Tree House Construction

Treehouse Construction Without Damaging the Tree

When it is time to begin to build and construct your treehouse, Jonathan Fairoaks and his expert team of treehouse builders will be on site to build the treehouse of your dreams. His expert team has built treehouses across the country in every conceivable type, from the simple to the very ornate and complex. To see more examples of treehouses built and designed by Jonathan Fairoaks and Living Tree, please visit our portfolio.

In constructing your treehouse, the methods that Living Tree uses to fix the Treehouse to the tree will not damage the tree in any way. These methods have been tried and proven over the 42 years of experience that Jonathan Fairoaks and Living Tree has in designing and constructing Treehouses.

From start to finish, Jonathan Fairoaks and Living Tree will see that your treehouse will be built and constructed with the utmost quality, as well as tested for saftey.

Free, No-Hassle Consultation

To begin the process of building your very own tree house, get a free, no-hassle consultation with Jonathan by
contacting Living Tree.