Living Tree, Tree House Builder's Guarantee

We Stand Behind All of Our Work!

Jonathan Fairoaks and Living Tree stands behind all of their work in designing and building Treehouses. We guarantee our customers the quality and safety of our work. If anything on the treehouse needs to be fixed, Living Tree will come out and fix any issues that arise. 

In addition, as an ISA Certified Arborist, Jonathan Fairoaks ensures that no damage is made to any tree in which we build a treehouse. Living Tree uses lighter materials with high tensile steel bolts coated with teflon and are non-corrosive. These are then bolted into the heartwood they cause the tree no harm at all.

Tree’s cope with the stresses and strains of holding a treehouse in exactly the same way that they deal with the force of the prevailing wind and other natural factors. We take into consideration each and every branch, making allowances for future growth and natural movement.

As each tree grows it changes shape and adapts to the houses to contain them. We think of our treehouses as structures which float in each tree. 

Free, No-Hassle Consultation

To begin the process of building your very own tree house, get a free, no-hassle consultation with Jonathan by
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