10 to 12 o'clock ill the morning, at Strath Ha­veil Inn, Thc worship service will he in charge of Mrs. C. MacDonald Swan, the topic for discussion will he "Med­ical 1\linistry" under the leadership of' :\1rs, A. S. Van Dyek. The delegates who will atll'nd the Blair I Conference; Blairstown, N. J. from June 23 to J Ulle 30 arc Carol Brown, Charles Browll, Duncan Chi­Iluoine, MardY.: Jean Crosby, Jean Fischer, Mar)'· Yates Gilcree5t, Laura Lee Hopkins, Betsy Hornaday, JeHcry Kirk, :Marion Kirk, Frederick .\Iorey, \Vinifred Park, X'ancy Peel, Joy Price and John Schobinger. The committees of the Board of 'l'rustces have heen appointed by the president 'ai=''£iJ!lows: finance commit­tee- George \V. McKeag, chairman, \V. Henry Linton, Carlos F. Noyes, Will· iam H. \Vard; propcrty committee­Thomas U." Jackson, chairman, T. E.. Hessenbruch; John F., Spcncer. All sug­gestions ,and Illatt~rs of busincss in these various· 'departmcnts should be conducted 'hy church members through the proper coillinittec chairman. • I • Thc regular choir ended its winter ,,,ork last Sunday hut there will bc a choir-'of men·and boys who have vol­unteered · to sing during thc summer. :\Iagazincs and hooks arc needed for the young men of this Parish in the Camps. .The Church Periodical Club will appreciate the cooperation of the Parish. organization will he spunsored 011 Thursday, November 6, under the co­chairmanship of 1\lrs, Guy A. 1[CCorkle and 1lrs. \Villiam )'l. Harvey. • I • l\lethodist Church Notcs At morning \\or:-;hiv Sunday at II o'dock the minister will prcach 011 the subject "The Calance Shed of God." Thl' Church School preccdl.'s lIlorning wurship, at 10 o'clock. Thc Young \Voman's Association monthly meeting will he held 011 .\Ion­day e\'l.'lIil1g. The anllual picnic for the church and church school is to he held Saturday, JUIIl' 28, at Chester Park. Transporta­tion \\'ill he prO\'ideu for members of the Church School. All arc rC(Jtlested to IHl'et at the church at 1 P. M. I •• Christian Science Church "b the Uni\'crsc.:, InclUding: Man, Evolvcd by Atomic Force?" is the 5U1>­jl'ct of the Lesson-Sermon in all Churdtt.'s of Christ, Scientist, on Sun­day, JUlie 22. The Goldcn Text is: ··The I.ord is a grcat (~ou, and a great King above all god~. In his hand arc the deelJ places of the earth: the strcllgth of thl:' hills is his also" (Psalms 95 :3, "). • NEWS NOTES "\1r. and .Mrs. \V, \V, Smith of Yale avellue attellded the wedding of Mrs. Smith's sister .Mrs. Elinor \Voodward Crain of \Vashingtoll, D. C. to 11r. )'1c1vill C, Oshorn of 11onticeilo, N. Y. 011 \Vcdllcsum' afternoon of last week in Ri,'er ro .. ;d Presbytcrian Church, \ \' ;lsitington. Their daughter little Xallcy Smith was thc Hower girl. The wedding party was cntertained Tuesday c\'elling at the Shoreham Hotel. Eunice Eaton daughter of Mr. and :\[ rs. Unland L. Eaton of l{utgers ave­nue will leave Sunday for \V;ashington, D. C. On Monday morning she will ::;t .. rt working in thc ofiice of Senator .I;l1lll'S Davis whl're shl' will be em­ployed until Septcmbe.- 1. Eunice is it major in the department of political scit.·llce at Bucknell University, ~Ir. j\.olalld L. Eatoll d.rm'e his daughter to \ Vashillgtun. l\lrs. Roland G. E. Ullman of Har­vard avenue is recnpl'fating nicely at the Taylor Hospital from the cillerg- I Delegates to the Dioccsan Confer- I clley apPl'lHleclolllY which she undcr-ence \y~1 be Molly Thomas and Bctty \\'l'llt SUHday e\'elling. I Aun 'Hulme representing the Y. P. F. I Thomas Randall wi1l attend the Young Little Julie Lange daughter ot ~1r.' Peopfes' Conference at Vallcy Forge ,tilt! .Mrs, Gordoll Lallg'e of Sproul road Ii ~rilitary Academy bcginning June 2D, i~ recovcring splendidly frotH the ap-pendicitis Olwration which she undl·r­Plans arc. being madc to takc the mem I: i(irs of the boys' class, which Wl'nt at 2 A. ~l. Sunday lllorlliJw<:> at I I I " T:lylor Hospital. s lare( tIe WlIlll11lg rccord for thc " .. Church,. to. Annapolis. The trill 1 • .\[ ISS Llda 1£. PCHlIIl' ot Or.allgc, is scheduled for Monda)-, i :\. J. was a guest on ~[onclay ot :\lr. The fiTst-'d t tl f d f 1·,,1 and ,\1 r:i, J. Passmore Cheyney of Rut- Ollor. 0 Ie un or .n~lI1g g(.'rs a,'ellue. the church has mcreased the onglllal, I gift by fifty' perccnt as a Thank-Offer- ~lrs. J, Grant lIchh~e, Jr. and <laugh­ing. At the Vestry meeting on Tuesday ler Dorothy, 1\[rs. J. <?rant llebbk', lII, nighi ,aL.'.'Fr.iendshill IIill Farm" o\'(~r and ~)r .. and ..\Irs: 1~Il"ha:d H, llehbk $1000 '\'~·reported in cash and pledges. I all 01 :'\l'wp~)rt .:\cw!>, \ a, have ueen It is lu)pcd to raise the additional $2000 I the ~l1csts. o! .\Ir, and .Mrs, Joseph H. within the next fev", wecks in order that I Pc..·rkm:> 01 <":ed;u' lane lor the past tell thc \,'ork may be done during the sum- 'I days. 111(;1', ~ _' Charles Brogan :-on of }.Ir. and 1lrs, At 'the Guild-Auxiliary annual all-day I C. C. Brogan oi l~lIt.:n,,:,>ey and Thayer t meeting. at Friendship Hill Farm, Paoli) r~ad:i has n~h~rlll'(~ to ~\\';trthm0rc fwm OI~ Tuesday of ]a ... t wl'ek it was decided! I.ucknell Ulllv('r~lty lor the summer to hold the fall rummage sale of Trinity !lllollths. Church; Swarthm?rc at the church 011 I Four Swar~llIll().realls, were :~1II011g \Vedncsday evcmng, October 8, and those graduat111g troll1 Gl'urge !:5chool Thursday, Octoher 9. lla:-;t week. They wcrc: 'fhe annual bazaar and supper of the I Ann l~ohillS()1l daughter oi ),,[r. and I ! .\1 rs, Arthur S. l{ohinson of Ogden ==================, avellUC, I{ichanl Shaw sun oi .\Ir, and I CHURCH SERVICES I .II,", Charb J), Shaw of Whittier j SWARTHMORE PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH i Illace, ~~a~~'(' !tullock son .of~ Mr. and &e~. Da.vid Braun. Minister I ),1 rs. \\ llham B. Bullock 01 Cedar tant' 1n0.o.1o5 AA. .MM. ._- JMunoirnoirn gC huWrcohr.s hip S : .' lll( I I'•l l'1 0 II I"" Ie'I Ian1 s on, .1 r . son ot' .'.\ [ r., . topiC: "What Is th, e Uesrcm oonf I amI ',\l rs. I.'. lll' ott ]{"I chanI s on or' L at' ay- Prayer?" cUe avellue. : !loyM NE.T HKOeiDseIrS. TD .CDH" UMRCinHis ter 1''\I r, .' tll< I .'\I rs'. CIJ', lr Ic"s [t,o rac'lI "1.1 \ e ., l~ 10:00 A,M,-Church School. their hOllse guc.:.ts ~lr. Israel's son-il1- 11,00 A. M. -Mtohernmien:g "TWhOe rSBhiapl,a nceS eSrmheoent II' " I I I I '[ I 'I \1" , ,1\\ .11l< (aug I cr ,,\ r. alii .\ rs, J ucrt: of God," I Eriek-.oll of E\'~11l5tOll, Ill. On Sunday I THE RELIGIOUS SOCIETY OF FRIENDS' :lih'l'IlthIU, JUIIC 9, ~lr. and ~Irs. Erick-I 11:00 A,M._Mee~g~D:'; Worship In the I :-on \~·l .... e tilt, guests-of-honor a.t a fam-i -. , Meeting House. 1I~' (h1l1.1~'r. at the Israel home III honor I 9'30 A M toWE3D'3ONE SpDAMY S ' 101 thl'lr tourtt'l'nth \n'dding annivcr-I . " , •. -e\\lDgandl ' ' quUting In Whittier House. Box lunCheon. qry .. \1 r. and :\1 rs. Chartl's DIeck of All are cordially Invited. Ithan, Pa. \\'('f"e also gucsts at the dill- TRINITY CHtJRCH m'r party. Rev J. Jarden Guenther, S.T.M .• Rector SUNDAY Bill Spencl'r ~on of .\r r. and )[rs. 8:00 A.M,-Holy Communion, I~. Cht'sl<'r Spcncer of Swarthmore I 11:00 A.M.-Morning Prayer and Sermon, aVCIlUl' has returned hmlte frolll the i FIB8T CHUORCF HS WOAFR CTHHMRIOSRTE. SCIENTISTC, arlll'gl' c Institute of Technology for I Park Avenue Below Harvard his ~"llInwr vacation, I' 11:00 A. M. - Sunday SChool. 11:00 A. M.-Sunda.y LeSKIn-Sermon, Joan Carpenter has returned home Wedne&da¥ evening meeting each week. from Bcan'r ColI('O'e to 51)CI1<1 tIle sum- 8 p, m. Reading room open claIly, except ,., Sundays and hOlidays 9 a, m. to 12:30 p. m., mer vacation with hlT parl'nb :\{r,: with thcm? And what, indeed arc owl \\'" f 1 :. <.:. \ ISC 0111 all( 1. '. () JillSOn, pcllets? IIIncrs (I tiC prizes lor the e\'l'- I •• \Vhen an owl catchcs a mousc, it tears the victim into medium-sized picccs and swallo\\'s the chunks entire, Thus it linally has the whole mouse in its giz­zard, including flesh, viscera, bones and fur. ning were: :\Ir. ali(I Mn. X. "ralter ~uplee spellt ),1 r:-.. Sl',nll Ilougl'. BOlyard ).[orri- 'l'm'sday in Oct'an City, X. J. ill cc1e­SOli, \\', \\'. ~lu:-.~, 13. A, Sen it, ':\Ir. hration of their hn'lIty-"ixth wctlding­and :\1rs, \\,illiam ~IHll'l1 •• \h. and ).[rs. alllll\·l'ro,;ary. \\'aym' Handall, ),1 r ... 1 J. B. Lincoln •. ------------------, allt! ~lr~. ,\. L. Clay<kn, The Ilriz("s gin'u for sc.:orcs for th~' After digestion of the soft tissues is Yl';lr wert.' prt'scllkd ;:IS follows: complete, the owl regurgitates a com- ,\1 rs. Philip Knish'fII, the allllual pressed mass of fur and bones: this is' cup; Uichard Carnll. thc.: anllual t.-ay: the pellet or, as it is sometimes called, and .\Irs. Hichard Can-ell, the third the casting. prizt·. Attendance prize~ wcre awarued Since the skelctal remains are very to l\[rs. 11, B. Lincoln alld ~I rs. J. K. durable, it is possible to collect owl pel- ,\1 c Donald. lets wecks or months after they have • • GO WEST TillS SUMMER I ndcpendcnl and ES('orled Tours All Route. /\'0 Service Charge • Swarthmore Travel Burcau I'hone S,.,'H. 179-W Day or Night 2 I'ARK AVENUE ~;ell deposited. below the. bird's roost. I ),1 r~, J. lIaney Bonine! and daughter L hell, ,UY soakmg them 10 .water and AIlIlt.' (If Lafayette .il\"l'lIl1e Idt last gathl'r11lg the bones that smk to the \\'l'l'k to :OOJll'1ul thl' rest of !he !iUlIIlIICr bottom of the pan, one may dctect what at Brallt Beach, i'\. J. each owl habitually eats for its mid- '~~~~-=::~~~~...:~_'_"::::;;...;;..:;'_";;.:.~====::======::====::~ night luncheon. Skulls, particularly, are .:; - -- - l'asily distinguished from one another, and the exact species of mouse or bird can be determined mcrely by noting the bony anatomy of the jaws or beaks in each pellet. ON SALE NOW 1iy friend at Lehigh has asked me to ship him the accumulation of pellets beneath this particular roost every 1I10nth, Thus he will acquire data on the shift in dict of a singlc owl in accord­ance with seasonal variations in the ahundance and a\'ailability of small prey. With Picture Stories You'll Wallt to SWARTHMOREANS PRODUCE '·MISTER ANTONIO" MRS, R, L. COAT,ES GETS SOROPTIMIST AWARD ELLIS COLLEGE FOR FATHERLESS GIRLS SQUAD-WAGON TO THE RESCUE How Franklin Fire Co:s First Aid Boys Do It FASHIONS OF GRANDMOTHER'S DAY Aronimink Women Parade in Old Styles See! 'J'hrough the contribution of pellcts hy many ornithologists in eastern Pcnn­sykania, he will eventually be able to lIIake a fun report on the distribution amI economic value of owls. But. oddly cnongh, he will also make a quite orig­inal addition to our knowledge of ro­dents and shrews, There is perhaps no easier way to disco\'cr the range and relative commonness of small mammals than hy tabulating the frequency with which skulls oi each species occur in the pellcts that litter the floor of an owl­roost. And Olher Picture Stories of Interest to Delaware Countians Srtbscribe Now $1.00 by the Year (12 '""ues) THE DELAWARE COUNTY ADVOCATE C. BROOK£ \VORTH. CHEVROLET AUTHORIZED Our Complete Up-to-date Supply of Genuine Chevrolet Parts Makes it possible for our of Skilled Mechanics Expert Staff to make INSTANT REPAIRS AT NOMINAL CHARGES * CLIFFORD Authorized Yale and Rutgers Ave. * * M. RUMSEY Chevrolet Dealer Swarthmore * * * WE REPAIR ALL MAKES OF CARS * * 1390 * sCehrAvuUirc cehasr eead nlcdfol erueds. lea ltlh, ei nRVeiateddin gt oR oaotmte.n d the Canhde s.'t\I c rr! ',r oAaId ].a n \V. Carpl'llter of :-':orth !I' . .. ____________________________________________________• .1

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~:r:;~':7/;·;~~';.'-'~~n'~···:·'f tS'· 01t!l.~A '.- 'LS": and·:Mr~. David Shaw:of i.u.-j.·.l~f .!l" ~ ~· .. t v .~ ~ !' . ~ . road left, Sunday morning, June :;'!.'11 <OJ. ,,:,· •• ~~'··J,I t', 1,. C, B' V h T ...... ,.. '1~jl , .. ·.1.:,1· -': :.l" - .• " '··;1 .:Lweet raar, ,a. were on ues- .. ;-". . H '~;' 'J&' J .... ,,,,;J::; .. J{ ;·t'!-1 :~ : _.• .•.. , '<'iT, '. of that week they attended the Mrs. Earle· P: Yerkes 'of 'South moiher Mrs, Minnie Tunell of Minne-Igra!!u"ti('~ of their daughter Shirley Princeton avenue left Thursday of last ajlolis;'Mlnn, at Sweet Briar College. After a trip to week !ttl '~t~ef1~ < h~f, class: f.e,unlon' ~t ·Mr1, John N:Ludwig, J~. isexpec~d B,rislol, Va. to visit Mrs. Shaw's ",other Wellesley"'College, Wellesley, Ma ••. to return '.to ,her home on Walnut 'lane Mrs. Frank Winston they relurned 10 She ~~tYti)e.d :.M?n1!ar /lc~oroi>ani~ );y 'Ihis "'eekeend. Mrs. LudWig, 'has Swarthmore on Salurday,. June 14, ac-her daughter Virginia a. freshman. at· beel) confined at the. GlJester companied by Mr. Shaw's sister Miss the college who was retained' to slOg for the 'past 'week~ is reported be Caroline Shaw of Boston. Mass. whom with the choir in .. Suuday's._baccalaur-.. lmpr9ving. '. they' picked up in Sweet Briar on their eate service. ljelCl1 Ludwig daughter. 0:1. 1,1£. way home that she might make a visit Rufh Wilsoll of Ogden avellu~ hils' Mrs. John N. Lildwig,' Jr. of here. returlled from Mt. aolyoke. ,college lalle lias roturned from Buckllell Mr •. Thomas Dowlles of Springfield where .... ~he .. ,t;ol.!\J?~e:tf,~t..J\er.)l;lP-io1: l!f~r~ -vc:rsity- .for ~~r s,ummer ~acation. . er-tertained the local duplicate bridge On Fr.lday:in.tb~ car,o! lre/le Sampson, 'Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Moore of Gales club al luncheon' and cards Friday of N't""16n,·M~.,l- ab,Pu,companiid,by Mills, O. wer~ guesls last week of Mr. afternoon, June 6, at the Sirath Haven two o.tber' college. ,mates, Betty .Behnr, and Mrs. Ernest R. Laws of Amherst Inn. . ken of Hollis, N, y, alld Barbara Rod-enbach of HartiQrd,' .CPun. she lell {or, avenue., . . Little Sidney Johnstone entertained a, seven-week tour. Th~ first ;;top of. Mrs. R. Chester Spen~er·has returned the Rutgers avenue Second Grade Fri. the quartet was in Washing-tori. D. C. to her ;'home. on Swarthmore avenue day afternoon at a bir.hday picnic f ~ j I .'. . 'v d ' fll. to last week· after spending a short time lunch. rom ,~~ert:,V1:"Y :!!.~urp,~f.e".,~p.!' ·r' \-l'l.ting her son-in-law and. daughter Tenn ... me. tQ .IDake (heir way, west to • Mr. and Mrs. H. Lindley Peel of Colora"do ~viSiting:'points of '~~er~st '·eil. Afr: and Mrs. Hatold Hutcheson of Columbia avenue entertained the boys route. Returning by the northern routc South Coventry, Conll. Mrs. Spencer of Mr., Peers Presbyterian Sunday Ruth)Wli""',\'E(;,\I·~~ (~iliny.j" ,,~l's.t?,n!. 'Went to Soulh Covenlry frQm Walling- School class at dinner last Friday eve­Mass. 'fhe el)a of July and go WJtli fo·fd, Vt. where she and Mr. Spencer ning. them to spend two weeks at Mt. Desert, had spent Memorial Day week·end at . their summer horne. - Laurence Kent son of Mr. and Mrs. Me. Russell H. Kent of Riverview road re- Mr,;and·Mrs. R. E, Wilson of Ogden Mrs, D. G, Van De Boe and daugh- ceived his B.A. 'degree al the sixty-avenue 16 dinner ter \Vilhelmina of College avenue left third annual commencement exercises at the after- Tuesday for Coudersport, Pa. where of Lake Forest College 011 Saturday, they will. spc.nd· t~e summer months June 7. Mrs. De Boe's mother. s,~~::;n'" J;>yke Van D~ Boe will During his four years at Lake Forest. t;! counselor at a camp at Laurence has gained membership' in '·V.'latti. N' Yd' h Sjgma Pi Sigma, national physics honor Alice Redgrave motored horne-·rto I .,... unng' t e .summer. society; International .Relations Club; Swarthmore frorm~1.-1titzi- Par on .trues"'_ "Mr. aI,1d Mrs. Jay D. Cook and fam- Wings Club; and Chorus. He is a day ~!tJl .rer , .M~5. ~. ~. 0 .. ily of Westdale avenue are leaving to- member of Kappa Sigma fraternity. Re~ ot~assar avenue after. grad- day for Brant--Beach, N. J. where they uating"from'"'IJiitden -Ha II On M ond ay. will spend some time. HaMrvr.a radn dav eMnruse. sJpaecnkt Bla. stT whoemtkp-seonnd aosf Miss Leanore H. Perkins' daug-htet Mrs. GeQrge Smith of Cornell ave~ 'guests of Mr~ and Mrs. William L. of Mt:",~:alfd '-"lit's;· 19sepp Ho- Perkiil~' of I,ue and Mrs. GeOl~ge R._ Anderson left Anderson of Harrisburg at the Ander­Cedar: Ji(qc"':'ili,visitirig het grandmother ttlhl~, 6. rst of the" ~y~'ek !or .. it:frjp through son cottage in Ocean City, N. J. Mrs, J. Will Perkins 01 Elkron;,'Md,. ., e Mrs. J . .B,·'P.~e 6f>.QlJ6rlill'·' of .South Mrs. Edwin J. Faulkner of Dickin- I'S seelldillg .bout a.-mo"tll~¥.·siting her SOil avenue had as her luncheon guests r . drive· her last Thursday Mrs. R~ssel1 M. Kay, SOil .. -Helen of' Manoa, Miss Cordelia Smith and Ai\! Iii'"'''' and Miss .Sue McCall to Chebeaque iss Margarel Yarnall of Philadelphia, T. PUSQU1"Y-~R' F -O:I Dq .. .... Q sIsulmanmde, rM me.o wnthherse. ' they, 'w"ill spe, nd the and Mrs. James Taylor of Swarthmore. ',.'" • ........, . ., , Mr. and Mrs. Everett T. Craemer .~:.', ~~61e 'Rale. "David Evans scm .·of 'Mr; .aQd hfrs. and two children Betty Lou and Joyce "CVTllWAY· ••• SHIRTS D,:F, 'Evans of Youlgrave 'Far,!". Soulh oLMI. Airy were Ihe guests of Mr. and STERN'S 'Phon. _... Chester road graduated last Wednesday Mrs. Edwin J. Faulkner of Dickinson ~~;;~,~.~,,~.;,~~~w~.;s~..~ . ~.~8t.,~~M~";;la;;ft I .mWoersntitiolwg nf, roPma . th.e, Westtown, S~h'oeoJv, eanveinnuf;g. a.t. pic.n. ic. su.p per .las.t ...T hursday.. , Mrs.·· John'J:I.· Fa;wcett of'So\llh Mr: a~d Mrs'. H. I: Hoot andchi1dren ""IIJ~l~e'ter road underwent a major ,opera':' "U:II.. Heleti, o£ Lafayette ' Memorial HQspital, 'last week to Oberlin, O. a classmale of the bride at BradfQrd Junior College. . Ensign Arthur Snyder will be his Iwin brother's best matL Ushers will in­clude Me.srs. Th=as H. Hall, Jr., John N. Stull, Frederick S. Donnelly of Bal­timore, Md. a Swarthmore college rna Ie of Ihe bridegroom and three classmates Charles Eberle of German. 10WII, Lawrence Clark Wolfe of Pitts­burgh and Lewis M. Robbins of River­ton, N. J. A small reception at Ihe Strath Ha­ven Inn will immedialely follow the ceremony. •• I Prepare for Saturday Wedding Mr. and Mrs. Arthur R. O. Redgrave were host and hostess last evening to the bridal party of their son Mr. Gil­bert Richard Redgrave and Miss Jane Van Keuren Spencer daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Owen Hill Spencer of Moy­lan whose marriage will be performed tomorrow afternoon, Saturday, June 21, at 4 o'clock in the Wallingford Pres­bylerian Church. Mr. and Mrs. Spencer will entertain the wedding party after rehearsal to. night. Mrs. William Wilson of Langhorne sjster of the bride will be matron of honor and Miss Alice Redgrave the bridegroom's sister will be maid of honor. Mr. Charles Gerner of Swarthmore will act as best man and ushers will be the , of the bridal pair Mr .. Samuel Wisdom, Jr. of Swarth­more and Mr. William K. Wilson. I , • Peterson-Mlller Marriage Tomorrow The marriage of Miss Catherine Frances Miller daughter of Dr. and Mrs. John Milton Miller of Washing­ton, D. C. formerly of Germantown, and Mr. Carl Williams Peterson son of Mrs. Viola G. Peterson of The Swarthmore will take place this Sat· urda'y, June 21, at noon in the home of the bride's parents. Rev. Elmer T. Thompson ,of Philadelphia will perform the ceremony in the presence of the immedia.te families. ---...... --- Births . Mr. and Mrs. Frederick birlh of all eight pound oon Juo", -.10"" at'lhe ·Philadelphia Lying-In Hospital, Both Mrs. Wedler and .the,. baby, lYho '.' will be named after his fat&'er; aie"do-, ing nicely. : '. ;. '. :'1;., Dr. alld Mrs. George B. Heckman of· .. , Park avenue are receiving' congriiuta .. tiolls on Ihe birth of a daugliler'-}une: ' Lee born ,TueSday at Ihe Taylor Bos-';:: pita!. Mrs. Heckman and the baby, who' . weighed 7 pounds 4 ounces at birth,~. i are doing nicely. . .. .~~ and Mrs, Earl F. Anderton, of , r~[edia announce .the birtli of a 6 pound; .. ' 13 ounce daughter ;itS :3OA. M. on' . Tuesday, June 17, in Ihe Lying-In Hos- ~ pitat. Mr, and Mrs. H. F. Dunning of Columbia avenue are receiving congr-at"!" ~ ulations upon the birth of a son Tues .. d:LY afternoon, June 17, at 4:20 o'Clock :­in the Lying-In Hospital, Philadelphia, ANTONlCA & Cu.rlLLo\ F AIIIBANXS . -_.. of 1'«IlI.." Coutnxl-l0f7 ./ II..., 2M PAlIK Anm . 'Phone 771J.J LeeeoWl In Plano. ~ .. and:-­bum_ ReGS CLEANED .\:I;ll REPAIREII Ml!DIA 1459 A P A G H I A N NO NEED TO WORRY 2 2 S. f Saturday "morning, 'their diiligbter'Polly'ba~k :' isn'q' ~·Cteh'e5s:-' fr1tiiti mannedr_- -tthhee for ,het!· -':sum,DJ.e·r vacation from Irr""''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''"",,,,,,='''ii e!,et~~vv~:;~~; she will not of, Sproul road are announcing when your travel money has been converted Into AMERICAN EXPRESS r! visitors. until next of Mr. and Mrs, "IRAVEL-£RS"ctlEQUESoe "··r·· .. ,'". : ." ~det Commander ari'Q 'Mrs: }. at' Junioi' Prom' 'and ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~rl SW~toadteros. fNfa~vi!anl dA scoand eLmayr,r yA onfn athpoe li:sU, nMitedd. tMheil itaGi-rya-d~'ucaal:idoenm'y .B,a ll of Valley Forge. :'~ ~'~~.~'.:'~~I:'::"'~.' ~~~nkt;:~~.aL{n~~~~ ~~~7,~:s~~:m~i~ Elizabeth Ann Lueders daughter of ECHO GLEN TEA HOUSE avenue:. Tlii Woodruffs are .former Mr. and },frs~ ,Thomas H. Lueders of -,,-oi' be cIoseil"ior'·aehov.ilon Swarthmo:reans.; . Pri"nceton avenue entertained 8 guests From . '. . . 'from Monday until.Wednesday at the JUNE %3 .to.,1:I~INCLU81VB \ Mrs.~~Edwin A. 'Yarnall is: leaving to- Lueders' cottage at. Avalon, N. J. Her ,. .. - ~d ,", day to spend the remainder of the. suIl!-- guests were: .... Will Reopen nier ill New England, She will spend Nancy Hoot, Jane Scholl, Betty Ann SATURDAY; JUNE 28 a part of the . lime in her' old home Kite, Midge Brown, Martha Baldwin, ;1. Auburndale, Mass. with her brother Betty Landon, Carol Froebel" and Jody W~~-;"dP~~:!~sa:se~a~l:n M. Mr. Waldo W. Cole, two weeks in Dickson. Mr. and Mrs. Lueders chaper-lrtlosed Sundays Kennebunk, Me., and visit briefly with Oiled the group. ' 'E,. her sister Mrs. John Taylor Slack of ' Provldenre Rd. & WalllDgrord Ave. Springfield Vt. Lieotenant and' Mrs. F. E. Nuessle uWALLINGFORD I' "formerly. of: 'the Swarthmore Apart- Tel'e phone Media 1611 II Mrs. Harold G. Griffin of Rutgers mehts:.left _! 'Monday for Washington, avci\i.te \vill entertain the' doctors and D.: C. where Lieutenant Nuessle has --------.--.--------.-...--- work/lors of the Swarthmore Maternal . h N ~ "'. ~ecn" tr~nsferred ·by t e avy. PETER E. TOLD Health 'Senter at a luncheon next ~ue_s- '-On Tuesday afternoon ·Mrs. Charles day afte.rnoon. Mrs., Grace Brmton. entertained at luncheon at her M.oorc, Hie, executive ~ecrelary of, :the home 'on Prh-tceton 'and' College ave­Birth Control FederatIon of P~nnsyl- . I f Mrs George Z,'mmer Insurance 417 Jilartmouth Ave. • 'II I h . f h' . h nues In lOnor _0.. , vama, WI Ie t e guest 0 onor at t e : f . - I de f G' Is Scouts troop 1833 luncheon. M TS: Moore's visit is for the ,re IrlOg ea r. 0 Ir . purpose of obscr~iJlg the local clintc. Harvey R~ PIerce:. II son. of Lteuten- , - ant and Mrs. LOUIS F. PIerce of the Florence Cleaves daughter of ;Mr. 3:J1d Port of Embarkation, Brooklyn. N. Y. M~s. Carl Cleaves of Cornel! ave!1ue re- celebrated 'his first birthday: June 10 at ceJved the de~ree of Asso~late of Ar!s the home of his grandparents, Colonel from. the J ~l1Jor College of Connec:h- and Mrs. Harvey R. Pierce of Prince. cut IJ1 Bndgeport, Conn.' Tuesday, .' . tOI~ avenue: , June 10. Miss De1ia Marshall of Lincoln ave- -----------,----------------------- nue will be maid of honor tomorrow 'If' you ;,~e contempl.,tinll the . ·pu'f.t:·hase·o F-a homlt 0' your present "1ort9'ge,. why not consult us .s 10 "est",.. pl.n IoJay? ' up to 90% oJ value Terms .,slctft., •• 25;Qn to pay FOI FIII/lnfo,mation W,it. 01 Call E. L. NOYES - SW ARTBMORE J. D. DURNALL- SWARTHMORE UPaUDmNG FIIEIII9 lUI & mlmllE II. Li_I .... Li ... .." Bldg., PlliI •• , P .. afternoon in Baltimore, Md. at the wedding of a former Bryn Mawr Col­lege classmate Miss Ann Janet Clark and Dr. Peter Rodman of Philadelphia. • I Feted Before Marriage Mrl. Thomas H. Hall, Jr. of Baltimore pike entertained with a large supper darrce:al Ihe Bellevue-Stratford Wed­nesday night in honor of his nephew 'hIr:' Paul Heston Hall Snyder <if Swarthmore avenue and Mr. Snyder's bridc':'·to-be Miss Margaret Graham Whiteman daughter of Mrs. J. Harvey \Vhiteman of The Swarthmore. Mr. John N. Stull of Moylan enter­tained Wednesday afternoon with a co*cktail party in honor of Miss White­man. and Mr. Snyder whose marriage will be performed at 4 o'clock this af­ternoon. Friday, June 20. in Trinity Church, Swarthmore by Ihe Rev. J. Jardel1 Guenther rector. Miss Anne Whiteman will be her sister's maid of honor. Bridesmaids will include the Misses Betty Ann Bird of Houston, Tex., Sarah Albert of \VaI­Iingford, Mary Elizabelh Noyes Qf • Featuring BrIde­DlatincUve TRAYS of Lustrous Hand wroUght Alumlnum tuo 10 $5.00 THE BOUSE OF GIFrS 6 B. State St. Ml!:.'01A Ken-L-Ration DOG FOOD The complete balanced ra­tion . , . 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First 2 ribs lb. 3Sc. . .. • MA R T E L'S, - " COMPLETE FOOD MARKET ;' : TO NEWS NOTES' SWIMMING SCHEDULE Dick McCray SOil of Mr. and Mrs. For All Ages Ihal can Swim, - -~. -._. -- -, 5 tJ~:ruw. .,.... !benollHbne brick m 1_ D~_Worru .... _ Heslon D. McCray, Jr. of Cornell ave­nue was host on Saturday afternoon, June 9. at a luncheon and movie mat. inee in cet~bration of his ninth birth­day BOYS ~Monday, Tuesday, Wednes­Friday evening in hOllor of Miss Re .. becca Robinson whose marriage to Ralph E. Rhodes will take place in the near future. The guests present at the wltb' ." "1d2 '.o,ea ~ '_ &1IeJ la id 011' o~f 118.11 ,- -- flOlll _ 8_, _1IdIDa ,. nortIieut 15 fee' x DorUnr. 100.43 feet a IOUth.est M.5'1 fee~ z 100.78 feet. Mrs. Frank Pearce of Arlington, ~~:J~~~~~II Mass. who is visiting her daugh. ter Mrs, Harold G. Griffin of Rutgers avenue was the guest of honor at" a luncheon given by Mrs. Benjamin W. IW&I'Ul-1 Collins on Monday afternoon at her roB SALE - Two male Slamese kittens, months oJd. Telephone Swarthmore home on North Chester road. Mrs. Helen M. Hall of George School was an out-of-town guest present ·at the I)arty. On next Tuesday afternoon Mrs. Pearce will be guest of honor at a small luncheon at the home of Mrs. George M. Ewing of Columbia avenue. Mrs. C. Leslie Moore and her SOil C. Leslie Moore, Ill. of Laconia, N. H. are visiting Mrs. Lydia Mitchell of North Chester road for a few weeks. Mr. \V. 1{. McHenry of Parrish road took his wJfe and family to their sum­mer home in Ocean City, N. 'J. last 1: ;l~~~~~~~~r~~~~~1 FrMidar.y .a nd Mrs. Allan M. Smith of Dic-kinson avenue spcnt part of last week visiting their son Allan W. Smith who ==== is a student at the Naval Training Sta~ I tion at Newport, R. I. On their way back to Swarthmore Mr. and Mrs. :~~~~~Eia~~a~~~~;. Smith spent a few days visiting friends or In Hartford. Conn. . ~~~~~~~= AlIan is expected to visit his parents :;: during his leave from the Naval Sta­tion this week-end. Mrs. Paul 'M. Paulson and daughter ~~~~~~~~~ Louise of Park avcnue and Mr. and Mrs, ~Iichael S, Paulson of Philadel- ~~;;~~~~~~~~ii'~i'IPhoithay aGt.t ePnaduelds otnh ea tg rHaoduugahtitoonn oCfo lDleogre-, 1\[. Y. While in New York state they visited friends ill Rochester. Mr. and Mrs. Michael Paulson cele. bra ted their first wedding anniversary by taking a trip to Niagara Falls and Canada. Lieutenant Commander Ralph S. Hayes, U. S, N. and Mrs, Hayes of Alexandria, Va. formerly of Swarth­more recently went to Columbia, Mo. day A. M. 9-10, 10-11 P. M. ~5 Thursday, Friday, Saturday A. M. 11-12 P. M. 2-3, 3-4 GIRLS ~ Monday, 'I'uesday, Wednes­day' A, M. 11-12 P. M. 2~3, 3-4 Thursday, Friday. Saturday A. M. 9-10, 10-11 .P. M. 4-5 I,EARNERS-MIXED GROUP Kindergarten age upwards, 12-12:30 Daily PRIVATE LESSONS BY APPOINT­MENT 8-9 A. M. Daily. Call Joe Gary Swarthmore 1608 after Salurday, June 21. If Ihe scheduled hour for Ihe learners cannot be arranged call Mrs. Howard McCone, Swarthmore 200 between 9 A. M. and 4 P. M. or at Swarthmore 2057 between 6 and 8 p, M. Mr. and Mrs. Harvey R. Pierce of Princeton avenue have as their house­guests for a couple of weeks their daughter-in-law Mrs. Louis Pierce and her son Harvey -of Brooklyn, N. Y. Mrs. Louis Pierce's daughter Mary Lou has been visiting her grandparents for the past few weeks. Jim Dryden arrived at the horne of his parents Mr. and Mrs. Alexander M. Dryden of Dartmouth avenue last Sun­day after completing his junior year at Springfield College, Springfield, Mass. Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Griest of South Chester road entertained a few friends with a supper party last Sat­urday evening. Robert Shaw son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles B, Shaw of Whittier place left Jast week for the Virgin Islands where he will be indefinitely stationed on the construction of a new navy air base. Robert was a member of this year's graduating elass of Swarthmore Col­lege, ~!~~~~~~~~: I ftoro mb riSntge pthheellisr Cdoaullgeghete. r BBetetytt yi s honmowe i;~l~'~';C~~i~ visiting friends in Swartl;amore and I S;~~~o/.~~:N.!~ :-~~;~;5~ Downingtown for three weeks before ~ rejoining her parents in Ale-xandria. Ii.~:~~~~~~~~ M iss Dorothea Dodd entertained at a dinner and miscellaneous shower at her home on Swarthmore avenue last Mr. and Mrs. D, W. R, Morgan will attend the graduation exercises of Phil­lips- Exeter Academy, Exeter, N. H. on June 23. David Jr. is a member of the HO~~n1e~'*:tOr, graduating class. Coun:r....~ndlng. is XvIii-ssi'.t inMg ahreyr Fauanwt-c'eatntd -oufn 'ctlned iMan.,a.: p·omlids 1~~~~;~~~~~·~~~~.5 n.~ n~.~. 'i!lP22rr.!~~:!or,ev.iD-Yiiir:ciiii: I Mrs. D. W, R. Morgan :of Strath Haven ':' avenue. Richard W. Sanford son of Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Sanford of Dickinson :~~~:~ld~~~;/';ce,~~~~~~~ avenue graduated on Monday from the L(~r.:=::pi§:.s~~5~~y<~;n:J~~ I Drex~1 Institute of Technology. Rich- HOW:=~r • ard received his degree in electrical en- County Bldg" MedIa. Pa. gm. cerl.l lg. OrW hAisL TatEtoRr :I!Ul~l'O: ADS WBlTB, '''illiam Bates son of l\-Ir. and Mrs. County Bldg .• Mecl1&, Pa. Joseph S. Bates of Haverford avenue 5-29-8t were: Robinson, Petra Lingle, Peggy Noyes, ,Margaret Shoemaloer, Grace Dodd, Eudora Sproat, and Pally Camp­bell all of Swarlhmore; Myra Williams of Rose Valley; Anne Taylor and Mrs. Thomas Jones of .Philadelphia; Mrs. Charles Black of Rutledge; 'and Betty Murch of Wilmington. zONINa NOTICE The a.nt of Adjustment w1l1 holel a public b~ In Council Clt.amber. Swarthmore Borouah Ball at 8:00 P. II. Daylight Saving TIme on TUesday, July lat. 1941 to P888 upon the appeaJ of Au. thon,. L. and Helen H. Ventner, owners of a' dwellinS Situated at 311 COrnell Avenue. Because of the relative positions ot the dwelIlng and detached p1'8B8 a variance from the terms of the ZODlDg Ordinance 1a requested .. follows: That conatructlon of a porch be per_ mitted at the rear of the dwelling thereby reduclng the distance between the dweU .. Ing ana garage to eloven feet. Anyone 1nterested may appear and be heard at the aroreaald hearing. ELLIOTI' IDCBARDSON. Secretary. DELAWARE COUNTY ImprovemeDte cxm.aIst of two and one­balf sto .... frame bOUlle. _ f_:_ front: rear addltloD. laxa feet: fnme p,rap. Solei as the p~ of George A. W&Illler and IIa.Q' .. W&IUler, .bJa wite, mar-F.-DIS and IlarY wanneri:i real owner, with notlce to terre tenants, aDY. G~Y &: RANKIN, Attorneys. Lev&r1PaCIaI No. 501 Mareb Term, IMI Prop. sit, In Upper D&rby Two. Del. Co" Pa .• on the B. s. of Kent Rd.. 101.:01 ft. S. of Chestnut Skeet, 1D front 35 ft. IlDd In. dptb. 'IUO ft .• til. 8. I, betns alii. mid. of a oert. 10 ft. w. dwy. etc. Known aa III Kent Road. U. ,& 8. to bldg. rest. and easem*nt. TOIl. with uae of dwy. Improvements constat of two story COD­crete block, stucco and frame houee. 18x4O 'teet: enclosed porch: one star)' frame' adcU­" on. 6&8 feet: one story concrete block garage, IOXl8 feet. , Sold as the property of John DonIan. mortgagor and Robert B. Alsop and ltath .. ryn G. Alsop, his wife. real owners. EDWARD F. BITCBCOCIt, Attorney. sealed propoeaJs wUl be received at the County Controller's omce. Court House, Media, Pa., until 9 a. m. (Eastern Stand­ard Time) and publiCly opened at 10 a. m. (Eastern Standard Tlme) on We<iDeeday. JUly 9. 1941. for furnishing and dellverlng . Levari Paelas P. O. B., Court Rouse, Media, h., adding I .. _ ~ T I~' Ko. &II machines for the use of the various de. ..........,...,. erm. --. partmenta 1n the Court House. Del. Bpeell1catloDS and bidding sheet may be CO ProJ:i ~~ :;W anr:r~..r;:;t:'Aroa- obtained. at the Oftlce of the County Con·, .:_ ... ':"-.... orO :Druel B1U _ com-troller, and no bid w1l1 be entertalned un- om~ .o;;JO;>WwcOD .JA - less made out on said blddlng sheet pan,.. on the N. B. •• of IlI'Uel ... ue The County Comm1salonera reserve the 125 ft. S. B. of State Road: In front eo right to reject any or all bIds. They fur- ft. and in dPtb 130.10 It. IEdowu M 'la ther reserve the right to determine what ·Drexel Avenu!'. type and make of adding machlnea pro· I' posed to be furnished best meets the needs . U. &; 8. to condo and rest. of the County. Improvements coD81st of two and ODe- H. WALTER WEAVER. half story house, 30 ][ 24 feet: stile porch: - • ("..aunty Controller. one story frame addltlon. 8 x 14 fen: aar- 6 20 3t age. 18 ][ 18 teet. SBE'RD"P 8ALEB OP REAL ESTATE l Sold as the :P.J'OP8rtY of James B. Bo,. .. -<Ia'. _ <I:"" • and John A. Smau and ceceua Small. Shertff's Oft!ee Court Houae Mecl1A.. Pa I and Addle K. Boyce, h1s WIfe. m~ &..-" y ... une ." .......... wile. real owners. 8:30 A. M. East.em Standard Time ConcUtions: $250.00 caah or certUled Clleck ;KDWAlU> P. Hll'CHco*ck, Attorney. at time of sale (unlesa othenrtse atated In I' advert1a£ment) balance In ten days. other Levari PaCias No, '103 _ conditions on day of sale. _ . . Levari Facias No. 3M MarCh Term, 1941 All thoae certain lots or pieces of ground Situate In Haverford ToWDshlp, Delaware Coun'J.Pennsylvanla. d ......... tedan<llaloWll aa lots Hoe. 738, 737, 738,~, 740, 7tI, 742. '143. '144. '145. '146. '14'1. '148, 749, '1110, '1St, '15:1. '188, 'ItrI. 768. '169. 'l'IO. T11, T12. '1'13. T14. T15. T16, m, T18. T19,.780, '181. '183, on " cortaIn plan or Iota ca.ued PeD!leld surveyed tor CWford, B. Harmon &; 00. by Bese BngIn. eerlnS CO, whlcb Is <luIy reeonIe<I In Deed Book L·13 page 824. '.' . Improvements 'collSlat of ri~ "and one • halt, story stone and plaster· house. 28:r:3O teet; enclosed frontt PO~'; ba. porch; atone ..,aae, 12xl2 eet; med. 12x8 feet: wood .shed, lul8 feet: stoDel' barn, 38x28 feet. ' .. . . Bold as the property of Joseph Kelley. real 'owner. _ P. P. GBUY & RANKIN, AttomeJ'l!i. Levari Facias September Term" 1940 Situate at the DOrthWest comer of Wor­rUow and Beale Street., Lowel" Chichester ToWDBhlp, Delaware County. PeDllBYlvanla. Containing .In f:ront on seaIe Street 100 feet x west 175.8 feet to a 15 feet wide alley. Together with rlgbt and use of sa1d alley in common w1th owners of other lands ,":C' Marcil. Term, llMl " : ." Prop. sit; In TwP. of Haverford, -DeL 00., Pa .• lot No. 268 plan of "SOuth· Ardmore," on the 8. B. 8. of Turnbull Ave. SO feet N. B. Of Leedom Avenue; 25 feet lu. troDt and 125 feet In dpth. Known as 105 Turn­bUll Ave. Improvements conalst of two and one­half sWry stucco house, 18 x 40 teet: porob front: rear addition, .. x 8 feet; stucco ...... age, 10 ][ 20 teet. Bold as the property 01 Wal_ter L! Lobb & Co., Inc., real 09tDer .. ." . . EDWARD P.: m:ftm:~, -AttorJle). Levari· Pact&a No. 'i. ~ ~ Ter!!!. ~'IU __ Prop, .It. ·In ,~. of JJ!\V!l'fQg1" Dot; (lg., Pa., lot No:"'21'1 on - plaJt-;or- ~tb '-Ai'il..;: more." on the S. B. •• ' ot TurnbuU Ave .. 'f5 ft. N. B. of Leedom Ave. 2& 1t In :frcm, and 125 ft. In depth.· Known 88 101 TUmb~;. Ave. . ImproveinentS conetst of two and one­half story stucco house, -18 x 40 teet: front· porch; rear addlt1on. 4 ][ 8 feet. Sold sa the property of Walter L. Lobb ok Co •• Inc. real owner. BOW. P. BITOHco*ck. Attorney. has re turn ed home from Blair Acad- -"""-r;;;;;;;;;;;;;;,,;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;.;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;~--­emy, Blairstown, N. J. for the summer· vacation. abutting thereon. 6-6-3t WII.LlAM W. lloEW, BIlerlJr. 110 PARE Ava. - SPECIAL "'" 1st floor - 2 bedrms, sleeping porch. 19. Uv. nn., fireplace, private thermostat. Garage. 3ept.l. WM. S. BrrrLE Swarthmore Ill-oJ Notary Public - Insurance _ Real Estate FOURTH GENERATION TO CONTINUE BUSINESS The funeral business of Mrs. A. J. Quinby & Bon Is now being continued by A. Mercer Quinby, Jr .• great great grandson of the founder. MRS. A. J. QUINBY & SON 206 S. Orange St. Media 'Phone Media 4 FOR PROMPT SERVICE IUlFJUGBRAWU-IUDIOS W·8RER8-AI.L .&KW8 COAL and co*kE FUEL OIL VAN AIEN BROS. Phone Sw. 10412 IlAMILWl>I and ELGIN WATCHES EDWIN B. KELLEY, Jr. Your JeuJeler 2S East 7th St. Chester (~'" Ne .. 8ta'" 'l'Ileatre) 'PhODe Chester 3764 W • .t. THOlaS Former17 of S_ CoJIep C.".penter & Cabinet Malter as .M, Oa'TPOhN_ A 'fB!roII, atrl'l.EDGB 1hrIu'th. _ Allan Hall 5011 of Mrs, Helen M. Hall of Park avenue is in the Abington Has. pita I· recovering from an emergency appendicitis operation which he under-' went last week. Mrs. Charles E. Black of Park ave­nue entertained her granddaughter Peggy Lou Dongherty of Philadelphia Saturday afternoon. June 7, at a party in honor of her second birthday. I Picture Framing - Stationery Book. - Kodak Snpl'lIu Greeling"Card. - Boliby Craft SIMMONDS 714 Welsh Street Chellter - 'Pho.De. Chester 2·5161 ARDMORE WINDOW CLE~ING CO. ARDMORE 2320 SWARTHMORE 19 PIANO TUNING AND REBUlWlNG 32 Years Pm.ti",,1 Experience A. L.PARKER 'Phone Media 459-M ROGER RUSSELL Maker oj Fine Photographs 416 UAYERiiORD PUCE CALL SWARTHMORE 1m WOOD KOPPERS. co*kE . 'SUN FVP- OIL ' ... Earn Eterna' 'ltanlc, .. ,You's with ELECTRIC GIFTS!" ,:;" There's no ~a/1g~rof your wedding gift be",,,,' poked up on q $half .'; • if you ,ChooSe something electric. CQ#~~~ak~~, toasters, waffle; sandwich grills, clocks; lamps, food mixers •••. aU live a long, busy, useful life. See our wide assort­ment for easy solution of your gift list~ .. Pldladelpbla Elecbtc CODlpaa, " . ~ \. . '. ,. . ".: -,--y '0:,"'.' . ... ~ .~ '" -.- , j ;, " '! ) \ ; , 'J

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6 Republican Women Hold Old Home Day Twentieth Anniversary Celebra· tion Honors Feminine Leaders of County The Women's Republican Club of Delaware County held Old Home Day in celebration of its 20th anniversary Thursday, June 6, ill the Strath Haven lun. The observance was a luncheon meeting followed by a reception in honor of Mrs. Joseph H. Hinkson, of Ridley Park the retiring president, and Mrs. Robert J. Patterson of Lans­downe president-elect and Republican State Committeewoman from Delaware County. Tribute was paid to Mrs. Hink­son for her 13 years of service as the club's chief executive. The program. in charge of Mrs. J. O. Hopwood and Mrs. Arlington Evans, revie\\'ed the part women have played in politics. particularly in Delaware County. Honor was paid first to the women who fought the battle for \\·omcn suf­( rage between the years 1913 and 1920, especialty Dr. Anna Shaw, Mrs. J. ClaUde Bedford and Mrs. William Ward, Jr. The part women played in the defense program of 1917-18 was recalled. followed shortly, in June, 1919 by the a~ption of the Nineteenth Amendment. giving women the ballot. .Mrs. Hinkson was presented with a sterling silver Rower bOWl by the club members and all women present who had served 011 the executive hoard whHe Mrs. Hinkson was in office placed a red rose in the bowl. The executive board members presented Mrs. Hink­son with a needlepoint bag. Mn:. Pat­terson, assuming the chair, was pre­sented with a corsage. Mrs. Patterson named her committee chairmen, at the board meeting prior to the Juncheon meeting. They are: Program chairman Mrs. 'Villiam Everett and co-chairman 1l.frs. Abram Johnson, political activities chair­man Mrs. Harry Murty and co­chairman Mrs. Robert Zarr, legisla­tion chairman Mrs. J. O. Hopwood and co-chairman Mrs. Arlington Evans, finance chairman Mrs. J. Claude Bed­ford, publicity chairman ?\Ofrs. Frank 31 "Bir,"" With One Thrust The rental of 31 tuxedos through a little one-inch ad in The Swarthmor­can, costing him but 70c, is the happy boast of Irvin Stern, Media tailor. Local business people as well as those in Chester and Media are constantly reporting like results from the use of 'rhe Swarthmorean as a contact me­dium in Swarthmore and vicinity. Not only do the display spaces per­form in such a satisfactory manner but those who have occasion to use the even less expensive classified ads from time to time are delighted with almost miraculous effects. One woman writes: "[ wallt to thank The Swarthmorean for helping me find work. I have re­ceived enough day's work to give me a very good start. If at any time I am slack again, I shall be only too glad to call on The Swarthmorean." Another local advertiser who "is cer­tain to put an ad in if she ever wants anything again'· got an answer soon as the paper was out with her ad for a child's play pen and high chair and waS supplied with exactly what she wanted and at the price she wanted to pay. • l I Presented Mnsie Pupils The final recital by music students of Dorothy Paul was held Saturday after- 1I00n, June 7, at the home of Mrs. Bu­chanan Harra, Jr. of Yale avenue. Ducts and solo numbers were performed by the following: Bobby Lang, Beatrice Carpenter, Susanne Harrar, Edwin Harris, Francis Ashton, Graemc Taylor, Jane Pittinger, Jack Pittinger, Eben Lang, Lynn Leach, Ellanor Shanklin and Jeanne Theis. Patty Paul contributed a violin solo. 1'he award for the highest general average for the year was won by Elea­nor ShankHn who also received the award for the most consistent progress, Jack Pittinger ranking second. In the duct playing contest. three teams tied for first place the members being: Jane Pittinger, Jack Pittinger, LYlln Leach, Ellanor Shanklin and Eben Lang. I • NEWS NOTES Kernaghan, co-chairman Mrs. William Mr. and :Mrs. G. Warder Cresson of H. Alexander, membership chairman Riverview road with their son Samuel Mrs. Walter Weaver, industrial re-search chairman Mrs. Alexander and daughter Carolyn will leave today Ewing, professional and business to sllclld a week in Avalon, N. J. They women chairman .Mrs. Spencer Miller, wil1 returl! to the shore for the first public relations chairman Mrs. William two weeks in July when they will also Mingill, contact chairman Mrs. Lee have with them their SOn G. Warder Roy Doub, rcservations chairman Mrs. Cresson, Jr. and his wife and daughter \¥illiam C. Alexander, hosvitaUty Barbara of Indianapolis. chairman Mrs. Alicc D. P. Koller, ad- Mrs.]. O. Nessen mother of Mrs. visory capacity Mrs. VJilJiam Ward, Jr. Philip W. Kniskern of Riverview road •'---------------'11 left Wednesday to spend the summer at her old home place, Medina, N. Y. THE SWARTHMOREAN Girl Scout News Troop 16 Hoaon Leader At the close of the troop 16 meet­ing on June 14~ the members of the troop committee, represented by Mrs. Sargent Brewster, Mrs. Norman Bor­den, and Mrs. G. Hurst Paul, presented a .. handsome hostess tray to Mrs. George Zimmer, retiring captain. An oral test and demonstration in first aid was given by Patrolman Henry Peirsol which passed 21 girls· on their First Aid badge. Patrolman Peirsol's service has been greatly appreciated. Hazel Rankin of England and Dor­othy Denworth were invested into the troop. Hugh Denworth was a welcome guest at the meeting. Mary Denworth, having completed all of her requirements, received her first class badge. Nine girls from the Helping Hand Patrol were awarded their second class badges. Thirteen girls received their badges for Design, the work for which has been directed by Mrs. Sargent Brewster at her home during the winter months. Four music badges were awarded for work completed under the guidance of Mrs. G. Hurst Paul. Interesting note­books and articles completed by the girls during the year were placed on display. The assistance given by mothers and teachers in the various program fields has been very helpful to the troop and very much appreciated by the leaders. Other badges awarded on Saturday were: Life-saving, interior decorator, metal, glass, bookbinder, bird finder, foods, clothing, and first aid. The annual donation to the Needle­work Guild has nearly been completed by the girls during the winter. On Thursday of last week all of the girls of troop 16 were the guests of Mrs. Zimmer at luncheon and games in her garden on Ogden avenUe Mariners Off' to Camp 'romorrow, Swarthmore Mariners of "Trade Winds" will leave for a week at the sailing camp, Camp Dune By­The- Sea at Ship Bottom, New Jersey. Having earned most of their camp ex­penses by selling Christmas wreaths last holiday season, the girts are look­ing forward to this week of instruc­tion in handling sailboats and other water craft. Crew members who are taking ad­vantage of this opportunity are: Betty Ann Hulme, Marian L. Troxell, Char­lotte L. Maas, Ethel Hay, Jean W. Flaherty, Trudy Enders, Mary Frances Dimmitt, Margaret Ann Dimmitt. Mrs. Luther M. Dimmitt has acted as Camp Chairman in chflrge of arrangements for the Mariners. They will be accom­panied by Mrs. Dimmitt, Mrs. Harold C. Stott, Mrs. Theodore W. Crossen, and Miss Helen Evans. Laura Lee Hop­kins wilJ attend the Mariner Sailing Camp at the Sea Scout Base, Fair­haven, New Jersey, in July. Mr. and Mrs. John M. Pearson en­tertained at a Sunday night supper June 9 in honor of Mrs. Pearson's brother and sister-in-law Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Davie of OJ ai, Cal. who spent the week-end with the Pearsons. Phyllis Rhodes daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Rhodes of Fort Lauderdale, Fla. and formerly of Swarthmore grad­uated last week from the prep school department of Penn Hall, Chambers­burg, Pa. Adele B. Markley daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank R. Markley of Guern­sey road has returned to her home after completing her freshman year at Grove City College, Grove City, Pa. Adele was honored by being elected from the student body as woman's rep­resentative from the sophom*ore class to both the Atbletic Council and the college Student Council. Sam Gary son of Mr. and Mrs. Rex I. Gary of Yale avenue will leave Tues­day to spend the summer at the Del­mont Boy Scout camp. ]Qseph Gary has been attending the National Red Cross Aquatic School in Maryland where he has been taking the cleven-day intensive training bdng given in swimming, life-saving, and first aid. Joe will return Saturday in time to take up his position as swimming in­structor for the Summer Recreation Program. Charlotte Griffin daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harold G. Griffin of Rutgers ave­nue returned home last week from Bucknell University for her summer vacation. Marjorie Dinsmore daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Dinsmore of Cornell avenue entertained a group of friends at a house-party last week-end at the Dinsmore cottage at Fort Ellsborg, N. J. The guests were: uTookie" Kniskern, Elizabeth Rutan, Ann Lingle, Sara Marie Disque, Pris­cil1a Poteat, Frances Noyes, Charlotte Griffin, Genevieve Reavis, Elizabeth Whitaker, Roma Meade, Betty Beatty, and Beatrice Brewster. The girls were chaperoned by Mrs. Dinsmore. Miss Cynthia Wickham of North Chester road entertained the girls of her class from the Primary Depart­ment of the Presbyterian Sunday School at a picnic held at Smedley Park 011 Saturday afternoon. June 7. Nancy Smith daughter of Mr. and Mrs. \V. W. Smith of Yale avenue was JUNE 20, IMI Closed on Wednesdays at 1 P. M. until September alice barber, Gifts OLD BANK BUILDING Telephone S ..... 1381 ENIOY A Cool Luncheon (11.30 A. M. to 2 Po. rM .) DeIiclons Dinner (5 to 7.30 P. M.) DoriDg yo .... Ch""ter Shopplaa Sojourn YELLOW BOWL TEA ROOM 606 SPROUL STREET 'Phene Chester 2.2115 A Cool. Com~,.. 0., PI""e 10 Lunc" or Dine SUBURBAN CAFE ""., co*ck,.", Loun,. MlIbl Ooac:o--. P.R.R. Sob""""' __ Lunch -from 46c Dinner-from 8!c CocI"aU Bour • .J:OtI to 6:00 P.M. Penonal SupenlalOD of Iian7 R. TuIIJ' -------------..... .--..--.-....-..- ...... , _____ .--___ r-...-.. _____ } HOSTESS LUNCHEONS ! Delicious to the taste Delightful to the eye Enhanced by the spacious charm for which Strath Haven Inn Watches & Jewelry Harvey \Vhitaker of Park and Princeton avenues who has been at Fort Riley, Kansas since :March has been transferred to Indiantown Gap, Pa. where he arrived Wednesday. Marin~rs who are 16 years old are eligible to attend the Western Hemi­sphere Girl Scout Encampment with Senior Girl Scouts and Gi!'! Guides l from South American countries at Camp Bonnie Brae, Springfield, Massa-is famous followed by Bridge on the cODI, breezy porches which overlook the gardens Don't throw it away! We can fix it quickly and economically! All work guaranteed. Low prices. chusetts, August 11-25. Juliette Low THE ANTLERS INN Awards covering travel and camp fees (Operated by SWarthmoreans) will be presented to one representative A Pocono Inn with Personality. Ex. from each of the South American coun-mceelrle nspt oforotsd.. AGottorda cttiimvee s.r oAocmtiev.e MBUomd-- trl·es. FUIJds for these awards were erate mtes. Capacity llmlted. Se- raised by American Girl Scouts. Instead fleroctmed ScWlleanrttehlme.o rTe.h reBeo ohkoluert s obny crea-r of awards to American girls, money I'S WILTSHIRE BROS. quest. Why not come up for the being sent to Girl Scouts and Guides in 100 E. Slale Street FourtMh?R S R C WEBB war-torn countries. MEDIA • • • On Friday evening, June 13, the crew 'Phone Media 2239 CRESCO, PA. of "Trade Winds" assisted the Sea !:::::::::::::::::~~;;;;;;~p~h~o~n~e~M~t.~p;0<~o~n~o~45~2;1;;;;;;;;;~ i Scouts of "The Ranger" of Frank-ford in launching another new Mariner Ship, "Hesperus" in Philadelphia. Dr. and Mrs. William Diller told of their Amber Mountain Greenery Pink Hyacinth Carnation fAy. ~ ... Cot", .... SPECIAL! COLOGNE ATOMIZER SETS BY CHARBERT $1.00 Regularly 1.25 From June 21st to July 12th inclusive CHARBERT'S dclightlul Eau de Cologne in the drum bottle with removable atomizer will be available at 1.00. Comes in all the well-known CHARBERT fragrances Deep Lilac Of Thee I Sing Gardenia Drumbeat Mimosa The Bouquet Beauty Salon 13 South Chester Road Call Swarthmore 476 experiences aboard the "Athena," when she was sunk by a German submarine, and of their escape in a life boat. • t I NEWS NOTES Fifty members of the faculties of the College avenue and Rutgers avenue schools enjoyed their annual luncheon together at the Ingleneuk on Wednes­day of this week. Potter Rumsey of Park avenue is serving his junior interneship at Ches­ter Hospital. Potter is a member of the class of '43 at Temple Medical School. Mr. and Mrs. H. P. Boggis and daughters Helen and Margaret of Cleveland, Ohio spent the week-end with Mrs. Boggis' brother-in-law and sister Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Bair of Cornell avenUe. When they returned home they took with them John and Bob Bair. John wilt make a ten-day visit and Bob will remain all summer with his uncle and aunt, having secured a job there. Mrs. Charles Hines, Sr. of Atlanta, Ga. will conclude a two-week visit to her brother-in-law and sister Mr. and Mrs. William S. Canning of Ogden ave­nue. Among the parties held in Mrs. Hines' honor during her visit were a I dinner party given by Mr. and Mrs. Norman Foster of Springfield last Sat­I urday night and a luncheon on Wed- .._ _______________________________- ' IOn easkdmayo nwt hwenas Mhross.t eFsrse. d L. Ramsdell of STRATH HAVEN INN -_..---. ;111111111111111111~1:1:~;:I~I~I;"I11H1I;U:~I:U~I~I~IDDUII~I~I;n:U;I;"unWlUlmUIIIUI ~ i == := = ~ = Edgmont Avenne-Seventh and Welsh Streets = ~ : SPECIAL PURCHASE I ;; BOYS AND STUDENTS ; - GENUINE "TOM SAWYER" - ~ I SLACKS! : ~ Actual 2.95 and 3.95 Values ~ :: : s~£~~ $1 ~ €':?: : ; These are the finest slacks we've seen in a long lime offered al this -=__- low price. Smarl looking to wear with odd jackets. Made of choice l§ materials. Wide range of patterns, colors. ~ ~ ~ = = Ii! .Talon Zipper Fly .Spnn Rayon £ = :: • Gabardine .Air-Cool Fabrics === e • Sharkskin .A1terations Free IE I= e Speare'. DowlUklira Slore i SW~"THM(),n E \ LIB R~I? Y ~W..l. UTHM(lI~E ,- DIE YOU HELPED THE SWARTHMOREAN THE FIREWORKS FUID VOL. xm. No. 26 INVITATION TO NYA OPEN BOUSE SWARTHMORE, PA., JUNE 27, 1941 Copy Deadline Tnesday 190 SWIMMERS Library Closed Since July 4:a legal holiday, REGIS1'ERED The Swarth':ore Public Li-falls on the regular publishing brary will be elosed on .Friday, Lo£aI Members of Staff Will Con· date of The Swarthmorean next New Swimming Schedule for Be- July 4. duet ToUl'll of 1n8peetion week the paper must be issued a ginners Arranged to Ac- In accordance with the Li-at Chester Project day early and will be delivered commodate Crowd brary's regular summer schedule f2.5O PER YEAR JULY 4th PROGRAM FORGES AHEAD in Thursday mornings mail in- Saturday, July 5, will inaugurate Helen Marr of Park avenue and stead of Friday as customary.. Retaining its calm through the tidal the elosing of the Library on Sat- A complete schedule of the events George Casey of Harvard avenue will This means that the usual wave of registration which was 190 at urday afternoon during July and planned by Burgess John Pitman, head Collectors for Fireworks Contri. butions Are Working Hard in Assigned Dislric18 be happy to personally conduct any Wednesday 3 P. M. deadline will last count, the swimming departmeat of August. of the Swarthmore Business Associa- Swarthmore visitors about the Nation,:tl also be moved up one day and all the Recreation Program announces the L.--_____________ .J tion's Fourth of July Committee, will Youth Administration headquarters m copy for news and advertising opening on Wednesday July 2 of Life Hatless Preacher be announced in next week's issue of Chester today, tomorrow or Monday must be in the office by the mid- Saving Classes. Instruction will be The SwarthOlorean which will be in the remaining days in a period for dIe of Tuesday afternoon. given every other day to groups of 6. Scours Section the hands of subscribers on Thursday, which an invitation to the public to 1'·-------------·---JIJunior Life Saving, 12 yr.-17 yr., fee, July 3. Arrangements which have been visit the projects and offices of the And News Reached HOlBe $1. Senior Life Saving, 17 yr. on UP. fee, Since last week's issue of The overheard by The Swarthmorean prom- NY A has been extended. Visitors are $2. Private lessons will be given to Swarthmorean the strange disappear- ise a full day's pleasure and fun with welcome anytime between 9 A. M. and That. • • groups of 6 at a time from 8:00 to 8:30 ance of one "man's dark brown straw your neighbors, old and ntw. 5 P. M. Forwarded by President George P. and from 8:30 to 9.00 A. M, for which hat with green band, Fedora type" has During the next week, public-spirited In addition to Miss Marr and Mr. Lloyd of the Joliet, IlL Rotary Club a arrangements can be made by calling kept a local pastor in a dither. citizens will take time out from their Casey another Swarthmorean was until cho,'ce bl't about our Burgess John H. Joe Gary, Swarthmore 1608. I d busy routine, to collect fuods for the recently connected W.i t h t h e. Clie s t er Pl'tman on hl'S excurs,'on to the Rotar- SkI' ll tests are b e.m g gl. ven t 0 beg'Jn - t was such a nice hat-liand bran fire works which annually provide a office' at the junction 0 f 14 t h an d 15th ian Convention in Denver makes US ners and t 0 m· termed l' ates and the regu- new" - so new in fact that a friend had climax to the day's program. No one stree~s. Dr. L. J. Sheridan of Swarth- wonder whether' we should permit our lar contests featuring racing diving and just given it to him and he hadn't even is asked to give more than his normal more .'oa.venue was formerly in charge guileless Borough Father to journey so water games will be held every other had his initials put in it yet. share in this peacetime community fun. of pers6nneL far out into the world .again. week. He has recalled at every parishioner's No one is ever over~persuaded or even Several NY A people have assisted in Whether it had any' connection with Parents are urged not to have ex- home in which he might have left it He urged to contribute. local work during the past months. "Christmas in J uJy" or not is hard to amined for swimming certificates chil- has revisited each place he remembered The fireworks must be ordered well Two are currently employed at the tell but the Yuletide colors. certainly dren under four feet in height and to stopping since he last recalled having in advance of the Fourth and the busi­Community Health :',Center, one worked were involved in the mixup whereby consider inadvisable the examination the chapeau in his possession. He even ness mcn who annually advance the briefly in the public horary, clerical Mr. Pitman almost lost his shirt. Quot- of any child under six unless the child called the Presbyterian pa.cish house. payment have confidence in the com­work of the Home and·.School and the ing a newspaper clipping sent to The is very tall His fellow clergyman - in charge of munity's general support. Those who Christmas toy repair her~.{were facil- Swarthmorean and then giving the The number of young children regis- the Presbyterian Rock-is on COflven- swelled last year's singing, friendly aud­itated by NYA assistance. -~\.~'" Swarthmore College professor's ver- tered and the importance of safety nec- tion in Blairstown. N. J. It was little ience will look forward to joining this Since the end of the fiscal ye~r has sion: essitates this limitation. comfort to learn that if (as the janitor year's group in support as well as pres-been reached not atl projects wi11 be "Green and red luggage checks gave To accommodate the learners and reported from a sick bed) "there was ence. Contributions may be left at the in usual operation during this exhibition Rotarian John H. Pitman delegate from lessen the congestion in the pool the a hat aroundlJ it had strayed a bit from office of The Swarthmorean or at the period but those projects which are not, Swarthmore, Pa. a little trouble. As a following tentative swimming schedule the proper fold." Swarthmore National Bank and Trust will have a display of their work. Visi- result .. tJe arrived in Denver without will be tried out begmning on Monday: Well, anyway the poor hatless man Company. tors: are also invited to inspect the new tuggage "or a change of shirts. New Swimmln. Hoars is to leave July.1 on his vacation and Community singing under the chair-machine shop which is under construc- "They told me in Cheyenne that I From 9 to 9 :15 youngest beginners, we sincerely trust that anyone who has manship of Frank V. Brewster and tion at 9th and Ridley Creek. could keep my green tickets, present girls and boys; from 12 to 12:30, be- seen a hat which answers the above Frank R. Morey witl integrate the eve- According to Miss' Marr the open them in Denver and get my bag~ and ginning girl swimmers; and from 1 :30 description will telephone Swarthmore nings program. Experimental last year, house demonstration has a two-fold trunks. But when I got here they told to 2, beginning boy swimmers. 1810 and both relieve the hat hunter's the amplifying proved both practical purpose; to enable the public to see me I should have traded my green ones The Nature Study Group needs an suspense and protect the reverend and popular and will be used again. Pop­how NYA is he1ping youth and the for red ones in Cheyenne. Everything old fashioned hand-cranked clothes brow before it goes ajourneying. 'UTar and patriotic songs will be sung. community and to impress upon people is going to be all right, though. They wringer for pressing specimens and t Ti===============~ I The High School band will play. eration and advice in helping youth meet to change shirts soon." a thing poking around in your cellar . IN VILLAGE LIBRARY FAIL GARDEN the need for constant community coop- wired Cheyenne, and I should be able making leaf patterns. If there is such II~ II' I • and overcome its problems and at the We trust his expectations were real- will yOU' kindly notify Mr. Livingston. ENTRmS MULTIPLY same time do its part for the national ized and that Mrs. Pitman who ven- Swarthmore 9S-M. II!===============;;;I • I I I' - .!Ieiense pro$'"am, 0 • • west with her husband was not FILE BORO PETITIONS The following books have recently BLOOD DONOBS NEEDED Volunteer blood donations to the American Red Cross for the United States Army and Navy are badly needed and can be given at the Red Cross Head,quarters on the southeast corner . of Broad and Spring Garden streets. A telephone call to the Department of Blood Donors at Headquarters. Fre­mont 0100, will secure a definite ap­pointment between 1:30 and 8 P. M. on Monelay, Wednesday and Friday of each weeka Men and women between the ages of 21 and 60 may give donations. In connection with National Defense, the Army and Navy must have a re­serve supply of liquid or dry plasma to be used in connection with shock or hemorrhage. The Army and Navy have requested ten thousand (10,000) dona­tions of blood. Plasma is the clear liquid portion of the blood without the red corpuscles. Plasma frozen or dried may be kept for long periods of time, and used without typing. .1' Legion Auxiliary Jottings Mrs. L. L. Hedgepeth and Mrs. Alex­ander Ewing attended the County Aux­iliary meeting in 69th street recently representing the local Legion Auxiliary. The Swarthmore women are making a contribution of money toward bowling alleys for the Coatesville Veterans' Hospital. The Auxiliary presented its citizen­ship award at Swarthmore High School Thursday 01 last week to Sidney Smith of the ninth grade. Mary Morse re­ceived honorable mention. A bit earlier the Auxiliary presented a similar award in the eighth grade of the Rut­ledge school All Legion rummage material can be left with Mrs. Norman Hulme or Mrs. Oscar Gilcreest. It is preferred that woolens be packed in camphor; but if inconvenient, this process will be at­tended to. Coats, dresses, toys, house­hold goods or anything of any nature. if at all useful is desired. Mrs. L. J .. Servais is taking maga­zines, old silk stockings and playing cards to the Coatesville Hospital vet­erans. They may be left on her porch, Dickinson avenue. .;;.:..:..::..:..:.o. .,. .._ ~- Entertain. Poet8 Mrs. Robert L. Coates of Harvard avenue .)'laS hostess at the sur:p.mer monthly meeting of the VVriters' Club poetry section on Tuesday June 17. too distressed by the occurrence. been' added to the coUection at the Mrs. Lloyd, the daughter of Mr. and Political maneuvering is the order of bl' I'b Mrs. T. Harry Brown of Cornell avenue the day locally since the period from p~ IC I rary:, I b attended the conventl'on wl'th her hus- June 21 to July 21 is the legal month to "Sing For A Penny'h a newI n"oBve I y band and met the Pitmans. 61' . I Clifford Dowdey, aut or 0 ug es • I • e nommating petitions for the all Blow No More" is the story of a ris- rt.. ... ONE TOUCH Primary Election. ing young southerner in the 1890's; OF NATURE Several petitions for candidates to "Captain Paul" is an exciting novel of fill Borough offices which become va- the adventures of John Paul Jones by cant are in circulation now. Commander Edward EUsberg; "The Petitions naming two popular men Princess" by Phil Stong, a saga of The world of nature is like an eternal for Burgess are receiving considerable Iowa in the manner of "State Fair"; conflagration. A vest~1 attend~nt of support John H. Pitman, Burgess for "Junior Miss" a series of short stories some sort heaps new under continually the past eight years is being put in about a thoroughly human young New upon the never-ending biological fire, nomination by his many and ardent sup- Yorker by Salty Benson; "No One and life leaps from gener&tion to gen- porters. Republicans are' circulating a Now Wilt Know" by E. M. Delafield, a eration just as tongues of flame, spring- petition for W. R. Argyle whose term as story of England at peace-the last ing from ancient embers, lap every new president of Council is expiring. three decades of the nineteenth cen­combustible material within their reach. Republican petitions for the four va- tury; HTadpole Hall" by Helen Ashton, Animals and plants are as eager to cancies on Borough Council now in cir- a poignant novel of the English coun­perpetuate themselves as is fire. But culation name D. W. R. Morgan of try-side under the present situation. whereas flames know no subterfuge in Strath Haven avenue Wallace Mc- "The Gulls Fly Iuland" by Sylvia accomplishing their automatic ends, Curdy of Ogden ave~ue, N. Walter Thompson, author of "The Hound of life resorts to the extremes of legerde- Suplee of Yale avenue and Andrew Spring" and other popular stories of main in ensuring continuity in forms of Simpson of College avedue. other years. its own creation. Naturalists have al- For School Board petitions are filed ways been impressed with the devices naming James H. Hornaday and David "Whistle Stop" by Marietta Wolff, b Y whl. eh this object is atta'ined is a remarkable first nove], a cross sec­III each McCahan for reelection to the six year tion of the indolent life of an 4Iover species. Darwin, for example, wrote a terms and F. Norton Landon for the the tracks" family in a small town; treatise on methods by which orchids two year unexpired term of Roland L. "They Come to a River" by Allis Mc­practically dupe insect-visitors into Eaton. Kay is the story of the development transferring pollen from one blossom to Tax Collector Mrs. Mary Parke Dodd of the Columbia River Valley; another. has already, at the urgent request of "Thomas, Thomas, Ancil, Thomas" four The faculty of reproduction disting- many friends filed a petition for that generations of one family by Robert uishes living things from most inert office. ' material. Mechanisms for self-preserva- ---............. -:-: P. Tristram Coffin. tioll may seem to be directed toward Accompanies Noted Aviatrix Several new biographies should be the assurance of comfort of each such to England of interest to readers - Robert B. individual, but from the tongue-of- Nixon, Jr. writes of his father who was Aame standpoint, the comfort has to do J acqueJine Co c h ran outstanding a "Corner Druggist"; "Pillar to Post," merely with survival of that individual American aviatrix at the controls on an autobiography of one of New until a time when it shall have produced her first trans-atlantic Right of a bomb- York's foremost judges, Henry H. Cur­descendants of its own in the world. er to England last week had as navi- ran; "A Yankee Doctor in Paradise" The means of individual survival and gator for the trip Captain E. Grafton by S. M. Lambert whose patients are of ultimate reproduction are therefore Carlisle, Jr. of Swarthmore according scattered over thousands of miles in a the basis of our interest in the natural to leading daily newspapers. group of islands in the Pacific; l'I,an~ history of wild animals and plants. All Captain Carlisle formerly worked for terns on the Levee" by William A. the Sun Oil Company in Marcus Hook. Percy the story.of a planter's life on species which fail in these two functions He was a captain in the National the Mississippi Delta; liThe Soong bfoercmom vei sinbelec etsos aursil yo ne xotnien cotf. oBuurt neavtuerrye G'Uard aviation and waS" at one time Sistersl ' by Emily Hahn, the lives of head of the photo section of the l03rd the three greatest women in China; walks must currently be fulfilling its Observation Squadron in .Philadelphia. "Amazon Throne" by Bertita Harding, prerequisite duties in both regards, else He .left for Canada last fall with his a story of the Braganzas, the royal it, too, would be no more than a fossil wife and t~o 'small dau~ht«::rs. . family of Brazil. The author is famous 111 some museum. ..'. • . for her other "royal family" biogra- Let me, in my next several c'Jlumns, At Navy 'Yard· phies, "Imperial Twmgh~" "The Golden tell you how the P01yphem'Us Moth J EM" FI.eece" and others. . d' h Id ack. Wyeth son of r. and 'nrs. omfa nitasg eesn etom iseusr. vive to ay 10 t e wor F rank W yeth of P ark avenue a f ter Other non-fictl'on ,'ncludes "I Go by seven years with the Naval Reserve S~a. I Go by Land" a whimsical nar­will begin active service at the Phila- rative of English children who are sent delphia Navy Yard on Monday as yeo- to America "for the duration," by P. man, first class. , L. Travers~ who is known and loved On C. BROOKE WORTH. • • Bicycle 1iip Alice, Virginia and William Craemer of Harvard avenue left Friday after­nOOn to motor to Newport, Vt. where they left their car and are taking a we~~'s bicycle trip in New England, circling back to ·the car for the drive home. .Roy Bosshardt of Park avenue en- for "Mary Poppins"; "Turkey" by joyed his initial air voyage on Sunday Emil Lengyel, is an up to the minute morning. He flew from the Philadelphia history of that country, as interesting Air Port to LaGuardia Field, New York and informative as its predecessor, to visit his brother Rene Bosshardt "The Danube"; "Dawn Over Cbunk­until Tuesday when he returned to king" is Iile in China by the .smaJl Swarthmore by train. daughters of Lin Yntang, Adet, Anor The Community Garden Contest in Swarthmore is sponsored by the Garden Section of the Woman's Club, and is open to aU gardeners in Swarthmore. Several gardens already have been en­tered in this contest, and additional en­tries may be listed any time with Mrs. Albert Shenkle, 350 Vassar avenue, tele­phone 794-J. The gardens will be judged about September 12 and prizes will be awarded. All entries must be in by Saturday, July 19. Judging will be on the following points: De,ip, layout of entire property; Lawn, general condi­tion; Plaat., suitability, their contribu­tion to the enjoyment of those who use the garden, condition, effective ar­rangement; and Maintenance, neatness of beds, borders, paths, etc. • I DR. JOHN OUYER NELSON Presbyterian Board man who will snpply the 1"",,1 pulpit IhU Sunday morning at 11 o'eJoc. and Meimei Lin; liThe Treasury of the World's Greatest Letters" edited by M. Lincoln Schuster, in a collection of the best letters of all times. Newest detective fiction for mystery fans is-" A Toast To Tomorrow" by Manning Coles; "Dressed to KiU" by Emma Lou Fetta; "Lady in Lilac" by Suzanne Shane: "Mourned on SuadaT' bv Helen Reilly; ''The Odor of VIO­lets" by Bayard Kendrick; and "TIte Perennial Boarder" by Phoebe Atwood Taylor.

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INTENTIONAL SECOND EXPOSURE 6 Uepuhlicall Women Hold Old Home Day I 31 "Birds" With One TI,rust I "clllu-Ih Auun. r""~Ir\ hon Honors. Cl1l1nUIt or COUll I} I 1111.. n lit II (f )1 hlx(d ~ thn.ugh i ( t: I~hru .. hltl~ I. III Ill!,. h Id III I Iil s\\ lrtlimor Lt: 4ulcrs Illig II 111 hl1t 7Uc 1~ till,. h IPI \ h .'t f lnlll StUll :'0.1('(11 I t l1lor I tI,.ll hUSlIIl ss pt.'opl~ IS \\1.: II IS those II( \\ IIUII Dtl \\ Irt' C ulIh 111 ({ IdJr ,hUll t.f I hur 11\ 'til t ( I I I Club)f I l ht .. ItT lIId ~hdll arc COllst 1Il11y Hi "/);\ 1~11 lIlIe IJ I It I rt IIg hk!. n "lilts from thl tI c of hl tilt) ,} II t S\\ rtl lilt n " IS I l lilt III t- I til <1 1111"'1'lrs In chulIl 11 S\\ rthm rt llld \h:ll111\ II tit Stntl I\UI I I I I \: til, ( • t It. tllsp)1\ sp ICl' I>l'f " II It fill II smh t .. ltl~f teton 1111111 t r but III h T\ II l I lUIlc1lUll l tlu I. \\h. hl\1. leel IHI it liSt tic III t I)..: f 11 nett til 111 'Ill I lXplIISI\C c11SSlhul Ids (roUl 1 II r 'Ir link II f till t t!lll In: dlhghkd \\Ith dUlOt I,dl(\ Ilk \II' Itllllllll,flllllu llT('ct One \\0111111 \\rtcs tid ~Ir h. I I of 111 I \\lIt t) Ih11l1 Jhl S\\lrthmonan I\\IH Ir tillltlilet 111 HtlJllhhcli Ir1tllllgllll IlIlcl\\orl I ha\cre Slltt l I I IJd 1\\ fl I (1\ I (II( ugl (11\ ... \\t rk h glH t IIIlh ~Ir 111111 Ii \tf\.L: I ... t Irt If It 111\ tUI!( I atll I r ht T\I s t1 I I Ilk g 1111 I sh III hc lJllh 1< 0 glad till I. tllIl! l Xt'cl*t \t. I • t ,11 t I lilt S\\ lrtlllllon 111 Ihtlrgrllllll1lhrgl I:\lr 10 \1 thlrl iluhlftlSlf\\h ISClT II 1 \\ \rll gt II I \a s /1111 t 111t II 1(1 III If she e\lr nallt I rt \\t It I II \t 1 1,,"d IIl,tlll).!! IgllI! glt III UI ... "t;r 5(On a" plrtltuilr!\ II IllIl\ Ie tlh 111 r "IS (lut \\Ith htr III flr a n I \\ I 1 al I llr t t f ugl t tilt I HIt f r I r tl e It f II '\ till '" I~I \ Irgrlll thtnlu) I \c.n tt III I I.: d Ilnl an :11r I hll I I I tiC II III 111 \I r II Irn II urlll III ~I I I\.( he rt Zat r tit I ch urllltl :1lr I 0 II< 1)\\ t h IIrlll til ~t r i\r1l1lgtOIi I \ III t I I It t hI n III ),1 r~ , t I mit Be I I r 1 t til i1nt tl rllla I \fr I r Ilk I, r 19l III dl llfllll11 ),1 r \Vllli 1111 II \hxndr 111ll1ll rll ChlT1lll1 ~lr \\Iltr \\ \er Ilutnil re Inh ~Ir \ltxllHlr I \\ g lal t \ It II \1 \: IIHI( r lilrlll \IHt ,I f\ Ipl t ~ir llHld JII\ 1 II and hlJ.dl chalr mel" I" III I III I \\ It h (X I{ t h \\ hit It. \' alt«l I I I tilt 1 r t III \\ Inll I tn ) a\ ••• I"rts( JIlt ,11\luslc Pupils • NEWS NOTES ~Ir III ~Ir hrst \\111 il"o \\ .rder lIul daughter THE SWARTHMOREAN Girl Scout News '" r wd ~I rs John .M Pearson en h'rt 1I11l'd it I Stlnd l\ night suppa Iroo.t 16 lIoliorM Lt'adcr J1I1Il' I) 111 honor of Mrs I'l.!ar:;un s \1 the. duse of thl' IrO( \) 16 meet hr the. r mel SlstU 111 la\\ Mr and Mrs JUII{ J.t thl' Ilh:mhl'rs t( the Irlllk 1 DI\I(.' ofOJal (II \\hospellt In'll el Itl1l11th.:e. nl'rc. ... euted b) Mrs thl' \\eek l'lId \\Ith thl' Pl'irSOnS Sirgent I~r \\stcr Mrs Norman Hor Ph}lhs JUlOdl's dtughter of ~lr and d~lI lIId )'h-~ (, lIur~t Paul presented ~Irs H: I H.hodts of lort Lauderdall' , h IlId~olll~ ho ... tess tra) to ~lrs 1 II IIId forllll.'rh of Swarthmore grad I (tmgl' 1.::11111111.'r rdlTlnj.( C wt lin natul last \\l'ek from the prep school \n or II tcst and dl'1I10llstratlOll III (lqllrtl1l1':lIt of Penn Jlall Chambtrs first 11(1 \\ Is gl\tll 11\ Pltrolmanllenr) burR PI Itlr"'l I \\hlch passtd 21 girls 011 thl.'lr \uell' B ).Iarklt\ <lltlghter of ~Ir I r t \1(1 hulgc Patrolman Pelrsols and ~frs J rlllk I{ Mark1l'} of GlIcrn~ tnltl. Ill'" h~Cll j.(Tc. ttl} appn.'cllkd se\ rOld hiS ntllfned to her h011l1.' IIlzd R IIIklll of England and Dor Iftl.'r compktlllg hl'f freshllllll }e If at otll\ JJeu\\orth \\C.'ft. lIt\ested IIIto th~ (,nne Clh College CrO\e Cit) PI tr up EIugh Ikl1\\orth \\ IS I nclcol1lc \dt Ie \\ IS hOllond b} hCHlg elected gm'-l It lhl' 1IIl'l'tlllg frolll thl.' sludlent h( (1\ Is \\oman s rep ~I In »u1\\orth ha\lI1g' compll'ted I rc sclltatl\l' frolll thc sophulIlofl' ellSS II i her rUIUlfl'IlICllts rl'ccl\ed her tu hoth tlIc AthletiC Council lIld the 1 I r I e1lss h luge Nl11e girls from the C( IIq.{e Student Council litlllllg ]llIId Pltrol \\ere a\\arde(li SUIl (.Ir\ sOlltf ).Ir mel )'Irs Hl'x I thllr slclnd elass badges flurteell ( In of \ Ik a\l'lllll \,111 .... a\e lucs ~nrl netn cd their b Idgcs it r DeSign I d l\ 10 svtnd tht "t11t1l11er It the Del the \\ rk for n:)lIch has bcen (hrected 111 'I1t P \ Scout camp 1\ )'Ir ~lrgl'l1t Bre\\ster It her homl' J( sepl (In hl:o. heen attend1l1g the durlllg tht ulIltcr months ~ IIIOIl d Hl'd CrO"iS \(111 ItaC School 111 I (llr II1USIC "Idgcs \\~re a\\ardcd for :\1 Ir, IllId \\ ht'rc he has hecn takltlg the \\t rk cumpletl'd undcr the b'lmlance or tleV~l1 d 1\ IIItl'IISI\~ trallllllg belllg ~Ir {, Ilurst Paul Intercstl11g note gl\lll III S\\IIIIIllIIIJ.: hfe Sa\1Ilg md first h ks 111<1 Irtacks complctt'd by the 11(1 Jot! \\111 nturn Saturda} 111 time girls dUT1l1g till' ) car \\crC placed 011 t) t Ike up Ills po ltiOIl IS S\\ n11llllIJg III d 111\ struc.;tor f r thl SlII1l1l1lf l{ecreatll11 I hl' a Sl t lIlee gl\C1l b) mothers and Program tt Idler 111 thc \anous progr ItII fields Charlotte: (,nfllll d mghtl'r of ~Ir HId I I IHlII \len helpful to the troop and :\Irs Illrlhl (, {rltlill (f Rutgers I\C \t n mue! Ipprl'CIIted h\ the leaders IIUC returned lit 11It last \\cck fit III (hhtr htdgt's a\\ lrded 011 Saturdl\ I ucknlll Ll1l\lr t\ for hcr O;UIlIIlur Sa\JI)g Intenur dtcorator I e ktJlllder bird hnder g IIId first aul Ill' Willi II donation to the Kl'l.'dlc " rk ( ttllt! h IS lie Irh been completed I" lhl J,nris dUring the \\Jt1kr On J hursd t\ of last \\Cl.'k aU of the girl t trOt l' )(, "erc the guests of :\1 r Zl1ll1llt r at luncheon and games r g IrdcH 011 Ogdell aH nuc ill Irlllcr~ Off 10 Coml' Ill( rn \\ S" Irthmore )'llf1llcrs dt \\ lIId!'i \\111 Il'l\e for a weck t tit s uhlig C llIlp Camp DUlle HJ I ht S I It Ship Bottom XC" jersl.') 111\ mg (anll'd most of theIr c lHlp ex Itlll .... 1\ sclhng Chnstlllis \\rcaths la t h 11(11\ t'asun thl' glrls Ire look IIIg f f\\ Inl to tillS \\ cck of IIlstruc 11011 III h UHlltng sallbo Its IIIU other \\ tn cr tit \ IC Iholl "I arJoTie IJII1!'i1l t n daught("r of ~l r lIId ~1rs I<alph DIIIS1l1 fl' of Cornell l\tlllle.: l'lIttrt Itlled a gr tip of fTiends It I h lU (' part, lIst \\ t l k eud at the I )IIlSmOfl C( tt Igt It f urt I IIsl>l rg ~ J I h(' Mill' !'its \\ere Jookle Knlsklfl I hzahl'th Hutall \lIn I 1I1gl( Sir I :\J ITll IJlsqUl PTis ClII, Pote It 1 r mces ~ Hes Charlottc (nOm (('IIlVIl\l RI.'l\IS I hzabcth \\ lilt tkl r I\.oma :\1 e ule Be.: tt) Be ath lIId I l.: ltn(( Brc\\ ter I hc girl \\l'f{ ch tpl'rolled In :\Irs ()II1SllWfl ),1 IS:; C, ntlll I \\ Ickhalll of Xortl Clu.'ster n ad l.:lIltrt IIIIt'ci the girls 01 lar clls~ from the Prnnar\ Dtptrt 1tl('llt If thl.: I're 1)\ teTlan Suud l\ Sclu 01 il I piC IIC held at Smcdle\ Plrk 111 Siturtin IfttrtlOOIl june 7 JUNE 20, 1941 Closed on Wednesdays at I P. M. untll September alice barber, Gifts OLD DANK BUILDING Telephone Sw 1381 ENJOY A Cool Lunclleon (1130 A M to 2 P M.) or Delicious Dinner (5 to 730 PM) Durmg Your Chester Shoppmg SOjourn YELLOW BOWL TEA ROOM 606 SPROUL STREET --_'.I'.h-o.ll c_ C_hc eler 22115 .-.-,---".. A Cool, Comfortable, a., Place to Lunch or 01,.. SUBURBAN CAFE and co*cktaU Loun,. Main Concourse. P R R SUburban 8tadaa Lunch -from 4Sc Dmner-from 85e ~ IIH \ Slll1th d Hlghtn oi ~lr IUd co*cktalillour. 3 00 to 6 00 P M Cn" IIltlllhefs who art tlklllg ad ~Irs \\ \\ Smllh of Yale a\cnuC \\ IS Personul Supervillionof HarryR Tull7 t thiS ol'portulllt) aft' Hetty ___________ _ ~llr1111 I 1 r( xcii Cilar ~..-..--..-----..-...-...-..---..-....--....--....-...-.....-....-..-...-...-...--..--....-...---------...i. :UllS I thcl Hay jean \V I 1 1 nul \ I tide rs :\1 r} I rances EO S I IJ'IIl .1I11 ~I Ifg If", Alln iJUlIlllllt Mrs HOSTESS LUNCH N I I utll r ~I DlIllllutt has lcll.'d IS Camp (h IIrlll ill III chargc ot 1rr lIIgclllelits l l , " '''e ~I IfIllers li.e, ",II l>e accom I Delicious to the taste I ~ 1II~,~,:';1 ~~~:s ll~,~:'~~;~ ~rs C~.;::~::I I Delightful to tire eye I, l1ld :\11!'i Jlchn I \ IllS 1 l\Irl Ltc Hop killS \\111 Ittl.:lld thc :\.Iarillcr SI11111g Enhanced hy the BI,aclous charm for which ('IIII' a' Ihe Se. Sc< lOt II '" '"r Strath Haven Inn I h l\tll ~t\\ Jers(:) 111 juh I I ~I ITlIll rs \\ ho IT{' 1(, jol.: trs (Id In is famous thglhlt tl Ittend the \\cstern Ilel1ll l I pill rc Girl SC( lit I IlC lUll lilt: III \\ lth I followed hy BrIdge on the cool, breezy por( hcs I rr S III r (.2 rl S(:( nls HId Girl Guull' I wInch overlook the gardens I \, It r I , tn III South Amencan countncs H 1 l 'V.ltt·hes & Je \~clr\ __________________ .1 L Illlp BOllllle Br h: Sprn ghdd M Issa II I nun .- THE ANTLERS INN dill db \lOgu,t 11 25 Ju",lle I U\\ I STRATH HAVEN INN I thrtm II n,,' \\c • III hx II 111.ukh lIu) (( mWlIlu Ilh ' All "'(Irk "llir IIIh (II I tn, I,ru ( .. WILTSHIRE BROS. ]00 J Stile Slrlll MF J)I \ Phone :nedi I 2239 (OIH'rat II b) S\\ trthmoretns) A Pocono II II with Personality Ex cellent fuo I Good Umes Active sum mer sJlurt \ttrncthe rooms Mlld corat£' 1 t Capnclt!' limited Be lected dlel tC'le Three hours by car f on S I tI lOre Booklet on re (ille t Wh not come up for the F tl MUS R C WEBB CRESCO PA \\\ tnl c)\ eflog tr I\cI lIld C Illil f~e:-. l \\111 hl presentcd to onc rCI rcsentall\e l HarV~lrd aud Yale Phone Sw. 680 l trom t leh ( t till' S( uth AIlIl'f1Can COllII i 1 trll I tlll(ls for tllese \\ar(1 \\crl.' 'J.--.-..-.."-,",,--,,,,-, __ .__--....-.....-.....-.....--....--...--....-.....-...__. __ .__.-....-....-....--.. .. -...__ r ""I I" \n1< fie 111 (,If I SCOII's In ',ad 21J1111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111I11111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111~ t 1\\ lrds to \mcnc m girls lilt Ill'\ IS = _ helllg ,enl '0 (",I Scouts 111<1 (,\II,,,, 1\1 I~ C H ES TER' S r ASH ION CO R N L R ~ \\ Ir turu couutrles == == I 011] rHll\ C\CllllIg JUlie 13 the ere" ~ = I I ride \\ II1ds ISSI tl'd thl' Sl.: I I ~ ~ So tit ot 'I he Ranger of Frank ~ ::::::::::::::::::~:::::::::::::::::~ It nl 111 Iltlncillllg mother llt'\\ :\llrllll'r § ~_ ~ SllIlI lit pt rus 111 Plulldclplua Dr I = ""I ~r., \\ ,II, 10" D,II" \:,,~'~.a t ,:11 ~',~~ Edglllont Avenue - Seventh and Welsh Streets j I hon .... i\1t ('ocono 4521 ~~~ eo..., dL c.'!o,,~ !"iI'1 CI \I' (0\ O(.NI A 1 Ol\UZER SF 1 S In (II \UBI' HT 81 00 25 1 7tl Illll \l I <. I !-!,IH Iii tt 1I1Ztl \\lil I ( 11 all lill \11 kl1 '\11 Allllu r or ) het 1 SmA' :l101lnt nn Grc. III r' I'mk 1I)3("ll1lh Carn 111011 Utq)ldl(" f.ardcUl8 Ilrumht al :\lllnn .. I The Bouquet Beauty Salon 13 South Chester Road Call S\\a1 thmore 476 NEWS NOTES I lill IIItmhl n; of tl e tacllille 01 the Co lit gl 1 \ e I1UC and I{utgl.' rs 1\ enue ch )ols eIlJO\ ed thclr annual IUllcheon I togdher It thl' Illglen~ttk 011 \\ lIllIes d \ oi thiS \\cck I p( tttr HU11I!'ie\ 01 Park l\cIlUC b en mg IllS JlIlllor tntcrn('sll1p at Ches tt r If pltal Pottcr IS :\ mnnher of the clas~ t f -lJ It ll.:tnl)le ~Ie(hc 11 I: SPECIALB~~~~~~U~~NTS ! == =~ GENUINE "TOM SAWYER" ~ ;~ SLACKS'~ =~= i : Actufli 2.95 mill .1.95 J7 alues ~ IlId ~(r!'i II P Blggi and = = lIeleu '" I Margare' 01 '" All $18.8 S'''f'S 8 1o I School ~Ir d lUghtl'rs CI( \elllld \\Ith ).Ir 0110 SpCllt thc \\ctk (tid = C! = _,"'. f or""" I 22-JT" •• , BogglS hroth('r III Ja\\ and === slsh r ::\1 rand ),1 rs I~ohert T Hair of == S'.rlu,k 24 to ~ I § ( fl1tIJ a\e.l1ue \\he) the. nturned_ 11 '1,,'1'," Illa",'r\ J"'I,',k.\\\ \,'1'1" ,,',10 Pk~~l j. ",.,', a.I'a",1 ~ =_ --==- u '- lin ""( lie lil( hlll",t ~I H k~ \\l \( "C( II III I lOUr- tllne olTt I( d at tIllS 'Islt and I h '" III rem lin III I miller = I = \\Ith IllS uncle Ind lunt ha\lI1g sl'cured 10\\ 1111« SlIIllllooklllv to \\( II \\Ilt. odd J I(kcl~ 1\ladc of (lOI(,C ~ I Job thl'n material ... \\ule range of paltlrn,;; (ulol" ~ ~lrs Charles lIllie. s Sr of \tlanta - == t.a \\111 conclude a t\\O \\el'k \IS)t to = ~ ht'r bTl ther Itl la\\ and SI"tcr ~[r and .Talon ZIJlper Flv .Slnl" Ralon == :\Irs \\ Ilham S C IIl1II1lg' ot Ogdtn ave - • Gabar.hnc .Air enol F&thrl(,M ~ lIUl' Among: till partlcs Ie Id III )'lr I = _ Ilmc!'i honor durmJ..{ hl'r \ISlt \\<'rc a _ .Sharkskin eAllerahous Fre." = d11111l r parh gl\ ell 1)\ ~r r a.nd M r - ~ :\ )rmall I o ... tt. r of SpTlng-held last Sat ~ lIf( I 1\ HIt.! II t ~tll' I "FlI1 l1(, I, leon 011 \V Ct 1 = S,JP"rp's DOlvnsl,,,rs Slorp =_~=~ IItsda\ \\ Il'n .\ rs ntl Ham"dell of =- _ () • klllont \\ 's 1.0' 'e , ~D1l1nIlIllJlJJlJlIlJllllmllllmJUmUJmnlRllnlllllmllllnIllIlIlIlIlIlUllnllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIII11I1I1I11I1I1I1I1I1RllllllllllllllllllllllmmIlIllIUIUUHlIlUUJIIHiii' t~ I \ , \ 5W-lU I HMIIIH_ IlIln"Uy rlllll(.( I ) ,.~ HAVE YOU HELPED THE SWARTHMOREAN THE FIREWORKS FUND VOL. xm, No. 26 SWARTHMORE, PA., JUNE 27, 1941 INVITATION TO NYA OPEN HOUSE Loeal Members of Slaff Will Con­duel Tours of Inspeclion al Chesler ProJecl COI'y Deadline 1 uesday • $lIlce )ul} -I a legal hoho I) falls 011 the regular pubhshlllg date of 1 he S\\ arthmoreall llext \Hl'k the paper must bc Issued I <la\ ~arl) amI \\111 bc dehvered 111 I hursda) 1110rnlllg small 1ll 190 SWIMMERS REGISTERED New SWlmmmg Schedule for Be­gmners Arranged 10 Ac­. ommodalc Crowd Hden Marr of Park avenue and stead of I flday as customary i{etalllltlg ItS calm through the hdal George Casey of Harvard avenue WIll fillS lIleans that the usual \\avc of registration whIch \Vas 190 at he happy to personally conduct any \\ edtllsday 3 P M deadllnc Will lIst count, the swmllumg department of Swarthmore VISitors about the NatIonal also hc lIlovtd up one day and all thl' Rl'CfcatlOll Program announces thc Youth Admlll1stratlOn headquarters 111 COP) for news lIld advertlSl11g OJlCllll1g on \Vcdlll'sda) July 2 of Life Chester toda) tomorro\\ or Monday mllst bl' II thl' office 0) the lllHl ~ i \ 1IIg: Classes InstructlOll will be the relllallllllg days 111 a period for (lit l.f I tlcsd" afternoon gl\( 11 n t:r) other day to groups of 6 \.,Inch an IIlVltatwn to the vubllc to II·---------------___ 'Ijulllor Ilfc Savlllg 12)r 17 yr. fee \ls.t the proJcc's and offices 01 the And News Reached Home ~1 Selllor ',Ie SavlIIg 17)r 011 up, (ee ~YA has be~n extended VI!'iltors are $2 Prl\ate Il'ssons Will be given to welcome anytimc between 9 A M and That. • . groups of (, at a lime {rolD 8 00 to 8 30 ~ P hi 1 Of\\ Irded by PreSIdent George P all<l from 8 30 to 900 A M for which In addition to MISS ~Iarr and Mr I lu)d of the JolIct III Rotar) Club a arr mgeJUenb can be made by callmg Casey another Swarthmoreall was until c IJ OICC bit about our Il urgess John H joe Gan Swarthmore 1608 recently connected With the Chester Pitman 011 1115 excursIOn to the Rotar Skill tests arc being glVen to begm office at the Junction of 14th and 15th Ian COll\cl1hon In Denver makcs us lIers and to IIItermedlates and the regu streets Dr L J Shendan of Swarth \\ondl'T \\hethcr we should pernllt our lar contcsts featurmg racmg dIvmg and , •• ore avenue \\as formerl) III charge F \\ater g UJH'S \\111 bc held e\!ery other gullelcss Borough ather to Journcy so of personnel far out mto the \\orJd agam \\ eek Several N\ A people have assisted 111 \Vhether It had any cOllnectlon \\ ltlt Parents arc urged IIOt to have ex local \vork dUfing the l>ast months Christmas III July or not IS hard to alllllled {or S\\ ImlUlIlg cl'rtlficates chll 1\\0 are current" l'ml,loycd at the I I d I drl'n ulHkr four feet Ifl height and to J tell but tiC Yu etl e co ors certam1) Co.nmu",t' Health Cl'llter, one worked I I I. conSider madvlsable the examlllatJOn J \H re IIIVO \ ed III t Ie mixup whereuy 'u- r,elly 'n the pu'u- hc hbrar), clerical ,, ~Ir PUman a I most I ost I liS s Iu rt Qu ot (If all'J- duid under SIX unless the child work of the Home and School and the IIlg I nc\\spaper ChpPlllg sent to Ihe IS vcr) tall Chnstmas toy repatr here \\l're factI S\\arthmorean and then glVlIlg the 1hc numh('f of }oung chlldrcn regls~ ltatcd by NY A asslstancc S\\ arthlllore College professor s vcr tued and the lIuportance of safet) nec Smce the end of the fisc 11 ,ear has slon tssltates tillS hnutatlon heen reached not all proJ("cts \\ Jll he Gr~el1 allc.i red luggagc checks gave fo accommodate the learners and Ld.rarv Closed • fhe S\\artillnor~ PublIc II brar) \\ III he dosed 011 Frula\ July 4 [11 Icconl II ct' \\ It h Ihe I I bran s n.:gular o;l1l11l1](r schedule Saturda\ lui) 5 \\111 lIlaugUi ate the closmg of the I Ihran on Sat urda\ afternoon dUring JIII\ and August Hatless Preacher Scours Section SIIICl' I bt \\c(k S Issue of lhl' Sw Irtlmorl.'an tht strange disappear ance of olle man dark bro\\ll stra\\ hat \\lth grl.'~l1 band Fedora t)PC has kl'pt a local plstor In a dIther It \\ l!'i !'iuel a ulce hat - and brand ncw - so Ilew In fact th it a frlenu had Just gl\en It to hl111 and he hadn t even had hiS 1I11ttais put 10 It yet He has recallc.:d at t:\Cry panshlOner 5 homl' IU nhlch hl' llught have left It He has rl.'\ l"lled (' Ich plac~ he r~mcmbcr{'d stoppmg Slllce I t last neallcd h l\ 109 the chapt III III Ius POSSl Sion He evcn call~d the Prl' h) ttnan PlflSH 110use HIS f('no\\ cltrg\mau-Itt charge of the Pfl ,,11\ tl' nan flock -Is 011 COllven tum III BlalrstO\\l1 N J It \\as httle comfort t learn that Ii (as the Jatlltor reported from a Sick bed) there was 111 usual operatlon durmg thiS exlllOltlO1l Rotanan John H Pitman delegate 'rom lessen the congcstlon 111 the pool the a hat around II h ld stra) cd a bit front pCrlod but those projects \" luch are not S\\ arthmorl.' Pa a httle trouble As a follo\\ 1I1g tt ntatl\ e sWlmmmg schedule \\111 have a c.ilspla} of thclr \\ork VISI result hc arnved 111 Denver wuhout \\111 hl' tned out begmnmg 011 :Monday \\tli a1l\\\a) the poor hatless man tors arc also lIl\1ted to IIlspect the new lugg Ige or a change of slurts New S~lmmmg Hours b to leaH Juh I on IU5 \ acallon and the prol (r folll madune shop nluch IS under construe fI t \ told me 111 Cheyenne that I From I) to I) 15 }oungest begmners \\C slllcerc1} trust that anyone who has tlOn at 9th and Ridley Creek could keep 111) green tickets present girls and bo} S from 12 to 12 30, be sl.'cn a hat willch ans\\ ers the abme According to MISS Marr the opcn them In DellHr and gel my bigs and gllllllllg girl sWImmers and from 130 dtSCTlptlO11 \\111 telephonc Swarthmore house demonstration has a two fold trullks But whcn 1 got here they told to 2 bl'glll1l111g boy sWimmers 1810 itnd hoth relieve thc hat hunter s purpose to enablc the publIc 10 sec me I should havc traded my green ones lilt l\ Iturc Stud) Group needs an sltspenSl and protect the revcrend 111 \\ NYA IS helpmg )outh and thc I( r nd 01 t III Ch('}ellile Evcr}thlll~ oltl f isilloncd hand cranked clothes bro\\ heforl' It go('s aJournC)llIg lommumty and to lI11prtSs upon peopJe IS gOlllg Ie he al1 fight though lhc) \\rllIgn for pressmg spcclmens and 111=================1 IN VILLAGE LIBRARY 82.50 PER YEAR JULY 4th PROGRAM FORGES AHEAD Coli •• lor" for Fireworks Conlrl· hUlu ... " Are Working Hard III ASSigned Districts \ compklt Sclll'duic of the evcnts plltllled b} ] urgess John Pitman head ot tll~ S" Irtll110re I U'"1I1CSS .c\ssocla tl 11 ~ 1 ol1rth (i July COllumttee Will In IlIlIotlllUcI III nlext \\cek S Issue of fh s\\ Irt I III rt 1 \\ lud1 "Ill be 111 the 11 lIIds of suh ulhus 011 1 hursday Jul) 3 Arr mgtllH ItS \\Iueh hav .... becn o\erheard hy lhe S\.,arthmore in prom Ise I full <la, plt't urc and fun With \ our ne Ighbors old al d new Durlllg'tlll' IHxt \\t:ek publtc-splrlted Clli7.CIl!'i \\ III take tlllle ont from their bus\ rOlltlllt' to collect funds for the fin "ork", \\ Inch anllually prOVide a clull IX tl tht ua) s program ~o one IS asked It gl\C more than hIS normal shart 1n tilts peacctnl1c commulllty fUll Xo lHl( IS c\cr over persuaded or even III gcd to COli tnuute I he: firc\\ orks must be ordered well 111 Id\ 111c(~ of the Fourth and the busl ness me n \\ ho 1I111ually advance the pa)l11ellt have conficit:lIcc 111 the com lllullIh s ge1H.:ral SUI port Those who s\\t:lhd II"t \t!ar s lIlglllg' fTlendlyaud 1('IICIe \\ III lot k fOf\\ar It") J0ItUl1g thiS \ (.!ar s gn tip 111 SUI 1 ort IS \\ell as pres ellce Conlrlbutlons ma) he left at the (fficc of I h( S\\ arthmon an or at thc S\\arthmore :'\at lIal !lank and Trust Company Commltllih lIlg'lIIg under the chaIr mansilip (t Frank \ Brewster and Frank h. )'Ion) \ .. 111 ll1tegrate the eve llIt1g s program Experllllcnta.1 last year tilt amphhlllg proved both practical and poplllir lIld \\111 he u ed agam Pop !lIar alHI I atnotlc songs Will he sung 11 111gh School band Will play • I • FALL GARDEN the need for constant commullIty coop Wired Che\l.'lllle and I should be able m Ikmg leaf patterns If there IS such I~I t ratIOn and a(h Ice 111 helpmg youth meet to ch Illge slllrts soon a tlung pokmg around III lour cellar all overcome Its problcms and at the \\ e trust hiS cxpectatlons \\C e real \\111 )OU kllldl} noltfy Mr Llvmgston, sam hme do Its part for the nallOnal Iztd and th It ~lrs Pltm 11I who veil S" irtlullorc 9~ M II!================-!II defense program turttl \\est \\Ith her hushand was 1I0t FILE BORO• IP ETITIONS II ENTRIES l\1UL TIPL Y • a too chstres!->ed by the occurrence BWOD DONORS NEEDED ~I" Lloyd '''e daughter 01 Mr and Volunteer blood donaltons to the Ameflcan Red Cross for the U IlIted States Army and Navy arc badly needed and can be given at the Red Cross Headquarters on the southeast corner of Broad and Sprmg Garden streets A telephone c til to the Department of Blood Donors at Headquarters Frc mont 0100 will secure a dehmte ap pomtment between 1 30 and 8 P ~f on ),Ionda) \\ edncsda) and Frida} of l.:ach \\cek lIen and \\oml.'n between the ages ot 21 and 60 ma) gl\ e donaltons [n connectIOn With NatIOnal Defense the Army and Navy must hale a rc serve supply of liqUid or dry plasma to he used III connectIOn With shock or hemorrhagc The Arm) and Navy hale requested ten thous mel (10000) dona tlOns of blood Plasma IS thc clear hCIUld porhon of the blood \\ Ithout the red corpuscles Plasma froze 11 or dned 111 I) hl' kept for long periods of time, and used \\ ahout t) pltlg • I • LegIon AUXIliary JoUmgs Mrs L L Hcdj.:,epcth anll )'Irs \Iex UHler E"lIIg attendcd the COllllt} \ux Ihar} ll1e~tmg 111 wth !->trect Il'centl) I cpresentlllg tht' local I eglon AUXlh in 1 he S\\arthmorc \\omen are makmg a contrlbuhon 01 mOlln to\\ ani howhng alle)s for thc Coat~s\ll1e Veterans Hospital 1 he Auxlhar) presented Its Citizen slup a\\ard at S\\arthmon 1-lIgh School IhuI"sda) of last \\ct'k to Sulnc\ Snuth of the II1l1th grade ~Iaf\ Morse re CC1\ cd honorable mClltlon \ 1m ('arhu the AuxIlmr) presented l sundar a\\aru III the eighth grade of the Rut Icdge school All Legion rummage matf.!nal can be Il ft WIth )"Irs :\;orm til Hulme ur :\[rs Oscar Glkrec~l It I I rdcTred th It "oolens be pack("d III camphor but If I11COnVelltcnt thiS procc"s \\ 111 be at tended to Coats dres~e s toys, house hold goods or an) tiung vt any nature If at all useful I~ deSIred "Airs L J Senals IS taktng maga 7.lOes old sdk stockmgs and plaYlIIg cards to tht' Coatesville Hospital vet crans They may he left on h"r porch DiCkinson avenue ~~~~. .....- ---"" Enlertains Poets Mrs Robert I Coates of Hanard avenue \~as hostess at the ~ummer monthly meetmg of the \VTlters Cluh poetry sectlOlI on Tu('"dal! June 17 :\1 rs I Harr} Bro\\ n of Cornell avenue ath ndcd Ihe convention With her hus hand md met the Pltmans I • ~ ONE TOUCH y- OF NATURE I he \\orld ot nature I hke an eternal conf1agratlOll \ \ estal attendant of !'it till' !'iort hcaps Ile" tinder contlllually upon the IIC\ er elldltlg b ologlcal fire tlId hie leaps from gl.: III ration to gel1 t:ratton Just a!'i tongues )f flame !'iprmg IIlg fr0111 anclellt l'mber lip e ('n 111:\\ comhllstthll.' matnl tI ,,111111 thl.'lr n Ich \1l1ll1als u I I IIIll Ire I lagCI to I (rpetu Itl them (h r fir~ I lit \\ I t'Tt I Rlmcs k I "Ill ul t( rtuge 111 at.ct 1111 h 1m g thtll lilt III tit ell(Jo; hit. rt. 0 I l tlt ext tllle of kgcnlc malll I) l'1 lIrlll,.., cOlltll1111t\ 111 form of Its \\1 crtatl II ~ ltuf ill t" h 1\~ al \\ 1\ .. Itll! 11111)1l.: ,,~cI "lIh till' de\lces b} ,,111Ch thl obl~ct Is attallled 111 each speCll IJ In\ III It r t. xalllJ)le \\ rotc a trl'atl I.' Oil lIll'thods })\ \\ I11Ch orc1l1d:s pr Ictlcalh dupe 11 Sl'ct 'Isltors I11tO tr IIIsfcrrlllg pollC'1l Ir01ll me hlos!'iolll to mother I hl' f lculh 01 leproductlon <itstll1g tIIshl's 11\ IIlg thmg~ from 1II0St mCI t matenal ~I echal11sms tor self prescn a 11011 mal sl'em to hie clirech:d to" IHI thc asslIr IIlCC ot comfort of e Ich such IIlcll\Hlllal hut frolll the tongue of nlllIe stalltip lmt the c mlort has to do ll1l'r~h \\Ith sUf\I\al 01 thlt IHh\ldual until 1 tlllle \\ hell 11 !'ih til I 1\ e produced tlr~c{lIdal1ls (t Its )\\11 111 the \\orlcl I he means of III 11\ lellIal survl\ at alltl 01 IIhl1nat~ rt:llrodmtlOll Ire therdote the has 01 0111 mit rest 111 til{ natural Ills ton of \\ lid aBulIal" and plant" All SpeCIl'S "IHch fall III thl' e t\H functIOns hecomc IIl'Cl.SS lflh CxtlllCt But e\cry lorm \ ISlblt: t us Oil Olle. ( four naturc \\alks till t curnlltl) It tulhlllllg lis I 1111 Itt IUIIl' I h Ih re! lrd dse 11 tt U \\0111£1 he no m rt t1 II a 1 sil III SOllle IllU ('urn ) et 1Il( 11 111) next Se.: \ eral columns Ie 11 \ (II ho\\ the Pol) pltemus If oth managl'S to o;11("\l\e toda\ IJ1 the \\orld ~l1tmle.s C BROOKE \VORTII • I On BlCvcle Trip \iln \ Irgulla and \VJlham Craemer of Han ani avenue left Friday after nOe 11 to motor to Newport Vt \\hcre they Idt their car and arc taking a \H~k s IHcyc1e tnp 111 New I ngland clrc111lg ha('k to the car for the dnvc home Pohllcal mal1l llvermg IS the order of the da) locatt) since the period from June 21 to July 21 IS the legal month to file 1l0ilunatlOg petltlOn for the fall Prullar} ElectIOn SC\ eral pclltlons for candIdates to fill Borough oOlces \\I11Ch become va­cant are III Circulation no\\ PetItIOns nanllug t\\O popular men for Burgcss Irc nCl'I\ mg conSiderable support John 11 Pttman Burgess for the past eight ) e Irs IS hemg put In 110111111atlOI1 h} IllS III 111\ anel arlil'nt sup porters [~CI uhl C lIls rc clrculatlllg a PCtltloll f lr \\ I\. \rg\ Ie \\1 ose tl'f1l1 as Jlrl.'Sl(ltnl (I CounCil IS eXl)lrmg I'epuhhc III Pt'tltlOlls for the lour va callClt" (II BOt ough CounCil tlo\\ in Clr­CnlltlOll namc Il \\ R Morgan of Strath Ha\ ell IHnUI.' \\ allace Mc l urd) ot Ogden aHlIlle :\ \Valter Suplee 01 'de avenue and \ndrc\\ Simpson ( f Colltgc a\ CHile For School I oard p~tlll liS arc fill.'d naming James H Hon a Il\ anti Da\ld 1\1 cC ahan fe r rcclecltoll tu thc SIX) ear ter11l~ mel I Norton Landon for thc 1\\0 )lear unexpired tl'rm 01 I<oland L 1 atOll I IX Colll'ctor ~li s ~I aQ P 11 kc Dodd h l~ Ilread\ It the urgellt re Juest of mall) Inends filed 1 pl titiOIl for that ofllc~ • I • AccolUl'umes Noled AVlalrix 10 England J ICfIUcilllC Co c h r I II outstandlllg \mencan 1\ IltfiX It the controls on her hrst trans atlantll.: Right of a bomb­(' f In I Ilgland last \\eek had as naVI l.-: ltor for the trip Captalll I Grafton Caritslt J r ot Swarthmore accordmg t kadlllg <Ialh Ilc\\spapers C tpt 1111 C'arhsle formerl) \\orked lor thl' Sun Oil Com pan\' III Marcus Hook lit \\ a~ a captam 111 the National (.uard a\1atlull and \\as at one time hl ttl ( f th(' pitt to ntlOn (t the 103rd Ob l. f\ 111)1) S luadr n 111 111ladc1phla lit Il it It r Canada list fall \\ Ith IllS \\1ie lIld 1\\0 small daughters AI Na• vyI Yard Jat.:k I \V)cth SOli of ~lr and Mrs Fr llIk \\, cth of Park a\enue after !'iCH'n .} cars \\ Ith the i\aval Reserve \\111 hegm act1\e serVlCC at the PllIla­dllpilla Nav) Yard on llonday as yeo man hrst class Ro) Bosshardt of Park avenue en Joycd Ius lI11tlal air vo}age On Sunday lIIornll1g He flew from the Philadelphia Air Port to I aGuardl3 Field New York 10 ViSit hiS hrother Rene Bosshardt ul1111 Tuesday when h{" returned to S\\ arthmore by tram fhe 10110\\ 109 books have rCf.:ently been added to the collection at the public hbrary SlIlg For A Penny a new novel by Chfford Dowdcy author o[ Bugles Blow No 1Iorc IS thc story of a rls Illg young southerner 111 the 1890's, Captam Paul IS an excltmg novel of the adventures of John Paul Jones by Commander Edward Ellsberg, The Prmcess by Phd Stong, a saga at [ona 111 the manner of State FaIr JUlllor MISS a sertes of short stoTies about 1 thoroughly human young Ne\\' ~orker 0) Sally Benson, No One Now \V,II Kllow by E M Delafield a story of England at peace-thc last three dccades of the Illlleteellth cen tUQ 1adpole Hall by Helen Ashton a pOIgnant novel of the Enghsh coun tr} Side undcr the present sltuallon fhe Gulls Fly Inland'" by SylVll I hompson author of rhe Hound of Spr11lg and other llOpular other} cars \\ lustle !5tol uy ~lanctta Wolff IS a rcmarkable first novel a cross see tlon of the mdolcllt hfe of an 0 er the tracks fannb III a small town Thc} Come to a River by Alhs Afc Ka) IS the story of the development ot the Columll1a River Valley I hom as I h0111 IS Ancd, Thomas four generatJotls of onc f anllly by Robert P Tnstram Coffin Sevcral 111.'\\ blograplues should be of mh::rest to readers - Robert B i\lxon Jr wntcs of IllS father who was a Corner Druggist. Pdlar to Post an autobiography of one of New York s forcmost Judges, Henry H Cur r III A"\: ankee Doctor 111 Paradlse 1)\ ~ ),1 Lambert whose patlcnts arc o;c Itltnd mer thousands ot nules III a group ot Islands III the PaCIfic Lan tcrn on the I cvec b) Wilham A Percy the stor) pt a planter s hfe on the ~IISSISSIPPl Delta The Soong Sisters b) Emily Hahn the lives of thc threc greatest women III Chma \llllZ n Throne b) Bertlta BantIng I stor) ){ thc Braganzas the royal fauul) 01 BraZil The author IS famous for hl'r other royal family blOgra pines Impenal TWlhght' The Golden FIl'cce and others Other non fiction mcludes I Go by Sea I Go by Land a wluII1s1cai nar~ ratlVe of Enghsh chddren who are sent to Amcnca for the duratIon: by P I TraHrs who Is kno,\n and loved for Mar) Poppms Turkey" by J mil Lengyel IS an up to the mmute history of that country as mterestmg and mformatlVc as Its predecessor The Danube Dawn Over Chunk kmg IS hfe III Chma by the small daughters of Ltn Yutang. Adet, Anor lhe \'OIllI1l11lllt} G lrd~n 10 S\\arthmorc IS "pon'-;ored In the Garden Section of tilt.: \\ man s Club and IS 01 ell tn all gardtnler 111 S"arthmore Sc\eral ganlllls alrca<h ha\c been en tClCd III tillS e ntl'st mel ad<htlOuai en tnes III l\ he Ii te I 111) tnne wlth 11rs \Ihel t Shl ,klc 350 \ Issar avenue tele ]l hon e 794 J rhe gal den" \\ 111 he Judged about Septclllher 12 and pllzes "III bc a\\ardl.:<1 \11 cnlne" must hc III by Saturda, Juh 1 J Judgll g \\111 be on the f 0110\\ IIlg 110IIlt DeSign, layout of cllllre pro) t'rt\ Lawn !-:cneral condl tlOIi Plants IItaltht\ thclr contnbu lIOn to tht ellJ \ Illl.:ut of tl osc \\ho use tht glldcn conlltlon cffectl\c ar ral1~tl1lent and Maintenance, neatness of hl. Is 1 orden paths dc ••• DR JOlIN OLIVER NELSON Presb ... terllU Boar(1 III In who ",II !SlIllllJ, the local l)ulpil thiS SlllldH) 1lI01'1llllg at 11 o'clock tt d l\[('ll1lCl Lm The Treasury of the \\ orld s Greatest Letters' edited by M T lIIcoln Schuster III a collection of the ht st ktlt rs of all tunes ~e"tst dctectnc ficlton for mystery fans IS- A Toa"t To Tomorrow' by ).f anml1g Coles Dressed to Klll' by I tnma Iou Fetta 'Lady 111 Lilac by Suzanne Shane Mourned on Sunday b, Hei< n ReIlly The Odor o( V,o-lets" h} Bayard Kendnck, and "The Perel1l11al Boarder by Phoebe Atwood Taylor

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=2 _________________. -__________________~ T-' B_E_ _S _W_ A_ R_T_B_M_O__R EA N ~ _________________. -________~ 'J~~~~'~'~J~P~Q Personals Snyder-Whiteman ice buttoned down the front from The bride was gowned in ivory satin. sweetheart neckline to waist and long Her full tulle veil fell from a Tudor bridal veil proceeded from a tulle cap. cap 01, matching satin with orange She carried bridal roses and bouvardia. blossoms beneath the brim. Her /lowers Mrs. William. Wil§i0n of LaQglIome were brides' roses and babies breath. sister of the bride was matron of honor The bridesmaids and maid of honor The marriage of Miss Margaret and Miss Alice Redgrave sisler of the wore bouffant models of aqua organza Graham Whiteman daughter of Mrs. J. bridegroom was bridesmaid. Mrs. Wil- with girdles of periwinkle blue. The Harvey Whiteman of The Swarthmore son wore very pale pink and Miss Red- matron of honor wore a gowil of peri­and Mr. Paul Heston HaU Snyder of grave pale blue organdy batiste, both winkle organza with aqua girdle. All Swarthmore avenue was performed .in wore picture hats trimmed with match. the attendants carried large colorful Trinity Church, Swarthmore at 4 ing ribbon. Their bouquets contained of spring flowers. The men o"clock last Friday afternoon, June Z), garden flowers in pink and blue. wedding party wore white sum~ by the Rev. J. Jarden Guenther rector Mr. Charles Gerner of Swarthmore formals. each with a blue corn-of the church. acted as best man and ushers were th;; l'lmver boutonniere. The bride wore a princess model of of the bridal pair A reception folJowed the ceremony white marquisette and lace with a very Samuel Wisdom, Jr. of Swarthmore the garden of the home of the bride's long train and a long veil held by and Mr. William K. Wilson. parents. orange blossoms. Her bouquet Mrs. Frank Gregory of Chester aunt They will live at The Towers, 45th fashioned of white roses, gypsophda of the bride was organist playing 3ClOhg and Pine streets, Philadelphia. and a shower of white sweet peas. other selection "Ave Maria". Miss Edna ' 1 , Miss Anne Whiteman as maid of Ryder 01 Wallinglord gave soprano Frescoln-Alvey honor for her sister wore yellow or· solos of "Oh Promise Me" and U Per-gandy with a Mary Queen of Scots hat fect Love". The marriage oi Miss Jane Catherine to match, and carried a large bouquet Mrs. Spencer wore a dress of baby Alvey niece of Colonel and Mrs. Alex­of yellow roses and bluc cornflowers blue chiffon with white hat and ae- ander Wilson of Edgewood Arsenal, tI.e d W.i t h bl ue n'bobn . cessories, and a corsage of gardenias Aid. and Lieutenant Leonard Davis Th e bn' de smal'd 5 MI'S S Be tty Ann al1d gypsophila. Fresco:n of Edgewood Arsenal son 01 B· d 1 H t T M' Sarah Al Mr. and Mrs. Lovett Frescoln of Har- If 0 ou~ on, ex-,. ISS • - Mrs. Redgrave wore dusty pink chif-bert of Wal~Ulgford, MISS Mary Eli~- fon with a toque of blue flowers, blue vard avenue was performed in St. beth Noyes, of Swarthmore and Ml~S slippers, and a corsage of dephinium, Mary's Episcopal Church, Emmorton, . Georgl· anna P entlarge o1 Montc,lair I sweetheart roses and summer flowers. Md. at 7 o'clock Wednesday evening of N. J. wore white dresses cut along the A reception on the lawn at Old Or. this week, June 25. The ceremony was same pattern as the maid of honor chard followed the ceremony The performed by the Rev. Benjamin Lov­c? stume wi~h full skir!s, and cI?se fit- bridal pair then left on a $hort' motor ett of St. Mary's. tIng embrol~ered bodIces. TheIr hats trip in the south. The bridal gown of white marquis­matched their dresses and they car- 'fhey will spend the summer in the cUe over satin which was fashioned with r!ed y~l1ow roses and blue cornft?wers Redgrave house on Vassar avenue, a hoop skirt, sweetheart neck bordered tied ",:lth large bows of yellow nbbon. pending the completion of their new by Chantilly lace, and short puffed EnSign Arthur Snyder was best man home in Moylan. sleeves ended in a long train. Miss AI· for his brother and ushers were Mr. vey's veil extending to the tip of the Thomas H. Hall, Jr. of Swarthmore I • I train and her face veil were fastened uncle of the bridegroom, Mr. John N. Sensenig-Warren to a tiara of orange blossoms. Her bou- Stull of Moylan, AIr. Frederick S. Don- quet was of gardenias, white roses and nelly of Baltimore, Md., Mr. Charles The marriage of Miss Aune Baker gypsop hI a' IW'i t hong stireamders, an s h e Eberle of Germantown, Mr. Lawrence Warren daughter of Mr. and Mrs. wore IiI le mI. tts. Clark Wolfe 01 Pittsburgh and Mr. Francis V. Warren of Walnut lane, ,MIS' S J osep hm' e 01I' ver 0 1 W as hm' g- Lewis M. Robbins of Riverton, N. J. and .Mr. David Martin Sensenig son of ton, D. C. and Miss Barbara McMas- Mrs. Whiteman wore a gown of Mrs. Ella E. Sensenig of Philadelphia ter 0 1 Alc xall dr'ia , V a. as atten d ants French blue chiffon with matching and the late Mr. Sensenig took place in of the bride were dressed alike in peach flowers on her large white hat. Her ac. the Friends' Meeting Ho'Use on the marqui. sette rna de a I ong t h e same lin es cessories were white and she wore a Swarthmore College campus at 7 :30 as t he brl'd al gown. The y wore toques corsage 01 gardenias. SaTturday ehvening'. 1 I'd e bride and brIdegroom made their 0 peach net and pear s, and carrJC Mrs. Margaret Freedley of SwarthR vows according to the custom of the old fashioned Ib ouquets of a combina- more avenue aunt of the bridegSorcioetyo omf Fr·Ie nds, in a setting of tion of vari-co ored roses and blue del· wore a hand painted floral figured dress green pa hn 5 and feathery ferns with phinium. with blue and fushia on a white back- the accent of white candles in taU ean- Mr. Robert Coleman Stephenson of ground. Her large hat of fine straw was delabra. Each window was banked with Newtown Square was best man. Ushers fushia colored and she wore golden green as a background for the candles. included Lieutenant George H. Berlin slippers and white gloves. Her corsage The trio of violin, 'cello and piano with of Washington, D. C., Mr. John Bowers of tiny single garnet carnations, blue Lucius Cole, violinist, played the wed- of Moylan, Mr. George W. Thompson cornflowers and yellow daises had a ding march as well as selections before of Wallingford, and Mr. Raymond E. gardenia center. and after the ceremony. Eggleston, Jr. of Philadelphia. All the Mr. John Rogers organist and choir The overseers were J. Archer Turner, men were college mates of the bride-master of the Episcopal Church in Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Denworth and Mrs. Steubenville, Ohio and friend of the E. LeRoy Mercer all of Swarthmore. bridegroom was at the console of the The marriage certificate was rcad by organ playing the traditional proces· Dr. E. LeRoy Mercer. sional and recessional wedding marches The bride was attended by her sis. and among other numbers UAve Maria". ter Mrs. Katherine Warren Coles as Mr. Snyder is the son of the late Mrs. matron of honor and her maid of honor Gladys Cunningham Hall Snyder. His was Miss Rachel Greenawalt of York, grandfather Mr. William H. Hall was Pa. associated with Swarthmore College The bridesmaids were Miss Sally for many years having been Superin- Deardorf of York, Mrs. Mary Jane tendent Irom 1887 to 1900. Koster 01 Cape May, N. J., Mrs. Vir-• I ginia N. Weltmer of Swarthmore, and • __; .....;.;_ __. ..._ ______ Redgrave - Spencer Ai n. Anne Stone McIlvain of Down­Miss Jane Van Keuren Spencer daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Owen Hill Spencer of Old Orchard, Highland and Moylan avenues, Moylan and Mr. Gilbert Richard Redgrave son of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur R. O. Redgrave of Vassar avenue were wed in a lovely summer wedding performed in the Wallinglord Presbyterian Church at 4 o'clock Saturday afternoon, June 2l. The Rev. Edward R. Rein, pastor of the church performed the ceremony. Miss Spencer's bridal gown was of ivory satin with a full skirt, plain bod- A Cool. OotJiforttJ"", a., Place to Lundl Dr DIM SUBURBAN CAFE and co*cktail LorIn,. P.R.MR.a SlaUCb _oaco. _...._ Lunch -from 45c Dinner-from 8Sc eoclrtall Hour. 3:00 to 6:CNJ PeM. PenonaJ Supentalon of IIan7 a.. TaJbr ------------ MANOR FRIDAY - SATURDA.Y James Judy STEWART. GARLAND Hedy Lana LAMARR • TURNER "ZIEGFELD GIRL" TVESDAY - WBDNBSDAY THURSDAY VIVIEN LEICH LAURENCE OUVIER "THAT HAMILTON WOMAN" ingtown, Pa. !{r. Christian M. Sensenig of Drexel Hill acted as best man for his brother and the ushers included Messrs. Hor­ace Dolan of Philadelphia, Robert Alex­ander of Narberth. Daniel }aquettc and Henry B. Coles of Swarthmore, and Ronald Kent of Lansdowne. HELD OVER TYRON£ POWER LIND&. DARNELL RITA. HAYWORTH In , "BLOOD AND SAND" in Technlcolor with 30BN CABRADINB MEDIA Last Two Days (FRIDAY and SATUkDAY) James Stewart-Judy Garbnd Hed.y Lamarr--lana Tomer In "ZIEGFELD GffiL" With TONY MARTIN IAN HUNTBR & JACKIE COOPER Note: Owing to the unusual length of thIs feature It wUl be shown at 2:40, 7:00 & 9:20. Only one show 8a~after­noon ~ at 2:00 o·clock. feature at 2:30. SUNDAY Two BI& Features "SCATTBRGOOD BAINES" and "BARNYARD FOLLIBS" MONDAY-TIlI!SDAY _4 WBDNBSDAY "THE DEJ'IL 8.= MISS JONES" Jean ArIIlllI'-Oaule& Coburn STARTS rRIDAY GARY COOPER BARBARA STANWYCK In FRANK CAPRA'S "MEET JOHN DOE" "THE PEOPLE ••• DR. KILDARE" with LEW AYRES LIONEL BARRYMORE LABAINE DAY TUES., WED. & THURS. BOB CROSBY And His Dixieland Band TBI! BOBCATS In 'ROOKIES ON PARADE' JULY 4th JOAN CRAWFORD MELVYN DOUGLAS In "A. WOMA.N'S FACE" 3 Mesquiteers '" "SADDLE MATES" groom at the Pennsylvania Military of Windridge Farm, CochranviUe, P~. College. ' annnunce the birth of a :.~ Edward •• Birth Hearne Hitchco*ck on June S·at Joseph Price Memorial Hospital,.. Philadelphia. Mrs. Hitchco*ck was, ,formerly MOi Florence Norton' Hearne of', Swarth­Mr. and Mrs. Edward D. Hitchco*ck more. Now is the time! This may be your last 0PPOnaaity 10 gee such low pric:es and IIUCb acepdoual trade-in allowances on the famous S./li-S"rIlJ Firestone DeluUChampionTires. Here's the world'sfint and tml:1 tire that is SIl/ti-S"rIlJ against blowout., S./I;­S" rlltl against skidding and S./Ii-S"riii for lon,ger non­skid mileage. Equip your car todaT and be Safti­SlIreJ (or summer clriYing. WITH rODAY'S (ONDIJIONS THE TIRES YOU BUY NOW,AQY HAVE TO LAST A lONG TIME _. SO Irs GOOD JUDGMENT TO BUY THE BEST 4.75/5.00·19 PIRBSTONB CONVOY TIR.a What a buyl Th_ bls hUlky FIrestone Convoy Tlrel! packed with thonl.n,1I of mile. of ~!,:~u:,= low pricel. Here'. your opportunity to equip for mmmerataSpeclalSateprice. "." QUAliTY FIRESTONE BIGB SPBBD TIRBS Bailt with all of Plrestone', patented cmutrw:tlon featnreo, you CIJJ1 be ...... of afer, longer, DOJW!dd Dill_e. greater blowout protection. The bls allowances we'll mak~ on your old tires wlll enable you to equip your car with a complete let of Flreatone HIJlh Speed Tirel at remarkable low coat. laW 1U0WANa fOl YOUI OlD TIlES TRADE TREADS MID lAW MONB1' Bring us your smooth t1ra and we'R put New T_d. on them. Pireatone Pac tory 6.00-16 Method. and Material&. RIlisTONE STANDARD TOP lIEADS We know of no other tire bull. that will dellver 10 much dollar.for.dollar value in _ safety and 1 __ -oIdd Dill_ .. AND YCIUI OlD'" 6.00-16 .AY tHE ."At t"At'S MOST (Otl"4£tl\- :wany • SlMI-MONTIflY MONTHlY TERMS AS LOW AS SO~ '$ " .. estOft' SERVICE DARTMOUTH a: LAl'AiETiB AVBS. ... _ ..... ""WB DON'T 8IIU CARS W. 811RVlCB THEM" '* ,.1 -d **' -te. •... -. * * **, * * * * ,---. .. '~ . ~* " ., ' .. " , . . - , . ": .. ',' TBE SWABTBMOBEAN ;". * The * <,- ;... ...... , , WARTHMO-RE USINESS SSOCIATION INVITES YOU TO A COMMUNITY " * LET ,FREEDOM RING! * ..' CELEBRATION * LET FREEDOM RING! * :{""! •• :,;; .• ' * Parade, Games for All, Fire Company Exhibition .. Contest, Badminton, Quoits, Tennis, Pony Rides, Water Sports on the Crum *"," ,' ' . . , , *' -', * * *, ,:' , , * *" * * ;.:* * * A.P. Smalley * FIREWORKS • The following Swarthmore the Business Association A. Gottlieb Hannum and' Waite Michael's College Pharmacy <,·Swarth, more National Bank ~el· Br~thers ·H~~B. Green *: Alice Barber Jll1~ll's Service r~Dly Annl\fillinery A1i~iM.'"Baird ' Strath ,Haven Inn Edward Noyes Dew Drop Inn Buchner's Toggery Joseph Ciliberti Celia Shoe Shop N. W. Suplee B. J. Hoy '* ~ !* . ". ,-,':.,_ .. ,:.;:.;-!'-:. '- ."_.- Ingleneuk Tea Room * DISPLAY * Business Men back I• n I•t s program: C. M. Rumsey Victor D. Shirer Bouquet Beauty Salon The Swarthmorean Peter E. Told Swarthmore Cooperative Assoc. Harris & Co. Co-Ed Beauty Shop Mason Builders Supply Co. t" '. ~. ·f·, ~~~!:!'.~~"' ."'.':<.:.-': *:'-::':~WE'EN PARADE' They Also Sponsor the CHRISTMAS UGHTING OF BUSINESS SECTION EASTER EGG BUNT s

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, s THE 5WARTHMOREAN PUBLISHED EVERY FRIDAY AT SWARTHMORE, PA.­THE 8WARTHIIOREAN, INC .. PUBLISHER Many Partietl for July Bride Sanford-Ramage Miss Mary Snyder of Yale avenue • entertained with a surprise· kitchen MISs Mary Margaret Ramage daugh-shower on Wednesday evening in bonor ter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Muir Ram­of Miss Mary Peckerman daughter of of Milwaukee, Wis. and Herbert Mrs. Joseph Peckerman of Dartmouth I B,,,.,k. Sanford, Jr. son of Mr. and avenue whose marriage to Mr. Harry Mrs. Herbert Brooks Sanford of Dick- Mrs. Addison S. Wickham of North Chester road left Tuesday for Eagles­mere, Pa. where ahe wiu spend J aIy and at the Wickham summ .... , home. PHONE 8WARTHIIORE 900 '. PaTER E. TOLD, Editor MARJORIE TOLD, A.IOCuu.., Editor ' " ROIALlS P •• UOL Sosson son of Mr. and Mrs. Rubin Sos- avenue were married at a lovely The I,u,I.y ANN MILLINERY , " .... _ .. ' Entered u SecoJId CIua Malter. JBDUU}' ~ 1929. at the Pott OBice .t Swarthmo ..... p., ""de< the Act of Marda 3, 1819. SOil of Philadelphia will take place at which took place in Mil- S o·c1ock Sunday evening, July 6, in Saturday, June 14. 409% Dartmolllh Ave. FRIDAY, JUNE 27. 1941 PreSbyterian Church Notetl Sunday morning at 11 o'clock the guest preacher will be the Rev. Dr. John Oliver Nelson director of Student Relations for the Presbyterian Board of Christian Education. Methodist Church Notes the study of Rabbi J. Gerson 'Brenner in Philadelphia. Guests included Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Sanford and their Samuel Drayman, Jr., Mrs. Irwin Stein- family journeyed from Swarthmore to berg, Mrs. Edward Love and Miss Judy be present at the ceremonies. Love of Philadelphia, Miss Nora and The newly-weds will live in Mil­Miss Wilma Thomas of Rutledge, Miss waukee wher .. Mr. Sanford is chief en­Mary Lobb of Morton, Miss Lee Blun- gineer for the United States Mineral din, Miss Alice and Miss Elsie lIefn- Wool Company. WIU Co""_ B ... "' .... .4. VIIIOl • LILLY .DIll 81B801f sau. The Church School will meet at 10 A. 11. Sunday. The morning worship at 11 A. M. will have as its topic "The Compulsions of JesUs". The nursery school which takes care of young children during the ser­vice will continue du:-ing the summer. ard, Miss Dorothy and Miss Louise .-_______________ _ Paulson, :Miss Alice Snyder anc1 Mrs. Edwin Humphreys of Swarthmore, Mrs. John C. Spahr and Mrs. Richard Dr. Nelson supervises the granting of fipa6ti31 assistance to a yearly average ot~soo .r.r~byterian stqdents prepar,ing to·fte miniSters, medical and evangehcal mfosionades, and dire~tors of ~eligious education. Dr. Nelson s work 1I1volves the cOllsi·deration of each student's 6· mfhcial needs, and his mental and phys­ic4t qu"3.tifications for his chosen church work. "Dr. Nelson's wider religious work has in~luded, in his student days, slum duty in·. the Canongate in Scotland; four """nths' preaching and organizing in N'~w Mexico hinterlands, and two years' service on the "visitation committee" at F6urth Church, Chicago. :;1\11 departments of the Church School wiil meet each Sunday morning during J.fne and July at 10:15, for the Junior Church worship in the Church. This Sunday the service will be conducted by the senior,.department. ~:.~he first of the summer porch meet· irigs of the Woman's Association will be: held Friday, June Zl, from 10 to 12 o'.clock in ihe morning at Strath Haven Ifln. The worship service will be in cfiarge of Mrs. Zelia Walters, the topic for discussion will be "Medical Min­istry~: under the leadership of ~rs. A .. S. Van Dyck. ' ,The ···officers and members of the Church Committee on Missions and Benevolence are as follows: Waldo B. D;i.vison, Chairman; Mrs. S. Milton Bryant, Sec1.'etary; Ernest W. Sipple, '{'reasurer·: Katherine· Bronson, Young Women's Guild; Mrs. Frank S. Reitzel, Woman's Association; Mrs. George A. Marr, Life Member; Class of '42, W. Henry Linton, Ernest W. Sipple, Wal­U~ r L. Thorpe; Class of '43, Mrs. Frank­l", T. Hlaherty, Dr. Arthur J. Jones, stjlDley-"L!~M.,.e'MnJan;' C1Us of '44, -So Milton Bryant. Waldo B. Davison, Mrs. George Schobinger. AU suggestions and matters of business pertaining to the rhissionary and benevolent work of our church will be conducted through the chairman and members of this commit­t¢ e. The week of June 23-30 Mr. and Mrs. David Braun are at the Presbyterian Young People's Conference at Blairs­town, N. J., where they are group lead-ers. • I • Trinity Parish Notes The girls of Miss Billie Van de Boc's class .. taken for an all-day picnic to Ocean· City, N. J. on Monday I;>y Mrs. W;. E. Hetzel, Jr. This class and Mr. Tatiguy's cI~ss of boys showed the high reC:ord for the year. The Rev. Joseph R. Alten of Ocala, Fla. will be in charge of the parish dur­ing July, and with his sister will oc· cupy the rectory. Mr. Alten was for some years secretary of the standing committee of the Diocese of South Da­kota, a~d held several important rec­torship$~ on Long Island. Duri~g July there will be a celebra­tion of the Holy Communion every SundaY·morning at 8 A. M. and on the first Sunday of the month at II A. lI. On the other Sundays there will be the service of morning prayer at II A. M. ClIURCH SERVICES BWABTllMOBB PBBSIIYTIIRIAN CHURCB Bev. David Braun, IrllDIater 10.15 A. M. - Junlot" . Church. 11.00 A. II. - _ WotBbIp. Bennon I .. ' topiC: "What Is the Uee of Prayer?" .. KBTHODIBT 0JI0RCll B6Y N. KelBer, D.D .. II1D1ster 10:00 A.II. - Church 8ehool. 11.00 A.:Y. -Morning WOnhlp. Sermon theme: "The Compulslons of Jesus." The Sunday School picnic for mem­bers of the church and Sunday School will take place at Chester Park to· morrow, June 28. Members going will leave the church at 1 P. M. Transport­ation will be provided for the Sunday School members only. 1'he senior choir will rehearse at 8 P. M, Thursday evenings. • I Christian Science Church ··Christian Science" is the subject of the Lesson-Sermon in all churches of Christ, Scientist, on Sunday, June 29. The Golden Text is: "The Lord hath made bare his holy arm· in the eyes of all the nations; and all the ends of the earth shall se\! the salvation of our God" (Isaiah 52 :1·0). , Tonight's Bride Feted Snyder of Springfield. Last week Mrs. Steinberg who will be her sister's matron of honor enter­tained about 25 guests at dinner in - a Philadelphia tea house in Miss Pecker­man's honor. On Wednesday of this' week Miss Mildred Herrick entertained members of the staff of the Swarthmore College Library at luncheon at the Ingleneuk ror Miss Peckerman who has been em­ployed in the library since last October. Yesterday Miss Miriam Rosen of Media entertained a group of Media friends of the forthcoming bride at luncheon in her honor. • • • FortJieomin8 Marriage Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Cheyney of Col­lege Lane Farm are announcing the coming marriage of their daughter Blanche Marie to Mr. Jack Edward Suear of Swarthmore. The ceremony will be performed by Dr. Roy H. Keiser on Saturday, July 5 at the Swarthmore lIIethodist Church. ------~.~,~.------ Mr. Lawrence :U. Andres son of Wedding Reception Tomorrow Mrs. MelvinF. Wood of Elm avenue Mrs. :h-lilliccl1t Sibs on of Philadelphia left Friday, June 13, to spend the sum-mer at Niagara Fans, N. Y. where he will cntertain with a reception tomor- will be employed by the E. I. DuPont row cvening, Saturday, June 28, at 8.30 de Nemours Company. Lawrence has to announce the marriage of her daugh- completed his sophom*ore year at ter Lillian M. to Mr. Albert S. Hall State. son of Mr. Joseph Hall of Media. Dr. and Mrs. Arthur P. Whitaker of The marriage which was planned {or Elm avenue and Mr. Whitaker's sister this date took piace on March 29 in Miss Willie Cleag of Knoxville, Tenn. Virginia. left Monday {or Queen's University at !h. and Mrs. Hall plan to live in Kingston, Ontario where Dr. Whitaker Drexel Hill where their home is ex- will speak before the Conference on pected to be completed in October. Until Canadian-American Relations. The then they will be at home at 2043 Spruce Whitakers will return on Friday in street, Philadelphia. time to see their son Royall off to camp Among those from Swarthmore who for the summer. have heen invited to the reception are On Monday Dr. Whitaker will be a Miss Lotta Baird. A-lessrs. Virgil and at the Institute of Public Af. Thomas Baird, Mr. and Mrs. J. Wills being held at the University of Brodhead. Miss Isabel Bunting, Mr. Charlottesville, Va. and Mrs. Edward Yeager, Mr. and R. _Hertel of Swarthmore Mrs. Edward Bretz, and Aliss Ruth la'"'ellU". Rutledge entertained yesterday Bradford. a bridge-luncheon in honor of Mrs. • • I NEWS NOTES Clifford F. Rassweiler. Richard Griffin and Charlotte Grif­fin of Rutgers avenue and Richard's Mrs. Alban E. Rogers of Park ave- :A-liss Mable Hitchco*ck left nue returned home Sunday after a visit Monday for Gloucester, Mass. where to her husband at Langley Field. Va. they will visit Mrs. Annie Thompson Lieutenant Rogers who has been on and Mrs. Frank Smith. active duty since April is on the Gen- era I Sta If a t L angI e y F ·I e Id an d a t - Anne LiPn glLe · daIu ghft eCr of IMI r. and t ac Il e d t 0 tl Ie AI· r S erV1. ce. , M is. Roy . f1 09 c 0 To rnIe avenue TBB RELIGIOUS SOCIETY OF PRIENDB . lIcit Monday or the ee a-Wooket 11:00 A. ~._ Mee~~-:- Worship In the Mr. and Mrs. Henry A. PClr~ol, Jr.! Archery Camp at Roxbury, Vt. Anne U:~rY of Lafayette avenue accompallled by is captain of the Drexel Institute of Mr. and Mrs. H~race S. Furman, 3rd Technology archery team. . q~~. ~~~~ loU:: Boz~=- of Bryn Athyn wdl leave tomorrow to AIrs. Ernest R. Laws and children A_II_ are C O_l_ ".= ,a=l1y::="'=v1=ted:-:=.= ::::-_____ 1s pend two weeks at Dewey Beach be- Betty and Charles of Amherst avenue TRIR1T1' CBtJBOII low Rehoboth, Del. left Tuesday for Columbia, Mo. to visit BeY J.;~ard.en 'l=~. B.T.K.. Bector Among the local children who will Mrs. Laws' {ather Mr. j. M. Deering 8:00 A.II.-Bo~ CommUQ.loD. leave this week-end for stays at the • for three weeks. They will visit other 11:00 A.II.-1Iot'IdD&: Pn.78r and Sermon. Lake Greeley Camps in the Poconos relatives in St. Louis, Mo. and Mr. PIB8T qroaoa OP CBRIS..!..J. 8Ol&d118"r are: joyce Orem7 Caroline Flaherty. Laws· parents Mr. and Mrs. G. E. Laws '. OP 8WARTIDIO.. Ralph Estes, Roy and Dicky Bosshardt, of Cleveland, O. before returning in six Pon: Av ...... Bel"" Hanard and Chubby Andes with two of Chub- weeks. n: 1:1==::: ='-sermon. by's cousins from East Stroudsburg. Dr. and Mrs. Charles B. Shaw of • :-:~d~m=d~:i Mrs. Joseph A. Perry of Thayer road Whittier place left yesterday for Ann ==-:6DCI bo 8 a. m. to U:30 p. m .• who has been ill at the University of Arbor, Mich. where Dr. Shaw will AD aN~ attend 'Ule Pennsylvania Hospital is reported to be teach library science in the University iClf't* Utl,.. tile 2nd.,.. IIoaID. progressing nicely. of Michigan Summer School • Watches & Jewelry Don't throw It awa,.1 We ... n fix II quIeI<q and economleallr I All work IJ1UU"8n.eed. Low prleea. WILTSHIRE BROS. 100 E. State Street MEDIA 'Phone Mec1I& Z23t SUMMER DEFENSE BesiDs With An ELECTRIC FAN From SUPLEE'S HARDWARE II S. Chester Rd. Sw.105 Come aummer-come care CHARBERT • ROVAE • 13 Senath Ch-t ... IIoouI Call S .. uthmore 476 CHEN YU • CORDA Y • Suggests that you take advautage of her DRASTIC REDUCTION in DRESSES, SKIRTS, JACKETS AND SWEATERS • Dress Prices Begin at $2 Prices are going up so do uot miss this opportunity to save • 10~ Park Ave. Teleplwne SID. 25T3 e'mo .. out by IIREYHDUND for double·barreled .igh .... I ... 1 Yipeef GrqhoUl1d roul1d1 up !DON of the w .... wonc1en thu .. other travel ~d ~ CIIl .. t.s. _ amclI IOID&' .. --. ~ IDe DotJ.--atZlj , ~onr .... cu.l!'! ...... 8uDt titian tmt.., AINu ID_. •w . _. ~ .... Ancel.. ••••.•..••... ....... tu.,. J)eaver .......•...•.••••• ~ ~ Sill btealo ..•.•••••••••• fUM We do dae p'an-inK ,OG ha ........ ... ,.. lib • a.csLau I aXPBNSB-PAID TO •• SWARTHMORE TRAVEL B1lREA.U 2 PABIt AVB!lUB 1'!l3De Swuthmore l,t--W DQ or Nlaht ~~~2~~~~~r.;~~ _ II ____ ~~~~~ ___ ~~T~H~E~=~S~W~ARTHMOREAN NEWS NOTES Wednesday and yesterday in New York Ordinance No. 299 as amended. aball be further amended to read 88 tollowa: iwnldtehboteud, . <tloe ltah, et od eCedent to ~ .".",79:.' .'..:! Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Yerkes and daugh­ter Virginia of Princeton avenue felt train yesterday for Lake Louise. While at Lake Louise the spend much of their time I ,!,~,:::!'~i~ climbing in that vicinity. I i Lake Louise they will travel to .. and from there by boat to Wash. From there their sched~ Yosemite National Park, San Francisco and 1 .. 05 Angeles, the Grand Canyon ami Flagstaff, Ariz. City on budness. Mrs. Sewell W. Hodge entertained the Eightsome Bridge Club at bridge and luncheon Wednesday afternoon at her home on Ogden avenUe. DBLAWARB COUNTY Sealed Proposals will be received at the County Controller'8 omce. Court Bouse, kedla. Pa •• untU 9 a. m. (Baatern Stand· &I'd Tlme) and pubUcly opened at 10 a. m. (Baatern Standard Time) on Wedneeday, July 16. 1941. tor tumlBbing and dellver­IDS P. O. B. Court House. Medla. Fa .• one (1) Tu:; Accounting Naeb1ne . NBLLIa P. BOYD. ItleeutirtZ. . L Strath Hi.ven InD, swart.J:amore. P&. f" or her attomey ". .. :~ :~;. J1 HOWARD KIRK. Media, 'Pa: Y.. " 6·27-6t , ,.. . _ ) DBLAWARB COUNTY l!t Sealed proll<108la,-wI1I be -na ., .... ',. County Controller's om", COurt Boule •. J MedIa. Pa.. untu 9 •• m. ( .. tern Stand .. ~.: ard-~1me).and.publlcl1"QPeD.eCI. 10 ..... D. ~,'i (_tem 8 __ ~I ,W;'Wedn.-J'1.;, JUly 9· 1941. .for _ttUn,·b1ng 84t1 CleUYetlD&" ~ IP. 0, B .• counHoUle. _ ..... _I,. machines tor the use ot the YUtOUl de- !~;. partmente In tbe Court Bouse. :]' ~~m;~~~;:.~~~~~gw;~ Irw ehlaetriev esth. eyT hwei ll lvaissti t sftoor p a wwheieckh wtihthe Yerkes wiIl make before returning in a Im,onlth will be Chicago. ~2~~~i~~if~~!~~~ June Hobbs daughter of Mr. and Specl.Ocatlone and bidding sheet may be obtained at tbe Omce of the County Controller, and DO bid w1l1 be entertained unless made out on said bidding sheet. Each bid must be accompanied by a cer· tlfled check of One Hundred (.100.00) DoI­lara drawn to the order of the County of 8BOTlON 702. Not more tban one bUUdlng of the type authorized lD this ordlnaDC:e, with appurtenant garaa:e. may be erected. altered or used upon. a lot or preml&es. No' lot or prem1ae8 shall hereafter be 8ubdlvlded or reduced in. size or area In such manner 88 to leave any bUlIdlng or st.ructure so located as to violate the provlaloD8 of tbla or any other ordlnaoce of the BoroUSh of Swartbmore. Before any buUding per­mit sha.ll be iNlued In connection with the use of any new or altered lot or premlses. the owner shall submit for the approval or BorOUgh Councll a sur­vey or plan showing tbe Hues aDd ell. menslona of such new or altered lot or premles. Bnd when approved by Bor­ough Council. shall duly record the same at his expense, In the OfDce for the Recording of Deeds In and for Delaware County, Pennsylvania. Passed this 18th day of June: A. D. 1941. I SpeclDca&loDS and blcldlDa abee& D1&&:" ,; obtained at the omce of ·the CoUb" .•. , troller. and DO bid wID be entertaiJ:lld up. less made out on said blcldJng Bheet. . The County Comm1esloner8 neerve the right to reject any or aU bids. Tber fur· ther reserve the right to detenn1De what type and make of adcllng macblnM pro­posed to be turn18hed. beat meets the n~ T,;,,;;'.: I Mrs. Willi,am S. Hobbs of Park ave- ot the County. Delaware. • th The County C:omml.aB1oners re&e"e e rtght to reject any or all bids. H. WALTER WEAVER. BOROUGH OF SWARTHMORE (SEAL) H. WALTBR WEAVB8, ,,' nue was hostess at a lawn-luncheon County Co~troU. ... ·Monday after:~oon in honor of her sixth birthdayi~.Het guests. were: Priscilla Ro~ers, Polly Told, Chuckie ~~l~~~ I Russell, Roge(""Livingston, Carol Liv­~ Betsy: Barnes, and Laura County Controller. 6-27-3t BOROUGH OF BWABTHM.ORE ORDINANCE NO. 449 By: W. R. AROYLE. 16-20•3t President. -[j'iiiillrumrum~~~~~~=i~~~iiiii Attest: ELLlorr RICHARDSON, Approved. thIs 24th day of June A. D. 1941. Secretary •. and Bob Reed and Jimmy Price left Wednesday for Omena, Mich. where they wiH visit" Mrs. Reed's parents Mr. and Mrs. Harry E. Clarke at their sum­mer home during july and AUgust. Bob·s mother Mrs. Robert H. Reed of An Ordlnance further to amend tho Borough of Swarthmore Zoning OrdlD­anee of 1928 by provlcUng the s1zo of front yards. back yards. set-back of buUdings from 8treet and buUdl.nBB Hnes. building area, and regUlatlng the division or subdivIsIOn of bulldlng lots or premises tn the Borough of swiuth­more. JOHN H. PITMAN. Burgess. 6-27-1t Swarthmore avenue and sister will HOWARD KIRK. join the boys in about two weeks. SECTION 1. Artlcle I. Section 100 Para- c~c:.::~~~tgrDg, Friends of Mrs. Ross C. Allen of grab 9. at the Borough of Swarthmore Zon- Media. Penna. Ing OrdInance of 1928, being Qrdlnance No.5:.: -29=--6:::''-_______________________ . Germantown will ~e glad to hear that 299 88 amended. approved August 8. 1928. ~~[~~o§[t~~~;i~:~§~~;r~i~~ficellv froumn dtehrew aepn-t sIohwalal: be further amended to read as fol- . EScTeaAsTedE. OLPe ttWerAs LoTfE ARd LmOinRiIsNtrOat iWonE BdB. .b .d ne- . ;~~~'~~~~:~lJniivelrsiity c. t. a. have been lesued to tbe undersigned. of Pennsyl~ 9. FRONT YARD. The required open who request all persona baving claims or space between any bUlldtng and the ! demands against the estate of the decedent vama street. highway. road, lBne, aile),. or . to make known the 68!D.e. and au persons :I~~~~;.~~~~~~~~~; Mr. William W. Turner has taken a sbuucilhd ibnugl ldoirn gp rforopnetrst.) ' line on which 'iwnditehbotuetd d teola yth eto decedent to make payment position .as Estimating Engineer of all I ,~~~~:~~~~i '-__ I construction work of the third zone of Art~le:a\:~~~~~~~tllsa::: County D;:::;--: the Quartermaster's Department. His addlDg thereto a new Or his attorney: headquarters will be in Baltimore, Md. 17. to read as follows: WALTER RHOADS WID1'l5, NO NEED TO WORRY when your travel money has been convened IOto AMERICAN EXPRESS TRAVELERS CHEQUES You are protected if the cheques ale lost or stolen. Inexpensive, convement and spendable everywhere .. For sale at thiS bank as a special service to uavelera;. SW ARTRMORE '7. STREET. A pUbliC or plotted rIght NATIONAL BANK AND of way. The term as herein used. lD- TRUST COMPANY County Bldg .• Medls. Pa. Mr. Turner returns to Swarthmore to spend week-ends with his family. R. The APT. FOR RENT " 110 PABK AVB.-BPBCBL seo Ist·ftoor_2 bedJ1ns. sleeping porch. 19. llv. ,...• fireplace. private thermostat. Garage. 3.,t.1. WM. S. BITI'LE -;.: Swarthmore lU-J M'otary PubUc -lIuurance _ Real Estate , ,: FOURTH GENERATION TO (;ONTINUE BUSINESS The funeral b\is1ness of Mrs. A. J. Quinby & Son 18. nqw betng continued by A. Mercer fQoulunnbd)e"r..,· rJ-r.~. rv-- ea. t· great grandson or the MRS. A. J. QUINBY & SON 206 S. Oranll''; ,St. Media 'Phone Media ... BAMILTON and ELGIN WATCBBS EDWIN B. KELLEY, Jr. Your leweler 25 Ea.t 7th St. Chester (Opposite New St:l.te Theatre) 'Phone Chester 37M SALES....,. SERVICE BBPalGBlU.TOBS -IUDIOS ~ WASIIBRI_£LL MABWI Picture Frmninll' - Stationery Books - Kodak SappUes Greeting Cards - Dobby Craft SIMMONDS 714 Wels" S.reet Chester 'Phone Chester 2-5181 (Jptometr/Il DR. M. BLOOMFIELD Compiete Eye Serriee 612 WELSH STREET 8014 WINDOW . q . E..A..., NING. .C O. , " ARDMORE 2320 SWARTHMORE 19 ~ .. ' C. O.A.,L - .' an-d.. C- OK-. E "," .FV.Et . OIL' VAN<AIEN BROS. . Pho~ Sw. 104-1~ cludes hIghway, passageway. road. lane I ESTATE OF EDWARD M. BOYD. deceased. ' or alley. Letters Testamentary on the above estate • I hsve been granted to the undersIgned, who M b F d --. D _-', Mrs. Herbert T. Bassett and Mrs. William B. Bullock were co-hostesscs to the Summer Bridge Club on Mon­day aftern·oon. The party was a bridge· luncheon held at Mrs. Bassett·s borne On North Chester road. Mr. P. C. Cummin, Mr. Graham Cum min and Miss Caroline Cummin of Philadelphia are spending,. the su~mer in the Koehler home at 60J Elm avenue. SECTION 3. articles m. Bectlon 301. Ar- request aJl persona baving claims or de- ern er e enD e".,.5 tlcle IV. Section 4l'1. and Article V. Bee- atlmonen d5e0d1 . Oshf alsla ieda cOh rdblen afnucret heNro .a m2e9n9d eBd8. ~tmo~ .~mn~adsk~~ea ~gkan~'o~wn~n.t ~tt~hhe.~. ~s.ta am~tee~ ' Oa~fn~dth ~ael~ld ~peceerds~o~nenst~ ~~~~~~~'II ~n~I. ~I u~Ir a~n~c~e~~co~.~~~~~ to read 88 follows: All bUlldlDgs shall have front yards of at least twenty~flve feet measured Miss Peggy Little daughter of Mr. and Mrs, Ralph'V. Little of Park ave­nue wilJ .leave today for Bevard, N. H. whor*· ·she wilt be a camp counselor from the nearest part or projection of such bUildJDg to the street, highway, road. laDe, alley. bulldlng llne, or prop· erty line upon whlch suCh building fronta. All bulldtngs shall be at least twenty-five feet dIstant from any and all street lines and not cla&er than fifty feet to the centre llnes of any and au streets (regardless of the present widths of aald streets), measured. 88 above provided. for the su~mer months. SECTION 4. ArtIcle V. Sectlon 504 of said OUR GARAGES WILL BE CLOSED FRIDAY-SATURDAY-SUNDAY July 4th, 5th and 6th and Ordinance No. 299 as amended. sball be HeMMrsy. alGldu-y AAlil. n ~"; ~~~~~~I;;a~n~~dlb',~s~:o::n~:s:1 further amended to read as follows: SECTION 504. The buUdlDg area shall Apartments have left for a not exceed fifteen percent (15%) of the Every Sunday· in ,,July and "August, .. ~, motor trip to New Mexico. Arizona, lot area. \Vyoming, and Montana. Mr. McCorkle SECTION 5. ArtIcle V. Sectlon 508 of said will join his family in a few weeks at Ordlnance No. 299 as amended, shall be • Glacier National Park. amended to read as follows: HANNUM & WAITE CUFFORD M. RUMSEY RUSSELL'S SERVICE STATION o~:" ICE CREAM 60c Qt. Cheste .. Candy Kitcheu 532 MA8.KBT ST., CHESTER WOOD KOPPERS , COD SUN ~on. A Delightful Home qn Windins Lane off of .', Beatly Road Thili~la a beautiful spot and .:om­pleiely pl-oteded .pb ......... 11 " .......... Wf; ·ean ; MOW house by • < .ppoiotment UNO: ~ OF ~ ACRE 'F,wo car 810"e~, Sw~,eney&-Clyde 29, t.sih 51. PIooDe.6141 ,Chester,. PeDDa.· SECTION 508. No building except a private garage shall be buUt wIthin a dIstance of forty feet from the l'ear Jot llne. or forty percent (40%) of the average depth of the lot, whlchever Is less, SECTION 6. Article vn, Section 702 of said ;/l';;~,,~ t_~ SfJI1 tllrougll Slimmer witll (/ 1941 You just can't avoid big washings and ironings during hot weather • • • if you and your family are to keep comfortable with frequent changes. But there is an easy way to avoid being worn out. It·s to turn over these weekly, back-breaking' cllbresto a complete elecbic laundry. ,W~ll:, be:: glad to demonstrate 'our ,.ABc' Sad- ,- ,,', !ric Washers and Ironers and' shoW- ,'. you just how easy. nme saviilg_ ana' cheap they are tooperate~ ': .! . , .. '. PHILADELPHIA ELECTRIC CO MPA:NY:' .~- .y.; .t. ~:, ' •. ... , :. i' .e"l·,-·"'/ ~- ~ , •• < •• ., . .(.: ..•. ,.'; .~ .. ':. :;:. - .~ --:~\. ~.

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6 STEAKS-CHOPS SEAFOOD Our Spedally Completely Air.Conditioned LETTERS TO THE EDITOR De oplnlOD8 UJII'MMCI below .,. tIlOle of the lndh1dual writen. All Jet .... to "l'b. BwuahiDOI'UD mUl be -...L ~ may be UIed If tbe tdeml~ of &be writer t. known to the Bditor. Le&w. wW be DUblilbed oDJ, at the d.tacntIDD of Uae BdUor. Editor, The Swarthmorean, Swarthmore, Penna. Dear Sir: It is e,·ident from the names of those who have not paid their 1940 per capita school taxes that they do not appre­ciatc their moral as well as legal ohli­gation to our tax collector in this sit­uation. Thc law requires the tax collector to ,collect the per capita tax from every inhabitant of the school district who is -----. over 21 years of age, except those ex­onerated due to death, improper as­sessment or indigence, and provide~ for I the publication of the names of those so exonerated. Life i. Swell When You Feel Well VIGOR.TEX Nature's Wonder Food f8 oz. plcg. 39C Vigor-Tex ... Nature's Wonder Food ... The Heart of the Wheat We Should Eat ... Rich in Vita­min B content. Because Vitamin B is water soluble and the body cannot store it - Vigor­Tex is the ideal food to replenish this vitamin so essential to healthier nerves and the pre­vention of fatigue and other bodily ailments. Eat it as you would any other ready-to-eat dry cereals - With fresh or canned fruits . . . And watch yourself take on a new lease on life. Life is swell when you feel well. LUX SOAP FLAKES 23C Pleg. Large Package RINSO 11c Each SCOTr TOILET TISSUE 3 RolI.19c ~-----------------"--________________ -J MARTEL'S FOOD MARKET Swarthmore 2100 The tax collector must make paymcnt to the school district of all these per capita taxes by June lst following the year in which they are levied. This must be done whether or not she has suc­ceeded in collecting them from the tax-payers. I think our residents who have not I paid their 1940 per capita taxes may like I to know that Mrs. Dodd has been ob­liged to pay these taxes for them, that her accounts with the School District have been settled in full as required by law, and that their failure or neglect now to pay these taxes means a direct financial loss to Mrs. Dodd herself. Respectfully, JAMES H. HORNADAY, Treasurer, School District of Swarthmore The MEDIA To the Best of Our Nation's Products We've Added • • • China From Czechoslovakia Framed Prints From Bolland Linens From Cblna Eteblnp From France FllUrlnes and FlorentlDe Leathers From Italy Sn,um Coventry-ware A shop full of amazIngly reasonable. del1ghtfUl presents and personal cards for every occasion. THE HOUSE OF GIFfS 6 Eo State St. MEDIA Weiners Are Not Enough!! For a really 8u'JCe68ful picnic at your outdoor fireplace on the Fourth or anytime. YOU NEED a bit of our Bread-Rolllt--Pie-cakes Layer & Cup Cakes Baked Beanlt--Deviled Eggs Potato Salad-Fresh EtJgs, Milk Dellcious and reasonable they save you valuable time and energy this hot weather. Delco Dairy Homebaking 'Phone Media 1319 STATE &: ORANGE STS., MEDIA "SPRINGFIELD WATER" Is ready to How from each one or 3,363 hydrants in case or fire. PHILADELPHIA SUBURBAN WATER CO. THE SWARTBMOREAN NEWS NOTES Mr. AUan W. Carpenter will return from Cleveland, Ohio today to accom­pany his wife and daughters from the North Chester road home to their new home at 3260 Greenway road, Shaker Heights, Cleveland on Monday of next week. Miss Elizabeth Hessenbruch of Yale and Dickinson avenues will assume her new duties as occupational therapist in the Bryn Mawr Hospital 011 July 14. Robert Little son of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph v. Little of Park avenue has been transferred from Fort Riley, Kan­sas to the Army War College in Wash­ington, D. C. Mr. and Mrs. Allen L. Putnam and daughter Alic'e moved yesterday from 317 Maple avenue into the residence of the late Mrs. L. E. Putnam at 310 Lafayette avenue. Miss lona Putnam wilt take an apartment in the Prospect Park section of Brooklyn, N. Y. and be ill Swarthmore week-ends. Mr. and Mrs. William E. Hetzel and daughters Janet, Carol and Dixie of Swarthmore avenue left Tuesday for Eaglesmere, Pa. where they will va­cation until August 1. Miss Margaret Price of Rose Valley left Friday for Siasconset, Mass. where she will join her brother Mr. William W. Price and his family of Rose Val­ley for the summer. She was accom­panied by her cousin Mrs. Walter R. Johns of Media who will visit a week at Siasconset. Philip Price has as his guest for the summer Francis Ashton Mrs. Roland G. Porter ami daughter Mrs. Frances Porter MacNeil of Park avenue will leave today for Towanda, Pa. where Mrs. Porter will spend the summer. Mrs. MacNeil will remain with her mother until next Wednesday when she will assume her duties as dramatic councilor at Pine Tree Camp at Pocono Pines for the third year. They will re­turn to Swarthmore about August 30. The Eight Club met Wednesday at the home of Miss Frances White of \Valnut lane for luncheon and bridge. Dr. and Mrs. Robert Spiller and fam­ily of Whittier place left Friday for Ventnor, N. J. where they arc spending a week visiting Dr. Spiller·s mother ?If rs. William G. Spiller before go-. ing to their summer place in Wilming­ton, Vt. to remain until fall. Mrs. James L. McLain of Harvard avenue is under observation at the .JUNE 27, 194.1 Professor and Mrs. E. O. Lange of Langewood, Baltimore pike has been transferred from Maxwell Field, Mont. gomery, Ala. to the 12th Observation Squadron, United States Army Air Corps at Fort Knox, Ky. Closed All Day on July Fourth and Fifth and Wednesdays at 1 P.M. ~ alice barber, Gifts OLD BANK BUILDING Telephone Sw. 1381 Presbyterian Hospital, Philadelphia ;:==============~ where she wilt remain another week or so. Her days there have been greatly brightened by many greetings and tele­phone calls from her friends here. Mr. Julius E. Underwood, Jr. of Wal­lingford leaves next week for Guilford, lit,. where he will spend a two weeks vacation. Mr. and Mrs. Harry S. Toole of Strath Haven avenue had as their guests last week-end Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Kiehl and two children of Cleveland, O. Lieutenant Donald Lange son of YOU'LL NEED MASON JARS son of Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Ashton Servicing CANNING of Cedar lane. SWARTHMORE WATCHES TIME IS HERE William Barker Bullock, Jr. of Since 1928 Swarthmore, Pa., has been assigned to FRED FISH the Seaford, Del., plant of the Nylon SUPLEE'S HARDWARE Division of t h e R ayon D epartment 0 f '1 E. State St. /eUJ'ePlehro ne Media 1916 11 S. Chester Rd. Sw. lOS IEn. c.I,. dauf tePro nrte cdeei vNinegm ohuirss &Ba Cchoemlopra noyf, ~' ~~~~~~::~~~~~~~~~========::::::::==::======::::== Science degree in chemistry and math­ematics from Hampden Sydney College. Mrs. Edwin A. Yarnall of The Har­vard has beell delayed in her vacation plans by an eye ailment which neces­sitates special medical treatment, and will probably not be able to leave for New England until about the middle of July. Miss Lydia Reinhardt has left her home in Lansdowne for her annual summer sojourn in Avalon, N. J. Mr. and Mrs. \-Valter C. Crouch of Park avenue are at their summer ad­dress in Clayton, N. Y. Mrs. J. Frank Terrells formerly of Dartmouth avenue accompanied her sister Mrs. James T. Bell of Upland to Mrs. Bell's cottage at North Wild­wood, N. J. Saturday for the summer. Her granddaughter Peggy Terrells of Villanova avenue went with her and will be joined the end of July by her sister Frances. Mrs. Gilbert E. Youmans has re­turned to her home on Elm avenue after several months stay in Ithaca, N. Y. and in Canada. Mr. and Mrs. Albert L. Schoff and daughters of Swarthmore avenue are spending three weeks at Beach Haven, N. J. Dwight Cooley, son of Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Cooley of Columbia avenue graduated from Purdue University West Lafayette, Ind. on Sunday, June 8. Dwight was graduated with distin­guished honors. On Wednesday of last week Dwight left for Baltimore, Md. where he will be employed with a weather instrument concern. Mr. and Mrs. Bernard L. Keiser and Miss Naida Kennedy of Waynesboro, Va. spent Saturday and Sunday as the guests of Mrs. Keiser's p2rents Mr. "and Mrs. David F. Evans of Youlgrave Farm, South Chester road. Mr. and Mrs. Edward L. Noyes of Riverview road and Mr. and Mrs. Mor­ris L. Hicks of Haverford place re­turned Sunday, June 15, from a week's vacation at Manchester, Vt. Mrs. Oliver G. Swan and children of Sproul road left Friday, June 13, for Ocean City, N. J. where they will spend the summer. Mr. Swan will join them on week-ends. $11,500 A beautiful home with four bedrooms and two balbs. Shade trees, shrubbery and Fruit trees Land 150' x 500' This is a splendidly built house about four miles from Chester in most desirable surroundings Sweeney & Clyde 29 E. 5th St. Phone 6141 EPEIDABlE BUY FROM US AND BE SURE OF GEnlNG FULL VALUE FOR EVERY DOLLAR " YOU SPEND CLIFFORD M. RUMSEY YALE AND RUTGERS Swarthmore 1390 CHESTER'S FASHION CORNER Edgmont Avenue - Seventh and Welsh Streets COOL, WASHABLE DAYTIME DRESSES SPECIALLY PRICED and They embody such smart style detailsas plunging necklines, conve~ble nec~ inset yokes, shirred action backs. The pick of cool mono· tone-printed rayons. Size range from 14 to 44. SPEARE'S AIR .. COOLED SECOND FLOOR

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INTENTIONAL SECOND EXPOSURE 6 ------------------,-THE SW ARTHMOREAN NEWS NOTES JUNE 27, 1941 STEAKS-CHOPS SEAFOOD Our Specialty LETTERS TO THE EOrI'OR The oltinione f'J:prelied below are tboee of the IndivIdual writei'll, All leUere to The Swarthmorean mWit be 11cDed, P.udoDJ'm. DJay be UIK.'d If the IdentltJ' of tbe writer Ie known to tbe Editor. LeUen wUl be IJubliehed onll' at tbe dlsCftUon 01 the EdItor, (;iles R(Jspolisibility Editor. Thl' Swarthlllofl'an. SwarthllloJ'l', Pl'nna, 11kar Sir: ~i~ji~iiiiii===-==:-::-::-'~: It is l'\·idl'nt frolll the lIalllt'S of those : who havl' 1I0t paid their II}-to pl'r capita tifc ;s Swdl WItCII You }'cel Well VIGOR-TEX Nalllrt"s 'Fum/f·r FOOl' f8 oz. pltg. 39C Vigor·Tex ... Nature's Wonder Food, .. The Heart of the Wheat We Shculd Eat, . , Rich in Vita­mill B content. Because Vitamin B is water soluble and the body cannot store it- Vigor­Tex is the ideal food to replenish this vitamin so essential to healthier nerves and the pre­vention of fatigue and other bodily ailments. Eat it as you would any other ready-to·eat ::fry cereals - With fresh or canned fruits . . . And watch yourself take on a new lease on life. Life is swell when you feel well. LUX SOAP FLAKES 23C Plcg. Large Package RINSO 21 c Each SCOTT TOILET TISSUE 3 Rolls 19c MARTEL'S FOOD MARKET Swal'lhmol'c 2100 'school taxl'S that tlll'Y do lIot appre­, cia tl' I IH~ir JIloral as wtll as kJ.{al ohli­: galion 10 our lax l'olkrlor ill this sit- I • i lIa t lOll. ! Thl' law J'l''1uin's the tax l'olkdor to I colkct tIll' per capita tax frolll l'n'ry ! illhahitallt of tIll' school district who is 'IIvl'r 11 Yl'ars of aJ.{e, l'Xl'l'pt those ex­,0lH'rall'cI (11Il' 10 death, improper as­i St'SSlIIt'nt or illlliJ.{l'Ilce, and pn)\'icles for 'Ihl' puhlication of thc names of Ihose ,..0 l'XtlllCratl'(L 1 The lax l'olIl'clor lIIusl makl' payment Itl thl' s,:lwol district of all Ihe!'e pcr : cal' ita laXl'S Ity J IInc 1 st following I hc ; year in which Ihey an' leviecl. This lIIust I bc done whethcr or not she has SllC­cn'clecl in colIn'tinJ.{ them frolll the tax­pa\ ·l'rs. lit hink ollr residcllls who ha \'e not ! paicl tht'ir II}-IO Pl'" capila taxes lIIay likc ito kllow that ~Irs. Dodd has hl'Cn oh­; ligecl 10 pay these taxes ior Ihl'lII. that : hl'l' accounts with the School I )istrict : han' hl'en s(~ttlcd in full as rl'quired hy : law, ancl Ihat Iheir failure or lIeglect now to pay 11!l'se taxl'S means a direct linaneial loss \(1 ~hs. Dodd herself. l~esJlectfulIy, rua:s H. 1101{ x AliA \', TI"l'asurcr, SchOl11 District of Swarthmore The MEDIA To the Best of Our Nation'8 Procluds We'we Added , , , China fo'rom Czechoslovakia fo'ramed Prints From Holland Linens From China Etchings "'rom France Figurines and Florentine Leathers From Italy English Coventry-ware A shop full of amazingly reasonable, delightful I'resents nnd personal cards for every occasion. TilE HOUSE OF GIFTS 6 E, Slnl" 51, MEn),\ \V ciueI's Arc Nol Enough!! For a really successful picnic at your outdoor firepillce on the Fourth or anytime, YOU NEED a bit of our nrclI(I-RoIls-I'il~l'i-Cakcs La:n'r & CUI) Cukes llakt~cI nl'alls-Dcvill~d Egg!'> l'ot;llo Salad-Frcl'ih Eggs, Milk Dellc10us and rellsonable they save you mhillble time Ilnd energy this hot weather. Bdt'o Dairy HOlllchaking 'Phone l\Iedia 1319 STATE & ORANGE STS" I\mDlA "SPRINGFIELD WATER" Is ready to flow fro III each one of 3,363 hydrants ill case of fire. PHILADELPHIA SUBURBAN WATER CO. ~I r~. J.:"lal\l1 C. PlIrh'r allll tlaught('r Professor ;lI1d Mrs, E, 0, Lange of I .\1 no. Fr;\IIl'('s Porll'r MacNeil of Park l.anJ.{cwood, Baltimore pik(' has bcen ~Ir, Allan \V, Carpenh'r wiIl return i an'l1lll' will lean' today for Towanda, transfl'rfl'd from Maxwell Field, Mont. frolll Cll'\'l~land, Ohio loclay h. accolll-I Pa. wllefl' ~lrs, Portl'r will spend the gOllll'fy, Ala, to the 12th Observation pan)' his wife and daughters frolll thl' I Stllnllll'", ~I rs. ~I OIl' Xl'il will remain with Xorth Cht'ster road home to their lie\\, hn 11101 hl'r until IIl'xt \Vl'dnesday when ~lIl1adron, Unitl'd States Army Air hOlllc at 3260 Greellwav road. Shaker ~he will assume Itt ... duties as dramatic Corp" at Fort KIIOX, Ky, Ill'ights, Cle\'eland 011 ilonday of lIl'xt councilor at Pinc Tree Camp at Pocono week, I Pines for the third year, Thcy will rc- U ~Iiss. E.lizahl,th IIl'~s~lIl.trltch of Yall' tllrn to Swarthmore ahout August 30. I Closed All Day on July Fourth and Fifth alltl DICk.tIIsoll a,'eIlUl'S \~'III assullle 1 Thl' Eight Cluh met \\'l'dllesday at ~ IIl'W c1utll's as ol'Cttpatl,(lllal thrraplst, IIH' hOllll' of ~riss Frances \Vhitc of 'lr.r. ill IIH' Bryn. ~Ia\\'r H('sl'ltal 011 .lilly l-t. 1 \\'all1l1t lane for IlIlIChl'OIl and hridgt' . ...A.. and Wednesdays at 1 P.M. 1,(lll('rt Llttll' ~Oll of ~Ir. alld l\Ir~. I " . ']"\ I, 1 I \. 1 'ttl f I) k I )r. and ~I rs. I,(lhl'rt ~I'tlkr alld fam- U ,a 1'1 . ,I I' 0 ar' a,'enlll' las'l f \\'1 'tt' I I ft l~ 'I f hl'UI Irallsft-rn'd from Fort I{ilc\', Kall- 1 :\. 41 ~1 Wr l' at'C r 'fI( ay . or sa ~ tn tII l' : \ fill \. \\' ar C (I II cge t. il' \\T as- I 1- 1I \ ('l1ll1l1r, X•.• " r.. wlll're they, ar.e spendIt llg f:? :. I) (' - I a Wl'l'k \'tSltlllJ.{ Dr, Sptlll'r s mot ler lIIgtOll, , . .\ 1 rs. \\"11 1'J anl (•' . "~'1 >1'1 1 er II e fo re go- ~Ir. alld ~Irs. :\lIl'lI J.. Putnam alld ing III their SUlIIlIIlT place in \ViltnillJ.{- ...A.. alice barber, Gifts dauglth-r :\hel' 1II1l"~d Yl'slerclay. from 1"11, \'1. til n'main until fall. N 317 ~Iapll' a"l'IIUl' mtll thl' resldel)cl' . .. j thl' lale ~Irs. L. E. Putllam at 310 ~Irs. -,.;lIIll'S L. ) ~.f Han'anl ~ J.afa\'l'Itl' a n'lI Ill'. ~Iiss lona Putnam I an'lIlH' IS lIlIdt'r ,,)'scn'atlon at the 'lr.r. will take all apartllll'lIt ill thl' Prospect I Prl'shytt-rian. HosI~ital, Philadelphia OLL> DANK BUILDING Telephone Sw. 1381 Park sl'clion of Brooklyn, N. Y. and! wlwn' she will rl'lIIalll allother Wl'l'k or Ill' ill Swarthmnre "'t'ek-emb. I so. J ler cIays Ihl'fl' han' been greatly ~I ... and ~Ir~. \ Villiam E. J·ldzd and hrh.:hll'nl'C1 hy tIIany gfl'.l,tings and tcle­c1aughters lam't, Carol alld Dixil' of I pholll' ("alb frolll hl'r fnl'llels hl'n·. Swarthlll(lr~' :tn'lllIl' left TlIl'sdav ior ~Ir. -'"liu~ E. Untll'r\\,()(l11, Jr. (If \\'al­Eagh'slIIl'n', I'a. whl'n' tlll'Y wiil \'a- lingfnrcl kan's lwxl 'H'ek for Guilford, cation uulil .'\ugusl I. \11'. witl'n' he will spend a two wel,ks ~I i,s ~largarct l'ril'e oi Rose VallI')" kit Fricla\' for SiascOIISl't, ~[as" whcrl' "he will j'"in her brother ~{r. William \\', Price a 11\1 his fami'" IIf Hose Val­le\' for Ihl' SIIJlllIll'r. Sile was accoJII­p;; llil'd hy hn l'ousin :\[rs. \Valter H. I "hn,; IIi ~ll'tlia "':10 will "isit a week ;It Siascllllsd. Philip Price ha, a,; his gUl',1 for lIlt' SUtlltlll'r Francis Ashton ""n of ~I ... and ~I rs, Ill-rllert Ashton IIf Cl'd'lr Ianl'. William Ilarkl'r Bulllll'k. Jr. of SwartlulIllfl', I'a., has hn'n as,iglled to the SI'ai"rcl. I>d., plallt oi the Xylon J)i,'i~illn IIi till' I':a,\'on I kpartlllent of E. I. till Pont ell' Xelllours & Company, Inc, aitn rl'l'l'ivillg his Bachelor of Sl'it'm'l' (kgn'l' in chemistr\' and lIIalh­l'malics fWIII Ilampdl'll Sy,iney ColIl'gl'. :"II r,. Edwin :\. Yaruall oi The Har­" arcl has hl'l'1) ddayed in hl'r vaeatioll plans by an e)"l' ailllll'II1 whieh neces­silatl's !<pl'cial tIIl'e1ieal trl'atml'lIl, and I will prohahly not hc ahll' to lean' for, Xl'\l' England ulltil ahout the middle (Ii II -' Illy. ~I iss Ln\ia Hl'inhardt has left her hOIlIl' ilJ' Lanstlowne for her annual ,UlIlIlIlT ';lIjollrn ill A \'aloll, N .. J. ~I r. auel ~I rs. \\'alter C. Cronch oi Park an'lIue an' at their ,ummer ad­elress ill Clay tOil, X. Y. \':teal il'lI. ~I r. ami :\1 rs. Harr\' S. Tooll~ of Stralh lIa\'l'lI an'IIIIl" hacl as their gUl'sts last wl'l'k-end ~I r. anti ~rrs. Sit'phl'lI Kil'hl anrl two childn'lI of Clt-n'lanel, O. I Lil'ull'nallt Dona III Lange SOli of Sf'rvicillg SWARTII~lOnE WATCIIES Si lIl't' 1928 .FRED FISH j",r,'/rr 1 E. state St, 'J'hone l\Iedia 1916 YOU'LL NEED MASON JARS CANNING TIll'IE IS HERE SUPLEE'S HARDWARE II S, Chester Rd. Sw. 105 BUY FROM US AND BE SURE OF GETTING FULL VALUE FOR EVERY DOLLAR YOU SPEND (~LIFF'ORJ) M. RUMSEY YALE AND RUTGERS Swartlullore 1390 ),1 rs. J. Frank Terrdls iorlllcriy of Dartlllouth avcllue accompanicd her sister )'lrs. James T. Ikll of Upland to ~Irs. Dell's cottage at l'-:orth Wild­w( lod, X. J. Saturday for the Slllll!llCr. 1 kr gralllldaughter Peggy 'l\'rrells of \'illanll\a an'nue wellt with her a 1111 will hl' joined the end of July Ity her sister Frances. ~lrs. Gilhl'rt E. Youmans has rc­lurned to hcr hOlllc nn Elm ;tn:nue after St'\'l'fal months stay in Ithaca, X. Y. alld in Canada. iIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIII1I1I1I11I1I11I11111111111 111111111111111111 1I111111:l1l1l11l1l1l1HIII11 illll111 111111 1111111111 11111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111 CIIESTER'S ,.,AS/1I0N CORNER ! ~I r. and ~I rs. Alhl'rt I.. Srh"tf and tlaughtt'rs oi Swarthlllorl' an'nul' arc spclllling thrl'c wl'l'ks at Beach Ilaven, X. J. !>wight Cooky. SOil oi ~I r. alld :"II rs. I )wight Cooley of Culumhia ;,\'ellUc i======_ Eflgnl0nt AC"O~nOu~L'- ,W SeVAe·SltlHl ~AUIBd LWEelsh Streets 1=====_=_ g .. acluatl'\l frolll Purdue l'lIi\'l'r~ity ~=== DAY TIM E ~=== \\\,,\ Lafayette, lnd. Oil SUlII!;IY, June 8. Dwight was J.{raduatl'll with tlistin- _ guishcd honors. i~_- D RES S E S I- On \Vedlll'sday ni last wn')'; Dwight kft iur Baitilllofl', }'1c1. whert· Ill' \\-ill § § he l'mllluYl'd with a wl'athn instrulllent § ~ COllet'rn, I SPECIALLY PRICED ~ ),1 r. and :\( rs. nl'fIIard I.. Kl·iser and. § § 1- _ ~I iss Xald;, Kenne(h' of \Va\'nl'~boro. i ~ _/........ ~ J - 1- .. f."'-:·" I- Va. spl'nt Saturday _ and Sunday as i ~ ~ ,.::-I? ~ ~ ~ 8. 8 ~ the gut'st,; of ~[rs. Keiser's pan'lIls ~rr, i ~ . __ ~, ~., ~ and ~Irs, Da\'id F, Evans oi Youlgra\'(' ,§ ~\, .-J,·"'D :~" § Farm, Soulh Chl'stcr road, :! .A_~,~yt,'.>v\./ i! I ~r r. and 1lrs. Edward L. XIl\'l'!j of;~, X' ~ R iVl'n,in\' road alld ~I r. an" ~I rs: ).{or- I § " "'. / '1. 311(1 § ris I.. Ilicks of Ila\,l'rf"rd plact: re- I .\ l' . i, ~ turnl'd Sunday, -' unc 15, from a \\'I'l:k's ! .::\ (:, , 2 ~ 8 § vacation at ~lallch('~tcr, VI. I ... ..,.y--.. . ); , ~ ~I rs, Olin'r G. Swan and childrell: \. .~ .~. \ § I oi Sproul road left Friday, .I une 13, ior : .. \ - ~ I Ocean City, X. J. wht'n' they will spelld I \ • '" § I thc SU III III I.' r. M r. Swan will joill thelll I· ~ I on ",c('k-end~.. =§=== They emhody such : , smart style details as § $11,500 A ht~allliful honw wilh four "c"rooms ami Iwo hatlts. Shade Irecs, sln-tlllltel')' alUl Fruit tl't~t~S Land 150' x 500' This is a sJ)lcndidly Imilt hou:oc about four miles from Chcl'ill'r in nlOst desirable surrollndiJllts Sweency & Clydc plunging necklines, ~ ~:I(:~:~e~!~~s, s~~TCr:ll~e' -~=~ ad ion ha('kl', pi"k of ('001 mono- I lone-printed rayons, = ~ ~ § Size range from 14 to 44, SPEARE'S AIR .. COOLED E E E E ~ ~ E § I = E ~ SECOND FLOOR ~ "'WWWW'WMMMlMiNlNNIiI ; ~U1111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111I1nI111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIH1111111111111D111111I1UHlIIIIIIIIIU!lUlIIIIUIIJD'..! 29 E. 5th St. Phone 6141

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