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Our Unique approach to building a treehouse

Treehouses can be basic or complex, simple or extravagant. They are not just for children, though. What better place to relax, to get away from the rush of our hectic lives, than in the boughs of a tree? Your psychology changes with height. Leave your cares on the ground and move closer to the heavens in the trees.
Design with the Trees in Mind

Living trees are dynamic organisms. They grow and change constantly. They move with the wind. A treehouse must be able to move with the tree, to become one with it. Living Tree, LLC designs and builds treehouses that have little impact on the tree. With our experience and training as professional arborists and craftsmen, we understand the way the treehouse interacts with the tree. Our designs incorporate innovative techniques that keep the treehouse from interfering with the tree, and the tree from damaging the treehouse. Whether you want a simple platform or a large bungalow in the boughs, we can help you bring your dreams to life.

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